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The Male Martial Artist (1) is an unnamed protagonist that debuts in the first trailer for Dragon Ball Online, which centralizes around the adventures of the first group of promotional heroes. He appears again alongside his friends in the second trailer. He is of the Human race's Martial Artist class, with an unchosen master class.

He also appears in several promotional screenshots for Dragon Ball Xenoverse as a placeholder for the customizable Future Warrior.


This character appears to be good friends and close allies with the four that travel in his company: a human female, a small boy, a Namekian child, and an older Namekian.


A player's character similar to the Male Martial Artist (1)

His appearance is notably similar, if not derived from, the original character Goku; however, this protagonist's style of clothing is seemingly more up-to-date. He is a tall, muscular young man with calm facial features, resembling Goku and his sons. He has messy, spiked brown hair which resembles a mix of Goku and Gohan's hair, and wears a bright orange, kanji-less gi. He dons a black undershirt with matching belt, gloves and boots.

Like the other promotional heroes, his character model is actually composed of hairstyles, facial features, and clothing that can be chosen or acquired by players within the game itself. His character model is in fact used for his comrade, Child Male Martial Artist, who is an exact copy except for the age difference.


He is similar to Goku, such as his reluctance towards the Unnamed Spiritualists' affection (like Goku's initial relationship with Chi-Chi). However he is shown to enjoy reading while relaxing, making him similar to Gohan.


The Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1) is shown to have moderate understanding of advanced martial arts and ki control, but his skill is apparently quite inferior to that of the Unnamed Martial Artist (2) and the Unnamed Dark Warrior, two characters that debuted in the game's second trailer. However, it could be assumed, with his appearing age and combat class, that he is physically the strongest member of the group he leads.

What makes it difficult to estimate his power is his tendency to avoid minor battles; for example, the occasions where he and his comrades had difficulty fighting a dinosaur. Yet in the first promotional video, after he and his comrades time travel to the events of the Vegeta Saga, he and Goku team up to perform a combined ki attack against Vegeta. Also, instances have shown that he is capable of flying with control of his ki energy, but he is oftentimes seen running rather than flying (like in the second promotional video, where he is seen running away alongside his comrades before being is saved by the second group of heroes).


This Martial Artist does not use techniques that appear within the skill tree of the class he belongs to, nor many that are physical.

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki. The Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1) uses this skill in unison with Goku during their fight against Vegeta. Also used in Xenoverse.

The Martial Artist (1) combines a yellow ki attack with Goku's

  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of an energy attack, which is generated in the user's palm. He uses this skill when he combines a yellow ki attack with Goku's just before the first promotional video ends. Although the Martial Artist skill tree has a similar Energy Ball attack (Tunnel Slash), the attack is blue instead of yellow.
  • Energy-enhanced Attack – The ability to enhance physical attacks with ki energy. After he receives a boost in power from the Unnamed Dragon Clan in the first promotional video, he leaps through the air and finishes a dinosaur off with a kick to the neck, supplemented by his yellow ki energy. This is very similar to the attack Double Strike, where it appears the user attacks its opponent with two energy-supplemented punches. However, there is no attack like this is available to the Martial Artist class.


Super Saiyan

Main article: Super Saiyan

Promotional Artwork of the martial artist as a Super Saiyan

As shown in artwork, the martial artist can become a Super Saiyan due his Saiyan genetics, which he was apparently able to achieve with the assistance of Shenron via a wish (as Earthlings in Dragon Ball Online require a wish to Shenron to achieve their Super Saiyan form due to their saiyan blood being diluted).

The martial artists hair in his transformed state shares a striking resemblance to Goku's Super Saiyan hair.


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