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The Unnamed Dragon Clan is a Namekian protagonist in the first and second promotional trailers for Dragon Ball Online.


The unnamed Dragon Clan in the 2nd trailer

He is an adult Namekian who has green and yellow skin, much like the Unnamed Dark Warrior, wears a white shirt and pants under a red gi, an orange belt, and green shoes.


In the first trailer, he is seen within the first group of promotional heroes. In the second promotional trailer of the game, he is witnessing the battle between the Unnamed Martial Artist (2) and the Unnamed Dark Warrior, along with the other promotional heroes.


The unnamed Dragon Clan giving a boost in power to the Martial Artist (1)

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Boost in Power – The Unnamed Dragon Clan is seen giving a boost in power to the Martial Artist (1) in the first promotional trailer for Dragon Ball Online.

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