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The Universe Survival Saga (ちゅうサバイバルへん Uchū Sabaibaru Hen) is the fifth major saga of the Dragon Ball Super anime and the fourth major saga of the Dragon Ball Super manga under the name Tournament of Power Saga (ちから大会たいかいへん Chikara no Taikai Hen). The Tournament of Power planned by Zeno begins, with multiple universes partaking—with each universe having gathered a team of 10 fighters who battle alongside each other on a stage. The arc features continuous debuts of elites from each universe. However, this also proves to be the beginning of universal destruction.[1] If a team were to lose, meaning having all of its members eliminated, then the universe they come from will be destroyed immediately.[2]

The first part of this story arc is referred to as the Universe Survival Saga: Prelude, the second is the Universe Survival Saga: Gathering, the third is the Tournament of Power Saga and the fourth is the Tournament of Power Saga: Climax.[3][4]


The Tournament of Power is Announced

In the anime, the two Zenos are playing a planet-destroying game at Zeno's Palace. They are at exactly 101 wins and 101 losses, bored, and striving for something else to do .

Goku avoids bullets from robbers

Goku is selling his freshly-cropped vegetables to a trader, exclaiming that they are very popular so he is "excited" about earning money, so Chi-Chi will stop nagging him about working and he can focus on training. While driving away in a Capsule Corporation truck, Goku stumbles upon a person whose truck is stuck on the road. Goku helps him out, however, he was tricked by a band of robbers. They attempt to attack Goku when the latter refuses to give his truck. Goku knocks one of the robbers out with a kick, and after catching the other two robbers' bullets, knocks them out. One of the robbers fired his last bullet at Goku, which scratches his arm. He then retaliates by flicking the robber from the left, sending him flying into a rock, and knocking him out as well. Goku laughs and realizes he was also getting rusty since the same thing happened to Krillin not long ago.

Goku calls Krillin and asks him to train. However, Krillin is busy fighting robbers himself. Goku then decides to call Whis for one training in exchange for a present. Goku decides to give him and Beerus bean Daifuku, as they already ate regular Daifuku. After telling him to meet at Bulma's, Goku rushes home and puts on his gi and Goten asks to come with him. However, Chi-Chi forbids it. While Chi-Chi is rambling on about studying, Goku and Goten sneak off, much to Chi-Chi's great anger. Goku and Goten pick up some bean Daifuku for Whis and then head to Capsule Corp., where they meet Bulma. Bulma tells them she got a call from Chi-Chi who told her to not let Goten leave with Goku. Bulma reveals her large belly and Goku guessed if she was eating a lot. Bulma yells at him and corrects him by the fact that she is pregnant.

Goten congratulates Trunks on his new sibling and asks which he would prefer between a brother and sister since Bulma wants it to be a secret. As Goku decides to give his bean Daifuku to Bulma, he is reminded by his son that it was supposed to be for Whis. Goten and Trunks later spar out of boredom. Goku finds Vegeta and asks him to go training with him, only to decline because Bulma is giving birth soon. Whis arrives and prepares to take the two Saiyans to Beerus' planet but Vegeta refuses, however, wanting to be with his wife for his child. Whis and Goku then head off, and they meet Beerus at his planet. After eating the Daifuku, Goku and Whis start training.

Beerus threatens Goku

In the midst of training, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan to deflect a Ki Blast from Whis. As Beerus points out that Goku is rusty and Goku had not fought anyone strong in a while, this reminded Goku of something and he asks about Zeno's Universal Martial Arts Tournament. Beerus tries to convince Goku to forget about that idea and not get too involved with Zeno and Whis agrees. Goku reveals the button Zeno gave him as two sides: one that sends him to Zeno and the opposite that sends the Zeno to the exact area. Fearing for his universe and his life and trying to avoid Zeno from remembering it, Beerus attempts to destroy Goku, berating him for his "leniency" and Goku's naïve nature would get them in trouble. As he is about to destroy him for the consequences it will cause, Goku tricks the God of Destruction by throwing the button in the air to make Beerus look and then presses the button while the he is distracted, sending him to Zeno's palace and fooling Beerus, with Whis laughing and Beerus cursing at himself.

Goku is greeted by the Grand Minister, who takes him to see Zeno. Goku asks Zeno about the tournament and the present Zeno remembers that he forgot. Future Zeno asks what a tournament is, and Zeno, having witnessed the Tournament of Destroyers, tells and describes to him that a tournament "is fun", much to his excitement. Grand Minister later states that once they figure out the tournament details, he will contact the Supreme Kais of each universe. Goku agrees and heads back, only to be gutted by Beerus for ignoring his warnings. Later, Whis takes the group to the Sacred World of the Kai, and the three head there and meet Supreme Kai, Kibito, and Old Kai, who ask them if there are no crises going on. The Grand Minister soon appears and announces the details of the tournament: on a specified date and time, 10 warriors from each universe will fight in the Tournament of Power.

Grand Minister announces the details of the Tournament of Power

The Grand Minister has arrived at the Sacred World of the Kai in Universe 7 in order to relay the details of the Tournament of Power to Goku, Beerus, Whis, Supreme Kai, Kibito, and Old Kai. After stating when the tournament will take place, Grand Minister announces that the tournament will be held in the Null Realm, a world with no time or space, so that all fighters can use the full extent of their powers freely. Grand Minister also announces that he has collected the Super Dragon Balls for the tournament and that Champa has offered him the three that he already had. Beerus curses Champa under his breath for secretly collecting them again. Supreme Kai asks what the victorious universe will win, only for the Grand Minister to claim that "nothing" would be won. Grand Minister also announces an ultimatum for all participants, though he regrets announcing it so soon, he feels like he should announce it as Goku is Zeno's friend: Zeno will instantly destroy any universe defeated in the tournament.

The Universe 7 group proceed to panic upon hearing this. Grand Minister also announces a personal request to Goku from Zeno: as Future Zeno does not know what a tournament is, there will be an exhibition match called the Zen Exhibition Match, where 3 fighters from Universe 7 will fight against 3 fighters from Universe 9, and the two Zenos will be personally watching. Grand Minister tells Goku to find 2 more fighters to team up within the next hour and to head to Zeno's Palace before leaving. Beerus berates Goku again, asking him just what he has done to every universe. Supreme Kai comments that should Universe 7 lose and be destroyed, he will be too ashamed to face all living beings. Goku offers to personally ask Zeno to not destroy any universe but Whis advises against this, however, saying that should Zeno or Grand Minister get annoyed at Goku's pestering, he would be destroyed on the spot. Old Kai later reminds him to find 2 partners for the match and 9 more partners for the tournament. Beerus yells at Goku to take responsibility and go find 2 more people to fight with him.

Goku goes to Earth and asks Vegeta to come with him and fight, however, Vegeta refuses because Bulma is giving birth soon. Goten and Trunks greets Goku later. Vegeta suggests that Goku should ask his son. After thinking that he was referring to Goten, Goku remembers his other son, Gohan, thanking Vegeta. Goku meets Gohan at his house and tells him about the tournament. Gohan is hesitant at first, later, Goku tells him about the extreme stipulation about the losing universes being destroyed, also wanting Gohan to keep it a secret to himself, much to his awe. Gohan berates his father about the consequences that will happen if the people learn about the tournament. Gohan and Goku agree to keep this a secret from everyone else. Videl appears and asks them about their whispering. Goku claims that Gohan refused to participate in a tournament when he asked him. Videl suggests that Gohan helps his father. Pan appears, flying into her mother's arms happy. Gohan, proudly watching, decides to join his father, vowing that he is not willing to lose everything that he loves. Mr. Satan appears with Buu and Bee. Mr. Satan greets Goku. Goku flies past him and goes to Buu, also asking him to join.

Goku takes Gohan and Buu (with Mr. Satan) back to the Sacred World of the Kais. After a few questions, Beerus secretly asks Goku if they know about the stipulation. Goku answers that he only told Gohan and they agreed to keep it a secret to avoid panic; Beerus agreeing as well. Supreme Kai takes the entire group and gets them to Zeno's Palace. While there, Beerus warns the group to avoid saying or doing anything careless. While they walk to the main altar, the group meets the Universe 9 group: the Supreme Kai Roh, the God of Destruction Sidra, his angel Mohito, and the 3 fighters representing them, the Trio of Danger: Bergamo, Basil, and Lavender.

Zeno Expo

The Trio of Danger

The Grand Minister gathers both groups and transports them to the World of Void, where he has prepared a World Martial Arts Tournament-style ring with spectator seats. The Grand Minister then calls for every god in the multiverse to appear and every single God of Destruction, Angel, and Supreme Kai from each universe, all gather to spectate the match. As Goku loudly greets Champa, the Grand Minister orders Goku to be silent. The Grand Minister explains the Future Zeno's request to watch a tournament match as he has never seen one before, and he and Zeno appear to spectate. Goku flies to and greets them, calling them "Zen-Chans" (Zennys in the English dub) and Champa is flustered at Goku calling them "Zen-chan". An embarrassed Beerus immediately grabs and throws Goku back to the seats, apologizing to the supreme god. The other disgruntled Gods speculate on how vulgar and impudent Universe 7 is acting. The Grand Minister, overhearing them, announces that the Tournament of Power was Goku's idea (Zeno's initially, but he forgot about it until Goku reminded him). Goku thanking the Zenos for letting them fight first, with them thanking him back.

Buu about to fight Basil

In the anime, Grand Minister explains the rules for the fights: there will be one-on-one matches in order, there is no time limit, and the winner will be chosen if his opponent surrenders or is unable to continue fighting. Roh greedily asks Grand Minister if there are any prizes, and the Grand Minister answering the purpose of this match is solely to provide anticipation for the tournament and to show Future Zeno what a tournament is. Sidra nervously asks if they will be destroyed on the spot if Zeno considers the fighters to be boring, and Grand Minister answers about its possibility, as all is as Zeno wills it. The Grand Minister calls for the two beginning fighters to go to the stage, Basil, the youngest, goes first. Just like they decided, Goku decides that the first fighter will be Buu, but the group notice that Buu fell asleep during all of the talking. Beerus quickly orders Mr. Satan to wake him up, Mr. Satan wakes Buu with a chocolate bar, promising more if he goes to play with Basil. Buu agrees and heads to the ring. With both fighters present, Grand Minister announces the match to begin.

Basil powers up to fight Buu

Basil quickly goes on the offensive and kicks Buu around, showing that his fighting style revolves around using his legs in a kickboxing-like method. The two Zenos are impressed with Basil's speed. As Buu lays on the ground motionless, Basil comments about what a real buffoon he is, and Supreme Kai and Beerus are worried as Roh arrogantly smirks. Lying on the ground, Buu grins. Basil quickly gains the upper hand and beats down Buu, who is not taking the fight seriously and thinks of it as a game.

Goku goads Basil into showing his full power to get Buu's attention, which leads to Basil using his ultimate attack. As Roh claims victory, Buu emerges with a hole in his stomach, but he is otherwise unmoved. Basil and Roh are awed to see this. This had Mr. Satan injured during the attack, falling unconscious, Seeing his best friend's suffering, Buu becomes very enraged to the point where he effortlessly beats Basil and knocks him out of the ring. However, since neither Zeno is satisfied with the fight, Basil is allowed to get back into the ring. Roh gives Basil a drug that makes him far more powerful. Although Beerus demands that Basil is disqualified for obvious cheating, Zeno ignores this whatsoever. The Grand Minister announces that the rules will be improvised as the tournament goes along. Basil overpowers Buu and seemingly beats him, which causes Roh to prematurely gloat about the "superiority" of Universe 9. However, an enraged Buu emerges unscathed and launches a Majin Kamehameha at Basil. This inflicted extreme damage to him, although, Basil appears to be unscathed, as he approaches Buu, his body cramps and collapses due to the side effects of the power-up drug he dosed, returning to normal in charred rags afterwards, the Grand Minister clinches Universe 7 the victory. As the Universe 9 team laments Basil's loss, Lavender commenting that if he had been allowed to kill his opponent, then he would have won. Gohan volunteers to fight next against Lavender, who is allowed to kill to his heart's content.

The next match of the Zen Exhibition Match is Gohan of Universe 7 against Lavender of Universe 9, later, as Lavender silently chuckles to himself, Gohan suggests to himself that he must see how Lavender fights with his eyes since his ki cannot be sensed, with Goku advising him from afar. Later, The Grand Minister commences the match to begin.

Immediately, Gohan attacks and he and Lavender exchange a number of blows. When Gohan throws a punch, Lavender dodges it and wraps himself around Gohan's arm. Lavender then sprays a mist of poison gas in Gohan's face, blinding him. Lavender then sprays the same gas on his fists and uses them to attack Gohan, further immobilizing him. Whis exclaims that Lavender is using a very powerful poison. While Lavender is overwhelming Gohan, Roh boasts about Lavender's capabilities. Mr. Satan yells out that this is cheating, Goku reminding him that in this tournament, anything goes. Despite Roh's boasting, Shin pulls out a bag of Senzu Beans, attempting to imitate what Universe 9 did previously. However, Gohan refuses a Senzu Bean offer, not wanting anyone to interfere in this battle, wanting to use only his power. Goku agrees with him, claiming that against an opponent whom Gohan cannot see or sense, this is the perfect training for him to regain his fighting sense.

Gohan overwhelms Lavender

Ignoring Lavender's boasting, Gohan quietly concentrates to hear and feel Lavender's movements. When Lavender tries to attack from behind, Gohan blocks his attack the instant he feels Lavender's leg connecting on his head. Meanwhile, the two Zenos are impressed and gleefully watch. Thinking it was a fluke, Lavender tries attacking again, Gohan blocks every single hit and counterattacks. Bergamo points out to a surprised Roh that since Gohan lost his sense of vision, his other senses have been heightened, also commenting that Gohan is a worthy opponent. After more trial-and-error, as Lavender flies into the air, Gohan can no longer hear his footsteps, he said. Lavender then fires poisonous Ki Blasts at Gohan, whom he has trouble defending himself. Goku exclaims that this could be bad for Gohan, nonetheless, is confident that his son will be able to overcome things the harder they get. When Lavender prepares to finish Gohan off, Gohan laments about not able to handle this match on his own, transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Gohan driving Lavender into the ground

The two Zenos are amazed at Gohan's shining golden form, and Grand Minister informs them that he is a Super Saiyan. Top realizes that Universe 7 has fighters that can willfully alter their power level. Lavender arrogantly claims that despite Gohan's power increase, he should still be helpless in sensing his attacks, and again, Gohan shrugs the claim off. Lavender attacks, Gohan deflects a ki barrage from him, and flies straight towards Lavender and relentlessly assaults him, much to his confusion. Whis and Shin praise Gohan for wisely using his Super Saiyan powers like an active radar, however, the form could be a double-edged sword, according to Whis. As Gohan tries to finish off Lavender, he collapses and reverts to his base form. Whis and Beerus comment that due to becoming a Super Saiyan, the poison spreading in Gohan's body is accelerating. Lavender takes this opportunity to assault a helpless Gohan and spraying even more poison on him. Despite his disadvantage, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan again and the two fight a heated battle, also entering a beam struggle with Lavender's poisonous energy wave and Gohan's Kamehameha. However, Gohan is overwhelmed due to gradually getting weaker from the poison, which has begun spreading throughout his entire body. Lavender sprays more poison gases, but Gohan simply penetrates, attacking Lavender and grabbing him with a Full-Nelson. Gohan then slams himself and Lavender to the ring below, causing an explosion.

When Lavender is knocked out, Gohan momentarily stands up, stating his victory, and falls down himself unconscious. Grand Minister exclaims that the match is a tie due to both fighters being unable to continue. Goku feeds his son a Senzu Bean, proud of the performance that also got him excited, while Gohan tells his father about himself being still weak. Grand Minister announces to all of the spectators his rankings of the universes, giving Universe 7 an average of 3.18, which is second from the bottom. Whis then asked which universe ranked below them, and it turned out to be Universe 9 with an average of 1.86. Grand Minister reveals the stipulation of the losing universes to be destroyed in front of publicity. While each universe discusses this, Shin asks Grand Minister if every universe which enters will be destroyed if they lose which the Grand Minister confirms. Grand Minister nonchalantly informs him that Universes 1 & 12, along with 5 & 8, are exempt from entering as their average is over 7. Whis simplifies his words, also nonchalantly explaining that every other universe would have been erased because of their low development, but will be spared if they win in the Tournament of Power. Mr. Satan falls into despair and faints when he realizes their fate if they lose in the tournament.

Beerus and Shin argue over whose fault it is about their universe's low mortal level. As Old Kai asks what will happen to the gods, the Grand Minister answers that they will also be erased with their universe, except for the angels, much to the gods' flustering. Preparing to announce the third match, Grand Minister repairs the ring. The final fight between Goku and Bergamo is about to begin.

Grand Minister announces the next match up

The third match of the Zen Exhibition Match between Goku and Bergamo is about to begin. The gods of each universe all discuss their potential fates if they are defeated in the Tournament of Power. Goku suggests that he and Bergamo go all-out since their fight will not have any universes destroyed. Bergamo shuts Goku up while ridiculing him to the universe gods. Bergamo points out that Zeno gave his Universe 9 the lowest mortal level, but he points to Goku, accusing the Saiyan of having a much lower mortal level because he created the idea of the Tournament of Power, and if it was not, then every universe could have lived in peace. Bergamo takes it upon himself to crush Goku, calling him the enemy of the multiverse. Bergamo then bows down to Zeno, politely asking him to rescind his rule of erasing the defeated universes once he has defeated Goku, impressing the Universe 9 gods of his smooth talking, and an outraged Beerus and Whis realize that Bergamo was trying to name Goku the villain so that every universe would consider him an enemy; Whis also points out the animosity towards Goku is increasing. While the gods agree with Bergamo, Goku points out that he has no regard towards their opinions of him, saying that as long as he is on the edge, he can fight to the fullest, being his typical Saiyan trait, because the other universes do not know anything of Saiyans and their traits.

Zeno agrees with Bergamo's proposal, and the rule is set: If Universe 9 wins, the rule of erasing every defeated universe will be scrapped altogether. However, Grand Minister warns Goku that if he holds back because he doesn't want to be erased, Zeno will immediately destroy every universe. Goku agrees and planned to go full force, he said. Universe 11 discuss Goku, the Supreme Kai Cae referring to him as interesting and his cloaked bodyguard remarking that he needs to see the Saiyan in action to judge him properly. Later, while Champa boos Goku, the Supreme Kais of Universes 3 and 4 ask him who Goku is, wondering why he acts so casually in front of Zeno and Heles asks why the Great Minister and Zeno would overlook his behavior. Champa answers that he doesn't know and that Goku's limit seems to be unfathomable. Champa quickly forgets about Goku and turns his attention to how Universe 1 is acting so composed which Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12's Supreme Kais responded that that means their work must have been good to have gained their high mortal levels therefore making them exempted from the Tournament.

Goku vs. Bergamo

The match finally begins. Goku and Bergamo start exchanging blows, feeling each other out. Bergamo admits that Goku indeed has skill, but then purposefully leaves himself defenseless, taunting the Saiyan to hit him so he can show him why they call him "Bergamo the Crusher". Goku obliges and lands a number of blows on him. Bergamo then suddenly glows and grows larger and stronger, knocking Goku back with a punch. Goku keeps attacking him, and Bergamo keeps growing, taunting him to keep attacking some more. Gohan advises Goku to be careful, pointing out that Bergamo is using his power against him. Roh of Universe 9 loudly and boastfully exclaims Bergamo's ability: the more he is hit, the more he grows and the stronger he becomes, claiming his strength as "truly limitless". Goku then becomes a Super Saiyan. Goku comes up with a strategy, as Bergamo grows bigger and bigger the more power he absorbs, he is left wide open, allowing Goku to continuously land combos on him, not to mention that Goku is too small and fast for him to catch, as Bergamo steals more of his power. Bergamo eventually becomes gigantic in size, and Goku once again uses his speed to constantly land hits on him. While Bergamo grows bigger and bigger, Goku solemnly smiles.

Goku and Bergamo's final attack

Goku taunts Bergamo, exclaiming that the bigger he grows, the more blind spots he gains. Bergamo soon grows so large that the ring under him is beginning to crack from his steps. Goku taunts if he can still get stronger, Bergamo tries to hit him, to no avail, Goku backflips into midair, then transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. The gods are stricken with awe about this display of power (except the present Zeno, the Grand Minister, Universe 6, and Gowasu, who had all bore witness beforehand), feeling the form's pressure. Zeno informs Future Zeno (who was impressed at Goku's display) of the Super Saiyan Blue form. Goku "offers" Bergamo more power, using the Kaio-ken. Bergamo also charges his absorbed energy up while Goku charges a God Kamehameha. Bergamo uses his special attack, Wolfgang Penetrator, clashing with Goku's Kamehameha. Goku uses his full power to push the attack back and hit Bergamo, defeating him instead of powering him up further. Goku, with a smile, asks Bergamo to continue battling him, but the latter only passes out in exhaustion and shock, realizing he had grossly underestimated Goku's might. Grand Minister announces Universe 7 as the victors of the Zen Exhibition Match.

Goku informs Zeno about him not holding back, much to their happiness and impression with his match. While Basil and Lavender help their brother up, Bergamo promises Goku that every universe will come after him. Goku fearlessly taunts to every god of universes to come at him with all their strongest warriors, exclaiming that he will defeat them all, much to all their chagrin and annoyance. While Grand Minister confirms the Zen Exhibition Match a success, he announces the rules for the Tournament of Power: it will be a survival match and victory is gained by knocking opponents off of the ring. The use of weapons and killing opponents are prohibited in the tournament and using Flight outside the ring is nullified. Also, the time limit for the match will be 100 Taks, which is about 48 minutes on Earth, the Grand Minister further announces that since the ring will also be huge, the tournament will have all 80 participants from the 8 universes participating all in the ring at once, and the universe with the most survivors will win; also if there is a single survivor, that universe will win. The Universe 7 group discuss that power alone cannot be enough and tactics and teamwork will be important; teamwork not being Goku's forte. Goku confidently comments that he should be fine since he has Gohan at his side.

In the manga, the Zen Exhibition Match is a battle royale between all twelve Gods of Destruction. Beerus and Quitela are the last two standing, but before they can deal the final blows to each other the Grand Minister halts their battle.[5][6]

Top of Universe 11 challenges Goku

In the anime, the cloaked warrior of Universe 11, Top, suddenly jumps to the ring and confronts Goku, wanting to talk to him. He then introduces himself as the leader of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11, taking off his cloak and challenges Goku to a fight, an excited Goku accepting the challenge, as he was dissatisfied with Bergamo. Top claims Goku as evil (which is ironic due to the fact that Goku's race, the Saiyans, are downright evil while Goku himself is the absolute opposite of evil), declaring that his fists will bring ruin upon all evil. After obtaining Zeno blessing to proceed, Goku and Top begin their battle. Top quickly gains the upper hand and dislocates Goku's shoulder. Goku responds by attacking with a flurry of blows, but Top manages to grab Goku in a powerful bear hug. He begins squeezing the life out of Goku, which forces Goku to turn Super Saiyan Blue to escape. He and the Pride Trooper undergo an extreme battle, and damages Top's suit with a point-blank God Kamehameha, much to his anger, later, Goku (who used the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken, also claiming what he would look like if his limit had passed) and Top begins to power up to extreme heights. However, the Grand Minister brings an end to the match on the grounds that one of them will likely end up dead at the rate they are going. As Top leaves, he reveals to Goku that Universe 11 has a warrior even stronger than him named Jiren. The Grand Minister explains that he will begin creating the arena for the Tournament of Power, which will be completed in 40 Earth hours. Back at the Sacred World of the Kai, Beerus, and Goku get into an argument over Goku's laid-back attitude and Beerus' hypocrisy, which Whis breaks up. The group agrees to convene at the Capsule Corporation to discuss their strategy.

In the manga, it is decided that Goku and Top will battle to show what a fight between mortals is like - as the God of Destruction battle royale was too intense for the two Zeno to enjoy. Top is the winner of the battle.[6]

Team Formation

Bulma with her newborn child, Bulla

In the anime, at Capsule Corporation, Chi-Chi is preparing a feast for the new baby when Goku, Gohan, Hercule, Majin Buu, Beerus, Whis, Shin, and Old Kai arrive. Chi-Chi offers the food to them since the baby hasn't been born yet, and Goku and Beerus happily accept. Bulma is exercising in the gravity room with Pilaf, Shu, and Mai, and she apologizes to Vegeta, who is watching them close by. He says she is making him rusty but worries if she is able to move so much. Trunks says Mai said exercise will ensure a healthy birth and Goten asks Vegeta if he is excited about the baby. Turning to walk away, Vegeta retorts he is only staying because Bulma told him to and decides to go train somewhere close, and he reminds Trunks that he has to move the baby's bed. Trunks asks Goten to help him and they run off, and Vegeta takes his leave and thinks about a name that is worthy of Saiyan royalty.

As everyone eats, Goku states his excitement about fighting strong opponents and repeats his assertion to Beerus, who reminds him to be serious, that they only need to win. Shin goes about which participants of Universe 7 will be entering. Gohan asks how many planets are there with powerful life forms in the universe and Shin explains that since the loss of Planet Sadala, Planet Vegeta and Planet Namek, there are 28 planets. However, Beerus suggests they stick with warriors on Earth due to not knowing how strong people from other planets are and with those already known on Earth, they have a 12.5% of winning. Goku and Gohan start thinking of their friends and Goku wants Monaka but Beerus lies that he is unwell. They consider Krillin, however, Mr. Satan reminds them Krillin gave up martial arts a long time ago. Goku and Gohan have a mind battle between Krillin and Basil, and it appears that Krillin's Destructo Disc and Solar Flare have little effect on Basil. This worries Gohan, but Goku concludes Krillin can hold his own because he has resumed training. Shin suggests Trunks and Goten, but Goku declines because of their insufficient experience and lack of strategic acumen. Gohan suggests Master Roshi, because, as he stated, of being experienced and having tricky techniques at his disposal, Mr. Satan suggests Android 18, which Goku excitedly agrees, Gohan also reminds him that there is also her brother, Android 17, as he could potentially enter. Shin questions them because the siblings are androids, Goku tells him that both Androids used to be just ordinary humans, and were modified to be "super-humans". Goku decides to get Senzu Beans for the tournament, however, Whis tells him that Senzu Beans are forbidden in the tournament. With one member left, they ask Vegeta, who is still thinking of a baby name. Goku informs him of the battle with Top and of 80 fighters fighting simultaneously. Although Vegeta is intrigued by the battle royal, he refused due to not knowing when the baby will be born and, suspicious, asks why Goku wants him to participate so badly. Beerus, desperate, orders him to participate. Vegeta informs him that he will not enter unless they should convince Bulma. With little choice, Whis decides to intervene.

Vegeta holding his newborn daughter

Chi-Chi and Bulma are discussing her pregnant belly when Whis comes in and uses his Time Warping abilities to bring out the baby from inside her, impressing and surprising everyone. Whis announces to Vegeta that he can now participate. As Bulma coos to the baby, now revealed to be a girl, Vegeta instantly comes to love his daughter. Everyone later gathers to properly meet the baby and hold her and remark how she looks nothing like Vegeta, who stands nearby, listening. The baby smiles at being held and cooed by her grandparents and Goku, however, she cries when Mr. Satan makes a face at her, which angers Vegeta into turning Super Saiyan Blue. Yamcha shows up to visit and holds the baby but she cries, angering Vegeta again. Trunks and Goten finish putting the bed down when Gohan informs Trunks that he is now a big brother. Goten states that a brother would mean that Trunks gets to train with him, and a sister would be cute. Trunks, not interested in having a sister, prefers a brother so he can train. Trunks meets the baby, and is disappointed about it being a girl, and is reluctant to hold her, but later gives in when Bulma tells him he needs to protect his sister. Seeing Vegeta wants to hold the baby, Bulma requests Trunks to ask him to hold the baby. After a silent moment, Vegeta asks Trunks to give him the baby and he holds her. When asked what her name is, Vegeta is about to suggest the Saiyan name Eschalot unfortunately for him, Bulma announces she has decided to give her the name Bulla. Everyone was adored by the name, calling it beautiful, but Vegeta frantically yells he needs to give his daughter a name worthy of a Saiyan. Goku decides to start recruiting members for the team and informs Gohan that he will be visiting Krillin first. When Goku leaves, Yamcha, who overheard the conversation, confronts Gohan and he thinks he will be recruited as well and heads home to wait for Goku, while Vegeta finally settles to the name of Bulla, much to the baby's delight.

Android 18 suspicious of Goku

Goku and Gohan are flying in the air, heading to meet Krillin. Krillin has just defeated a burglar and saved the clerk of the store, who thanks Krillin. Krillin just got through with catching another criminal when Goku and Gohan meet up with him. They return to Krillin's house and tell him about the Tournament of Power and the rules. Back at their home, after a brief discussion about the tournament, Android 18 tells Krillin to enter, otherwise, all of his exercise equipment would all have been used for nothing. Goku also asks 18 to participate, and 18 immediately declines, as she has to look after Marron, not to mention that, she never works for anyone unless a prize is involved. Goku suggests that she can leave Marron with Bulma, telling Marron that Bulma's house has an aquarium and amusement park, to her excitement. 18 suspiciously asks Goku about why he is pushing her to participate if this tournament is for fun. Goku nervously agrees, quietly discussing with Gohan about keeping the extreme tournament outcome a secret. 18 is suspicious about how the two are acting. Goku comes up with a lie, claiming that he forgot to mention that the tournament winners gain 10 million Zeni. 18 is unimpressed, as she would (selfishly and greedily) only have 1 million for herself after dividing the prize for the entire team. Goku "corrects" her by stating that each participant would gain "10 million Zeni". 18 shows more interest, but still suspicious if Goku is lying or not. 18 then accepts Goku's offer and joins the team. Krillin (also suspicious) reminds Goku that he better not be inviting him just to invite 18. Krillin also decides to enter, but Gohan immediately interrupts, asking Krillin for a request.

Gohan asks Krillin to spar with him, and he agrees, and they choose to spar on top of two rock formations to simulate the tournament's ring-out rule. Gohan requests Krillin to show him his power to gain a better understanding so that he can come up with a plan for the tournament. Gohan thinks to himself about his image simulation battle of Krillin vs. Basil and is worried that Krillin would not be able to stand a chance in the tournament. He wishes to fight Krillin himself so he can understand why Goku insists on recruiting him. Android 18 is suspicious about the whole thing, noting Gohan's eyes to be far too serious for a simple tournament. Goku claims that Gohan wanted the prize money seriously, after a couple of more suspicious talks from her, Goku, trying to avoid 18's suspicions, directs her attention back to the match.

Gohan and Krillin sparring

Gohan is distracted by Marron's cheering, and Krillin immediately attacks. After Gohan blocks his attacks, Gohan knocks Krillin back, who immediately flies in front of the sun and uses his new technique, Solar Flare x100, and Gohan is still blinded despite having his eyes closed. Goku wonders if it is a new technique, and 18 hands him some sunglasses. While Gohan is blind and also unable to sense Krillin's ki, Krillin attacks him and knocks him into the water, forcing Gohan to stop himself from falling in. Krillin remarks that Gohan has lost due to being knocked out of bounds and being forced to use Flight.

Gohan is impressed by Krillin's performance and his new technique. 18 is about to go home when an excited Goku wants to fight Krillin himself. Krillin ensures Gohan that they can get stronger together, and with Krillin's skill and experience with Gohan's power, their victory is ensured. Gohan is ashamed of his own inexperience. Goku challenges Krillin, and the two relocate to Satan City on top of a skyscraper with a helicopter landing pad. Gohan reminds Goku that the tournament will start soon, and he would be forced to step in if he feels that Goku is going too far. As 18 protests that Krillin is tired from the last match and that with his Solar Flare x100 being for surprise only, he cannot repeatedly use it. On top of that, she questions if whether or not Krillin has forgotten exactly what kind of force Goku is. The excited Krillin stops her, wanting to fight right now and telling her he knows a lot better than she does concerning his best friend's might. While Krillin and Goku stare at each other, Krillin recalls his match with Goku in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament many years ago when they were young. Once a rainstorm comes, and 18 hands her daughter an umbrella while the two begin to fight.

Krillin and 18 prepare to fight Goku together

Krillin fires a number of Destructo Discs at Goku, who dodges them and as he attacks, Krillin prepares to use the Solar Flare technique. While Goku braces himself, Krillin reveals to have faked the attack and fires energy blasts at Goku, also controlling his Destructo Discs to attack him from different angles. Goku barely dodges the attacks and destroys the discs with his own blasts, and Krillin charges and fires another blast, intending to push Goku off of the building. Goku cancels out the blast and goes Super Saiyan, and Krillin takes the time to hide behind the debris and masks his ki. Goku finds him and exposes him, and Krillin smirks as the floor under Goku slices apart, and Goku barely saves himself from falling. Krillin tells him he launched a fourth Destructo Disc to slice the floor while Goku was distracted with the three attacking him. Goku is impressed, while Android 18 and Gohan talk about needing a plan for the tournament. Goku reverts to his Super Saiyan form, and prepares Krillin for phase two of the fight, he then transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, and Krillin feels the intense pressure but remains strong. 18 remarks that there's nothing he can do about the huge power difference. Krillin says that this is fun, and he and Goku each charge a Kamehameha. The two energy blasts collide, and Krillin is being pushed back from Goku's bigger beam. Krillin is saved by 18, who forces Goku to direct the beam into the sky.

18 checks on Krillin, who asks why she interfered. She reminds Krillin about the tournament being a battle royal and announces to Goku that it won't always be a one-on-one, and they must be prepared to be at a handicap, also telling Krillin to fight together if he can't alone. The two prepare to fight Goku, also telling Gohan to join if he wants. Goku turns back to base and says it's enough, saying there's a lot he can learn from them about the tournament, also telling Gohan to learn, too. Goku remembers Android 17 and asks 18 if she knows where he is. She says that the last time they talked on the phone, he told her he works at a wildlife reserve, but he didn't tell her where. Krillin suggests that Goku ask Dende where he is. Goku agrees and prepares to head out. Android 17 is seen watching the sky on a cliff.

While Goku and Gohan are flying, Gohan is about to go meet Piccolo, who Goku says would quickly agree to participate in the Tournament of Power, being a fighter himself. Goku is about to head to meet Dende but notices an explosion in a nearby city. He uses Instant Transmission to sense whoever's ki is there, which turns out to be Majin Buu.

Khai speaks to the other Supreme Kai

Meanwhile, on the Sacred World of the Kai in Universe 11, Khai summons the Supreme Kais of every other universe in a conference call fashion. Khai requests that the other Kais refrain from mentioning the universe destruction stipulation to their inhabitants. Gowasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10, agrees but asks why Shin, the Supreme Kai of Universe 7, is not present. Khai answers that he has not invited Shin, due to the Tournament of Power being Universe 7's idea in the first place. Roh, the Supreme Kai of Universe 9, yells that this is a waste of time and Khai reminds him that they are meeting to discuss their situation. Roh says he is too busy gathering warriors and signs off. Pell and Eyre, the Supreme Kais of Universe 2 and 3 respectively, begin to argue about their universes' intellectual levels and how Pell thinks it is irrelevant in the Tournament of "Power". They are both silenced by Khai, and Kuru, the Supreme Kai of Universe 4, slander them for spouting out their egos. Khai advises that all of the Supreme Kais join together to request Zeno to reconsider the universe destruction rule to give them a chance to raise their universes' mortal levels. The Kais agree but all realize that Zeno has made his decision and if he is displeased, it would mean erasure on the spot. All of the Kais sign off as they are all busy gathering warriors, and Khai settles on the idea that his universe will have to win, as he believes it is home to the strongest warriors.

Buu's skinny appearance

Back on Earth, Goku finds out Mr. Satan is helping Buu train. Due to constantly training since the Zen Exhibition Match, Buu has lost weight and has gotten much slimmer in appearance. Buu tells Goku that he had fun "playing with the doggie guy" (referring to his match with Basil) and is excited about fighting more strong guys in the tournament. Mr. Satan asks if Goku wants to spar with Buu, and Goku eagerly accepts. Mr. Satan says the two will be using the tournament rules, and whoever touches the ground first will be the loser. Goku and Buu start fighting an even match, and Goku comments that Buu has gotten much stronger and faster. Buu is excited about eliminating everyone in the tournament, and Mr. Satan and Goku remind him that killing is against the rules; he must knock them out of the ring. Buu continues the fight by assaulting Goku with an endless barrage of Ki Blasts, and while Goku keeps deflecting them, letting his guard down, Buu attacks him and knocks him to the ground, winning the match. Goku compliments Buu's strategy and is very impressed, and Mr. Satan reminds Goku not to get knocked out of bounds so easily in the actual tournament. Goku tells Mr. Satan he successfully recruited Krillin and Android 18 and goes to find Android 17. When Goku flies off, while Mr. Satan exclaims that there is nothing he can do now but wait.

Top is concerned about the Tournament of Power

Meanwhile, back in Universe 11, Top appears and talks with the General of the Pride Troopers: Kahseral, who asks him what happened at the Zen Exhibition Match. They are called to fight an attacking monster on the Planet Daldon, and they ride a ship to head there. In Universe 6, Champa calls for a meeting with the Gods of Destruction after finding out about the Supreme Kais' meeting. Mosco, the God of Destruction of Universe 3, asks why Champa has not invited Beerus. Quitela of Universe 4 says they should leave Beerus out due to his universe being responsible for the tournament. Vados argues that everyone should be in Goku's debt because if he didn't suggest having the Tournament of Power, the lower level universes would have already been erased, and this way they have a chance for survival. Sidra of Universe 9 and Rumsshi of Universe 10 show ill will towards Goku's child-like behavior and his closeness with Zeno. Heles of Universe 2 unrepentantly and openly admits that she considers Goku quite attractive. Belmod of Universe 11 is confident that Universe 7 will be unable to stand up against his fighters.

On Daldon, Araghne and Dorakiyan are running amok. Dyspo of the Pride Troopers shows up and fights Araghne head-on, but is trapped in its tentacles. Before he is eaten, he is saved by Top and Kahseral. United with his teammates, Dyspo poses with Top and Kahseral, who launch a combined attack on Araghne and defeats it. Top throws Dorakiyan into Araghne's mouth, destroying them. On the ship, Top tells his team about the Tournament of Power. They agree on recruiting Pride Trooper members from other planets, including Jiren, who is currently meditating.

Goku arrives at The Lookout to ask Dende where Android 17 is. When Dende says that 17 is located on an island to the south, he offers to take Goku there. Dende calls for the Power Pole to retract and uses a technique to make the entire Lookout move, saying that he can take Goku to the island where 17 is this way. Goku asks if 17 is still plotting to kill him, and Dende says he is a new person compared to his former self and he is now working hard, providing for his family. Dende also says that 17 has gotten much stronger compared to back then. Dende then brings up a young boy from a small village having immense martial arts talent, but he is still very young. Goku is impressed but says he can't recruit him for the Tournament of Power. Dende suggests that Goku teaches the boy how to use his power once he gets older, and Goku says he's no good at that. Dende surprises Goku by saying this boy is the reincarnation of the evil Buu, and Goku remembers the wish he made before obliterating Buu. Dende says that in order to fulfill his promise of meeting him one day, Goku must prevail in the Tournament of Power so Universe 7 doesn't get erased.

Goku and Android 17

The Lookout arrives directly above the island where 17 is, and Goku thanks Dende and flies down there. Goku says it'll be hard to find 17 on such a large island since he can't sense his ki, and notices an explosion nearby. Goku comes across 17 battling a large group of poachers, and their Guns and Rocket Launchers have no effect on the Android. Goku meets 17, and 17 does not recognize him. Goku introduces himself, and 17 says he recognizes his voice (due to his programming). A battalion of more poachers arrive, and 17 asks for Goku's help in detaining them, also telling him not to hurt the animals and not to kill the poachers. Goku and 17 easily destroy the poachers' vehicles, forcing them to retreat.

Goku asks what the poachers are after, and 17 leads him to a rare Minotaur he is protecting, telling him its horns are valuable and can be sold for a fortune. The Minotaur notices them and attacks, and before Goku can attack back, 17 tells him to stop and just fly, explaining that the Minotaurus gained a distrust in humans due to constantly being threatened. When the Minotaur walks away, 17 says he is surprised that he is meeting Goku so suddenly, saying back then he wanted to kill him because of Dr. Gero's orders, only to be absorbed by Cell, so the two never had a chance to meet, let alone fight. Goku is thinking the same thing and asks 17 to let him test his strength, becoming a Super Saiyan.

Goku and Android 17 fight

Goku immediately attacks, and the two take their fight in the air. When 17 knocks Goku down, he tries to save the forest before Goku crashes into it, but Goku stops himself. The two fight an equal battle, and Goku becomes a Super Saiyan Blue, saying he didn't intend to go full power, also noticing 17 hasn't been going full power either. Goku tells 17 to go all-out since they're above the clouds and they are posing no danger to the forest, charging a Kamehameha. 17 blocks the attack with his Energy Shield, but it ends up getting destroyed. The two collide punches, and they crash back down to the surface fighting an equal battle. 17 suggests they stop there, as any more would destroy the island. Goku agrees and is relieved 17 is not an enemy with his level of power.

As the two are drinking tea by a bonfire, 17 is thankful for his resurrection via the Dragon Balls, since being revived allowed him to gain his job and meet his wife. He shows Goku pictures of his wife and 3 children (2 being adopted) on his cell phone, also saying he works away from home. 17 then asks Goku why he tracked him down, and Goku starts to explain.

Meanwhile, at Capsule Corporation, Beerus is eating a lot of food and prepares to take a nap, only to ask Whis to wake him up in an hour so he can eat again. Whis tells him not to be greedy and only eat or sleep, and Beerus reminds him that he could be erased in a little while. Goku explains the situation to 17, but he refuses to enter despite winning 10 million Zeni. 17 refuses because he already has enough money from his job, and he cannot leave the island in order to protect it from poachers. Goku offers for Trunks and Goten to watch over it during the tournament, but 17 still refuses, also realizing Goku is lying to him. Goku tells him the truth about being erased, and 17 still remains indifferent, saying that if everyone is erased then it can't be helped, while he is leaving and tells Goku to find someone else.

Meanwhile, a bizarre spaceship is approaching Earth, full of a mob of Galactic Poachers wanting to extract the Minotaur and other rare species.

Soldiers prepare to shoot Goku and Android 17

Android 17 has declined Goku's offer to join the Tournament of Power, despite hearing about being erased should they lose. Goku tries to persuade 17 again, saying that the prize will be the Super Dragon Balls, further tempting him by telling him about how superior they are to Earth's Dragon Balls. The two suddenly hear the Minotaurus howl, and 17 and Goku both sense that something is approaching. An enormous spaceship flies over them, and it fires a blinding light to the ground, abducting all of the animals on the island. 17 immediately tries to save them, and Goku follows him, but they are too late as the spaceship prepares to take off. Goku tells 17 to grab him and he uses Instant Transmission to teleport inside the spaceship where more animals, even some from other planets, are being kept. An alarm sounds, and soldiers on the spaceship immediately head to Goku and 17's location. Goku engages them while 17 reminds him not to destroy the spaceship, as the animals would die if they get tossed out.

On Earth, Krillin can sense Goku's energy moving far away. Android 18 can sense the same thing, and hopes that Goku and 17 aren't off playing around somewhere as she says they both have an immature side. On the spaceship, the two defeat all of the soldiers, but two more show up. 17 tells Goku to deal with them while he goes to find their boss. Goku says that's not fair as that would make him the strongest out of all of them, and offers to play rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to fight him. The soldiers suddenly attack Goku and 17 leaves, confronting the boss in the spaceship's main room. The poacher boss asks if 17 is alone, and 17 responds saying he usually is, but he has a partner with him this time. The poacher boss summons two more fighters and asks if 17 is scared, but 17 easily defeats them, also threatening the boss to return the animals he has poached.

Goku finds 17, and 17 asks the poacher boss why he's after the Minotaurus. The poacher boss responds saying its horns are valuable, and it is said they can be used to create immortality medicine. He tries to bribe 17 with money, but 17 attacks him again. The boss then pulls out a remote device, threatening to self-destruct along with the spaceship. Despite Goku yelling not to, the boss presses the switch, and the spaceship blows up. However, Beerus suddenly wakes up yelling, as this was a nightmare he had. Bulma is about to put a crying Bulla to bed, and Vegeta is irritated that Beerus and Whis are lounging at Capsule Corporation like its some cheap hotel. Beerus says his dream about Goku dying is a bad omen.

The Galactic Poachers' boss

In real time, the boss has not pressed the button yet but is about to. He tries to blackmail 17 and Goku by having them let him go or he will blow himself up, killing everyone on the ship, including the animals. After thinking for a bit, 17 suddenly tells Goku to protect the animals and to give his regards to his family and to his sister, 18, before pushing himself and the boss through the ship into outer space. When the hole in the ship causes a huge vacuum, Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue and teleports to the boss and 17, then teleporting them to King Kai's planet. King Kai is shocked, and Goku introduces 17 to him, telling him the boss was about to self-destruct and he brought him here like he did with Cell. King Kai yells to Goku that his planet is not some bomb disposal unit and tells him to go home. Goku leaves the boss with King Kai, but King Kai objects, even though the boss should present no threat as he's not strong enough to move under the increased gravity. Goku is suddenly contacted by Dende, who tells him the boss was lying about having a self-destruct device, and it was all a bluff to try and ensure his escape. 17 orders the boss to press the button, and he fearfully complies, revealing fireworks and confetti.

The captive animals have been safely returned to the island, and Jaco thanks Goku and 17 for helping him capture the poachers he's been chasing after for years, saying he will take the credit for their work despite not being there. Jaco leaves on his spaceship which has the poachers' spaceship attached to it. 17 then decides to accept Goku's offer and join Team Universe 7, leaving the island to Trunks and Goten and wanting to use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for a boat for him and his family, specifically a large cruise ship that costs five billion Zeni and also comments on Goku's intriguing demeanor when he insists that he is not a hero, just a fighter who despises wrongdoing and senselessness. 17 says it's weird for him to fight on the same team as Goku despite being modified to kill him. Goku says it's not weird at all, saying that Tien, Piccolo, and Vegeta are all good guys now despite starting off as bad guys. 17 asks if his brother, referring to his brother-in-law Krillin, is on the team, and he says he is, including Majin Buu, despite 17 being confused and under the impression that Goku killed Buu with the Spirit Bomb, commenting that this will be quite an interesting team.

In a secluded place in the mountains, Gohan and Piccolo are training, where Piccolo tells Gohan that he is aware of the Tournament of Power and about the universe being erased should they lose. Piccolo tells Gohan about Goku meeting with him after the Zen Exhibition Match, saying he'll enter the tournament, and they begin to discuss Gohan. Goku tells Piccolo that Gohan did well at the Zen Exhibition Match, but considering his original power he should have done way better, as he is out of practice. Piccolo asks if Goku has any Senzu Beans left. Piccolo requests Goku to get him two Senzu Beans, determined to train Gohan so he can get his fighting sense back. Goku agrees and leaves the rest to him.

Piccolo, holding the Senzu Beans, says that they won't eat them until the very end and that it's going to get tough from here on out. Gohan is prepared and becomes a Super Saiyan, and the two start fighting again. Meanwhile, at Capsule Corporation, Bulla is crying as Trunks tries to change her diaper with Goten helping him. Bulma is talking about Bulla while on the phone with someone, and Beerus and Whis are irritated by Bulla's crying. Trunks calls for Vegeta, who effortlessly changes Bulla's diaper, stopping her crying. Beerus watches the others, saying that they could be erased soon and they're acting so carefree. Whis suggests telling them the truth, and Beerus imagines Bulma mouthing off to him, blaming him for not stopping Goku from going to Zeno. Whis asks if he should tell Bulma, and Beerus says it's not necessary.

Krillin and Android 18 spar

At Krillin's house, he and Android 18 are sparring. While two civilians walk by and are shocked that lovers' quarrels have escalated so much, Marron cheers on her parents as 18 defeats Krillin. Krillin advises 18 to hold back a little, and 18 is determined to not only win her 10 million Zeni but gain Krillin's 10 million Zeni for herself, telling Marron she'll buy her whatever she wants. Gohan and Piccolo continue training, and Gohan is being pressured by Piccolo. While Gohan is determined to keep going so that he can protect everyone, Piccolo tells him that his overeagerness is hurting him more than helping him and that he needs to calm down, saying that he won't be able to think clearly that way. While Gohan powers up, Piccolo tells him that he should accept the fact that he will be erased if he loses, then tells him to win, saying he can win and that he needs to be more confident.

In Universe 6, Cabba is flying in a spaceship, and he says that even though Hit is strong, it's not guaranteed he'll be able to win against 70 opponents. He flies to a planet to meet his friend, Renso, but Renso injures his leg as he tries to open the door for Cabba. Renso praises Cabba for his hard work being the ace of the Saiyan elite unit, the Sadala Defense Force, and Renso is revealed to be Cabba's former Captain. Renso heard about Cabba's new ability, and Cabba agrees to show it to him, turning into a Super Saiyan. Renso is impressed and is relieved that the universe is safe as long as Cabba is here. Cabba then tells him about the Tournament of Power and asks him to enter since his battle experience will come in handy. Renso refuses, due to his retirement and his injured leg, but advises Cabba to take his sister, Caulifla, with him, saying that even though she seems like a punk, her potential power is even greater than Renso's.

Gohan turns into a Super Saiyan 2

Piccolo says that the warm-up is over and takes off his weights, telling Gohan to come at him using his full power. Gohan does so and transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. Piccolo says that even though Gohan is powerful, he does have a weakness, and unless Gohan overcomes it he won't be able to last in the tournament. The two start fighting, and Piccolo eventually traps Gohan with his extended arms, asking him if that's all he has. Gohan asks when did Piccolo get so strong, and Piccolo says he hasn't been sitting around doing anything while Gohan has been studying and researching. Gohan powers down and is defeated, and Piccolo helps him breathe by using a Kiai on his chest. Piccolo tells Gohan that his heart isn't fully like a warrior's, saying he lets his guard down at vital moments, reminding him of his arrogance and overconfidence when Elder Kai unlocked Gohan's full potential to fight Majin Buu. Piccolo tells Gohan to not be arrogant, as he will not win the tournament that way. Gohan, listening to Piccolo's words, powers up. Piccolo says that Super Saiyan 2 isn't Gohan's real power, telling him to awaken the power he used when he fought Buu. Gohan powers up and a light engulfs him, revealing his returned Potential Unleashed state. Gohan says that he will not be holding back now.

Gohan and Piccolo training

Piccolo creates a large number of clones and they all attack Gohan, who is able to read their moves and defeat them with one blow. Gohan then chops off Piccolo's arm, however, he is surprised to see that that was the real Piccolo, hesitating. Piccolo says that that's it, and if Gohan fights like that, he won't lose. Gohan thanks Piccolo, who attacks him from behind with his severed arm, saying he still let his guard down. Piccolo reminds Gohan about assuming the fight is over and letting his guard down is what caused him to eventually be absorbed by Buu. Piccolo tells Gohan to lose his arrogance and to not let his guard down until the fight is over, and Gohan agrees, and the two begin to start again.

Later that night, while eating a severed dinosaur's tail, Piccolo tells Gohan that he believes he can get much stronger, and he offers to train him some more in the time they have left. Gohan agrees, and also offers Piccolo to create a double-team combinations for the tournament, and Piccolo says that it seems interesting. At his house, Yamcha rehearses his answer should Goku eventually come to him to ask him to fight in the tournament, while Puar watches him with a bothered face.

Tien teaching in his own dojo

Goku heads to Master Roshi's island, where Oolong informs him that Tien and Chiaotzu have started a martial arts dojo. Roshi has headed there to act as a special instructor. At Tien's dojo, a woman named Yurin with a grudge against Tien arrives and requests to join the dojo. Roshi drags her off to ogle her. Goku arrives and asks Tien to join the Tournament of Power, but he is reluctant. Yurin escapes Roshi's advances and uses witchcraft to drive Tien's students on a rampage throughout town. Goku, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Roshi arrive at the village, where Yurin confronts them. Yurin explains that she is a former classmate of Tien's during his time at the Crane School and that she swore revenge on him after he left the school and refused to fight her. Meanwhile, Cabba sways Caulifla into joining Universe 6's team by promising to teach her how to become a Super Saiyan. Back on Earth, while Goku, Chiaotzu, and Tien cure the students of their brainwashing, Roshi battles Yurin. He lowers his guard after catching a glimpse of Yurin's panties, which allows her to brainwash him. The brainwashed Roshi defeats Tien, but Goku intervenes. While Chiaotzu temporarily disables Yurin, Goku subdues Roshi with a Kamehameha wave and cures him of the brainwashing. Tien orders Yurin to apologize to everyone she hurt and offers her a place at his dojo. Tien decides to join the Tournament of Power in order to raise enough money to repair the village. Master Roshi quickly agrees to join as well.

Out in the wasteland, Piccolo finishes training Gohan. Now Gohan must test out his power and Piccolo knows just the person for that. Elsewhere, Goku, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and Master Roshi are eating at a restaurant. Tien wonders what they’ll do with the remaining time before the tournament, and Roshi offers to teach a few of his techniques. But just then, Piccolo and Gohan walk in, Goku smiling in pride of the obvious work his son has put in. Gohan then requests a sparring match against Goku and Tien.

Back out in the wasteland again, the group selects a suitable spot to serve as their ring. It will be a two on two match: Goku and Tien vs. Gohan and Piccolo. Falling out of the ring means a loss, and since this shall be a battle royal, they should focus on teamwork. Tien warns Goku to remember that this is a practice match: he should be careful not to hurt anyone! But Goku thinks they might be the ones who should worry about getting hurt.

The match begins, and Goku and Gohan rush at each other and trade blows, while Piccolo begins charging up an attack. Tien aims his Tri-Beam at Gohan, but Goku tells him to focus instead on Piccolo, who’s still charging. However, Gohan steps in and prevents Tien from successfully attacking Piccolo, and Piccolo now unleashes a powerful energy wave from out of his entire body.

Goku manages to tough out the big blast, and while Gohan rushes in for a follow-up attack, Goku blocks this too. He compliments Gohan and Piccolo on their wonderful combination, saying that Gohan has managed to get back his knack for fighting. Tien notes that the mountain they’ve been using as an arena has been blown to smithereens, so the match is over. However, Gohan insists on fighting another match against Goku. Though Tien thinks this would be pointless, Goku readily agrees.

Murichim leads his Team

Over in Universe 10, Gowasu is fretting over which warriors he should select to fight in the tournament because he doesn’t want to mess up and pick someone like Zamasu again. Rumsshi and his Angel Kusu stop by to tell Gowasu he’s overthinking things and rather than using his head, he should decide with his body. To that end, Rumsshi and Kusu have brought along ten warriors Rumsshi has already selected.

Their leader, Murichim, introduces himself, but he and his fellow fighters soon need to take a timeout to drink their protein drinks. They must do this regularly to build up their beefy bodies! Rumsshi thinks he can depend on this group, but Gowasu doesn’t seem quite so certain.

Back on Earth, Goku and Gohan take a Senzu Bean and power up to begin their match. Tien thinks this is a waste of Senzu Beans, but even he now wants to see how these two Saiyans square off. Gohan says he is now at his full power, though Goku notes he’s not a Super Saiyan. Gohan confirms that he is aiming for an "ultimate form" never seen before and that he is going about it in a different way than Goku. Goku is impressed and figured fighting warriors from other universes would make for the best training. But he forgot he had Gohan there the whole time! The two begin trading blows and firing a barrage of Ki Blasts, before at last firing off a Kamehameha at each other.

Goku vs. Gohan

Their battle shakes the ground, and even Vegeta and co. off in West City can tell something’s up; the Saiyan Prince smiling in excitement at knowing that it is his Saiyan brethren. Though Gohan more than holds his own, he remains unsatisfied and asks Goku to fight with his full power. Goku agrees, and first powers up into his Super Saiyan Blue form then uses Kaio-Ken to boost. The two clash, the colliding powers resulting in a quake that rocks all of West City and shocks even Vegeta. When the dust clears, Gohan collapses, though not before vainly trying to get in one final attack. Goku catches Gohan before he hits the ground, saying that they will go forward together. Later after Gohan regains consciousness, he thanks Goku and apologizes to Tien for the trouble. Goku announces that he is relenting his role as team leader of Universe 7 to Gohan, deeply proud of his oldest boy.

At Zeno's Palace, Zeno and Future Zeno's are playing a strange version of Rochambeau where they hit each other with hammers, but they soon grow tired of this. To entertain them, the Grand Minister gives them an update on how the various universes are preparing for the tournament. They are happy to hear that in Universe 7, Goku has successfully assembled a team of ten fighters. At that moment, Goku and most of his team members are holding a strategy meeting with Beerus, Old Kai, and Shin, while Vegeta has flown off to The Lookout to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, fueled by Goku and Gohan's earlier contest. Popo kindly asks him not to break the room again, but Vegeta is noncommittal. Stepping inside, he vows to defeat Goku and be the last one standing at the tournament. At the meeting, Old Kai suggests using his ability to draw out Goku's potential, but sadly that ritual takes over 24 hours, so they no longer have enough time. Instead, Goku decides to train with Whis until the tournament. Seeing Goku makes the Zenos want to hold the tournament right away, but the Grand Minister insists they stick to the predetermined time.

The Trio of Danger

After all, the Grand Minister explains, not all the universes' team-gathering efforts are going so well. For instance, Universe 9 is having a tough time: word has gotten out about their universe's potential destruction, causing hoodlums to run wild and attempt to flee to other universes. Sidra destroys the city and decides to look for contestants on some other planet. So far they still haven't managed to gather anyone besides the Trio of Danger.

In Universe 6, Hit tracks down Frost, who's on the run from the law and slumped over in an alley somewhere. Assuming Hit has come to kill him, Frost at first seems to accept his fate, but this is a bluff to catch Hit off-guard. While Hit blocks the attack, he can tell Frost has improved; being on the run seems to have toughened him up.

Hit explains that Champa has sent him to recruit Frost, and tells Frost about the upcoming tournament. If Frost refuses to enter, Hit vows to kill him on the spot. Frost is happy to enter but is annoyed to hear he won’t be allowed to use his poison needles. If he cheats and gets caught, he’ll be annihilated!

On Earth, Yamcha watches TV at home, bored and waiting for the tournament invitation he’s sure is coming. Master Roshi and Oolong stop by, but they have business with Puar rather than Yamcha. To prepare for the tournament, Roshi is determined to conquer his one weakness: his dirty-mindedness. To that end, he wants Puar to turn into a hot babe so he can learn to control himself.

Yamcha thinks this plan is hopeless but gets Puar to cooperate after Oolong had already refused, having been traumatized when Roshi puff-puffed him way back in the day. While Roshi chases the transformed Puar around, Yamcha asks Oolong if he's ever going to get invited to the tournament. Oolong reassures Yamcha that he will... probably. While Goku and Whis train in the gravity chamber, in Universe 11 Top and Dyspo wait at a fancy restaurant for their comrade Kahseral to arrive. They call him, but he’s preoccupied saving a cat for some kids. Back at the palace, the Grand Minister explains to the Zenos how Top and his friends are not merely strong, but all good people as well. Still, the Grand Minister continues, while Universe 11 has a good chance of winning the tournament, its counterpart Universe 2 is interesting as well.

Brianne transformed into Ribrianne

Right then, an audition is being held in Universe 2 to select their universe's "idol warrior" to enter the tournament. A slim, green-haired girl lines up, and some other ladies in line harass her: did she think this was merely an idol audition? But the girl, Brianne de Chateau, quickly transforms into a pink, chubby warrior known as Ribrianne, who proceeds to blow her opponents up with her Pretty Cannon attack. In Universe 10, Kusu has Murichim and his nine warriors dance together in order to "improve their team bonds". Off on the side, Gowasu tapes the event, which he’s sure will get plenty of views (presumably on GodTube). The Universe 10 warriors dance has the Zenos excited, but the Grand Minister notes that there's trouble brewing in Universe 7. Back on Earth, Goku cools off after his training while Gohan and Shin consider strategy. Gohan thinks they should stick to the center of the arena to avoid ring-outs, but Shin figures everyone else will try the same thing, turning the center into a fierce battlefield.

Suddenly, Bulma comes in with news from Mr. Satan: it seems that Buu has fallen asleep, and won't wake up again for two months! Shocked, Goku decides to go try and wake Buu up. Beerus insists on coming along too, to give Buu a good pounding. Beerus is plenty ticked off at Buu, first for the infamous "pudding incident", humiliating him by once before falling asleep before the Tournament of Destroyers, and now this. But while Beerus stews, Goku has already left.

The Emperor of Evil Returns

In the anime, after arriving at Mr. Satan's mansion, Goku realizes it is hopeless to wake up Buu and Mr. Satan offers to join as a replacement but immediately backs out after remembering the Zeno Exhibition Match. Beerus panics over finding someone else in the three hours left. In Universe 11, Top finds Kahseral and asks him to enter the tournament, and although Kahseral has some reservations, he agrees. In Universe 6, Cabba shows his Super Saiyan form to Caulifla and she demands that he teach her how to transform. He instructs her to focus on bringing out her energy from the center of her back. She easily transforms into a Super Saiyan and agrees to participate in the tournament. She introduces Cabba to her protégée, Kale, and asks her to try transforming as well. Back on Earth, Krillin and 18 arrive at Capsule Corp. with Marron, who goes to see Bulla with Trunks and Goten. Krillin is surprised to hear that Master Roshi is training to overcome his weakness to seduction. Elsewhere, Vegeta blows up the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again which irritates Piccolo. Beerus is still concerned about Buu sleeping and asks Gohan to pick a replacement, but Gohan believes Goku will wake Buu up. Krillin brings up about the prize money being on the line but Piccolo and Gohan are confused. When Goku returns, everyone angrily confronts him about lying to them about the prize money and the fact the universe will be erased if they lose. Goku offers to pay them the money himself but Vegeta points out Chi-Chi has control of the money. Goku then asks it from Bulma but she refuses. Krillin condemns Goku for bribing them with money because Goku thought he would be too scared to participate. Krillin and 18 no longer want to participate but Beerus threatens to kill Krillin if he refuses, and Krillin changes his mind. But he says 18 won't participate since there is no prize money and Bulma in turn changes her own mind to pay everyone the money, only wishing for Goku, who is suddenly hesitant, to ensure they win and survive. Beerus reminds everyone they are still short one team member, berating them how the universe is so large yet the number of warriors is limited because the most promising ones are on Earth and also because they destroyed all of Frieza's army forces. Goku has an idea and suggests they recruit Frieza, much to everyone's understandable disbelief.

Everyone is shocked at Goku's suggestion that they recruit Frieza as the team's tenth member. Goku explains that he heard from Dende that Frieza remains in Hell because he will never repent. Vegeta is naturally the most opposed to this and angrily tells Goku to not think of using the Dragon Balls to resurrect Frieza, but he states that that is not his plan. Rather, it is to ask Fortuneteller Baba to bring Frieza back for 24 hours just as she did for the two Saiyans when they fought Majin Buu years ago. Everyone is still uneasy even after Goku explains this plan with Shin saying recruiting Frieza is impossible because there is no way of knowing what Frieza will do to them. But Goku responds that nothing Frieza can do during the short time he is with them will compare to universal extinction, leading his allies to quietly contemplate this valid point. Vegeta then remarks how uncharacteristically desperate Goku is behaving and questions if whether or not his fellow Saiyan has lost faith in his own power, insisting that he instead find a random fighter for the tenth position while the two of them defeat the other universes. While Goku seems to consider this at first, he asks Whis for an insight on the chances of his universe's victory were they to attend with the fighters they have alongside a sub-par tenth member. Whis is unsure because he doesn't know much about the other universes, but mentions there is a rumor about how one of them is home to a mortal warrior that is so powerful that even their own God of Destruction could not defeat them; the destroyer in question apparently being stronger than Beerus, who retorts he lost only once in an arm wrestling contest. Krillin shudders that they might need Frieza after all, but Goku insists that if Frieza gets out of control, he and Vegeta will best him once more. He then leaves to speak to King Yemma, but everyone is unaware that someone is watching them nearby.

Goku visits Frieza in Hell

Goku arrives in the Other World and asks King Yemma to let him meet with Frieza, much to King Yemma's shock. He asks what business Goku has with Frieza and Goku explains the situation. Although he warns Goku that Frieza will never repent and may cause chaos in the living world, King Yemma is more concerned about the universe being erased and gives Goku permission to go to Hell and later grants Frieza 24 hours of time in the living world with the aid of Baba. Goku meets with Frieza, who immediately recognizes his voice and expresses curiosity on why he of all people is there.

In Universe 6, Cabba and Caulifla try to teach Kale how to transform into a Super Saiyan. Kale struggles to transform by focusing on releasing her energy from her back. Caulifla starts insulting Kale to force her to transform through anger, and Cabba is confused. Kale apologizes because she is a weak Saiyan. Caulifla then orders Cabba to insult Kale but he instead makes her cry, and Caulifla berates him for hurting Kale's feelings. Kale, through jealousy of Cabba and Caulifla's friendly arguing, abruptly transforms into a completely different Super Saiyan form. Caulifla is stunned and wonders how she did this, and Cabba thinks it's because Kale thinks Caulifla likes Cabba. Kale attacks Cabba, trying to kill him while Caulifla praises Kale for her newfound power. However, Caulifla realizes Kale's instability and transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 to save Cabba from getting killed by an energy blast. Caulifla tells Kale she doesn't need to get upset because she would never fall for Cabba. Kale turns back her normal state and collapses into Caulifla's arms. Cabba tells Caulifla that she has accidentally found a team member.

Ganos reports to Quitela

Back in Hell, Goku frees Frieza and explains the Tournament of Power to him. Frieza is interested but asks if it would be a problem if he didn't go. Goku says it would be a problem but would accept being refused. Frieza then asks if he will return to Hell after the tournament and Goku confirms this. Frieza explains his terms for agreeing to participate: if Universe 7 wins, Goku must use the Dragon Balls to resurrect him. Goku retorts Frieza is in no position to bargain with him. Frieza says he was looking forward to fighting him again, hitting Goku's weakness in fighting. Goku lies that the winner will win the Super Dragon Balls and asks Frieza to use those but Frieza prefers the Earth's Dragon Balls. Frieza then asks if he can kill his opponents and is disappointed when Goku says no. Frieza says he can endure anyway and Goku goes to Baba, who is reluctant to oblige. She demands a gift as payment and Goku offers his button from Zeno but Baba refuses it, calling it dangerous. Goku takes off to find her a gift. In Universe 4, the God of Destruction Quitela learns from his spy about Team Universe 7 recruiting Frieza. Kuru is afraid of Zeno finding out they are spying on other universes, but Quitela says there are no rules about spying. He is amused that Beerus is so desperate that he agrees to resurrect the dead to find a warrior, but Ganos warns his destroyer that Frieza was once a powerful despot and that he, along with the rest of Universe 7, could be a severe threat to Universe 4. To this end, Quitela says Beerus must go.

After negotiating with Frieza, Goku is eating at Capsule Corp. while he waits for Fortuneteller Baba to bring Frieza back. Krillin and the others are still uneasy with Frieza joining but Whis points out that Frieza's resurrection compared to the universe being in jeopardy is small. In Universe 4, Quitela is communicating with Sidra from Universe 9 about Frieza, and Quitela repeats his desire to assassinate Frieza in order for Universe 7 to get disqualified and eliminated by Zeno, therefore bettering his own chances for survival. In Universe 9, Sidra asks Roh about Quitela's plot, Roh states that there should be no hesitation and decides to send assassins to Universe 7 to kill Frieza.

In Universe 7, Trunks is curious about Frieza after seeing his picture on the board with the rest of the team. Goku tells Bulma that Trunks and Goten do not know about the Tournament of Power and Vegeta says knowing will be a bother. Bulma tells Trunks that everyone on the board are guests for the celebration of Bulla's birth but Trunks points out Frieza is evil. Vegeta reluctantly lies that Frieza has redeemed although Vegeta is disgusted with himself for defending Frieza and mentally curses this distasteful move. Goku asks Trunks if he wants to go to 17's island to protect all its animals and monsters so 17 can attend. Vegeta is about to protest but Trunks excitedly agrees and goes to tell Goten. Bulma and Vegeta are irritated at Goku for using their son as a bargain to get 17 to agree to the tournament, but relent regardless. Goku asks Krillin to take the boys to the island to pick up 17. Krillin is reluctant but Goku reminds him of how much 17 has changed and Krillin, comparing this to 18, agrees. Goku leaves to pick up Frieza but not before Bulma helps him find a gift to give to Baba.

Android 17 and Piccolo shake hands

In the anime, Krillin, 18, Trunks, Goten, and Marron arrive at the island and meet with Android 17. 18 and 17 coldly greet each other while Krillin tries nervously to initiate a friendly conversation, but he is told by his wife not to force it. 17, having met Marron for the first time, kindly greets her, but, mispronounces her name to "Maron" with 18, threatening her brother to kill him if he mispronounced her name again. While Trunks and Goten explore the island, 17 wonders if is safe to entrust the island to the boys and Krillin confirms it is, stating that they are, after all, the sons of Goku and Vegeta, leading to brief friendly banter between the male in-laws. Marron asks if she can stay with Trunks and Goten. Krillin initially refuses, worrying for her safety, but 18 claims that Marron is tougher than he thinks. As Krillin and the two androids leave, a pair of poachers watch from inside a submarine, thinking that the island is completely unprotected, and guarded by a "couple of kids", but one of them senses that Goten and Trunks are not ordinary kids because he saw the two flying.

The Cell Jrs. battle Goten and Trunks

In the manga, as they are making their way to Capsule Corp. 17 realizes he forgot to tell Goten and Trunks about the Cell Jrs. At the same time the Cell Jrs. encounter Goten and Trunks, one attacks Trunks, prompting the two Saiyans to become Super Saiyans. A seven on two battle then breaks out until one of the Cell Jrs. notices that Trunks and Goten are wearing ranger uniforms, the fighting stops and the Cell Jrs. apologies and leave. Hearing this, Krillin now understands why 17 is so strong.[7]

In the anime, Krillin, 18, and 17 arrive at Capsule Corp. Gohan encourages everyone to put the past behind them so they can fight for the universe. Piccolo and 17 met for the first time in years since their last encounter, to Gohan's slight worry, rather than fighting, the two once-bitter adversaries shake hands and share thanks to each other by.

Meanwhile, Frieza is finally brought back, Goku is about to greet him, but Frieza used a heavy punch on Goku's stomach as "greeting", claiming that he "slipped" his hand, Goku does the same in retaliation, also claiming that his hand also "slipped". They are about to leave when they learn there are many strange-looking figures asking for Goku and Frieza. Goku suspects they were sent to stop him from entering in the tournament, they, however, refuse to give out information and he is shot by Frieza using a Death Beam, who sees this as a warm greeting. Meanwhile, an impatient Beerus complains about Goku being late, while Krillin asks Whis what will happen if they are late, with Whis casually replying they will be disqualified and the universe will be erased. Goku desperately wants to leave with Frieza because they are running out of time, but Frieza transforms into his Golden Frieza state, stating that his body has grown soft in Hell and wants a warm-up and if there is no time left, he claims is not at fault.

Frieza, having transformed into Golden Frieza, tells the assassins not to think he's a cheater for launching a surprise attack since they were the ones who started the fight. Goku figures out that the assassins are from another universe, and the assassins say their universe isn't weak like Universe 7, saying their universe is full of rough fighters, which fascinates Frieza. The assassins offer them to forget about the Tournament of Power and to play with them. Goku accepts the fact they have to fight and asks Frieza if he is fine transforming, knowing the form's drawbacks from their previous fight. Frieza dismisses him, saying that during his time in Hell, he has been conducting mental training to keep his composure, thus dramatically increasing his energy control and reducing the stamina weakness of his Golden Frieza form. Frieza, explaining his energy control skills are "delicate enough to not stir water" but keeping his usual intensity, now calls himself the "true" Golden Frieza.

Frieza then begins his assault on the assassins, killing a large number of them with his Death Beams, asking them if they like the new and improved him. When Goku tells Frieza not to kill anymore, Frieza dismisses him, saying that them dying by his hand and having their universe erased if they lose in the Tournament of Power is no different. Goku is forced to join in the fight when some assassins try to attack Fortuneteller Baba. Goku tells her and Ghost Usher to hide in the palace. Goku then steps in front of Frieza.

While Goku and Frieza are arguing, the leader assassin prepares a ball of Energy of Destruction, which was granted to him by Universe 9 God of Destruction Sidra, telling him that anyone hit by this energy will be completely destroyed, even preventing them from going to Other World. When he tries to sneak behind Frieza, Frieza easily notices him and mocks him, telling him to aim properly, knowing the assassins were relying on that energy since they did not appear to be worried despite the large difference in power.

The leader assassin desperately throws the attack, and Frieza easily dodges it and destroys it. However, the leader assassin reveals that was just a normal blast and fires the "real" energy, but Frieza destroys it before he could throw it. To Goku and Frieza's surprise, the leader assassin reveals the true energy which was hidden underwater, and Frieza is struggling to defend against it, being engulfed by the energy. However, Frieza was only pretending to be hurt by the attack, and to everyone's shock, Frieza manages to compress the energy back into a sphere, also killing the surprised leader assassin.

Frieza attacks Goku with the Energy of Destruction

Goku is surprised that Frieza managed to escape the energy, noting his power has increased despite being unable to move in Hell. Frieza and Goku figure out that such pure, condensed dark energy most likely came from a God, the same person who sent the assassins. Goku yells at the assassins that Universe 7 will not run or hide, and they can settle their business in the Tournament of Power. Suddenly, Frieza hits Goku with the Energy of Destruction, saying security is the greatest enemy. In the World of Void, Grand Minister has finally finished constructing the fighting stage for the Tournament of Power, and the two Zeno give him candy, impressed by his work.

Frieza says Goku is still as soft as ever, turning his back on him despite him thinking about killing Goku. Frieza advises Goku to hurry and escape from the Energy of Destruction the same way he did. Goku tries to do so, but the Energy proves to be too much for him to handle, much to Frieza's entertainment. Frieza confronts the remaining assassins, ordering them to let him converse with the Gods from their universe. Sidra and Roh are waiting impatiently until they are suddenly contacted by Frieza, who stole one of the assassins' communicators. Frieza tells him he will not inform Zeno about their failed assassination, but wants to bargain with them about joining the Universe 9 team, showing them that he captured Goku and saying Universe 7 will not be able to win without him.

Frieza says that if Sidra and Roh recruit him and resurrect him, he promises to perform well in the Tournament of Power, not wanting to be collateral damage should Universe 7 lose. When Roh asks why he would betray his own universe, wondering about any memories or loved ones Frieza may have, Frieza coldly dismisses him, saying he has no idea what he's talking about. Sidra and Roh discuss this, confirming that recruiting a warrior from another universe is not against the rules. Roh shows concern, saying that Frieza is a psychopath and crueler than even Sidra, and Sidra says that's beneficial for them, and he can destroy Frieza should he betray them. Beerus and Whis arrive at the scene, and Frieza instantly destroys the communicator.

Beerus asks what Goku is doing, and saves him from the Energy by blowing it away. Beerus recognizes that energy as Energy of Destruction, asking Frieza why they were taking so long, and wondering if he's plotting with another universe. Goku says it's his fault for letting his guard down and forgetting how scum Frieza is. Whis shoots out the idea that Frieza may have been obtaining information from the other universes. Frieza secretly plots to himself that since the Tournament of Power is making even the Gods uneasy, this is the perfect chance to manipulate them. Goku asks Whis for a minute, and challenges Frieza to a short match, making whoever lands the first punch the winner. If Goku wins, Frieza will forget his grudge and act obediently for Team Universe 7, and if Frieza wins he gets to do whatever he pleases. Frieza thinks to himself about his time in Hell, doing not just mental concentration to increase his power, but conducting endless battle simulations of killing Goku.

Goku and Frieza exchange blows

The match begins, and Goku and Frieza move around each other, creating shockwaves. Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue and the two charge at each other, landing a punch on each other at the same time. Goku mocks Frieza for thinking he was the only one who has improved, citing his experience with battling warriors throughout the cosmos before he warns his nemesis that if he ever again commits a senseless murder, he will answer to him. Frieza, frustrated at Goku's power and morals, states that he refuses to take orders from a Saiyan, the two agreeing that their animosity is far from resolved. The four go back to Capsule Corporation, and the other universes prepare themselves for the Tournament of Power.

The time for the Tournament of Power draws near, and before it begins, the Supreme Kais, Gods of Destruction, and their Angels of the 4 universes exempt from entering (Universe 1, Universe 5, Universe 8, and Universe 12) arrive and observe the fighting stage. They comment that the stage looks plain, but accept this as no decorations are needed for a competition of power. They wonder if this stage would be able to stay stabilized as the matches go on. Grand Minister arrives, telling them that the two Zenos are in their antechamber waiting for the tournament to begin. Grand Minister explains that the fighting stage is created from Kachi Katchin, a material harder than Katchin of Universe 7. Grand Minister offers them to test the stage out, believing Zeno to be bored until the tournament begins, and Liquiir, God of Destruction of Universe 8, happily accepts, wanting to show Zeno their superiority over the other universes. Liquiir, along with Iwan and Arak, the Gods of Destruction of Universes 1 and 5 respectively, prepare to battle in a free-for-all using the Tournament of Power's rules. Giin, the God of Destruction of Universe 12, is asked why he won't be competing, and he says the results would be obvious if he did.

The match begins, and the three Gods of Destruction begin fighting each other to such intensity that their movements can barely be seen and each attack decimates part of the fighting stage's floor. The three collide huge energy attacks, creating a large crater. Grand Minister calls the match to an end, and the three Gods thank each other, also asking if Zeno was satisfied with their match. Grand Minister shows that Zeno did not watch their match because they are taking a nap, and Grand Minister also requests the perplexed Gods to repair the fighting stage, as he will be too busy opening the gates.

Goku, Frieza and Beerus hold hands

Meanwhile, in Universe 7, everyone goes on their guard as they reunite with Frieza. Frieza notes that there are some familiar faces, and Beerus threatens him if he does anything stupid. Vegeta mocks Frieza for his Halo, and Frieza says he'll give him his own if he wants. Tien asks Goku if he really wants him to be a member, and Goku says he'll keep Frieza in check, and he is needed since no one else would be suitable to replace Buu (to the thinly-veiled disappointment of a nearby Yamcha). Shin tries to explain to the team their strategy to win, but Vegeta finds it pointless and says that all they need to do is get rid of the combatants who present the largest threat, and Frieza agrees, much to Vegeta's chagrin. Shin explains the strategy to the group: stick together and preserve their stamina, and to also avoid fighting alone and work together to fight opponents, using two people to fight one opponent, three people to fight two opponents, and so on. Goku feels that evading single combat is a sign of spineless behavior to which Vegeta agrees since Saiyans do not believe in battling as a unit. Gohan and Piccolo agree to maintain command since Goku and Vegeta will most definitely not rely on teamwork. Whis instructs everyone to hold hands in a circle, and Vegeta is completely against participating in a "friendship circle" with Frieza. Vegeta hesitates to hold Frieza's hand until Beerus angrily steps in-between them. Whis contacts Grand Minister, who uses his power to instantly teleport the group to the fighting stage. As they leave, Bulma wishes them luck.

Goku is fascinated at the stage, and soon the groups of the other universes arrive, first being Team Universe 4. Beerus notes to Whis that they could have teleported without holding hands, but Whis was jokingly attempting to raise the team's morale, even though Beerus says that almost tore it apart. Android 18 directs the group's attention to the side of the stage, revealing pure darkness. Whis reminds the team that they cannot fly to counter falling off the stage, and Goku confirms this by attempting to fly, showing that their Flight is nullified. Android 17 directs the group to Team Universe 10, showing that a couple bird-like warriors are flying, and Whis says that they can do so manually due to their wings. Whis, Beerus, Shin, and Old Kai head to the spectator seats wishing the warriors good luck.

Team Universe 6 has arrived, and Frost introduces himself to the group, particularly Frieza. Goku says hello to Hit, and Cabba reunites with his de facto mentor, Vegeta, introducing him to Caulifla and Kale. Excited at meeting female members of his people (even if they are from another universe), Goku tries to shake Caulifla's hand, but Caulifla slaps it away, stating that it is unwise to become close to an opposing universe. Despite the rude gesture, Goku cheerfully agrees with her. Krillin asks Master Roshi if he will have an issue with going against women, and Roshi says he has overcome his weakness. Team Universe 9 shows resentment towards Universe 7 (mainly due to Goku and the fact that they lost all three matches to them in the Expo), but show confidence in their warriors. Frost and Frieza engage in a secret conversation, agreeing to work with each other.

Grand Minister is contacted by Team Universe 11, and as they arrive, Goku, Vegeta. and Cabba feels their ki and stand on guard. Caulifla says if Universe 7's Saiyans are afraid, then they are nothing to worry about, which aggravates Vegeta. Goku goes to greet the Pride Troopers, wanting to settle his business with Top. Top says he is uninterested in personal squabbles, and he is determined to fight to save his universe. Goku tries to greet Jiren, but Jiren suddenly appears behind Goku, harshly advising him to step away. Goku wonders how he got behind him, and Liquiir, Iwan, and Arak notice the warriors gathering and they pick up the pace, with everyone being forced to dodge the blocks they're throwing around, but to Goku's surprise, Jiren is unfazed as the blocks narrowly pass by him.

The fighting stage is finished, and every universe has gathered. Goku notices a Yardrat on Team Universe 2, his son and Vegeta agreeing with him to watch out for the combatant if he knows Instant Transmission. The group also notices that Universe 4 has only 8 warriors, but Tien realizes that even though it's faint, he can sense the presence of the remaining two, who are concealing themselves. Every universe is formally introduced, and Gohan says that once the fight begins, they should gather and strengthen their defense, and to work together to fight, however, Vegeta and Frieza disagree. The two Zenos greet everyone and tell them to make this fight exciting to watch. Thus, the Tournament of Power is about to officially begin.

The Tournament of Power Begins: First Five Minutes

Team Universe 7

In the anime, the eight universes participating in the Tournament of Power are staring each other down. The two Zenos are excited as the Grand Priest makes his entrance on top of the stage's main pillar. Grand Priest goes over the rules again: the time limit is 100 takks (48 Earth minutes), and the use of weapons, killing, and Flight are not allowed, however warriors with wings may still fly. Gohan goes over the strategy again with Universe 7: stick together and always fight with superior numbers, however, Vegeta and Frieza once again show sarcastic disagreement. Kale is afraid and Caulifla tells her to remember to "go flashy" again. Goku and Top stare each other down, and Frieza is amused at the amount of tension and bloodlust in the air. Master Roshi offers to fight against the female warriors, and Tien shows skepticism. Shin is worried about his universe, and Old Kai tells him to just trust in them as their fates rest in the warriors' hands. Beerus yells at his fighters about teamwork, and Quitela mocks and laughs that Beerus, of all people, would spout teamwork which Beerus refuses to retort to.

Hit destroys Narirama's arm

The Tournament of Power finally begins, and every warrior rushes to face another warrior, soon engulfing the entire battle stage with energy lights and sounds of combat. Universe 7 sticks together in the ensuing chaos, however, Goku spots Top fighting with Magetta and flies away to fight him, but he is interrupted by Ganos. Gohan tries to remind Goku about their teamwork strategy, but Android 17, Android 18, Vegeta, and Frieza also fly away to fight. Narirama, a modified robot warrior from Universe 3, begins spinning himself in order to knock some fighters away, and Heles of Universe 2 comments that it's not beautiful for her female warriors to be attacked before they transform. The Universe 3 gods dub this method the "Super Survival Mode", however, it was easily shut down by Hit and Basil. A female warrior from Universe 10, Rylibeu, fights against Basil, however he counters her attack and knocks her out of the ring, revealing that defeated warriors are instantly transported to the stands to spectate. In order to keep track of the fighters, the Zenos reveal they have a tablet, called the GodPad, that they use to mark the fighters who have been knocked out.

The Universe 10 God of Destruction, Rumsshi, berates Rylibeu for forgetting to use her wings, and for the fact that his universe is the first to have a fighter being knocked out. Beerus cheers for his universe, however, he overhears Champa cheering for Universe 6 to knock out Universe 7 out of spite (likely due to losing the Tournament of Destroyers to his brother). Android 18, Vegeta, Android 17, and Goku are fighting their respective battles, and the remainder of Universe 7: Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, and Roshi are surrounded by Botamo, Shosa, Comfrey, Dercori, and Lavender, who wants revenge against Gohan. The Universe 7 fighters assume a Manji Formation, following the plan, and they initiate a combo attack: Tien's Solar Flare, Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, Krillin's Destructo Disk, Gohan's energy beam barrage, and Master Roshi's MAX Power Kamehameha to attack the fighters. However, the fighters remain unharmed, and Master Roshi compliments them as they are indeed worthy of entering the tournament.

Basil battles Napapa

Basil is fighting a sumo-wrestling warrior, Napapa, and fails in knocking him out. While Goku continues to fight Ganos, the latter leaves in frustration of the Saiyan's power, allowing Goku to lay eyes on Top, who looks back at him before he is knocked aside by Murichim, revealing Jiren to be standing still in the ensuing chaos. Zeno spots Jiren and they agree to keep an eye on him. Goku prepares to battle Jiren one on one, but he is grabbed behind and held in a headlock by a muscly warrior from Universe 4, Nink. Despite Goku fighting to be free, Nink prepares to jump off the ring, intending to sacrifice himself to eliminate Goku. Before they both fall off, Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue to overpower the fighter, sending him knocked down and saving himself. Beerus, clearly flustered and frightened by the near-loss of his greatest warrior, yells at Goku for not going Blue before, but Goku wants to save his power. Goku is then surrounded by a number of warriors, including the Trio De Dangers, however, he smiles, wanting to be in this kind of situation.

Several warriors from Universe 9, including Basil, Lavender, & Bergamo immediately surround Goku. Roh cackles while he waits for Goku to feel despair just as Champa similarly holds out hope for the trio to eliminate the Saiyan, aware that he is Universe 7's ace and that his defeat will spell the end of his brother's universe. Goku immediately engages the warriors in battle, excited to fight them again, especially Bergamo, commenting that Bergamo hid his power in the Zen Exhibition Match and only used the power he stole from Goku. Beerus has full confidence in Goku's ability to handle the "furry nobodies", but reminds him not to waste his power by prolonging his contest with them and to focus only on eliminating them. Goku remarks to his destroyer that he is only warming up, which annoys the Trio. Shin asks why Goku is not going Super Saiyan Blue to finish them off quickly, and Whis answers by saying since the form drains stamina heavily, Goku is pacing himself by making sure he has enough stamina to last the whole tournament since the use of Senzu Beans are prohibited. Old Kai criticizes Shin for not figuring this out. The two Zeno and even the Grand Minister show interest in Goku going against the Trio De Dangers' combination attacks. Lavender reveals his Poison Blow, and relentlessly attacks Goku with his brothers, as Goku desperately dodges Lavender's attacks to avoid being poisoned, knowing about how dangerous it is. To counter it, Goku creates a ki barrier around himself, having discussed with Gohan about how to counter the poison, and is able to attack and defend against it. However, the combined might of the three brothers seem to keep Goku on the defensive.

Vegeta and Goku take on Universe 9

Frieza, having defeated Napapa, notices Goku having fun and prepares to have fun himself. Roselle tries to attack Frieza from behind, but Frieza casually fires a Death Beam without turning his back and shoots Roselle's wings, rendering the tactic useless. Helpless, Roselle screams in despair as Frieza ruthlessly attacks him, wanting to turn him into his "plaything". Bergamo explains that in order to survive in the "garbage dump" that is Universe 9, the Trio De Dangers had to work together to team up and defeat opponents more powerful than them individually, revealing their combination attack: Dangers' Triangle. Vegeta, knocking back Nigrissi and Obni, notices Goku's struggle and arrives to assist him, asking him why he is wasting his time with the trio, referring to them as "puppies" and "mutts". Goku reminds Vegeta that it's tough to fight three of them at once when their energy can't be sensed. Whis is aware that even though Goku and Vegeta working together would mean they would have no trouble, but Whis acknowledges that neither of them have that kind of mentality. With Goku and Vegeta against 8 enemies, Goku suggests they split 4 each, but Vegeta refuses and wants to fight whoever attacks him first, leading to his battling Lavender, creating a ki barrier due to knowing about his poison.

Vegeta is then suddenly attacked by Hop and her claws, and Lavender also attacks him. Chappil goes against Goku with his iron body, and Goku and Vegeta find themselves fighting nearly all 10 Universe 9 warriors (sans Roselle and Sorrel) and their combination attacks. To Beerus' annoyance, Champa roots for Universe 9, knowing that if Goku and Vegeta are out of the picture, the rest of Universe 7 is easy pickings. Goku and Vegeta are pushed back by the Universe 9 warriors, and Vegeta's hand is frozen solid by Hyssop's Ice Lance. Despite this, Vegeta narrowly dodges Hop's claw slash, and she accidentally attacks Lavender. With the two distracted, Goku takes the opportunity to go Super Saiyan and knock Chappil and Comfrey off the stage. Vegeta then unleashes a combo attack on Hop, knocking her out. Whis explains that after they froze Vegeta's hand, they rushed trying to end things, but their coordination got sloppy and they were left wide open. Vegeta's other hand is trapped by Oregano's webs, but he goes Super Saiyan and frees both of his hands, telling him not to underestimate his power. Vegeta assaults Hyssop with multiple attacks, knocking him and Oregano out with a single powerful attack. With 7 warriors eliminated (Sorrel was knocked out off-screen by Android 18 and Roselle was scared of Frieza and willingly jumped off), the Trio De Dangers are left to face Goku and Vegeta.

Zeno and Future Zeno erase Universe 9

The three are overwhelmed by the two Super Saiyans and unleash their final, desperate combo attack: Triangle Danger Beam. Vegeta and Goku go Super Saiyan Blue and unleash their Final Kamehameha combo attack, knocking the Trio De Dangers out of the ring. With this, every Universe 9 warrior has been eliminated, and as a consequence, their universe will be erased. The remaining warriors watch as the two Zenos immediately erase the frightened Universe 9 warriors, Roh, Sidra, along with their entire universe, except Mohito, who mischievously smirks to himself. Beerus has Whis confirm that Universe 9 has been completely erased from existence, and every remaining fighter realizes the severity of the situation they're in, especially Goku.

Having stopped their fighting, every warrior stood in disbelief over the sudden erasure of Universe 9, including the spectating Gods. Vegeta is surprised that Zeno really followed through with the extreme stipulation, and Goku earnestly points out that this is the second time they witnessed an entire universe being erased (the first being when Future Zeno erased Future Trunks' timeline). Goku reminds Vegeta that if Zeno decides to erase something, then it's getting erased no matter what, and he confidently states that he will be the last warrior standing, with Vegeta replying that he'll be the last one standing. Mohito, the Angel of Universe 9, snidely comments that he is the first out since his universe was erased, and it was to be expected. Anato, Supreme Kai of Universe 1, states that Universe 9's sacrifice was necessary. Also adding that everyone should show gratefulness and gratitude to Goku for his hand in orchestrating the Tournament of Power, as all of the lower-level universes have a chance to survive instead of being arbitrarily erased. And since they were defeated, they deserved to be erased to balance the universes. The spectators of Universe 7 are shook that Zeno erased Universe 9 with no hesitation, and Vados laughs at Champa's nervousness and reminds him that he needs his fighters to try hard so he won't get erased.

Krillin, rattled by what transpired, takes a deep breath and calms himself down, and Gohan makes sure his teammates haven't lost their morale. Frieza notes that Zeno's actions are vexing, and vows that he will one day rule over even them. Android 18 is also a little rattled, but Android 17 reminds her that if they lose, they will be erased and there won't be a chance for them to feel despair. He reminds her of their advantage of being Androids with infinite energy and they will never tire, also noting that it's good that she has gotten kinder since they last fought together. 18 agrees with her brother, and they both agree to cut loose. Zeno wonders why everyone stopped fighting, and Grand Minister says they should start again once they regain their composure. Old Kai notes that since everyone witnessed Zeno actually erasing a universe, they will be more cautious and rework their strategies.

Hit and Botamo start walking towards Goku and Vegeta, and they both remind each other to not waste their power. Vegeta wants to repay Hit, transforming into a Super Saiyan and tries to attack the assassin, but Botamo blocks his attack while Hit teleports. Vegeta continues to punch Botamo, but he takes no damage. However, when Botamo attacks, Vegeta tries to throw him, remembering Botamo's ability from his fight with Goku. Botamo, also remembering how Goku bested him, stops himself, but Vegeta ties his arms together and picks him up, preparing to throw him off the side to the delight of Beerus. Champa screams for someone to help Botamo, and Auta Magetta punches Vegeta aside. With Botamo free, he and Magetta prepare to jump Vegeta, but Vegeta smirks.

Dium tries to attack Krillin, but Gohan counters the attack, saying there's no need for them to exert too much. Piccolo takes off his weights, and Krillin, despite Beerus telling him to just run, uses Destructo Disc Triple Blade to cut Dium's wings, and he is knocked out of bounds by Master Roshi's Kamehameha. Beerus reminds Vegeta that Magetta's weakness is verbal assaults, leading to Vegeta using several sardonic insults towards the metal man. Champa laughs and says Magetta overcame that weakness. Botamo sits on Magetta's shoulders, calling themselves Bota Magetta with Botamo's invincible body and Magetta's mental strength. But an annoyed Vegeta points out that Botamo is covering Magetta's ears to counter the insults. Magetta shoots his Lava Spit, and Vegeta dodges and tries to punch Botamo off, but Botamo absorbs the damage, calling himself and Magetta invincible. Vegeta scoffs at the duo's laughable tactics while avoiding being grabbed by Magetta.

Shosa battles Android 18

Whis points out Android 18's battle with Shosa, who is overwhelmed and knocked out by 18, but after a hard attack, he was considered to have been killed. However, his specialty is playing dead, and he attacks 18 when she checks on his body. Before she is knocked off the stage, Krillin saves her. 18 says she'll pay Shosa back in full, but Shosa offers them to jump off the stage while they still can, saying that 18's pretty face shouldn't get messed up. 18 and Krillin agree to try a new attack they practiced, and Krillin fires a Ki Blast that Shosa dodges, but 18 knocks it back. Krillin and 18 play ping-pong with the Ki Blast with Shosa in the middle, and he notices that after each hit it grows bigger. 18 then knocks the huge Ki Blast towards Shosa, who is knocked off.

Krillin is suddenly attacked from behind by Majora, but 18 protects him. He wonders if they can defeat him, revealing his closed eyes, and Krillin gives 18 the shades he suddenly took from Master Roshi without him noticing, using the Solar Flare x100. However, it proves ineffective, and Krillin is knocked down, with Majora commenting that his eyes lost their sight long ago. Krillin wonders how he was able to pinpoint their location despite the light, but 18 points out that he's using his sense of smell. Krillin prepares to fight Majora alone, dismissing 18's concern. Krillin and Majora go head-to-head, and when Majora attacks, Krillin throws his shoe at him, stunning Majora with its stench. With Majora distracted, Krillin knocks him off with a Kamehameha. Krillin is triumphant on his victory, but 18 is embarrassed, saying when they get home, she'll burn his shoes. With Krillin distracted, he's suddenly knocked off by Frost. When 18 tries to retaliate, Frost creates a smokescreen and disappears.

With Krillin eliminated, Beerus shuns him but implies that what's done is done, and all he can do now is cheer on his teammates. Supreme Kai looks sternly down at Krillin and says that he is not disappointed, but Krillin is not reassured due to the fierce look in his eyes.

Team Universe 7

In the manga, Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Android 17 and Android 18 immediately split from the rest of Team Universe 7 to go and do their own thing. Android 17 quickly targets the fighters from Universe 10 and it takes him no time at all to knock off Murisam and almost Rubalt who clings on to the side with a single hand just before Frieza comes along and steps on his hand to make him fall. Android 17 also effortlessly overwhelms Dium though he is not knocked out of the arena.

Android 18 confronts Prum and hits him with such force that he flies back and snacks into Jimizu as the two fall off. Elsewhere Nink and Catopesra engage in battle until Vegeta shows up between the pair and makes quick work of them, blasting them off the platform.

The warriors from each universe clash

Goku meanwhile attempts to go after Jiren but fights himself in engaged in battle against six members of the Pride Troopers and is put into a strong hold by Tupper. In order to break free Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan and gains the advantage, knocking down each member of the Pride Troopers but just as he is about to go after Jiren again, he takes off not even taking notice of Goku at all.

Frost pummels away at Oregano when Frieza intervenes advising him not to waste much of his energy and asks him to do him a favor by taking out the three weak Earthlings, Master Roshi, Krillin and Tien Shinhan for him saying that he doesn't care about winning and is only involved to take out the Saiyans which he will do when the time is right.[8]

After the other fighters of Universe 7 scattered to fight on their own, Krillin, Master Roshi, Gohan, Piccolo, and Tien decided to stick together. Suddenly, the group is attacked by Auta Magetta. When the group dodges his attack, Frost takes the opportunity to knock off a distracted Krillin, eliminating him. Beerus yells at Krillin once he reappears in the stands, mistakenly calling him "Kurin". Champa laughs at his brother for already losing a fighter, until Dr. Rota suddenly appears, saying he had no time to use his magic spells to avoid getting eliminated. Shin notices that several fighters from other universes are also appearing in the stands.

Krillin and Tien are eliminated by Frost

Frost is fighting Tien and Master Roshi at once, preparing to eliminate them both next. Gohan notices his teammates having trouble, and tries to help, but he is stopped by the Trio De Dangers of Universe 9. The team of Bergamo, Lavender, and Basil attack Gohan as a group, and the young Saiyan has trouble with their teamwork. Piccolo is fighting against Hyssop, Sorrel, and Roselle of Universe 9, and Tien tells Master Roshi to dodge before he fires a Neo Tri-Beam at Frost. The blast attracts the attention of other fighters nearby. With Tien exhausted, Master Roshi tells him not to overdo it. Krillin asks if the attack worked, and Beerus said it didn't, pointing out Frost emerging from the smoke completely unharmed. Frost dusts himself off, ridiculing Tien's full power, commenting that "he" was right about the three humans being weak. Frost suddenly charges at Tien and lands a hard punch, eliminating him. Frost then directs his attention to Master Roshi. The Universe 7 spectators notice Frost conversing with Frieza, and they speculate that Frieza could be leaking intel about his teammates to Frost.

Krillin yells at Goku to go for Frost, as he's the biggest threat to their team. Goku, having been occupied in his fight with Universe 11, is surprised that Krillin and Tien are both already eliminated. Goku then spots Frost about to attack Master Roshi. Frost prepares to fight Master Roshi, who tells him he's going to have a hard time if he thinks he's just some harmless old man. Frost attacks Master Roshi, but Goku suddenly steps in to block his attack. Goku advises that he and Master Roshi fight Frost together, but Master Roshi berates him, telling him to focus on his own fights since he wants to fight Jiren. Frieza tells Frost to pull back since Goku is too much for him to handle and Frieza will deal with him in due time. While Frost and Frieza are running, Frieza asks if Frost is currently in his final form, and he answers yes. Frost is surprised to hear that Frieza has another transformation in store. Frieza advises that Frost fight at full strength for the rest of the first half, and when Frost is tired out, Frieza will step in to take over. Frost agrees with this plan.

Meanwhile, Piccolo is fighting Roselle, who has him trapped and is flying in the air, preparing to drop him out of the ring. Gohan, still fighting the Trio De Dangers, notices his master in trouble, and does an Explosive Wave to knock away the brothers. Gohan then jumps in the air to save Piccolo, who notices this and moves his head out of the way so Gohan can land a clean hit on Roselle. Gohan is falling out of the ring himself, but saves himself by firing a Kamehameha to propel himself back in the ring. While Roselle is falling, he is saved by Hop's claws. The remainder of Universe 9 gather in front of Gohan and Piccolo, but Frost suddenly zooms past them, firing a huge blast at them and knocking Oregano off.

Frost overwhelms Universe 9

Hyssop suddenly appears behind Frost and crushes him with a punch, but Frost overpowers the large warrior and whirls him around, knocking him into Roselle and eliminating them both. When Chappil is distracted from their eliminations, Frost knocks him off then overwhelms Sorrel. Goku and Vegeta notices Frost going all-out, commenting that he won't be able to keep it up until the end. Frost knocks off Sorrel and Hop, and enters a power struggle with Comfrey. Frost does an Explosive Wave that greatly injures Comfrey, who falls out of bounds. With just the Trio De Dangers left, they retreat, with Frieza impressed by Frost's performance. Frieza says Frost has done enough and prepares to step in, but gives Frost one more piece of advice: do not trust anyone. Frieza suddenly grabs Frost by the throat and chokes him, knocking him out of bounds. Whis realizes that all of this was a part of Frieza's plan, using Frost to get rid of the weaker fighters.

All of the fighters are shocked at Universe 9's erasure

Gohan and Piccolo are surrounded by the Trio De Dangers, and Piccolo advises that he and Gohan split up, since the Trio De Dangers are too much trouble together. Bergamo orders his brothers to follow Gohan while he follows Piccolo. Basil and Lavender gang up on Gohan, but they are suddenly blasted and knocked off by Frieza. Bergamo is the only fighter remaining from Universe 9, and he is cornered by Piccolo. Piccolo tells him to jump, but Sidra yells at Bergamo to hang in there, knowing that is the end of their universe if they lose. Piccolo, hearing this, hesitates, as Bergamo pleads for mercy, advising that they both find a way to survive. Frieza suddenly knocks Bergamo off, reminding Piccolo with a smirk that this is about their own survival. With Universe 9 completely eliminated, their universe is erased by the Omni-Kings]], leaving just their Angel. The fighters all stop their fighting distracted by this, and Grand Minister reminds them of the rules, with Shin afraid that even the Gods will be erased with their universe. Beerus yells at his universe that losing is completely not an option, with the Universe 7 fighters hearing them, and Goku says that they're doomed if they lose.[9]

Five Minutes into the Tournament

In the anime, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, and Master Roshi discuss Krillin being eliminated. Master Roshi pulls the group together by reminding them that they still have nine people left. Android 17 and Android 18 both criticize Krillin for letting his guard down, with 18 also telling him that the money he used for his training equipment has been put to waste. Krillin apologizes, and Champa teases Beerus about the countdown to Universe 7's erasure having started. Champa points out that another warrior may be on the verge of being defeated as Vegeta is having trouble against Auta Magetta and Botamo's teamwork. Vegeta is pushed on the other side of a smoke cloud, and he is suddenly confronted by Cabba.

As Cabba walks towards Vegeta, Murisam of Universe 10 and Nigrissi try to attack Cabba, but Cabba easily parries them and knocks them off the stage without even directing his attention to them. Cabba turns into a Super Saiyan, telling Vegeta that it is time for him to drop off. Hit destroys Narirama's body and threatens him to jump off before he is knocked off. Narirama tries to use his trump card, a cannon blast from the core on his chest, but Hit uses Time-Skip and finger-flicks Narirama off the stage before he can fire the attack. Eyre is distraught that his warriors are being defeated one after another.

Kale hits Methiop

Kale is seen fighting Methiop of Universe 10, and she lands a weak punch, but he easily shakes it off, punching her in the stomach. As Kale backs off, she steps on Napapa's foot, who grabs her by the hair as Methiop keeps punching her. Kale is knocked out, and Napapa calls her a weakling as he knocks her off the stage. Before she falls, she is saved by Caulifla. Caulifla tells her protégé to rest, and confronts her attackers, turning into a Super Saiyan and telling them not to underestimate her. Caulifla immediately attacks Methiop, sending him flying with a barrage of punches, and wrestles with Napapa, landing a suplex on him and causing him to fall off.

Caulifla goes back to Kale and tells her that she's stronger than she thinks. She tells her to go win a fight against Goku, who is currently fighting Jimizu from Universe 2. Jimizu teleports all around Goku, and as he tries to attack, he is knocked off by Caulifla. Caulifla, having witnessed the power of Goku's Super Saiyan Blue form and silently retracting her earlier statement about Universe 7's saiyans, demands that he teach her how to become one so she can take down everyone else, starting with the elder Saiyan himself. Goku ignores her taunting and simply says that the form is not meant to be wielded by an amateur. Insulted and incensed, Caulifla tries to get Kale to transform so they can defeat Goku, but she fails despite her efforts. Goku, disinterested, asks if he can leave, but Caulifla asks him to stay and fight just her instead, transforming into a Super Saiyan Third Grade. Goku is impressed by Caulifla's talent, but easily bests her due to her being unable to land a blow on him. Goku, knowing all about the form and its drawbacks, tells her that the form is too slow and is a liability in a fight. Goku tells her that she should be aiming to become a Super Saiyan 2, also showing her the form.

Goku and Caulifla battle

Caulifla is fascinated and tells him that she became one once but hasn't been able to do it since Kale's first transformation. Caulifla studies Goku closely and succeeds in becoming a Super Saiyan 2, impressing him to the point where he says she might be able to reach Super Saiyan 3, but she should work on mastering Super Saiyan 2. Caulifla and Goku prepare to fight, and they fight an equal battle. Kale tries to console Caulifla, but Caulifla ignores her as she is having fun fighting Goku. Kale tries to support Caulifla, firing a Ki Blast at Goku, but Goku asks her to not interfere. Kale meekly asks Caulifla if she is a bother, but Caulifla disregards her question, which sparks Kale and causes her to cry. Her sorrow then turns into animosity, and she gains a hatred for Goku that drives her to transform.

Goku and Caulifla stop their fight, distracted by Kale's power-up, with Vegeta and Cabba also distracted. Goku is shocked at how strong Kale is, and Kale immediately attacks Goku, with the impact almost knocking Caulifla off the stage but she is saved by Hit. Hit tells her that she woke up quite a beast, and Caulifla realizes Hit used Time-Skip to save her, thanking him. Vegeta, uncharacteristically concerned about Goku, tells him to be careful, saying that Kale's transformation might be the true form of a Saiyan, and Kale directly attacks Goku, who tries to fight back but is unable to do a thing against her. After Goku is knocked away, he becomes a Super Saiyan Blue and charges a Kamehameha as Kale walks towards him. However, Kale easily shakes off the blast and continues to walk forward, grabbing Goku by his face. Piccolo comments that Kale cannot control her power, and she gives in to her rage and powers up, sending a number of Ki Blasts throughout the entire stage and eliminates Methiop in the process.

In the ensuing chaos, Kale searches for Goku, but she is confronted by Vewon who restrains her, saying they will not allow any more violence. Kale breaks out of Vewon's Justice Whip and knocks him off the stage. The other Pride Troopers watch Kale as she lets out a loud roar, and Jiren springs into action. Hit points out that if Kale goes too far and kills someone, she'll be disqualified, and Caulifla tries to calm Kale down. Kale suddenly appears and tries to attack Caulifla in her blinding rage, but Jiren sends her flying with a ki attack, causing a huge explosion. Hit confronts Jiren as Kale, unconscious, is caught by Caulifla. When Goku appears, Hit and Caulifla fall back, and Goku and Jiren once again confront each other.

Caulifla and Kale overpower their opponents

As Goku prepares to fight Jiren, Top suddenly ambushes him with a barrage of Ki Blasts. Top and Jiren decide to retreat and conserve their stamina. This leaves Goku to be dealt with by Kahseral and their fellow Pride Troopers Tupper, Zoire, Cocotte, and Kettle. The five declare their intent to defeat Caulifla and Kale to avenge Vewon's defeat. The two are forced to form a temporary alliance with Goku. Meanwhile, Master Roshi and Tien team up to defeat Za Priccio. They regroup with Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Frieza, where he has defeated Murichim to Vegeta's annoyance. The Pride Troopers push Goku, Caulifla, and Kale to the brink, but 17 and 18 assist them. No. 18 frees Goku from Tupper and helps him defeat him while No. 17 easily overpowers Kahseral. The remaining Pride Troopers regroup and focus their assault on the wounded Caulifla and Kale. Cocotte seals them in a separate dimension to ensure that Goku, 17, and 18 do not interfere. As the four reluctantly abandon their moral restraints to beat Caulifla, Kale's self-hatred causes her to awaken a unique Super Saiyan form and control her Berserker state this time. Caulifla and Kale use an extremely powerful combination energy wave to defeat Kahseral, Zoire, and Kettle. 18 finishes off Cocotte, Belmod expressing shock at how his universe already lost five warriors while Cae, realizing they have underestimated the opposing universes, questions if whether or not the last four should get serious. Goku allows Caulifla and Kale to retreat so he can fight them at their full strength after they rest. The group is unaware that Brianne is observing them.

Zeno scrolls through the universes on his GodPad and notes the number of fighters that has decreased. Brianne de Chateau calls for her female companions, Sanka Coo & Sous Roas, to get ready to fight. Goku thanks Android 17 and Android 18 for their help as they run in different directions, with Goku wondering where Jiren is so he can fight him, no longer interested in combating Top. Brianne de Chateau gains the attention of the remaining fighters as Universe 2 undergo a recital, much to the annoyance of Beerus and Champa. Heles gracefully announces her fighters, as Brianne, Sanka, and Su begins transforming. However, before they can finish, they are immediately blasted by Android 17. The girls confront 17 on his vulgar actions, and Top comes to their defense, saying that a warrior assuming a pose is justice and should not be interrupted. Goku convinces 17 to let them transform, and he complies. Every warrior notices the girls' change in appearance, and most of the male warriors are infatuated with their looks (even a silent, smiling Beerus) while Krillin admits to preferring their normal forms. Goku, 17 and Vegeta prepare to fight them so they can demonstrate their power, and Brianne de Chateau unleashes a love attack with a sweet aroma that would brainwash those who inhale its scent. Old Kai is impressed by the attack, and Whis points out that the Universe 7 fighters will be fine, pointing out their stoic nature, also pointing out that Master Roshi, the one that they would be worried about the most, is also unaffected. Gohan tells his comrades that due to the fighting stage getting more and more destroyed, they should begin to fight independently. Piccolo, Roshi, and Tien agree and they all separate, telling each other to stay on guard.

Vegeta and Brianne fight

Beerus and Champa note that the Universe 2 warriors, despite their bizarre looks, changed the atmosphere of the tournament. Vegeta fires a blast that blows away the pink-colored gas shading the entire tournament ring, disappointed in Universe 2's minuscule increase in power. Brianne de Chateau calls Vegeta impatient, saying that the attack was just a greeting and the real fight starts now. She proudly orders her comrades to fight, wishing them good luck. Brianne and Vegeta fight an equal battle, and Vegeta is impressed that their transformation permitted greater power after all. Brianne does an attack where she turns into a ball and launches herself at Vegeta, and Vegeta prepares to punch her, but instinctively dodges the attack due to her gross face. Piccolo prepares to fight Dyrasem, however, Brianne ends up knocking him out of the ring.

Goku casually blocks all of Su's punches, while Su demonstrates her Yacchaina Fist, firing energy blasts at Goku that manages to push him back. Sanka targets 17 for interrupting their first transformation attempt, but he effortlessly dodges all of Sanka's attacks until he is bitten, showing Sanka's wild animal instincts. Sanka begins using the ruined fighting stage to her advantage, increasing her speed by jumping off the walls. Before she lands another attack, Sanka is blocked by 17's Android Barrier. Sanka is shocked that 17 pretended to be weak, and 17 laughs that she fell for it. 17 tries to knock her off, but she is saved by Bikal, who launches her back towards 17, knocking him down in a fury. 18 asks if 17 needs any help, and 17 admits that battling Sanka reminded him of the fauna on his island, but says now, he'll get serious. True to his word, he immensely increases his speed and knocks Bikal off. 17 tells Sanka that he knocked Bikal off because her wings were a nuisance, and fights an even battle with her, the latter calling him many names in a rage. 17 shows off a new attack, creating an energy blast that he stands on in mid-air as footing. Both Zenos and Grand Minister confirm that this is allowed and is not in violation of the rules, and with another attack, 17 knocks off Sanka. Goku is impressed, noting that 17 was hiding some powers when they fought on the island. 17 is confronted by Brianne, who is enraged that her comrades were knocked off.

In the manga, With Universe 9 eliminated, there are now 43 minutes left in the Tournament of Power. The God of Destruction from the exempt Universes discuss what has just happened, commenting on how each Universe up till now seems to have lost a few fighters each except for Universe 11 which has still not lost a single fighter. Meanwhile Goku as a Super Saiyan confronts Top and Dyspo but soon finds himself completely outmatched, being unable to land a single blow on the swift Dyspo who creates an opening for his teammate Top who begins to pummel Goku into the floor.

As Goku begins to realize that he is running out of power, he notices Hit getting knocked down by Jiren. Goku transforms into his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form with the force of the power up being enough to send Top flying off of him as Goku rushes in to attack Jiren, however a single Kiai is enough to knock Goku backwards and towards Hit. Goku wonders if Hit's Time-Skip was unable to work against Jiren to which Hit confirms. Top and Dyspo join Jiren in order to help him but Jiren tells that there is no need as he will deal with the two of them by himself.

Goku proceeds to use a number of his techniques against Jiren, attempting to catch him off guard with the Instant Transmission but even with a barrage of physical attacks and the Kamehameha he is not able to move Jiren in an inch. A concerned Krillin watching from the stands asks Whis if Goku has another even more powerful form but Whis tells him that the form that Goku is currently using is the best one that he has available to him right now. Jiren then takes his turn and attacks back, pushing Goku almost off the edge of the arena. Just as he is about to take the final blow to knock Goku off, Hit intervenes with a kick, knocking Jiren away and giving Goku a chance to get back up on the arena.

Noting that Hit had just used a kick, Goku asks if he has a way to fight without using his Time-Skip to which Hit says that ever since Goku had broken through his Time-Skip during the Tournament of Destroyers, he has given up merely relying on those special abilities and instead learned to hone his own strength. Hit then removes his cloak and begins a physical assault on Jiren of his own but just like Goku, comes up short, Goku joins in assisting Hit but the two are still unable to find any advantage in the battle. Hit tells Goku that he has a new special move, one that he can only pull off the one and that the two of them will need to attack him together with all they have after he pulls it off.

Jiren eliminates Hit

Goku then powers back down to his normal form, telling Hit that he wishes to beat Jiren on his own and that there is a wall that he must overcome during this Tournament if he has any chance of being able to win it. Hit however, decides to continue with his plan and after powering up, uses a new technique called the Time Lag on Jiren that significantly lowers his speed to the point that Jiren cannot land a blow. Hit explains that time, only for Jiren, has been warped and is slowing him down. The on looking Vados explains that due to the power level difference, Hit is not able to freeze Jiren but slow him down enough to gain an advantage and that this Time Lag appears to last longer than the Time-Skip technique. Hit is able to push Jiren to the edge of the arena but just as he is about to knock him off, Goku notices that Jiren has just been holding back. Jiren suddenly increases the speed of his attacks to overcome the Time Lag and punching Hit is able to knock him off the arena and eliminate him. Goku tells Jiren that he noticed that he was purposely leaving himself open so that Hit would get him towards the edge so that he could turn the tables at the last moment as Jiren praises him for his perception.[10]

Ten Minutes into the Tournament

In the anime, Ribrianne and No. 17 fiercely attack each other, while Roasie begins to overwhelm Goku's defenses. She surrounds him with ki balls and attempts to blow him up, but 17 protects him with a barrier. Goku, who has studied Roasie's techniques, hits her with a powerful Ki Blast. As he and 17 corner Roasie and Ribrianne, Jimizu arrives and rescues them. Elsewhere, Gohan challenges Botamo. As Piccolo and Goku observe, the latter revealing he told his son all about his battle with Botamo beforehand, Gohan attacks with a flurry of blows, which apparently have no effect and lead to Beerus scolding him and Champa to once again taunt Universe 7. However, Gohan's attacks begin to lift Botamo off the ground and render him unable to defend himself. Gohan easily knocks him off the stage and Champa ceases his taunting of Universe 7 to yell at Botamo. Universe 10's Obni and Rubalt appear to challenge Gohan and Piccolo. Jimizu defeats Universe 10's Zircor. Gowasu accepts his imminent demise, while Rumsshi remains defiant. Obni expresses his respect for Gohan before he shifts his ki away from his body to render himself impossible to detect and wounds the young Saiyan. Piccolo uses his Hellzone Grenade attack to knock out and defeat Rubalt. Obni begins to overwhelm Gohan until he powers up to his Potential Unleashed state and powers through one of Obni's punches. He counterattacks Obni's moves and defeats him. With this, every Universe 10 warrior has been eliminated, and as a consequence, their universe will be erased. Right before Universe 10 is annihilated, Gohan discovers a locket containing a picture of Obni with his wife and child. Gohan and Kusu mourn Universe 10's destruction.

Dyspo introduces himself to Hit, saying he will defeat his Time-Skip for the sake of his universe. Watching from the sidelines, Kale asks Caulifla if they should help Hit, and Caulifla says that Hit will be fine. Dyspo charges at Hit, and before Hit can utilize his Time-Skip, Dyspo notices and lands a clean hit, much to everyone's shock. Hit realizes that Dyspo wasn't bluffing. Champa remarks that it was a lucky shot and Vados tells him not to get too angry as his blood pressure will rise. Champa points out that Dyspo looks like Beerus, but Vados jokes that this would mean Dyspo also looks like Champa due to his relation to Beerus, however, Champa immediately denies this. Beerus and Shin are shocked that Hit of all people is struggling against another opponent.

Dyspo shows off his speed

Dyspo and Hit charge towards each other again, but Dyspo's speed increases as he knocks Hit down. The gods of Universe 11 discuss Champa being flustered as Hit is getting pushed back, realizing that Hit is their ace warrior and if he goes down, the rest of Universe 6 will follow suit. The two Zenos whine about Dyspo's attack being too fast to see and Grand Minister tells them he added a new recording function to their GodPads that allows them to see the attack in slow motion. Hit remarks that it feels like Dyspo is using Time-Skip on him. Top comments that through repeated battles, Dyspo's speed has surpassed the speed of sound and light, calling him their blitz captain.

From their last exchange, Hit concludes that the moment before he uses Time-Skip, Dyspo suddenly increases his speed to counter it. Dyspo is impressed at his analysis, further explaining that for an instant, he can increase his speed thousands of times. Hit attacks again, this time not assuming a defensive fighting stance, but Dyspo lands another attack on him. From this exchange, Hit realizes that Dyspo is aiming for the one moment Hit's body tenses up before he uses Time-Skip, using his hearing to listen to Hit's muscles vibrating. Hearing this, Champa tries to counter this by creating more loud noises, but Vados says that Dyspo is able to pick out the particular sound. Knowing that his Time-Skip is countered, Hit attacks Dyspo directly, but gets overwhelmed. Watching the two fight, Top comments that Hit is slowly adapting to Dyspo's speed, purposely trying to defend against any attacks to his vital areas. Realizing Hit is up to something and that he may be setting a trap, Top orders K'nsi to jump in.

Goku and Hit stand side by side

Hit is immediately knocked to the edge of the ring, and he is cornered. When Dyspo tries to knock Hit off, Hit evades his attack by making his body intangible, as a surprised Dyspo phases through him and falls off the edge. Before Dyspo falls too deep, he is saved by K'nsi's energy whips. Not wanting Dyspo to be defeated, K'nsi prepares to help him fight Hit. Hit manages to hold his own against Dyspo's speed, but he is captured by K'nsi's whips and pummeled by Dyspo. Watching this, Caulifla prepares to jump out and help Hit, ignoring Kale's concerns, but everyone is interrupted by Goku, blocking Dyspo's attack in his Super Saiyan God form. Hit says he doesn't need Goku's help, but Goku replies that he isn't there to help him, he just wants to fight. Whis explains that Super Saiyan God has greater power and speed than regular Super Saiyan, and it consumes less stamina than Super Saiyan Blue. Belmod is intrigued by fighters from twin universes uniting while Khai remarks that this is a wonderful opportunity to defeat the chief warriors of both. 

Hit tells Goku that Dyspo is his opponent and Goku should not interfere, and Goku tells Hit to try and stop him as he attacks. Dyspo speed-blitzes Goku and knocks him back, but before Hit can attack him right after, he is caught by K'nsi. Goku compliments Dyspo's speed and prepares to use Instant Transmission, but Dyspo proves to be too fast for even that. When Dyspo attacks again, Goku turns into Super Saiyan Blue to defend against his attack, saying that while Dyspo may be fast, his movements are far too linear and thus easy to predict. Whis comments that Goku is maximizing his speed and power by turning Blue for the instant he attacks and defends. To counter Hit's Time-Skip, K'nsi surrounds himself with his whips, saying that if Hit touches them, they'll explode, thus preventing Hit from getting close to him. Hit says he doesn't intend to get close, using his Flash Fist Crush to attack K'nsi from a distance.

Hit turns the tables on Dyspo

Hit tells Goku to switch places with him, immediately attacking Dyspo. Hit lands a clean attack on Dyspo, explaining that he pretended to use Time-Skip by fooling Dyspo's ears with the same muscle tensing to counter Dyspo's attack. Goku turns Blue again to go on the offensive against K'nsi. Though Hit warns Goku of the Pride Trooper's exploding whips, the Saiyan is unaffected and lands a clean blow. Hit lands another attack on Dyspo, gradually overwhelming him as he is forced to wonder if Hit is actually using Time-Skip or is pretending to. With Dyspo defeated by multiple Time-Skip attacks, Hit tells him to either jump off himself or Hit will throw him off. Dyspo refuses to surrender, and Hit picks him up and throws him, but he is once again saved by K'nsi's whips. K'nsi tells Dyspo to retreat as he prepares to take Hit with him and attacks, but Hit Time-Skips behind him and knocks him off. With K'nsi knocked off, there are only 3 Pride Troopers remaining, but Khai does not worry as two of them are Top and Jiren.

Dyspo vows to exact revenge on Hit, but Top lectures that there is no longer justice or evil, but either survival or erasure. Goku compliments Hit for getting stronger again but then says once Dyspo recovers, he'll be the one to defeat him. Hit is uninterested, and when Goku asks if they're gonna fight, Hit decides to walk away in response to Goku helping him out. Goku says that if he survives until the end, they should settle their score.

The two Zenos are counting how many fighters are left, in the Tournament of Power, having difficulty counting. They come to the conclusion that there are a lot of fighters left. Meanwhile, Master Roshi is walking around the arena alone and observing the ongoing fights. He is then attacked by Universe 4's Caway, who can create weapons out of ki. She creates a hammer to attack Roshi, however, he dodges it.

Master Roshi states that Caway cannot defeat him with her strength. Roshi then reveals that he has been observing everyone ever since the Tournament began. Caway reveals her other power: Seduction. Krillin states that it won't work on Roshi as he suppressed his desires, however it works on both Roshi and Old Kai. Master Roshi jumps at Caway, and she creates an energy spear and almost hits Roshi with it, however, Roshi snapped out of it and dodged the attack at the last second. Roshi then catches the spear with his fingers and breaks it, knocking down Caway. Master Roshi then states that he has always lived by his desires and that now he has suppressed them. Master Roshi then starts powering up and moves to touch Caway who is scared and runs off the arena, and she is declared out of bounds, annoying Quitela.

Dercori about to attack Master Roshi

Beerus then compliments Roshi. Master Roshi then detects Dercori behind him, who reveals herself. It is revealed that Dercori is using talismans which create illusions as her ability. Dercori spreads talismans across the arena, revealing that her illusions consist of 79 attacks and 129 illusions. Dercori then flees. Master Roshi dodges Dercori's illusions and in the end, is trapped by her in a shadowy place, it is revealed that Dercori's power grows in the shadows. Master Roshi, in order to take out Dercori, pulls out a jar and then uses the Evil Containment Wave to seal her inside the jar, which he then throws out of the arena. Dercori is declared out of bounds. Beerus once again compliments Roshi, and Quitela accuses Roshi of "cheating". Beerus and Quitela then get into an argument, however, they are stopped by the two Zenos, who found it to be neat and menacingly tell the two destroyers that it is allowed, frightening them into verbally submitting. Krillin is worried that the Evil Containment Wave has taken a toll on Roshi, however, Roshi is fine, having lost no stamina from using the technique.

Master Roshi is then attacked by Ganos, who wants revenge on Roshi for taking out two of his teammates. Roshi mocks Ganos, to which Ganos becomes angry and transforms. Ganos attacks Roshi while repeatedly insulting his age, but is easily knocked away. Master Roshi then dodges all of Ganos' attacks, pointing out that his combat skill had not changed despite his transformation. In addition, Roshi admits that while Ganos is stronger and faster than him, Roshi has far more experience and is therefore able to overwhelm Ganos, earning further praise from Beerus. However, it is revealed by Quitela that, because of the extreme condition of the tournament, Ganos is able to increase his power every second and now is able to overwhelm Roshi. Roshi states that at this rate, Ganos might become a problem even for Goku himself. Master Roshi then tries to use the Sleepy Boy Technique and is almost successful, however, Ganos injures himself and is unable to be hypnotized. In response, he knocks his elder senseless before collapsing to catch his breath, admitting that Roshi was indeed at some point an excellent warrior before he aged. Beerus believes Roshi's time in the tournament is up, but shows no signs of disappointment, as he had remained in the ring longer than he had expected. Master Roshi, in order to defeat Ganos, powers up to Max Power. Goku and Krillin urge him to not do it. Master Roshi then states that Goku and Krillin were the ones who taught him to go beyond his limits. Master Roshi tells Goku and Krillin to enjoy their lives to the fullest as the Kame Style is with them. Roshi then fires his most powerful Kamehameha ever and knocks Ganos out of the arena. Roshi then collapses because he used his life force, Goku then turns Super Saiyan Blue and frees himself from Maji-Kayo's grip and goes to revive Roshi. Goku is unsuccessful in reviving Roshi, however, a mysterious blue energy from Goku revives Roshi. Goku and Krillin cry out of happiness that Roshi is alive. Roshi then tells Goku that the fight is not over yet and Goku helps him get up. Beerus then asks Krillin his name again, uncharacteristically showing respect to Master Roshi. Goku and Roshi then depart together.

Master Roshi sits down on a rock, Goku asks him if he will be fine. Roshi tells him that he will be fine with some rest. Roshi then tells Goku to go on and fight for him. Goku then departs.

In the manga, Vegeta expresses shock that the mighty warrior Hit has been eliminated by Jiren. As Top and Dyspo stand before Vegeta, Top tells him of how Jiren would never fall to such tricks before confirming that he is indeed the God of Destruction candidate who had previously beaten Goku and determines that the one he is standing before must be Vegeta, the second best warrior of Universe 7. Riled up, Vegeta proclaims himself as the strongest in all of existence and transforms into a Perfected Super Saiyan Blue. He rushes at the two, easily swatting Dyspo aside then proceeds to launch an assault on Top, knocking him down. Top concedes that Vegeta may be on par with Goku's strength after all but he still won't be able to defeat them.

Meanwhile Android 17 fights against Botamo, the warrior from Universe 6 but his physical attacks have no effect on his opponent. After Piccolo eliminates Dyrasem he goes to assist the android but Android 17 lands a mighty punch to Botamo's mid section which causes his body to spring back and go out of bounds. The two are suddenly attacked from the air by Dium and Napapa but are able to avoid it thanks to Gohan who was currently engaging in battle against Methiop. Along with Gohan, they are able to quickly defeat the trio of warriors from Universe 10 with Android 17 blasting them over the edge. The remaining three members of Universe 10, Obni, Murichim, and Zircor then band together to fight the Universe 7 trio for themselves.

Elsewhere Android 18 is shown taking on the Kamikaze Fireballs in their transformed state. They suddenly start gloating over their beauty whilst calling Android 18 ugly. Krillin watching from the stands find it hard to imagine that Ribrianne can ever be considered beautiful but Beerus admits that she is kind of cute. Android 18 however doesn't care at all for this and says it has nothing to do with one's strength. Ribrianne launches several attacks at Android 18 without giving her a chance to counter and leaves her open to be grabbed by Kakunsa and Roasie. Just as Ribrianne is about to finish her off, Krillin loudly complains about their dirty tactics which attracts the attention of Ribrianne who, taken aback, asks who that gorgeous man is. Android 18 proclaims him as her husband which angers Ribrianne and continues with her plan to finish her of but finds her power wavering giving Android 18 the chance to break free and quickly turn the tables on the fight. With her heart no longer in the fight, Ribrianne prepares to jump from the platform but her friends urge her to stay.

Impatient, Android 18 begins to count to five so to give them time to either jump off willingly or be blasted off but is suddenly knocked off the platform herself by an unknown force. Surprised at what happened, Kakunsa and Roasie are then knocked off as well, followed by Ribrianne. Quitela then praises the timing of his invisible fighter, Murichim and Zircor are then knocked off too by an invisible fighter. Now aware of the presence of invisible fighters, Piccolo uses his super sensitive hearing and just as Gamisalas is about to attack him, Piccolo takes him by surprise and blasts him off the edge of the ring.

Suddenly another fighter attacks Piccolo from behind, Piccolo however hears this also and attempts to counter but misses his strike and is hit hard in the stomach with enough power to send him off of the platform. Once again confused as to what is happening, Quitela brags about his other ace, Damom. Gohan and Android 17 try to focus on the enemy but Android 17 is hit hard enough to send him skidding backward toward the edge of the platform and inbetween Goku and Jiren's battle. A nearby Dyspo suggests to Jiren that they should retreat for the time being until they are aware of who their mysterious enemy is and the two move away from the centre of the action.

The Omni-Kings observe the remaining fighters

Goku suggests to Android 17 to simply sense the ki of the enemy but Android 17 says that he is not able to sense ki. Instead, Android 17 uses his ears and is able to determine the fighters location, a mere inch off the ground resembling a bug. Panicked, Damom tries to flee and leaps into the air to get away but Android 17 simply blasts him off the platform to eliminate him.

With another fighter gone, the Omni-Kings express how much fun they are having watching all the fights and asks the Grand Minister how many fighters remain in the Tournament. The Grand Minister brings up a board showing all the remaining fighters that are still competing, with thirty three minutes remaining there are still thirty seven fighters left.[11]

Fifteen Minutes into the Tournament

Prum sends out more drones

In the anime, Gohan and Piccolo are approached by Universe 6's Dr. Rota. Dr. Rota wants to reveal his ability, however before he can do so, he is taken out by a powerful Ki Blast. Gohan and Piccolo hide. Piccolo throws a rock out in the open which is destroyed by the same Ki Blast that took out Dr. Rota. Piccolo says it's an attack that focuses energy in one point like the Special Beam Cannon and is shot from far away. Also, Piccolo cannot sense the attacker's energy. Gohan asks if Dr. Rota is dead, Piccolo says that if he would be dead then the attacker would have been disqualified, meaning he is still alive. Gohan and Piccolo decide to move to an area with rubble without the attacker seeing them. Afterward, Piccolo's arm is shot off by the attacker, whose Ki Blasts travel through sphere-like drones. Piccolo regenerates his arm, and the two decide to find their enemy. Meanwhile, Prum, a fighter from Universe 2, is unable to find Gohan and Piccolo, and so, he sends out more spheres to search for them. While the spheres are patrolling the area, Piccolo puts his arm out in the open and is shot, however, he dodges it. Gohan saw the direction of the shot and the two decide to head there to take out the attacker. Gohan throws a rock which Piccolo blows up with a Ki Blast, creating dust, which they use as cover. In the dust, Piccolo finds one of Prum's spheres. Piccolo wonders what the sphere does, and the two are attacked once again. Piccolo destroys the sphere, revealing that the sphere had heat.

Meanwhile, the two Zenos wonder why Gohan and Piccolo have not moved, and the Grand Minister reveals that a sniper is lurking. The Grand Minister explains what a sniper is and the two Zenos say that snipers are amazing.

Krillin tells Gohan and Piccolo not to do any careless moves, and Beerus says that they are at a disadvantage, as they cannot defeat their enemy if they can't move.

Tien Shinhan investigates Dr. Rota's unconscious body, as Goku and Vegeta arrive. Tien tells Goku and Vegeta to duck as there is an enemy shooting from far away. Though Vegeta scoffs at Tien's concern, he is then attacked and ends up with a cut on his cheek, forcing him and Goku to duck. A furious Vegeta calls the attacker a dishonorable coward as he strikes the ground.

Meanwhile, Piccolo took a shot that was meant for Gohan, this time, both of his arms were shot off, fortunately, Piccolo regenerates. Piccolo reveals that the attacker is looking for their body heat, explaining why the attacker was capable of shooting them even in the dust. Piccolo and Gohan then heat up the entire area with heat in order to trick the attacker. Prum then bombards the entire area with Ki Blasts, cutting off Gohan and Piccolo.

Goku and Vegeta's combined attack on Prum

Goku, Vegeta, and Tien watch as Gohan and Piccolo are attacked. Goku sees Prum and reveals that one is shooting Ki Blasts, while Prum reflects them. Vegeta goes to take out Prum, Tien tells Goku to go with him, as he will go to help Gohan and Piccolo. Goku then rushes to Vegeta. Gohan and Piccolo are hiding under a rock, as Tien goes to help them, dodging all of the Ki Blasts. Goku and Vegeta both charge up a Kamehameha and Galick Gun, respectively and attack Prum's position. Vegeta, disgusted and enraged by Prum's underhanded tactic, calls him a shameless worm and fires another Galick Gun at him, only for Prum to reflect it back at them. It is revealed that Harmira, a warrior also from Universe 2, is the sniper and Prum is only a mirror. Prum also reveals that he knew that if he cornered their teammates, the Saiyans would target him at some point, revealing that Goku and Vegeta fell into a trap. Tien sees that every time Harmira shoots, he moves to another position. Tien then uses the Multi-Form technique in order to create 4 clones of himself. Shin calls this a wonderful attack and that they will surely win, however, Krillin reveals the technique's weakness: the power is split between all 4 clones, making every clone weaker than the original. Beerus considers this a risky play, but decides to have faith. Vegeta and Goku decide to throw rocks at Prum if Ki Blasts won't work. Harmira then takes out 3 of the clones, and the last one destroys Harmira's cover with a Neo Tri-Beam, severely damaging Harmira in the process. Tien calls Harmira a worthy opponent. While Tien is about to knock Harmira out with another Neo Tri-Beam, Harmira blows up the ground beneath them and knocks out Tien.

Dr. Rota tackles Prum

Fortunately, Tien's 3 other clones, grabbed Harmira and dragged him off the arena, signifying a double elimination. Tien apologizes to Beerus, however, Beerus praises Tien as he took it to a draw at the very end. Cornered by Goku and Vegeta and aware of his inability to defeat them, Prum decides to run away, however, he is tackled by Dr. Rota, who recovered. Dr. Rota wants to reveal his ability again, however, he is interrupted by Vegeta, who knocks both Prum and Dr. Rota out of the arena with a Galick Gun. Goku is disappointed that they lost 2 members, however, Vegeta says it doesn't matter, as long as they take out the rest of the fighters. Goku tells Vegeta to fight to their fullest, for Krillin and Tien, as the two depart together.

In the anime, Frost is seen hiding underneath rocks for cover and remembers asking Champa for forgiveness for all of his evil deeds. Champa initially laughs at this, but Frost promises the complete humiliation and destruction of Universe 7 in return. Meanwhile, the Zenos ask for a count of the remaining warriors. The Grand Minister counts 36 for the Zenos: Universe 2 with six, Universe 3 with seven, Universe 4 with four (only two of which anyone has been able to sense the presence of so far), Universes 6 & 7 with eight, and lastly, Universe 11 with 3. The two unseen warriors from Universe 4 greatly concerns Team Universe 7 on the bench, as Whis notes that Universe 4 warriors are known to have special abilities, which could cause a severe problem for them during a vulnerable moment. While Marcarita expresses displeasure at her universe's low numbers, Belmod and Khai confidently boast that their remaining warriors are by far the strongest in the tournament, with Jiren being their undisputed standout. It is also stated by Eyre, who recognizes that Jiren's powers are very obscure and wants to conduct a study to unveil their limitations, stating that Maji-Kayo would be the perfect warrior to do it.

Maji-Kayo prepares to attack Jiren

Maji-Kayo suddenly attempts to attack Jiren, but Dyspo intervenes. Maji-Kayo, appearing heavily damaged, exclaims and expresses shock and terror. This ends up being a ploy to lure Dyspo closer, and Maji-Kayo instantly regenerates to muscular form, easily overpowering Dyspo. Seeing that Dyspo is trapped, Top offers to intervene, but Jiren steps forward. This pleases Maji-Kayo, who states they were after Jiren the entire time, but Jiren quickly ends the fight by blasting Maji-Kayo off the stage with only the power of his fist, leaving Eyre in shock and disbelief. Goku, having also sensed and witnessed a dust cloud resultant of the attack from a distance, also stands shocked. As Champa and Fuwa debate over Jiren's power, it is noted that the universe with the greatest number of warriors at the end of the tournament will win, making the remainder of the tournament a numbers game. Vados implies that Frost is now putting his plan to take revenge on Universe 7 into action.

Frost is seen ambushing Master Roshi and blasting him into a rock protrusion from the tournament grounds. Goku witnesses this and gives chase, but he is stopped by Brianne de Chateau. Frost tortures Master Roshi, and Master Roshi tells Frost that he thinks Frost is hunting down weaker opponents. Frost retaliates, but Master Roshi turns into muscular form to fight off Frost. Frost easily overpowers Master Roshi regardless. Beerus acknowledges that Roshi has peaked and orders Krillin to prepare a senzu bean for him to keep him from perishing. However, the resultant dust cloud from his scuffle with Frost permits Master Roshi to attempt the Evil Containment Wave. This fails due to Master Roshi's fatigue and inability to control the wave at the last moment. Frost, noticing Vegeta observing the tournament from a distance, puts the second plan into action in response.

Frost performs the Evil Containment Wave on Vegeta

Frost begins firing a flurry of pinpoint energy shots at Master Roshi and then fires one at Vegeta to upset his temperament. This brings Vegeta into the fight, who punches Frost into a rock wall. Frost then pretends to be weak and gives a short monologue in order to buy enough time for Auta Magetta to break through the rock wall and begin fighting Vegeta. Magetta is shown having molten rock shoved into his ears, making him invulnerable to insults as before. Seeing Vegeta being overwhelmed by the combined attacks of Frost and invulnerable Magetta, Master Roshi attempts a final Evil Containment Wave. Frost deflects this and seals Vegeta inside the container instead. An angry Master Roshi attempts to attack Frost, but Frost easily overpowers him again.

As a final attack, Master Roshi fires a pinpoint energy blast while Frost remarks how he has finally gotten his revenge on Vegeta. Master Roshi collapses, but he manages to look up and redirect his energy blast toward Frost's container holding Vegeta. This frees an enraged Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, who blows off one of Magetta's earplugs and insults him, causing him to faint due to low self-esteem. Frost fires a blast toward the ground in order to sneak away, and Vegeta pushes Magetta off the stage. Vegeta tells Master Roshi to retire, who voluntary falls off the stage. Roshi is then given a Senzu Bean by Krillin, saving his life. As Beerus displays his respect for Roshi by calling him by his name, Goku is about to face off with Brianne.

Ribrianne and Goku battle it out

Goku and Brianne de Chateau begin their battle. Goku is impressed with her power, and Brianne is determined to defeat Goku with the power of love. Brianne becomes even more determined as she hears that Heles is watching her battle, firing her Pretty Cannon and Pretty Love Machine Gun at Goku, who barely dodges. Goku remarks that he feels something tickling him as Brianne keeps up her assault. Universe 8 is impressed with Brianne's power, commenting that despite Universe 6 and Universe 7 having the most remaining fighters, Universe 2 might win the tournament. Universe 12 points out how powerful Universe 11 is despite them having the least remaining fighters, as Top is seeing knocking Cabba away with his Justice Punch. Universe 1 comments that the winner of the tournament will not change anything, as they are all simply low-level universes.

Frieza watches over the entire tournament from a high spot, deciding to find his next playmate. Gohan fights against Borareta, clashing his Kamehameha with the enemy's beam attack. When the smoke clears, Gohan manages to conceal himself, thinking to himself that many powerful warriors have made it this far and that he should reunite with Piccolo and the others. Gohan is then suddenly attacked by Jimizu. Jimizu introduces himself as the warrior who protects Universe 2, and Gohan recognizes him as the warrior who can use Instant Transmission, thinking to himself that dropping his guard for even an instant will cost him. Jimizu teleports around Gohan with Instant Transmission, knocking the young Saiyan around by attacking his blindspots. Krillin and Master Roshi recognize this, and Beerus yells at Gohan for not fighting seriously. Jimizu attacks Gohan again, praising his potential as a warrior, and promising to teach Gohan his techniques should they ever meet again. When Jimizu prepares to knock Gohan out, Frieza jumps between them.

Frieza shows up in front of Gohan

Frieza berates Gohan for not being able to defeat Jimizu. While Frieza stands motionless, the others wonder what he is up to, and Krillin speculates that Frieza could be plotting to eliminate Gohan himself. Universe 7 discusses this, and Shin deduces that Frieza plans to last until the end to wish for something that only the Super Dragon Balls can grant, such as killing a god as speculated by Whis. Beerus threatens Frieza that if he knocks Gohan off, he will destroy Frieza on the spot. Jimizu comments that Frieza's soul is the opposite of beautiful, preparing to fight him, however, Frieza steps aside, wanting to observe Jimizu fight Gohan until it is his turn.

Jimizu, commenting that Frieza is intentionally abandoning his ally and further saying Universe 7 is "ugly", continues his fight with Gohan, cornering the Saiyan. Before Jimizu can land a decisive blow, he is attacked by Frieza, who comments that his hand slipped. Jimizu then decides to knock Frieza off first, teleporting behind him, but Frieza easily knocks him aside with his tail. Frieza says that as long as he knows Jimizu can use Instant Transmission, then this fight is child's play. Frieza easily knocks Jimizu out and strangles him with his tail to beat him some more. Frieza then blasts him point-black, severely injuring the Yardrat, and Universe 2 accused Frieza of killing him. Frieza points out that he missed his vitals on purpose, and knocks Jimizu out of the ring. Heles shows disdain for how repulsive Frieza fights.

Frieza and Frost allied together

Gohan is angry that Frieza went to such methods, and Frieza berates the Saiyan for not going Super Saiyan and ending the fight quickly. Frost, who watched from the sidelines, approaches, and compliments Frieza. Champa yells that Frost is no match for Frieza, and Universe 6 and 7 soon realize that Frost and Frieza have formed a truce, as they both share a hatred for Saiyans. Frieza and Frost prepare to team up against Gohan, however, Frost insists that Frieza fights first. Frieza then attacks Gohan and pushes him back, causing Gohan to power up. Frieza is impressed at Gohan's full power, and he decides to fight seriously as well, turning into his golden form. After exchanging blows, Frieza knocks Gohan unconscious with minimal effort. Champa begins rooting for Frieza.

Frost is impressed with Frieza's transformation, and Frieza tells him that with training, he should be able to transform even further. Frieza demonstrates his 100% Full Power form. Frost, knowing about that power up, also transforms the same way. Frieza offers to train Frost on how to fight in the form, and Frost is excited to learn. However, Frieza tells Frost that the first lesson is to not trust anyone, suddenly attacking Frost and knocking him out of the ring. Gohan suddenly gets up, and Beerus realizes that Frieza was not fighting Gohan seriously on purpose to trick Frost. Gohan felt that Frieza's first punch was not serious and knew about this plan, agreeing to play along. Frost, angry that Frieza tricked him, tries to attack Frieza from the sidelines, but he is immediately erased by Zeno. Zeno says that attacks from outside are against the rules, and he threatens to erase all of Universe 6 should they do it again, leading a terrified Champa to beg the Omni-Kings for forgiveness. While Frieza tells Gohan they can continue on the path to victory, Goku continues his fight with Brianne de Chateau.

In the manga, Frieza fights against Caulifla, having little trouble overwhelming the Saiyan. Caulifla calls him out on how he appears to just be going after the Saiyans and Frieza replies that whilst he may have no grudge against the Saiyans from Universe 6, they still get on his nerves. With no other choice, Caulifla transforms into a Super Saiyan and engages Frieza in combat again. Frieza uses his Telekinesis abilities to throw blocks of the arena at Caulifla. However, her sheer aggressiveness allows her to gain the upper hand on her opponent with a powerful close range blast.

Golden Frieza revealed

Frieza decides to use his full power and transforms into Golden Frieza. In this form, Frieza is able to quickly turn the tide of battle as he begins to dominate Caulifla, causing concern for the nearby Kale who quickly knocks off Dercori to go assist her. Kale uses her incredible speed to strike at Frieza, and while it causes him no damage, it distracts him long enough for Caulifla to get in a couple of shots. Eventually, Frieza sees through Kale's actions and grabs her and tosses her out in front of him.

Cabba, seeing the state that his allies are in, knocks off Za Priccio and also goes in to assist the pair. Frieza remarks that Kale's attacks actually had more sting to them than Caulifla's attacks as a Super Saiyan, much to the surprise of Caulifla and Cabba, though Kale remarks that they were just lucky hits. Caulifla rushes into battle once more, but it continues to be a one sided affair. Cabba, discerning Kale's reason for holding back, asks Kale to use her true power. Kale is hesitant due to her previous history with and gratitude towards Caulifla.

Cabba transforms into a Super Saiyan and enters the battle, but fares no better and is quickly overpowered by Frieza. Even when Caulifla and Cabba attack together they prove to be no match at all. The anger towards seeing someone so close to her losing causes Kale to explode in fury as she becomes a Super Saiyan herself and immediately employs a vicious assault on Frieza that he is unable to defend against.

Frieza comments on the new type of Super Saiyan that Kale has become and the complications of keeping up with all the different variations of the form. Goku, who was currently matched up against members of the Pride Troopers along with Gohan and Master Roshi, is told to go and help Frieza. He intercepts the battle much to Frieza's annoyance, who believes he doesn't need help and transforms into a Perfected Super Saiyan Blue. He is able to stop Kale's first punch but as she continues her assault Goku begins to get pushed back, stating that she is getting stronger and stronger by the moment.

Frieza kicks Goku out of the way and says that he is capable of handling her himself if he takes her seriously. Kale has another outburst which Goku describes as her chi spiking once again. While Champa thinks that it is good that his fighter is doing well, Vados voices her concerns. Since this is probably the first time Kale has unleashed all of her power, she is losing her sense and reason and that things could become much worse if she were to lose all control.[12]

This is the Ultimate Battle in all the Universes!

Main article: This is the Ultimate Battle in all the Universes! Son Goku vs Jiren!!

Super Ribrianne attacking Goku

In the anime, Goku faces off against Ribrianne, who goes on the assault and pushes Goku back, but Goku knocks her aside. Ribrianne and Heles talk about Ribrianne wishing to win the tournament to obtain the Super Dragon Balls, wanting to wish to become a goddess of love, loved by mortals from all universes. Ribrianne asks for Goku's objective, and he replies he hasn't given it much thought, saying he might let his wife or his sons take the wish, or he might wish to meet someone strong to fight. Ribrianne confidently says one of his wishes have come true, gathering the "love" from her teammates and Heles, becoming Super Ribrianne. Goku remarks he feels amazing power as he prepares to fight, dodging Super Ribrianne's "love arrows". Super Ribrianne attacks Goku with Ribrianne Eternal Love, firing a huge burst of energy. Goku dodges the attack and, as Super Saiyan Blue, easily kicks Ribrianne through many rock formations to the ground, and she rolls to Jiren's feet.

While Super Ribrianne backs off accusing Jiren of "being too shy about confessing his love", Jiren pays her no mind and sets his sights on Goku. The two have a stare-down while Belmod telepathically contacts Jiren, who tells him to eliminate Goku with his power and to disregard everyone else. While Jiren walks towards Goku, his presence catches the attention of every other fighter, with Android 18 noting that the entire World of Void is shaking. Top tells Jiren to fight to his heart's content to obtain the Super Dragon Balls. As Goku confronts Jiren, Jiren lets off a shockwave that shakes the entire tournament, with Beerus shocked that someone without divine heritage is able to generate such force.

Jiren's ki proves too powerful for the Kamehameha

Goku commences the battle by firing a Kamehameha, which Jiren casually blocks with the force of his enormous energy creating a wall in front of him. Shin asks why Goku isn't becoming Blue, and Krillin tells him that Goku wishes to test his own power against Jiren's. Goku immediately goes Super Saiyan and attacks, but his punches have no effect. He then goes Super Saiyan 2, but Jiren is still unfazed by his attacks. Krillin explains to Shin that master-level martial artists wish to draw out their opponent's full power for ultimate battles. Master Roshi agrees that Jiren is interested in Goku being a worthy opponent, having been observing him all this time. Goku then goes Super Saiyan God and forces Jiren to block his attacks, however, he does so with a single finger. Goku then realizes Jiren can't get serious like this and goes Super Saiyan Blue.

While Belmod considers Goku's full power impressive, he dismisses it as meaningless until Khai explains to his destroyer that this battle is nonetheless quite important, pointing out how every remaining fighter has stopped their battles to watch Goku combat Jiren. Khai theorizes that if Jiren beats Goku, whom the Kai acknowledges as perhaps the greatest fighter in the entire tournament (outside of his own universe, of course), at full power, the other warriors will lose their will to fight, realizing that standing against Jiren is futile. Belmod loves the idea, politely rebuffing his Angel's caution about arrogance by further stating that Jiren is a being who will never lose no matter who he's up against.

Goku using the x20 Kaioken Super Saiyan Blue

Goku attacks by knocking Jiren away then following him, exchanging attacks. However, Jiren immediately gains the upper hand and knocks Goku around, forcing Goku to continuously use Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, however, this does not change the tide of the battle at all (although, Jiren does react in surprise at one point when Goku charges a kamehameha). The two fight all over the tournament ring, casually passing the other fighters who are very shocked by the exchange. Ultimately, Goku is easily knocked down and Jiren, remarking that it's over, blasts Goku away and poses. Goku barely manages to save himself going Kaio-ken again. Goku charges again, but Jiren swats him aside with a swift energy attack that the others couldn't even see. With Goku cornered, Krillin realizes that Goku should be able to withstand an x20 Kaio-ken as Super Saiyan Blue. However, Beerus, who begins to show concern, and Whis realize that Goku was already using x20 Kaio-ken. Goku prepares to show his trump card, preparing a Spirit Bomb.

Goku asks for energy, and Gohan, Piccolo, Android 17, Android 18, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Master Roshi and Frieza give him their energy (with Frieza laughing and noting that the attack gives him bad memories). Though Vegeta refuses to donate any energy out of pride, he does protect his fellow Saiyan when Ribrianne tries to attack him from behind, blasting her away while insulting her. Though grateful, Goku notes that he needs more time and, to his surprise, the intrigued Jiren promises him that he'll wait for him to complete his tactic no matter how long, desiring for his opponent to come at him with all of his strength. Khai and Belmod realize that Jiren intends to wait and shut down Goku's trump card. The gods from the exempt universes are impressed with this fight as they anticipate what will happen next. With the Spirit Bomb fully charged, Goku fires it, saying this is Universe 7's Spirit Bomb.

Goku forms the Spirit Bomb

The attack collides with Jiren, but much to everyone's surprise, he pushes it back with one hand. Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue to push the attack back, but Jiren pushes it again with two hands. Goku then goes X10 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, however, Jiren continues to overpower him. Goku then goes X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, forcing Jiren to let out more power to push the attack right back. As the Spirit Bomb begins to collide with Goku, he screams as he tries as hard as he can to resist as it begins to swallow him up.

Goku, while in his x20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken state, struggles to push his Universe 7 Spirit Bomb against Jiren's immense power barely keeping it from swallowing him up and attempting to push it back. Jiren puts his arms down and pushes the Spirit Bomb back with a glance. The exempt gods, fascinated by both Goku and Jiren, realize that neither warrior achieved their level of power through normal training, most particularly Jiren, who is, in fact, hiding an even larger power.

Jiren pushes back the Spirit Bomb

The force of the energy from both sides causes the Spirit Bomb to expand and contract, creating shockwaves throughout the tournament ring. Whis notes that while Goku has reached the pinnacle of his strength, Jiren has yet to come close to his full power. Whis says that Jiren has long since reached the level of power as a God of Destruction, revealing that the rumor about a "mortal that even a God of Destruction cannot defeat" is in fact true as Belmod commands Jiren to finish Goku. Vados points out that the expansion of energy colliding with the opposing force is reaching its limit. The Spirit Bomb contracts, creating a black hole, and Goku falls in it, exposing himself to the large energy of the Spirit Bomb and he is swallowed by its immense explosion that shakes the entire World of Void.

Top notes that Jiren is victorious. After the explosion clears, the Grand Minister remarks that it is over and he is glad that the tournament ring managed to hold out, however, he points out that Goku is nowhere to be found to the shock and despair of the Zenos and Universe 7; especially Gohan, Shin, and even Beerus himself. Krillin tries to remain optimistic by saying Goku has not been teleported to the spectator seats yet, but Tien states that his ki cannot be sensed. Old Kai and Roshi, as well as others, assume that Goku has been vaporized by being exposed to such a huge explosion at close range. Champa points out that Jiren should be disqualified for killing, but he is corrected by the Grand Minister, who says that it was Goku's own attack that obliterated him, which is in-turn a form of self-destruction, so Jiren receives no penalties.

Khai and Belmod are confident that with Goku's defeat, Universe 7 is no longer a threat and that Universe 11 will survive. Top and Dyspo gather around Jiren as the remaining warriors all surround them, with Vados pointing out that despite Jiren showing how formidable he is, not a single warrior lost their will to fight. Champa yells at his Universe 6 warriors to fight, and the Grand Minister reminds everyone that not even half of the 48-minute time limit has passed and that they should continue fighting. As the two Zenos hesitantly prepare to count Goku as eliminated on their GodPads, Beerus yells out to Goku, asking if he is truly gone and with him, their universe. Seconds later, a shockwave shakes the entire null realm and everyone senses a wild flow of power. Universe 7; Krillin, Frieza, and a delighted Beerus in particular; immediately realize the source of it all before a colossal pillar of light appears, drawing attention from all present. Within the pillar, a disheveled Goku emerges from it in his newly acquired Ultra Instinct Sign form.

Autonomous Ultra Instinct Goku attacks Jiren

While everyone, especially the overjoyed Omni-Kings, is shocked to see Goku still alive, Universe 7 is just as curious about why he seems so different with Tien and Master Roshi noting that his body's ki is as calm as it is tremendous. Goku directs his attention to Jiren, and after a single footstep immediately attacks him with a kick. Goku moved so fast that Top and Dyspo did not realize he moved until he already did, however, Jiren was able to dodge the attack. Goku attacks again, but when Jiren tries to punch him, Goku suddenly dodges and collides his fist with Jiren's. Jiren attacks again but Goku dodges his attack once more, managing to scrape Jiren's face. Piccolo and Gohan realize that Goku's attacks are able to affect Jiren, but his movements are different than his usual movements. Vegeta wonders what happened to Goku as his movements feel "unreal".

Top and Dyspo both try to attack Goku, however, they are easily countered and thrown aside. Top tries to use Justice Flash, but Goku casually dodges the attack by walking towards Jiren. Jiren shows Top a hand signal, informing him that his help is not needed. Goku attacks Jiren again, accurately dodges his attacks while attacking himself, however, Jiren manages to block them. The two begin colliding attacks while the spectators wonder what is going on. Piccolo notes that with every attack and every block, Goku's power is increasing and his attacks become quicker, sharper and heavier. Khai and Belmod are shocked that Jiren is being pushed this much and begin to worry. After thinking for a bit, Whis expresses with glee that Goku is utilizing the godly ability of "reacting without thinking" (named by Beerus as "Autonomous Ultra Instinct").

Goku fires a Kamehameha at Jiren

Hearing this, the other gods are beyond flabbergasted (especially the hysterical Belmod) by the fact that a mortal could grow to this level, fighting in a state that is not easy to attain even by the greatest of the divine. The Grand Minister is also observing this phenomenon, impressed that Goku has developed so much. Beerus wonders how Goku reached that level so quickly, and Whis explains his assumption on how Goku achieved this state: the energy of the Universe 7's Spirit Bomb is acting as a temporary source of power for Goku's depleted body, and when the huge power of the Spirit Bomb entered Goku's body, it clashed with the Saiyan's own power to resist it, causing Goku to break through the shell to the deeper potential within himself. While Whis is impressed about this, he is also concerned about how long Goku will be able to sustain the effort. Goku and Jiren continue to collide attacks that shake the entire tournament, and Goku manages to land two clean blows that knock Jiren down.

When Jiren stands his ground, Goku charges and tries to attack with his remaining strength, drawing all attention and causing a huge explosion. When the smoke clears, Jiren appears to have blocked his attack. Though he considers the Saiyan quite an intriguing being, he comments that Goku has reached his limit as the Autonomous Ultra Instinct form runs out. Jiren blasts Goku away, and he is suddenly attacked by Hit, (thus saving Goku from flying out of the ring) who tried to attack Jiren at this moment, as warriors typically are most open when finishing their enemies, but Jiren does not have this weakness as he casually blocks Hit's attack. Jiren asks what he wants, and Hit says that he's working.

Frieza appears in front of an injured Goku

Vegeta interrogates Goku on his unprecedented display, indifferent to his Saiyan comrade's powerless, immobile state. Goku replies that he himself doesn't know, frustrating him. Ribrianne appears, and Vegeta sets his sights on her, but tells Goku they will revisit the subject later on. Just as Vegeta is about to advise him to regain his strength quickly, Goku suddenly disappears when he's not looking, momentarily stunning the Saiyan Prince. It is revealed that Goku was swiped by Frieza, who charges an attack against him, saying this brings back memories of Planet Namek.

The Tournament Reaches Midway

Frieza healing Goku.

In the anime, an exhausted Goku is cornered by Frieza, who points a Ki Blast at him, also pointing out they are in a blind spot and no one can see them. Frieza fires his attack, which is revealed to have been him transferring some of his ki to Goku, which allowed him to move well enough despite his condition. By doing this, Frieza repaid his debt when Goku gave him some ki in their fight on Namek. Uncharacteristically cautious, Frieza points out that he wishes to avoid fighting Jiren, calling him a monster, as well as informing Goku about his earlier power being named Autonomous Ultra Instinct by the deities. When Frieza leaves, Goku wonders if he can defeat Jiren if he can access that power again.

Hit being overwhelmed by Jiren.

Meanwhile, Hit is fighting against Jiren, who is easily responding to Hit's speed even with the use of Time-Skip. Jiren asks if Hit intends to beat him, and Hit responds that it's his job. Hit tries to attack Jiren from behind with the use of his Parallel World, but Jiren reads this and counters the attack, much to Champa's surprise. Hit is overwhelmed as Jiren easily reads through his repeated usage of Time-Skip. The spectators of Universe 6 and Universe 7 wonder why Hit continues to use Time-Skip when it doesn't work on Jiren. While Goku is watching the fight from the sidelines, Saonel and Pilina approach him from behind without the Saiyan noticing. The two Namekians attack him from behind, but they are intercepted by Gohan and Piccolo. Saonel and Pilina are surprised that one of their opponents is another Namekian. The two parties then prepare to attack each other.

Ribrianne and Vegeta clash.

Base Vegeta, in a rage (likely due to Goku's recent power-up), is fighting against Ribrianne and pushes her back. When he attacks again, he is kicked aside by Roasie. Vegeta fires more energy blasts at them, and when the smoke clears, they have escaped. As Vegeta tries to look for them, they are seen hiding under some rubble. Ribrianne expresses her lack of confidence, pointing out that Universe 2 has the disadvantage, and wonders if they can win the tournament, but Roasie slaps her, questioning her amount of love. Ribrianne thanks Roasie and regains her confidence.

Hit reveals his trump card.

The battle between Hit and Jiren continues, and Hit is gradually overwhelmed. Cabba, Caulifla and Kale are watching from the sidelines, and Caulifla prepares to jump in and help Hit, but Cabba tells her to wait, pointing out that Hit has a plan in mind. Since Hit has been blocking against Jiren's attacks, his damage should be minimal. Hit comments that he memorized the timing of Jiren's attacks, and fires his Flash Fist Crush, but it is blocked by Jiren. Hit then Time-Skips behind Jiren, and before Jiren can attack him, Hit fires another point-blank Flash Fist Crush at the same spot on Jiren's chest as he did for the previous one, attacking him from both sides. Jiren is knocked towards the edge of the ring, but stops himself, however, Hit has trapped him in a Cage of Time, paralyzing the Pride Trooper. This attack is revealed by Vados to be Hit's trump card. With Hit keeping Jiren's movements restricted, he instructs his Saiyan teammates to leave Jiren to him and go do the job they're meant to do: defeat the other opponents and lead Universe 6 to victory. Vados also reveals Hit's plan: to keep Jiren at bay until time runs out, as long as his teammates reduce the number of warriors from the other universes. Vados sense Hit's unwavering resolution and the conclusion he came up with that involves his teammates, despite being a solitary assassin that usually does his jobs alone.

Jiren eliminates Hit.

Jiren manages to power through this technique, and Hit realizes that his power won't last long enough until the end. In response, Hit decides to gamble and put all of his power in one final attack, revealing that his "job" is to ensure Universe 6's victory, but Jiren blocks the attack with his "Glare". Powering through the Cage of Time, Jiren completely breaks Hit's technique. Surprised, Hit tries to attack Jiren, but Jiren lands more blows on Hit, knocking him to the other side of the ring. Jiren then finishes off Hit by knocking him out with a Power Impact. With their most powerful and experienced warrior eliminated, Vados points out that Universe 6 is in a bind. Champa tells Hit he did a great job and his work should have had an impact on his teammates. Cabba is determined to not let Hit's sacrifice go in vain.

Legendary Super Saiyan Kale

In the manga, Kale struggles to regain her senses having recently transformed into a Legendary Super Saiyan and charges past Goku and Frieza clutching her head as she falls to her knees. In a rage she powers up, with the resulting pressure of her energy knocking off multiple combatants such as Maji-Kayo and Zirloin. She then turns her attention to the nearby Vegeta and Top swatting them aside and almost off the arena, but Vegeta is able to save himself, and Dyspo is able to save Top in the nick of time. Vegeta wonders what is going on with her just as she drops Ganos and Xiangca off the arena, causing everyone from Team Universe 4 to be eliminated and as a result the two Omni-Kings erase them. Mosco emerges from his robot suit and orders Paparoni to fuse with his allies to fight Kale. He complies and he along with Borareta, Pancéa and Koitsukai fuse to become the towering Agnilasa. However, Kale is unfazed and kicks Agnilasa in the chest hard enough to send him off the arena. As Team Universe 3 lost their last four fighters in one go, their universe is also erased.

Caulifla and Cabba discuss the current course of events. Caulifla realizes that Kale kept her superior strength hidden to protect Caulifla's feelings. Instead of being upset at the difference in power, Caulifla is overjoyed and encourages Kale to keep doing what she's doing. At the same time, Kale also eliminates the final two combatants of Team Universe 2, Zarbuto and Rabanra with their universe being promptly erased immediately afterward. From Team Universe 10, only Obni is left standing. Gowasu apologizes to him over getting their strategy wrong. With a final battle cry, Obni attacks Kale but is easily struck off of the arena and their universe is the fifth to be erased.

Now only fighters from Teams Universe 6, 7, and 11 remain. As Kale slows down, Caulifla goes to check on her but Kale brushes her off and charges off. Caulifla calls out to one of her teammates, Magetta and asks her to stop Kale. Still lacking reason, she lifts him off the ground and one handed tosses him from the arena. The two Namekians, Pilina and Saonel speak to her, urging her to come to our senses as the can surely win with her level of power but Kale answers back by simply blasting the two of them off the arena at the same time.

Caulifla asks Cabba what's wrong with her to which Cabba responds that maybe she is the Legendary Super Saiyan who only shows up every one thousand years. He tells her that once such a Saiyan is awoken their power continues to grow and rampage until they self destruct. Cabba transforms into a Super Saiyan and attempts to stop Kale before that happens and urges her to remember why they are fighting but Kale does not listen and hits him, sending him off the arena. Before he is eliminated, he is caught by Vegeta, who mocks him for being tossed aside by an ally before asking him to explain what is going on.

Kale continues her rampage, taking on the Pride Troopers, Cocotte, Kettle, Kahseral, Tupper, Zoire, K'nsi, and Vewon. While individually outmatched, as a team they are able to gain the advantage. Vegeta watching nearby explains to Cabba that Kale's brute strength alone is useless and that she is starting to lose power as she is beginning to reach her limit. Cabba pleads with Vegeta for advice on how to save Kale, but Vegeta berates him, calling him a foe and telling him that he isn't there to offer aid before heading back to face Top.

The climax of the Tournament of Power has begun.

In the anime, Grand Minister points out that half of the 100 taks have passed, and in order to signify the Tournament of Power's halfway point, he creates a green shade in the atmosphere around the tournament ring. Jiren tells Top and Dyspo that the rest is up to them, and resumes his meditation since the two warriors he was needed for (Hit was eliminated and Goku ran out of energy) have been defeated. Biarra and Catopesra approach Team Universe 11, attempting to knock off Jiren, but they are easily repelled. Goku realizes that as of now, he is no match for Jiren, and thinks to himself about regaining Ultra-Instinct.

Goku silently watches as Jiren continues meditating and says he can still continue fighting. Beerus questions if Goku is all right and Whis says that despite being exhausted, Goku's fighting spirit is still intact. The two Zenos ask Grand Minister what happens when time runs out, and Grand Minister answers that the universe with the most remaining warriors wins. Eyre resolves to eliminate Goku now while the time is ripe, and Mosco commands his warriors to attack Goku. Koitsukai, Pancéa, and Borareta immediately assault Goku, and Shin comments on how unfair this is while Goku is still recovering. Beerus says they have no choice but to believe in Goku.

Saonel about to attack Piccolo

Piccolo notices Goku in peril, and insists that Gohan go help him. Gohan believes his father will be fine and suggests that the two of them concentrate on their own battle, as they face Saonel and Pilina of Universe 6. Pilina assaults Gohan with a homing Mouth Energy Wave that Gohan deflects, but Pilina knocks the Saiyan down as he's distracted. Meanwhile, Piccolo fights Saonel, and before Saonel can land an Energy Blade slash, the attack is caught by Gohan. Before Saonel can retaliate, he is blasted away by Piccolo. Piccolo is excited to learn that other universes have Namekians that are this strong. Champa orders his warriors to lessen Universe 7's numbers and to flee, saying that they are no match for Jiren and they should aim to have the most numbers by the time the tournament is over; shamelessly remarking that he has no regard for dignity, only survival.

Elsewhere, Caulifla and Kale discuss the fight between Goku and Jiren. The discussion excites Caulifla, as she aspires to get on Goku's level, believing his recent form to be akin to his Saiyan heritage and therefore accessible for her and Kale. The two female Saiyans are then located by Monna of Universe 4. Quitela realizes Monna is on the offensive in order to take advantage of the opportunity since Hit, Universe 6's strongest warrior, has been eliminated. Caulifla prepares to fight Monna and tells Kale not to interfere, but Cabba appears and tells them he will fight Monna while they go somewhere else and recover their stamina. Monna tells Cabba to stop showing off in front of girls and challenges all three Saiyans to attack her, but Cabba says that he alone will be enough, which angers Monna. While Cabba and Monna engage in a power-lock, Caulifla tells Cabba not to order her around but eventually agrees to leave this to Cabba and the two leave. Cabba believes that Caulifla and Kale will be the secret weapons for Universe 6's survival, and is willing to fulfill his role as much as he can.

Cabba battles Monna

Cabba transforms into a Super Saiyan and fights with Monna, knocking her back. This only angers Monna even more as she exclaims Cabba's attack hurt, and she expands her body, becoming a human bowling ball, landing a huge blow on Cabba. Monna then jumps in the air and lands on a grounded Cabba, hurting him and causing him to revert to base form. In order to dodge Monna's next attack, Cabba fires a Ki Blast to propel himself out of the way, but Monna chases after him and hits him again, this time towards the edge of the ring. Cabba baits Monna's next attack and dodges at the last moment, hoping she would roll off the ring, but Monna quickly reacts and turns to Cabba's direction, knocking him off the ring. Cabba curses himself for not being able to drain the opponent's stamina at all, but he believes he was able to buy Caulifla and Kale enough time. Before falling off completely, Cabba is caught by Vegeta.

Cabba is relieved that his "master" saved him, and Vegeta throws Cabba back in the ring. When Monna approaches Vegeta, angry at his interference, the Saiyan prince blasts her away without a word. Whis is gleeful at Vegeta and Cabba's master-student relationship. Vados tells a happy Champa that they were once again saved by a warrior from Beerus' universe, and Champa says he will repay the debt since he's honorable like that. Quitela is, however, annoyed by Vegeta's action. Cabba thanks Vegeta for saving him, but Vegeta knees him in the stomach, saying he didn't save him, he just couldn't stand the sight of a weak Saiyan. Vegeta asks Cabba if he plans to lose without fulfilling the promise he made, referring to Vegeta wanting to visit Planet Sadala, and Cabba gloomily responds by saying one of their universes will be erased and the promise cannot be kept. Vegeta resolves to use the Super Dragon Balls to revive Universe 6, should Universe 7 win the Tournament of Power. Cabba is delighted to hear this and promises the same if Universe 6 wins, but Vegeta boldly states that he will not lose. Vegeta tells Cabba to fight without regret as a Saiyan and leaves. Frieza overhears the two's conversation, calling their bond repulsive.

Cabba prepares to fight Monna again, who attacks him, saying that once she defeats Cabba, she will go on to defeat Vegeta, along with Caulifla and Kale. As Cabba is pushed to the edge by Monna's relentless assault, she insults him and calls him weak, wondering if all Saiyans are as weak as him (despite earlier witnessing the power of Goku and being shocked by it). Monna calls Vegeta a coward who hits her with a cheap shot and runs away. Cabba, enraged by her words, resolves to defeat her here, attaining his Super Saiyan 2 form. Monna is unimpressed, but Cabba suddenly lands a huge blow on her, angering her as she tries to crush Cabba. Cabba stops her aerial attack with a Ki Blast, strengthening it enough to knock Monna out of the ring.

Frieza confronts Cabba

Vegeta silently compliments his student in his victory and hypocritically expresses aggravation at Jiren's arrogant refusal to acknowledge other fighters in the tournament, stating that he will prove that Goku and Hit are not the only ones who pose a challenge. Top then confronts him to fight and keep him at bay. Vegeta remarks that he is not interested in the second strongest. Top retorts that Vegeta is also the second strongest, which absolutely infuriates the Saiyan Prince as he goes Super Saiyan Blue, engaging the Pride Trooper leader in battle. Cabba searches for Caulifla and Kale, but he is confronted by Frieza, who snidely challenges Cabba to a fight. Cabba complies and attacks Frieza, who easily blocks his punches and corners the young Saiyan. Frieza tells Cabba that even though he loves strong opponents, he has a great hatred for Saiyans, saying that once he beats Cabba he'll go "play" with Caulifla and Kale. Cabba angrily goes Super Saiyan 2 and fires his Galick Cannon, but Frieza emerges from the smoke as Golden Frieza, torturing Cabba with many Death Beams. An injured Cabba shows that his Saiyan spirit has not wavered, and Frieza fires a huge blast that knocks Cabba out of the ring. While Champa curses Frieza for going after Cabba while he was exhausted, Frieza silently reveals his plan to obtain the Super Dragon Balls in order to gain control over all of the deities.

In the manga, Caulifla approaches Cabba and as she pulls up her pants a pair of Potara fall from her pocket. Cabba asks what they are and Caulifla says that she stole them from Fuwa prior to the Tournament. Champa calls out to Caulifla and tells her to put one earring on her ear and the other on Kale so they can fuse. Cabba asks for one of the earrings and attempts to go to Kale but is intercepted by Dyspo. Dyspo almost finishes him off, but Caulifla transforms into a Super Saiyan and stops him, asking Cabba to save Kale.

Kefla is formed

At that moment, Tupper launches Kale off the arena. Cabba leaps off towards her, putting the earring on her and throwing her onto the arena and falling off in her place. Caulifla puts on the other earring and the two are suddenly pulled together, and after a flash of light, fuse together to become Kefla. Beerus asks aloud if the use of tools is even allowed but the two Zenos excitement allows it go through unchallenged. Kefla declares that now the members of Universe 11 will be the ones to fall, and with overwhelming power, takes out the Pride Troopers one after another beginning with Tupper and then five others.

Goku is faced with Jiren and tells him to go and help him teammates, but Jiren responds by saying that it is unnecessary. As Kefla knocks down Dyspo and Kahseral she readies herself to take out the Jiren and Goku and fires a blast towards them. Suddenly, Gohan appears and knocks the blast aside. He tells his father to settle things with Jiren while he takes on Kefla all by himself. Kefla asks who he is, and Gohan warns her that he is a Saiyan like her, but one born on Earth.[13]

Twenty-Five Minutes into the Tournament

In the anime, Vegeta continues his fight with Top, approaching Goku and stands against him back-to-back. Vegeta notices Goku being pushed back by Universe 3, and Goku says he's trying to fight as he recovers his stamina. Vegeta is aware that Cabba lost, and says it doesn't matter as long as Universe 7 wins, saying that the Saiyans will live on. Goku agrees and the two continue their respective fights. Goku stands his ground against Koitsukai, Pancéa, and Borareta until he is saved by Caulifla, who knocks them all down as payment for Goku's earlier assistance (with herself, Kale, and Hit). Goku expresses his gratitude before Caulifla immediately goes Super Saiyan 2, having gained enough rest thanks to Cabba's actions and makes it clear that she wants Goku to fight her.

Caulfila blames herself, saying she couldn't do anything to save Hit and Cabba from getting eliminated. Wanting to get stronger and realizing Goku is the only one who can help her, she asks him to teach her how to become Super Saiyan 3. Goku agrees, but advises her to first come at her with everything. Caulifla asks Goku why he will not transform and Goku says he is still exhausted from his fight with Jiren, but he'll slowly pick up the pace as they fight. Champa cheers for Caulifla to defeat Goku while his stamina is drained, asserting his earlier assessment of how his brother's universe will be doomed without it's greatest warrior. Beerus yells in retaliation, asking who will beat Jiren if Goku loses. While Champa agrees that Goku stands the best chance, he remarks that the only thing that matters as far as victory goes is the universe with the most remaining warriors and that for his own universe to succeed, he needs to concentrate on eliminating the ones that are ahead of his, like Beerus'.

Goku uses his experience against Caulifla

Goku and Caulifla begin fighting, and Caulifla cannot land a hit on Goku, who easily outmaneuvers her. Champa wonders why this is happening, and Whis explains that while Caulifla is more powerful since she's transformed and maintains more stamina, Goku is a much more experienced fighter with a far greater sense of technique, being able to conserve his stamina while depleting Caulifla's and simultaneously exploiting the weaknesses in her brawling style of combat. Caulifla lands a hit on Goku, and Goku takes this more seriously, using the Afterimage Technique. Caulifla is confused by the technique and Goku knocks her aside. She accuses him of fighting dirty, but he says that if she can't figure out his Afterimage technique, she will never achieve Super Saiyan 3. Goku then begins to speed-blitz Caulifla using Instant Transmission until she begins to adapt to Goku's movements, and the Universe 7 spectators are surprised by this. Whis points out Caulifla's immense potential, and this fight is steadily unleashing it. Caulifla advises Goku to transform before he loses. He complies and goes Super Saiyan 2. Caulifla asks why Goku won't go Super Saiyan 3, and Goku responds saying he hasn't recovered the stamina for that yet. Caulifla is pushed back and fires her Crush Cannon which Goku manages to barely block. Goku decides to get serious and asks if Caulifla can keep up for Round 2.

Goku and Caulifla fight an equal battle, and Goku is impressed with Caulifla's improvement. Caulifla is excited to defeat Goku and achieve Super Saiyan 3. Caulifla and Goku power up to their max, and begin firing energy blasts at each other. The impact of their attacks shakes the entire tournament ring, destroying debris. Caulifla fakes an energy blast in Goku's face, catching him off-guard with a clean punch. Kale realizes that Caulifla is deeply loving her contest with Goku. Goku is impressed, saying that she might go even beyond Super Saiyan 3. Goku and Caulifla invite Kale to join in the fight, the latter so they can both achieve Super Saiyan 3, which she happily does. Beerus is disappointed that Goku is inviting Kale in, which means more trouble for himself, while Champa is gleeful. Kale is excited to fight alongside her sister, turning into Super Saiyan Green and attacking Goku together with Caulifla. With their combination attacks, the two increasingly pressure Goku.

Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 3

Shin is worried that taking on two Super Saiyans would be too much for Goku, but Krillin says that pushing himself to the edge to further himself is who Goku is. Goku manages to defend himself against both of them, and Master Roshi asks if Goku managed to achieve Autonomous Ultra Instinct again. Whis says this is impossible, as the state is extremely difficult to achieve even for a God of Destruction. This is merely Goku's senses being sharpened by Caulifla and Kale's attacks. Goku is pushed back, and Caulifla and Kale fire energy blasts at him, but Goku blocks the attacks with his aura, becoming Super Saiyan 3, shocking Caulifla and Kale. Goku thanks Caulifla and Kale, saying he can feel power boiling inside of him, and Caulifla and Kale are amazed at the form's immense power. However, Goku immediately reverts to Super Saiyan 2, saying he hasn't recovered the stamina to sustain Super Saiyan 3.

Though disappointed, Caulifla is determined to defeat Goku alongside Kale and become Super Saiyan 3, and Kale is also determined to get stronger herself, powering up to become Berserker Super Saiyan, worrying everyone watching. An excited Goku takes a fighting stance as Kale stares him down.

Caulifla and Kale attack Goku as one

While Kale is transforming into her Berserker Super Saiyan form, Goku recognizes the form as the form she took earlier in the tournament. The level of Kale's energy is enough to make Jiren's hands flinch during his meditation, as well as distract Vegeta and Top from their battle. While Top comments that Saiyans are not to be underestimated, Vegeta remarks that among the Saiyans, he is at the top, angrily punching Top away when the Pride Trooper leader again rebuffs such claims. Caulifla, amazed at Kale's power, goes up to her and tells her she finally made that energy her own, extending her hand. Kale grabs it, but forcefully grips it, enough to partially destroy the ring under them. Caulifla asks Kale if she can recognize her, acknowledging Kale as not only her protégé, but her true friend, and saying that together they should pose as the greatest threat to all the universes. Hearing this, Kale suddenly gains full control of her power, attaining her True Legendary Super Saiyan form, which surprises Goku.

Goku realizes that his body cannot stop shaking, saying it must be Kale's Saiyan instinct. He says he has to be careful or things could go bad for him. The two sides start their battle, and Goku is overwhelmed by the two's combination attacks. When Caulifla tries to attack Goku, he uses the Solar Flare to blindside her and cause her to crash. With her brute power, Kale pushes Goku back, angry at the older Saiyan's "dirty trick".

Goku tells Frieza not to interfere

Frieza is shown launching random blasts everywhere. Dyspo remarks that he can't deal with Frieza right now and retreats. Frieza is confronted by Catopesra, introducing himself as a policeman of Universe 3. When Catopesra begins to change his mode, he is knocked aside by Kale and Goku, the latter still struggling against Kale's power. Kale tries to knock Goku off, but she is knocked back by a Ki Blast shot from Goku's foot. Frieza, still watching, is impressed with Caulifla and Kale, saying he will now be fighting them. Caulifla tries to attack Frieza as revenge for knocking Cabba off, and Frieza tries to retaliate, but he is stopped by Goku. Goku tells him that it's still his turn, and Frieza complies, telling him to lose already, also interested in watching Saiyans pummel each other around as a form of "theater". Catopesra finishes his interrupted transformation, assuming his "Whirlwind Speed Mode" which increases his speed 300-fold. He runs away, daring Frieza to follow him, but Frieza ignores him.

Goku resumes his match with Caulifla and Kale, excited to fight them with everything he has. Caulifla creates a smokescreen, causing Goku to focus and sense the attacking Kale's ki, however, it is a diversion as Kale grabs Goku and keeps him in place while Caulifla unleashes a flurry of attacks on him. Goku flips, causing Kale to crash on the ground and release him, and then attempts to use Instant Transmission, but Caulifla uses her senses to anticipate Goku's reappearance and attack him. Goku acknowledges Kale and Caulifla as the perfect tag team, then transforms into Super Saiyan God. Though momentarily shocked, the girls insist that they still have the advantage. Goku attacks with several Finger Beams, which the Saiyan duo dodges, and despite the two's combination attacks, Goku remains undaunted, knocking around Caulifla with single blows and even casually emerging from Kale's massive energy blast before kicking her aside. Caulifla and Kale try blasting Goku from both sides, but the more experienced Saiyan pushes back their attacks with blasts of his own. While Kale is struggling against her blast, Caulifla tries to run from hers, noticing it's tracking her. Kale deflects her blast but watches as Caulifla takes a direct hit. Goku compliments the two on their performance but says they still need more training, opting to fight them again after the tournament.

Kefla, the fusion of Caulifla and Kale

Caulifla, realizing they are no longer a match for Goku on their own, tells Kale to take out "that thing" they received before the tournament. While Goku fires a Kamehameha, he shatters the ring around them, but the two are enveloped by a strange glow. With the birth of a new warrior, Kefla, she makes her way back to the ring. Champa is ecstatic that the two used their last resort, the Potara, revealing he gave them the earrings before heading to the Tournament of Power. Kefla powers up, exclaiming she feels great, and Goku comments on her power, saying it's so massive he cannot sense a limit to it. Indeed, Vegeta is distracted by their energy to the point where Top knocks him down, urging him to focus on his own battle. Kefla decides to attack Goku, but she's so fast Goku cannot follow her movements. After a brief scuffle, Kefla easily overpowers Goku while mocking his once-effective attacks.

Super Saiyan God Goku is being pushed back by Kefla. Goku comments that he did not expect a Potara Fusion, and Kefla powers up, exclaiming that her bubbling power is out of this world and that nobody can stop her. After hitting Goku twice, Goku comments that Kefla is far stronger than Caulifla and Kale individually. Beerus is furious that Champa is cheating, exclaiming that fusion should be against the rules. Champa advises Beerus to use Potara himself, and Beerus says he won't subject to cheating to get disqualified. The Zenos say that fusion is amazing, and Grand Minister declares that fusion is no longer against the rules. Beerus happily snatches the Potara off of Shin's ears, while some of the other Gods proclaim that they don't need to use Potara.

Vegeta is continuing his battle with Top, and he's getting pushed back because he's too distracted by Goku and Kefla's battle, expressing disdain for the Saiyan women's superior behavior. Taking advantage, Top says he can observe them as much as he wants from the sidelines, before appearing behind him and catching him with Justice Rear Naked Choke. Gohan and Piccolo continue to fight Saonel and Pilina, and Pilina catches Piccolo by the leg. Before Saonel can blast him, Gohan counters the attack with his Masenko, also smashing Pilina's arm to free Piccolo. Pilina regenerates his arm.

Android 17 hits Catopesra

Shin suggests to allow Android 17 and Android 18 to use the Potara, and Beerus agrees due to them being compatible cyborg twins. Shin jokingly calls them "Android 35", much to Krillin's embarrassment. Whis points out that fusion may pose as a disadvantage since they pose the risk of eliminating two warriors at once to which a begrudging Beerus ultimate concedes. Hearing her Kai's assessment on the threat Goku and Jiren pose, Heles agrees to use the Potara, calling fusion "beautiful", and arranges for Zarbuto and Rabanra to fuse. She tosses them the Potara, and while Zarbuto struggles to put his earring on (due to his helmet) they are ran over by a charging Kefla, who also destroys the Potara. Humorously, Heles finds that beautiful as well. Android 18 notices her leg is slightly injured from a previous explosion and is confronted by Catopesra. The Universe 3 policeman appears behind 18, but she is saved by her brother, Android 17. 17 punches Catopesra in the gut and knocks him away with a blast. 18 says she never asked for 17's help, and 17 says that he was just passing through. Goku continues his struggle against the unrelenting Kefla and barely defends himself from one of Kefla's blast. When the smoke clears, Goku has assumed his Super Saiyan Blue form.

Goku uses the Kaioken in battle

Kefla exclaims in delight, as she was waiting for Goku to go Blue, and decides to also go all-out, assuming her Super Saiyan form. Kefla's transformation shakes the entire tournament ring. Champa comments that even he didn't expect a Super Saiyan Kefla to be so powerful, completely confident that she can defeat Goku, citing that despite the veteran Saiyan's restored strength, his stamina still hasn't fully recovered from his fight with Jiren. While Kefla is fighting an even battle with Goku, she asks him if he wants her to also become Blue, and Goku snidely asks if she can. Kefla is determined to reach that form and surpass Goku. During this time, Jiren's left eye twitches in the middle of his meditation as a response to the Saiyans' battle and Vegeta manages to break out of Top's grip and defeat him; also grinning at the fact that Goku has finally managed to reach his Blue form again. Kefla fires another blast at Goku, who is forced to go Super Saiyan Blue: Kaio-ken to deflect it. The blast narrowly misses Frieza, who exclaims that their battle is worth watching. Beerus realizes that in Goku's current condition, using Kaio-ken will be too much for him.

The two continue to power up, and Goku ends up landing a clean hit on Kefla. Cabba is concerned as Champa shouts at Kefla, who emerges from the ground and curses her destroyer for his relentless prattle. Beerus says that Goku should only be able to use one more attack before he runs out of stamina. Goku counters one of Kefla's blasts with a Kamehameha, but Kefla appears behind him and kicks him hard enough to knock him aside, making him revert to base form. Universe 7 is shocked and Champa is confident that with Goku's defeat, Universe 6's victory is imminent. Kefla is disappointed that Goku is too exhausted to continue and prepares to eliminate him. When Goku awakens with the intent to continue, Kefla is pleased and readies an energy barrage. Once launching her attack at Goku, the Saiyan suddenly deflects every attack, having regained Autonomous Ultra Instinct "Omen". Whis realizes that Goku once again broke through his shell while he was cornered. Staring at Goku's silver eyes, Kefla is surprised and concerned.

Goku and Kefla power up

Goku regains his Autonomous Ultra Instinct "Omen" form, and also gains a new control over the form, being able to freely exert his energy and talk normally, telling Kefla she cannot beat him anymore. Whis speculates that Goku once again attained the form due to being pushed into a corner by Kefla's power, which rivaled the Spirit Bomb that broke through Goku's limits. Champa is worried and orders Kefla to defeat Goku before he masters Autonomous Ultra Instinct. Kefla powers up to Super Saiyan 2, and charges an energy attack, believing her power can destroy a whole universe. Gohan and Piccolo are shaken by their power, with Piccolo commenting that while one's power increases, that in turn incites the other's power to increase. Piccolo also speculates that Kefla's Super Saiyan 2 power surpassed Goku's earlier level.

Goku takes on a battle stance, noting that this is enough for him, and Kefla attacks, only for Goku to easily dodge. Goku then easily dodges all of Kefla's attacks from behind, along with every other direction. The intensity of their fight causes Fuwa to abandon his usual meek disposition and show a more aggressive and determined demeanor as he cheers Kefla on. While Goku continues to dodge Kefla's attacks, Vegeta, who is watching the fight, realizes that Goku's body is reacting on its own, remembering what Whis told them during training: to learn how to have each of their body parts react on its own as their speed is severely limited when they think before they act. Kefla cannot land a single hit on Goku, who casually glides on the side of a mountain while eyeing a pursuing Kefla upside down, managing to knock her away with an Invisible Eye Blast. Kefla then regains herself, saying that while Goku's reaction time is impressive, his damage output is too weak and tells him that she knows he can do better. Goku says he's getting the hang of Autonomous Ultra Instinct.

Jiren senses Goku's power and awakens from his meditation, reuniting with Top and Dyspo. Goku ignores Kefla's taunting, immediately charging her and knocking her away with a barrage of fast punches. Goku dodges Kefla's attack and kicks her away, further knocking her back with a Kiai. Whis speculates that even though Kefla has impressive endurance, Goku cannot fully utilize Autonomous Ultra Instinct when he's attacking, and this next hit should be his last or his stamina will give out. Goku silently thinks this same thing and declares this battle over, angering Kefla to the point where her energy begins to swell even more.

Goku prepares a Kamehameha to use on Kefla

Kefla decides to power up and uses everything she has, creating large lasers with her energy that spreads around the entire tournament ring. Goku dodges the lasers, however, a couple of them manage to graze him. Master Roshi says that even Goku would not survive if he took those hits head-on. Goku begins charging a Kamehameha while moving closer to Kefla and dodging all of her energy attacks. When Kefla fires her final energy beam, noting that Goku cannot dodge in mid-air, Goku skates on top of it with his Kamehameha to catch Kefla off-guard, and fires the attack, sending the fused Saiyan crashing into the ring and sending her flying out of bounds. While she is hit, the Potara shatters, causing Kefla to separate back into Caulifla and Kale as they re-appear on the sidelines. Kale apologizes to Champa and Fuwa as Caulifla curses Goku and vows to defeat him when they face each other again. Champa and Fuwa begin to panic with Saonel and Pilina as their remaining warriors, and the two Namekians vow to defeat Universe 7.

Whis commends Goku for his smart thinking, choosing the Kamehameha as his final attack, which he could focus on charging as his body would instinctively dodge any attack. Master Roshi and Tien say that Goku would not be able to use that same tactic again unless he could attack on instinct. Whis says this is a lot harder to execute, as everyone always thinks about what attacks are effective. Goku's thoughts were focused on his attacks while in Autonomous Ultra Instinct, which explains why his attacks were inadequate against Kefla. Whis wonders if Goku will be able to learn how to leave both attacking and defending on instinct in the time they have left.

As Top and Dyspo discuss Goku's growing strength and improvement, Jiren silently wonders about the Saiyan. Goku collapses from his stamina drain and returns to his base form, as Frieza continues to observe him from afar and acknowledges the drawbacks with possessing such power while admitting that he needs Goku to regain his strength quickly in order to continue making things easy for him. Vegeta, frustrated and angry at again being surpassed by his rival, declares that he should also be able to use Autonomous Ultra Instinct and vows to master it before Goku does.

Thirty Minutes into the Tournament

Vegeta has enough of being beaten around

In the anime, Gohan is impressed (as he often is with his father) that Goku defeated Kefla, but Piccolo can see he needs assistance. They go to help him but are interrupted by Saonel and Pilina. Champa yells at them to take out Universe 7 and they're confident they can win. Meanwhile, Vegeta roams the battlefield and childishly curses Goku for again leaving him in the dust until he is confronted by Catopesra, who tells him that his luck has run out and switches to Raging Battle Mode, which increases his power 300x his normal strength. Vegeta tries to unlock Autonomous Ultra Instinct like Goku, but gets pummeled by Catopesra. As Shin, Krillin, Roshi, and Beerus outwardly wonder why Vegeta isn't fighting back, Whis figures out what Vegeta was trying to do and maintains his earlier statement about the level being too difficult for someone as analytical as Vegeta. After repeated hits, Vegeta gets annoyed and goes back to his normal fighting style, repaying everything Catopesra did to him in spades while taking his frustration out on him, Whis stating that it is better that way.

Android 18 wants to go help Goku, but Android 17 insists on using his medical experience to fix her leg first. While he patches her up, the two talk about their families. Once he is finished, 17 tells her not to overdo it. The remaining fighters from Team Universe 2 show up to finish the weakened Goku (just like love can appear suddenly, without warning), Heles rebuffing an outraged Beerus by stating that the Saiyan is a massive threat to the survival of her universe and that there may not be a better chance to be rid of him. Ribrianne and Roasie fire their Love Symphony at Goku, but 17 and 18 repel it and rush to protect their teammate from further attacks. Annoyed, Ribrianne politely, and naively, asks them to step aside, but the Androids naturally refuse, as their universe cannot afford to lose Goku. Roasie is aggravated by this (which is interesting, considering she earlier moved to protect her own teammates from elimination), but Ribrianne says love must overcome obstacles like this. While she and Roasie combat 18 and 17 (the latter to avenge Kakunsa), Ribrianne sends Rabanra, Zarbuto, and Zirloin to ensure that Goku does not escape, but demands that they not touch him until she returns. Despite the order, the three male warriors consider eliminating the Saiyan to redeem themselves after they failed to be careful with the Potara earrings and simply because they feel it would be a simple task given his exhausted state. Goku stands in defiance of their plotting, ignoring Beerus' order for him to flee, stating that he is in no condition to battle, much less, defeat the trio, who laugh at Goku's stubbornness. 

Lovely Love, Love Ribrianne

Ribrianne yells at 18 to stop running away and fight her head-on. 18 says she came to win and says she has a husband and daughter to fight for. Ribrianne is shocked to realize Krillin is her husband. Ribrianne aims Max Love Cannon at 18 when she's in midair and can't dodge, but she and 17 manage to redirect her attack to take out Roasie instead. Ribrianne powers down into her normal state, but even like this she manages to imprison 18 with her Big Amour and absorbs "love" from her teammates, turning into Lovely Love, Love Ribrianne. As she prepares to rain down her fist on 18, thoughts of Krillin and him shouting at her inspire her to break free. 17 arrives to help, after defeating Biarra and together they go after Lovely Love, Love Ribrianne. 18 punches a hole through Lovely Love, Love Ribrianne and it dissolves as Brianne falls out of the arena. While in the spectator bench, Brianne cries while the Grand Minister announces her defeat.

Shin says that the power of love has prevailed, namely the love of 18 and Krillin until 18 shoots a Finger Beam at Shin and threatens him. Defeated, Brianne realizes that there is love in other universes as well. Heles tells the remaining Universe 2 warriors to prevail, even if it's not beautiful.

Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra confront Goku

The people of Universe 2 panic after Ribrianne was defeated, but she assures them that it’s not over yet and asks them to keep cheering on their remaining warriors. Indeed, at that moment Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra fight three-to-one against Goku, who holds his own and briefly manages to fend them off despite being exhausted from all of his previous battles. On the sidelines, Champa gloats that with their ace gone, Universe 2 hasn't got long to live, though he also recognizes that his universe is in the same boat. With two warriors left, they've actually got fewer than Universe 2, so they can't even try to wait until the tournament time runs out and win by numbers.

Caulifla yells at Saonel and Pilina, threatening to beat them up if they lose, even though if they lose she will be destroyed along with them. Still, her words manage to raise Saonel and Pilina's fighting spirit, though something else changes about them as well. Fighting against the two Namekians, Piccolo and Gohan can sense the change in their opponents as they're growing faster and stronger. Meanwhile, Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra are powered up by the love of Universe 2's people and transform the same way as Ribrianne, Kakunsa, and Roasie did, right down to now wearing the same sort of costumes.

Piccolo vs. Pilina

The miraculously transformed Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra ready to vanquish Goku, but when Android 17 and Android 18 again move to assist him, they vow revenge on them for eliminating their female teammates. The androids remain undaunted and brag about being the ones who eliminated Ribrianne, Kakunsa, and Roasie. Together with Goku, they now begin a three-on-three fight with Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra. At the same time, Piccolo finally figures out that Saonel and Pilina assimilated other Namekians to power up. With the survival of their universe on the line, the Universe 6 Namekians selected Saonel and Pilina as their representatives and many assimilated with them. The two avoided fighting too hard until their powered-up bodies stabilized so that they could serve as reinforcements in the second half of the tournament.

Gohan recognizes that after assimilating so many Namekians, Saonel and Pilina must have an incredible life force. Since there's no need to hold back for fear of killing them, Gohan fights at full power to hold them off while Piccolo charges up a Special Beam Cannon. As the fight continues, Whis wonders if Beerus is feeling conflicted about Champa's erasure if Piccolo and Gohan win. However, Beerus claims to have no mixed feelings and loudly cheers his team on. While the Zenos are excited to see Goku and his son both fighting hard, the Grand Minister notes that Universe 7 has kept on winning against all the other universes, but as a result, they're worn out. On the other hand, Teams Universe 2 and 6 are facing erasure and gained new power out of desperation. Saonel stretches his arms to grab Gohan, but when Pilina moves in to attack, Piccolo nails him with a Special Beam Cannon. However, the attack fails to pierce through Pilina, who retaliates with a mouth blast.

Goku fires a Kamehameha

Fortunately, Gohan shields Piccolo from the blast and apologizes for letting his guard down before Piccolo could finish fully charging his attack. Piccolo likewise apologizes to Gohan for not being able to finish due to his sympathy for the other Namekians. The fight recommences as Piccolo vows that he and Gohan will fight to their fullest no matter their opponent. Meanwhile, Zirloin, Zarbuto, and Rabanra acknowledge that Goku, 17, and 18 are also warriors of love, and resolve to use their full powers against them. Together the three create a point of concentrated love, a gigantic black heart that sucks other attacks in. This is the legendary "Pretty Black Hole", which even Ribrianne and her team couldn't master. The Pretty Black Hole bears down on Goku, 17, and 18, threatening to sink them straight down through the bottom of the arena and out of bounds. Its weight is even greater than Bulma's Gravity Room and prevents Goku from using Instant Transmission. However, while impressed by Universe 2's power, he prefers his own fighting spirit over love. He goes Super Saiyan Blue and fires a Kamehameha, while at the same time Gohan likewise fires a Kamehameha against Saonel.

Pilina counters Gohan's Kamehameha with a mouth blast, allowing Saonel to try and grab Gohan with his stretching arms again. But Piccolo fires his now fully charged Special Beam Cannon through both the Universe 6 Namekians, weakening them enough to allow Gohan's blast to knock them out of the ring, just as Goku's Kamehameha breaks through the Pretty Black Hole and does the same to the Universe 2 warriors; draining the older Saiyan to the point where the androids have to offer him physical aid. Still observing Goku's battles from afar, Frieza notes that he didn't display Autonomous Ultra Instinct "Omen" this time as Whis theorizes that as Goku grows accustomed to fighting in extreme conditions, it will take more and more to trigger it. The Grand Minister officially announces that Universe 2 and Universe 6 have lost, and the Zenos begin to erase them. Brianne and her team give one last message of love before they vanish, and Vados tearfully bids farewell to Champa (from afar). Though, impressed by Saonel and Pilina's fight, Caulifla still tries to follow through on her promise to beat them up for losing and chases them around while Cabba wishes Vegeta good luck. Champa calls out to Beerus and sticks his tongue out at him as a last teasing attempt moments before vanishing, to his brother's seemingly deadpan response. Still fighting against Catopesra, Vegeta tells him that what happens next is not personal. He is merely in a bad mood now.

In the manga, With 15 minutes remaining only 12 fighters are left, from Universe 6, Kefla, the fusion of Caulifla and Kale, from Universe 7, Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan, Android 17 and Master Roshi and from Universe 11, Jiren, Top, Kahseral and Dyspo.

As Kefla battles against Gohan, she soon is able to throw him to the ground where she comes down on top of him. She mocks him by asking if he is sure that he doesn't need to go Super Saiyan but Gohan responds by kicking her off of him, claiming that he doesn't do that anymore because there's no need to and that that he has chosen to evolve as a human rather than a Saiyan. Piccolo watching above tells Krillin that in the brief period of their training, Gohan has regained his sense of battle and is now more powerful than he has ever been.

Meanwhile Goku restarts his battle with Jiren, turning Perfected Super Saiyan Blue and charging in. Nearby Vegeta continues his evenly fought battle against Top telling him that he is stronger than he appears to which Top tells him that he is a God of Destruction candidate before unleashing the reserves of his strength.

Android 17 compliments Master Roshi on still being in the Tournament after all this time and that while he cannot read energy like the others, he can still tell that he is quite strong as they ready themselves to take on the Pride Trooper pair, Dyspo and Kahseral who they see as being the weakest contenders left. Frieza on the other hand not in imminent conflict takes the opportunity to recover his stamina.

Beerus turns to Champa, complaining about the use of the Potara being used and calls him sneaky but Champa says nothing in response, clearly nervous of what is about to happen to himself and his Universe. On the arena, Gohan and Kefla's battle reaches it's conclusion, both equally exhausted. Kefla laughs knowing that she has lost and couldn't even take out one Saiyan and accepts her fate of being erased. Champa acknowledges defeat as he stands and thanks Vados for everything that she has done for him over the years. Gohan and Kefla, at their limit rush towards each other for one final attack, throwing a punch that lands on both sides and sends them off the arena, eliminating them in the process. Champa thanks Caulifla and Kale for their effort and turns to Beerus shouting at him that he has not lost to him and that he shouldn't get the wrong idea as he pulls one last face at Beerus as he along with his Universe are erased by the two Zenos.

Goku uses the Blue Kaio-ken

Goku continues his fight with Jiren, unable to do any damage to him at all and a single punch in return inflicts heavy damage on Goku. As Jiren states that it is time to end their fight, Goku begins to power up saying that he does not care if what he is about to do wrecks his body in the end because he needs the power to overcome a wall. When Beerus asks what Goku has done for his power to shoot up as it has, Whis says that he is drawing deep from his reserves for a temporary boost regardless of the damage it may cause him leading Krillin to wonder why Goku has used the Kaio-ken after so long. The power up allows Goku to land heavier blows on Jiren but it still proves ineffective with no real damage done. Jiren tells Goku that power gained by destroying the body cannot be used properly and that he has made the very same mistake that Kale had previously in her Legendary Super Saiyan form.

Meanwhile Master Roshi has forced Kahseral to the edge of the arena and in immediate danger of being eliminated though Kahseral cannot understand why as the power level that he is reading from him is as low as dirt. Master Roshi however tells him that he should not rely on such a thing as he has failed to see what lies underneath. As Kahseral goes in for one final punch, Master Roshi intercepts it and with a swift display of martial arts skill, knocks Kahseral from the arena. He then notices as Goku is shown struggling against his opponent, unsure of what it is he has to do. Master Roshi asks Goku what strength means to him and Goku responds by saying that even as a Super Saiyan Blue he can not keep up with Jiren and supposes that he needs a greater power. Master Roshi tells him that plain old fighting strength is not a way to measure things, that they master the martial arts not to win fights but to conquer their own selves. He asks Goku to think of all those who have taught Goku up till that point and Goku remembers the words of Korin, Mr. Popo and Kami, King Kai, and Whis, of being told that he has too much wasted movement, that he must be tranquil and train his spirit as well as his body and that he must not allow his mind to control his movements. Master Roshi tells Goku he will teach him one last lesson, how to move well. he charges at Jiren and when he retaliates with a punch, Master Roshi instinctively dodges it much to Jiren's surprise. Jiren attempts multiple times to strike his opponent but Master Roshi is able to dodge them all.

Goku uses Ultra Instinct Sign against Jiren

Beerus asks Whis if these moves are perhaps a form of Autonomous Ultra Instinct to which Whis says that there is a strong resemblance but is still a far cry from it all the same. Master Roshi goes in for a final punch but Jiren is able to easily avoid it and with a small chop to the neck eliminates him from the Tournament. Whis tells Beerus that Master Roshi's words have caused a change in Goku and soon thereafter dodges one of Jiren's blows and appears in a new state, Ultra Instinct Sign. Beerus asks if what he is seeing is what he thinks it is and Whis confirms that it is, that Goku has learned the technique which severs the link between the mind and the body, allowing the user to attack and dodge subconsciously known as Autonomous Ultra Instinct. Jiren asks Goku if he overcame the wall that he aspired to and Goku says that he probably has, the two rush into battle once more but Goku returns to his normal state almost immediately and gets hit hard. Whis says that it must not have been the true Autonomous Ultra Instinct after all and that Goku had just found a chance to tap into it and nothing more. Jiren then tells a downed and injured Goku that a man with such little resolve will never be able to beat him.[14]

Thirty-Five Minutes into the Tournament

Vegeta battles Catopesra

In the anime, as Vegeta and Catopesra continue to battle, Catopesra changes into his "Ultimate Mode", increasing both his power and speed 300 fold. However, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan and attacks him before he can finish explaining about this form, forcing Catopesra to use Catopesra The Final Mission. Vegeta counters with a Final Flash, which he offers as a superior example of a "final" technique. Vegeta's blast pushes Catopesra to the edge of the arena, but he just barely manages to stop himself from going over. Suddenly though, Catopesra is knocked over the edge and rings out. As Catopesra materializes in the bleachers, Mosco (via Campari) asked him what happened. However, Catopesra wasn't sure himself as he felt like something attacked his feet. At that moment, something nearly knocks Vegeta and Gohan, who is rescued by Piccolo, out of the arena.

Android 18 is the next to be attacked by this mysterious opponent, and when Quitela laughs, Beerus realizes this must be another one of his tricks. Master Roshi wonders if they might be dealing with an invisible person, and while Beerus can't believe it would be something so old-fashioned, Quitela confirms that this is indeed the case. Still, knowing this doesn't help 18 as she is unable to attack or defend. Piccolo jumps in and unleashes a Hyper Explosive Demon Wave to hit his enemy without aiming. However, the invisible enemy still manages to get away an Quitela's plan is to wear them down like this and then ring them out. Remembering the last time he encountered an invisible man, Roshi recommends that Gohan cover the enemy in blood. Gohan, however, opts to fire a series of Ki Blasts to create a cloud of dust, thus revealing the vaguely lizard-like outline of their opponent, Gamisalas. Now able to see his opponent, Piccolo absolutely dominates him, mocking him for his lack of fighting skill before blasting him out of the arena. In the bleachers, Gamisalas apologizes to Quitela, and Beerus brags that such tricks won't work against Universe 7, but Quitela thinks to himself that they are just getting started.

Xiangca's illusion technique

Quitela orders Xiangca to get going, who creates a strange red zone around Team Universe 7. The defeated warriors from the erased universes appear, claiming to be back for revenge. Though Piccolo recognizes these as illusions, they are apparently still solid enough to attack him and the others, though their own attacks simply pass through their phantom opponents. While the phantoms themselves have no ki to sense, Piccolo can still sense two people nearby: one moving, and one still. Gohan realizes that the still one must be creating the illusions, while the other uses the illusions as cover to attack them. Indeed, Piccolo soon spots Xiangca hiding nearby and very easily blows him out of the arena, much to Quitela's annoyance. The illusions and red zone vanish, but the second fighter still remains and continues his attack. Universe 4's final fighter, Damom, is apparently another invisible person, but unlike Gamisalas he is unable to suppress his ki, and Piccolo confidently attacks him. For some reason though, none of Piccolo's attacks connect and in his confusion, he is caught off guard and knocked from the arena. Materializing in the bleachers, Piccolo wonders what happened as Damom is not only invisible but has no physical body.

Android 17 is attacked by Damom and was almost eliminated until Goku saved him. 17 soon figures out Damom's secret and stands still with his eyes closed, taunting Damom to come attack him. Not distracted by sight or ki-sensing, Android 17's attacks zero in on Damom and finally reveal his true nature: a tiny insect humanoid. Since everyone incorrectly assumed Damom was invisible, the discrepancy between the ki they sensed from him and his tiny size prevented any of their attacks from hitting. Knowing Damom's secret, it is still difficult for Goku and 17 to manage to hit such a small and fast opponent. Knowing that Damom has no wings and must always jump to attack, Goku repeatedly punches the arena to throw him off enough for Android 17 to capture him within a tiny barrier and kick him out of the arena. Though Damom apologizes to his destroyer, Quitela is far too furious to accept it and attempts to squish him. With Team Universe 4 defeated, the Zenos prepare to Erase them. However, Quitela refuses to accept this and tries to take everyone else down with him, but before he can, he and the rest of Universe 4 cease to exist.

Team Universe 11 staring down Team Universe 7

The Omni-Kings review the current status of the tournament, seeing that many warriors have been eliminated and only three universes now remain. Though the tournament will soon be over, the Grand Minister assures them that the truly exciting part is still ahead, now that only the top warriors from each universe remain. Following the loss of Piccolo, there are now only six members left on Team Universe 7. Goku is certain that Jiren and co. over in Universe 11 will be their final opponents, but out in the bleachers, Piccolo thinks they shouldn’t overlook Universe 3. Mosco declares that with so few warriors remaining, now is the perfect time for them to finally get serious. Following Mosco's orders, Paparoni assembles the other four remaining Universe 3 warriors, and together they go after Team Universe 7. While 17 and 18 struggles against Biarra, Vegeta finds that Borareta can anticipate his movements thanks to Koitsukai's analysis. Whis can tell that their team won't have such an easy time defeating warriors who have managed to survive for this long.

Gohan takes on Koicéareta

Continuing to analyze Team Universe 7 from afar, Koitsukai directs Pancéa and Borareta to defeat Goku and Vegeta with coordinated attacks. But, Gohan protects Goku and Vegeta from the Universe 3 warriors and is determined to take out these opponents on his own, so that Goku and Vegeta can conserve their stamina. Gohan manages well against Koitsukai, Pancéa, and Borareta, anticipating their movements much as they did with Vegeta. Meanwhile, 17 and 18 use their infinite stamina to gradually wear down Biarra's defenses with an endless barrage of Ki Blasts. Biarra collapses after cracks form in his armor, and 18 knocks him out of bounds. With only four Universe 3 warriors left, Mosco commands them to begin "Plan X". At Paparoni's instructions, Koitsukai, Pancéa, and Borareta merge into Koicéareta. Eyre explains how Paparoni modified those three so that they could combine into the ultimate warrior. Observing events from afar, Top thinks that Universe 3 has been keeping a rather troublesome ace-in-the-hole, while Frieza looks forward to watching how things play out. Gohan's initial barrage of Ki Blasts has no effect on Kochiarator, who despite his large size proves to also be faster than before. As Gohan struggles to block one of Kochiarator's attacks, Goku and Vegeta suddenly rush in and knock Kochiarator away. Goku assures Gohan that thanks to him, he has recovered his stamina.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta take on Kochiarator

Goku and Vegeta transform into Super Saiyan Blue and manage to push Kochiarator back, but with Paparoni's encouragement, Kochiarator manages to counter their blasts in the end. Paparoni declares victory, but in fact, Goku and Vegeta were merely buying time so that Gohan could charge up an attack of his own. Now that they’ve created an opening, Gohan nails Kochiarator with a Kamehameha that eventually breaks through the merged warrior's guard. It seems that Gohan has defeated Team Universe 3, and Beerus is so impressed that he addresses Gohan by his name rather than by his youth. Though Kochiarator is nowhere in sight, Paparoni has managed to remain in the arena. As Gohan and co. go to drop him out of bounds, he vows to unleash Universe 3's true final tactic and Kochiarator suddenly appears behind him.

Paparoni sacrificing himself to create a new warrior

Vowing to defeat Team Universe 7 even at the cost of his own life, Paparoni unleashes Universe 3's final tactic and merges with Koicéareta to become the gigantic Agnilasa. The Omni-Kings are impressed with the size of this fusion, while Mosco is confident they can now win. Agnilasa fires Ki Blasts off at every remaining warrior in the arena, forcing 17, 18, and Frieza to dodge, while Jiren simply counters with a blast of his own. Super Saiyan Vegeta tests Agnilasa out with a Big Bang Attack, but Agnilasa easily swats it aside and charges at Team Universe 7, making it clear that his power and speed have both greatly increased. After managing to evade Agnilasa’s assault, 17 and 18 join up with Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta, while Goku declares that their only option is to attack Agnilasa together. Following Gohan's advice, the group moves quickly to confuse their giant opponent with Goku powering up to Super Saiyan God, and each goes after a different limb. However, Agnilasa not only manages to track all five of them but proves fast enough to knock them each away before they can attack.

Goku wonders if Agnilasa is quickly tracking their ki, but 17 points out that he and 18 don't have ki like the others. Instead, 17 speculates that Agnilasa is emitting a sonar from his tentacle-like ears to instantly locate them. Agnilasa next begins using his immense power to warp space, punching his fist through wormholes to directly attack distant opponents. One of these warp punches sends Goku flying, but Frieza kicks him back into the arena before he can fall out of bounds. Goku thanks Frieza for saving him, and asks for his help against Agnilasa, who soon launches another attack against the entire Universe 7 team. This time Agnilasa starts grabbing at warriors, eventually getting hold of 18, who he tries to swallow. Though Goku manages to save 18 at the last moment, and Agnilasa begins firing off a barrage of homing blasts. 17 blocks these with one of his energy shield, but the continued assault manages to push him off the edge of the arena.

Team Universe 7 power up to the very limit against Agnilasa

As 17 falls, 18 jumps down and kicks him back up into the arena, effectively sacrificing herself in his place. The Grand Minister announces 18's elimination, and as she materializes in the bleachers she tells 17 not to lose. For his next trick, Agnilasa grows wings and begins to fly, then forms an enormous energy ball to take out Team Universe 7 together with the arena. The five remaining Universe 7 members power up to counter this attack, with Goku and Vegeta going Super Saiyan Blue, Gohan unleashing his potential, and Frieza charging up into his Golden form. All five fire blasts to hold off Agnilasa's energy ball but are gradually pushed back. Changing tactics, 17 surrounds himself in an energy shield and jumps straight through the energy ball to attack the crystal sphere in Agnilasa's forehead. Though 17 is knocked back by Agnilasa's energy, he has achieved his goal in destroying Agnilasa's energy reactor, throwing him off-balance enough for Goku and co.'s blasts to overtake him with one final push.

Mosco revealing his true form

Defeated, Agnilasa defuses back into Paparoni, Koitsukai, Pancéa, and Borareta, who materialize in the bleachers. Though Paparoni apologizes for their loss, Eyre says he did a great job. The Grand Minister announces Team Universe 3's defeat and the Omni-Kings begin to erase Universe 3. As the Universe 3 gods and warriors start to vanish, a red devil-like creature named Mule pops out of a hatch in Mosco's mechanical stomach, and thanks Campari for all his support. With Universe 3 eliminated, Goku thanks 17, who explains that it was his instincts as an android that led him to guess the location of Agnilasa’s energy reactor. Goku also thanks Frieza for lending a hand, and Frieza insists Goku still owes him one. The group is then interrupted by Team Universe 11 and Jiren assures them that this victory will be their last.

The Final Battle: Universe 7 vs. Universe 11

Frieza seeing through Dyspo's trick

In the anime, with the destruction of Universe 3, now only Universes 7 and 11 remain. There are nine minutes remaining in the tournament. As the Omni-Kings wonder which will win, the Grand Minister notes that the bleachers look a bit desolate with only two teams left. He uses his powers to shrink them down so that the gods and defeated contestants from the two universes are all now sitting side-by-side. Marcarita asks why Vados is sitting with the Universe 7 team, and she replies that with Universe 6 gone she plans to stick with them. In the arena, Goku powers up into Super Saiyan Blue and begins trading blows with Jiren, rather to Vegeta's annoyance. Goku is impressed as ever at Jiren's power, and Jiren asks Goku why he seeks greater strength but Goku isn't sure why he just does. He asks if Jiren wants to grow stronger too, but Jiren says he wants something more than strength. While the Grand Minister says Goku and Jiren's battle will be key to the tournament's outcome, Vegeta suddenly barges in and starts fighting Jiren himself, demanding that Jiren show him his power. Elsewhere, Dyspo dodges Frieza's Death Beams while he brags about being the fastest fighter in any universe. Frieza dismisses Dyspo as simply being good at running away, and Dyspo replies that Frieza must want to die again. Meanwhile, Gohan and Android 17 go up against Top, with Gohan warning that they need to steer clear of Top's big arms as they even gave Goku trouble.

Vegeta landing a heavy kick on Jiren

As Vegeta battles Jiren, he knows that he's never seen anyone with such tough, heavy ki before. Nevertheless, Vegeta vows that he will defeat Jiren and obtain the Super Dragon Balls. When Jiren knocks Vegeta away, Goku rushes in to fight him, though he is likewise overwhelmed by Jiren's rapid-fire punches. Vegeta seizes the next opportunity to take Goku's place fighting Jiren again, and this time he manages to successfully dodge Jiren's punches and close into land a punch of his own square on Jiren's chest. Everyone is amazed that Vegeta broke through Jiren's ki to land an attack. Piccolo realizes that Vegeta observed Jiren's attack pattern when he knocked Goku away (and so used that knowledge to dodge Jiren's attacks the next time around). Khai isn't too concerned though as it just makes things a little more interesting. Vegeta goes on to attack Jiren again and again, impressing the Omni-Kings. Shin think Vegeta may even have the upper hand, but Khai asks if he's blind.

Watching Vegeta's movements, Whis wonders if he is trying to test out Autonomous Ultra Instinct against Jiren. Meanwhile, Vegeta can tell that Jiren was stronger and faster when he fought Goku. Jiren suddenly nails him with a Power Impact that sends him flying far off into the distance. Vegeta struggles against the blast and it explodes just as it reaches the edge of the arena, enveloping everything in a cloud of dust. Meanwhile, Dyspo tries to trip Frieza up by using his speed to create a series of afterimages, but Frieza doesn't fall for such an old trick. Frieza uses his tail to grab hold of Dyspo, but Dyspo turns the tables by throwing Frieza around by his tail. Gohan and 17 struggle against Top, with even Gohan's Kamehameha proving ineffective. Top tells the two to prepare themselves for his own attacks now, and Belmod laughs at Beerus that his own universe is clearly superior.

Vegeta preparing to fire his Final Flash

Whis though is certain Vegeta isn't out of the game yet as Jiren's blast probably only served as his trigger. Sure enough, when the dust from Jiren's blast clears, Vegeta is still in the arena. Jiren assures Vegeta that there is no way for him to win and that his fighting style is arrogant, conceited, and impure. While Vegeta agrees that he is arrogant, he says this is simply his Saiyan pride. Charging his Final Flash, Vegeta says that he will leave Autonomous Ultra Instinct to "Kakarot" and defeat Jiren in his own way. The gods watching the fight are surprised that Vegeta ki is rising up even higher than before and that through Vegeta's own pride Jiren has awakened Vegeta's dormant power. Vegeta taunts Jiren into taking his Final Flash head-on, and he lands a direct hit. When the dust clears, Vegeta is thrilled to see Jiren flat on the ground, but Jiren suddenly appears right in front of him. Jiren compliments Vegeta on the force of his attack, then blasts him at point-blank range. As Vegeta goes down, Khai boasts that Jiren always surpasses his opponents, while the Omni-Kings are amazed to see that Vegeta's attack had no effect against Jiren.

In the aftermath of Jiren's overwhelming defeat of Vegeta, everyone is amazed at Jiren's power. While Vegeta struggles on the ground, Jiren tells the warrior to rest. In the bleachers, Belmod and Khai note what an honor it is for Jiren to acknowledge Vegeta as a "warrior"; he is praising Vegeta's bravery in facing him with everything he had. The Omni-Kings are impressed with Jiren too and amuse themselves imitating him. Struggling to his feet, Vegeta says he can tell Jiren still hasn't used his full power. Taking over from where Vegeta left off, Goku powers up to fight Jiren once more. Meanwhile, Dyspo is still throwing Frieza around by the tail and delivers what he believes to be a finishing blow. He brags about his power as a member of the Pride Troopers, but Frieza is both unimpressed and seemingly unhurt by his attacks and begins firing back.

Top dislocating 17's shoulder

Elsewhere, Gohan and Android 17 continue their tag team fight against Top, but 17 soon realizes that they are unable to pull off combo attacks since they have never fought together before. He suggests a new, simpler strategy: he will go stop Top from moving, allowing Gohan to ring them both out. 17 goes and fights Top one-on-one for a while, but before long Top grabs him by the arm. Though, this is exactly what 17 wanted as he forms an energy barrier around them both and Gohan fires a Kamehameha at them. The blast pushes the barrier between the two inside towards the edge of the arena, but before they can be ringed out, Top punches 17 so hard that he drops the barrier. Gohan breaks off the attack out of concern for 17, allowing Top to get away.

As Goku stands directly in front of Jiren, his teammates in the bleachers question his strategy. They've already seen that long-range attacks such as the Spirit Bomb and Final Flash don't work against Jiren, which means he can only be defeated by a direct assault. However, going toe-to-toe with Jiren is risky too. Goku will probably try to create an opening with which to attack, but how. He starts teleporting around Jiren, but always backs off before too long. In fact, Goku has set down a series of landmine-like Ki Blasts around Jiren, and they go off as soon as Jiren steps on them. However, Jiren jumps up right as the mines explode, appearing in the air above Goku, who fires off a barrage of Destructo Disc Hexa Blade at him. Jiren seemingly destroys all of them though and begins pummeling Goku atop a large piece of rubble sticking out over the edge of the arena (it fell over when a Destructo Disc sliced through it). Jiren's fist begins to glow as he revs up for a finishing blow, but the ground beneath him suddenly gives way. It turns out that Goku has used the one remaining Destructo Disc to slice up the piece of rubble they're standing on, the same strategy Krillin used against him back during their sparring match. He teleports behind Jiren and kicks him down off the edge of the arena.

Goku barely standing after taking Jiren's "normal punches"

Goku goes and rejoins Vegeta, who says that while he may have caught Jiren off-guard this won't be enough to defeat him, but Goku knew that already. Indeed, Jiren uses the small pieces of rubble in the air around him as footholds to jump back up into the arena and begins walking straight towards Goku, completely unfazed by the ki landmines he continues to set off. After knocking Goku around for a bit more, Jiren powers up, impressing Khai with his intense ki. Even Belmod says it's been a long time since he's seen Jiren like this. Goku and Jiren begin trading blows once again, but Jiren quickly overwhelms Goku with the same sort of glowing punch he had begun to use earlier before being interrupted. The impact from Jiren's punch blasts through the arena, and although it only grazes Goku's cheek, he reverts from Super Saiyan Blue to his base form. Khai and Belmod can tell that Jiren has begun showing a bit of his full power. Krillin asks what sort of technique this is, but Khai explains that for Jiren, these are nothing more than ordinary punches. Goku says he's never been hit by such strong attacks before, but he can't turn back now. Vegeta agrees; they know well enough that Jiren is strong, but he must still defeat him and get the Super Dragon Balls. The two power up, with Goku using X20 Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken once more. Beerus sees that Goku is unleashing every scrap of power he has; if even this doesn't work, then they've had it.

Jiren faces Goku and Vegeta beyond their limits

Vegeta meanwhile remembers his promise to Cabba, that he would win the tournament and resurrect him and the others of Universe 6. In order to keep that promise, Vegeta resolves to overcome his limits in his own way and defeat Jiren. As he powers up, a change comes over Vegeta's ki, and he becomes a more sparkly version of Super Saiyan Blue. The Grand Minister explains that Vegeta seems to have broken through his shell (much as Goku did earlier) and has collected power within himself greatly surpassing what he previously had as a Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta tells Jiren that this is everything he has, and he and Goku begin fighting Jiren two-against-one, finally working together for a change. Jiren can feel that their attacks are sharper than before, but he still counters with more of his trademark glowing punches. The two of them together start to push back against Jiren, who seems thrown off his game. While the action pauses for a moment, Whis explains that Goku and Vegeta's coordination isn't perfect, yet this actually helps them out by confusing Jiren.

Goku and Vegeta have both powered up to face Jiren, and though so far Jiren has been unfazed by their attacks, Vegeta says that their fight is just beginning. Beerus cheers them on from the bleachers, saying that Universe 7 can't win unless the two defeat Jiren. The duo push Jiren back with a series of coordinated attacks, finishing with a Kamehameha and Final Flash. Though Jiren takes these attacks head-on, he emerges seemingly undamaged.

Dyspo firing Circle Flash at Frieza

Seeing that Jiren is raising his game, Dyspo decides to do likewise in his match against Frieza. Even Frieza thinks it's time they stopped playing around. Though Dyspo is certainly fast, Frieza repeats Goku's criticism from earlier, that Dyspo's movements are too straightforward and therefore easy to predict. However, Dyspo starts moving even faster, leaving Frieza unable to follow his movements. He pummels Frieza and then uses his Circle Flash attack to finish him off. When Dyspo rushes in to knock Frieza out of bounds though, Frieza stops him with his tail. Frieza still seems more than fine, though he says that attack did have him worried. He points out that if they continue fighting they will just wear themselves out, and even if Dyspo wins Universe 7 will still hold the numerical advantage (which will give them the victory once time runs out). Jiren may be strong, but there is no guarantee that he will be able to defeat Goku and Vegeta within the tournament's few remaining minutes. Frieza, therefore, offers Dyspo a deal: he will cooperate with Universe 11, so long as Universe 11 promises to resurrect him with the Super Dragon Balls once they win the tournament.

In the bleachers, Beerus is outraged to see Frieza once again being underhanded, though Krillin and Piccolo think this might be another trick. Regardless, Dyspo turns down the offer and can tell that the evil Frieza simply wants to use him to ensure his own survival. Frieza responds by transforming into Golden Frieza and now has no choice but to use his full power to defeat Dyspo. Golden Frieza tells Dyspo to come at him from any direction he wants, and Dyspo considers this a good opportunity to test out his speed. Though he lands a punch on Frieza's face, it seems to have no effect, and Frieza is unimpressed by his power and speed. As Frieza turns the tables on Dyspo, in the bleachers Khai is shocked to see that Frieza is apparently the faster of the two. Frieza confidently announces that Dyspo is simply no match for him, but he is surprised by the ki Dyspo suddenly starts to emit.

Dyspo in his Super Maximum Light Speed Mode

Indeed, Dyspo increases his speed even further and begins to counterattack, regaining the upper hand. Belmod explains that this is Dyspo's final secret technique, Super Maximum Light Speed Mode. Dyspo is now moving too fast for even the Omni-Kings to see, and though they try the slow-motion replay footage on their GodPads, Dyspo is still far too fast for even that to work. The Grand Minister says he will have to upgrade the GodPads next time. Dyspo continues to beat up on Frieza, knocking him closer and closer to the arena's edge. Gohan manages to break away from his battle against Top and come to Frieza's rescue, knocking Dyspo away with a kick. Frieza is surprised that Gohan of all people would save him, but for Gohan, it was simply a matter of helping out a teammate. Frieza taunts Gohan that he might betray him later, but Gohan promises to ring Frieza out if he does. Frieza decides that he and Gohan will have to face Dyspo together, and he asks Gohan not to be dead weight. Dyspo vows to knock both of them out of bounds, and while Frieza and Gohan fire volley after volley of Ki Blasts at him, these attacks are too slow to hit him. Gohan soon realizes that the only way for them to win is to limit the range of Dyspo's movements; he will go create an opening to allow Frieza to cage Dyspo in. Frieza agrees to follow Gohan's plan since he is the leader of Team Universe 7, after all. While Gohan trades blows with Dyspo, Frieza surrounds the two in a cage of ki beams. Now Dyspo has nowhere to run, but the same goes for Gohan, who is prepared for this and resolves to face Dyspo in a head-on battle.

Gohan clashes with Dyspo in Frieza's Cage of Light

With Dyspo hemmed in, he is no longer able to dodge Gohan's attacks, and Shin thinks Gohan can't lose like this. Belmod likewise sees that if Dyspo tries to use his Super Maximum Light Speed Mode inside this energy cage, he will simply hit the bars and damage himself. Frieza tells Gohan to hurry up and finish Dyspo off, since maintaining the energy cage uses up a lot of energy and his stamina can't hold out for long. Just as Gohan goes in for a final blow, Frieza finally gives out and the cage collapses, allowing Dyspo to dodge Gohan's attack. Gohan doesn't miss a beat though and immediately grabs Dyspo from behind. Picking up on Gohan's strategy, Frieza doesn't hesitate to "put him out of his misery", blasting Gohan and Dyspo with Death Cannon that knocks both out of bounds. The Grand Minister formally announces Gohan and Dyspo's defeat, and Gohan apologizes to his teammates as he materializes in the bleachers. Piccolo though says Gohan did well; if he had let Dyspo get away, they might never have beaten him. Goku is likewise pleased with the job his son did.

Goku and Vegeta continue to tag-team Jiren, but despite all the attacks the throw at him, Jiren still isn't even sweating. Over in the bleachers, Krillin is freaked out by this, but Gohan trusts Goku and Vegeta will manage to win. Beerus even congratulates Gohan for doing well and actually calls him by name for a change.

Golden Frieza sadistically shooting Death Beams at Top's back

While the fight against Jiren rages on, Top and Android 17's battle continues as well, with 17 using his Android Barrier to block Top's Justice Flash. Seeing that only about six more minutes remain in the tournament, 17 starts blasting Top with an endless barrage of small Ki Blasts. Although these attacks don't have much effect on Top, they still keep him preoccupied, and in the bleachers, 18 explains that 17 plans on using his infinite energy to stall Top like this until time runs out. Realizing 17's strategy, Top breaks away and vows to defeat him right away to protect his universe, firing a tremendous ki beam towards 17, who counters with a beam of his own. The two beams struggle against each other, but before long Top's beam starts pushing 17 towards the edge of the arena. Before 17 can be ringed out though, Golden Frieza appears and blasts Top from behind. He thinks 17 has been playing around too much, and steps in to finish Top off himself. Frieza continues to fire at Top, who is still stuck in his beam struggle against 17 and unable to turn around and counterattack. Growing bored with his defenseless opponent, Frieza prepares a finishing blow, which damages Top so much that he finally loses the beam struggle and is enveloped by 17's blast. It looks as if Top has been defeated, but Whis sees that he has not materialized in the bleachers, meaning he's still in the game.

Top becomes a God of Destruction

Indeed, Top has remained inside the arena, but he collapses and Frieza mocks him as trash that needs to be thrown away. Before Frieza can "gently" knock Top out of bounds though, Top gets back up on his feet, with his uniform in tatters and his bare chest exposed. Top declares that he no longer needs justice and has resolved himself. He begins emitting a gigantic ki very similar to a god's ki, and Belmod says it's time Top showed them "that" power. Top's eyes glow purple, he is veiled in a purple aura, and a crest appears on his chest (identical to the one Belmod wears on his clothing). Frieza is unimpressed by Top's transformation and tests him out by firing off a Death Beam. However, the beam is completely nullified by Top's purple aura, and in the bleachers, Beerus recognizes this as the Power of Destruction, a power which only a God of Destruction is supposed to have. Khai points out that Top is the candidate to be Universe 11's next God of Destruction, and Belmod says now that Top's resolved himself, he is no different from a God of Destruction. Marcarita likewise tells Top it's time to show off the fruits of his training under her.

Golden Frieza succumbs to Top's Energy of Destruction

Regardless, Frieza maintains that even a God of Destruction means nothing to him now that he's Golden Frieza. While Top fires off Energy of Destruction at him, Frieza remembers dealing with this energy prior to the tournament (when Universe 9 sent its assassins against him) and thinks one hand should be enough to block it. But the blast steadily overwhelms him despite his struggles, resulting in an explosion that cracks the arena in pieces. With Frieza seemingly out of the way, Top next goes after 17, who was trying to hide. Top uses his Justice Flash, and while 17 blocks with another energy barrier, this time his barrier is cracked to pieces by Top's attack, demonstrating that even Top's regular ki attacks have greatly powered up. Beerus explains that Top surrounds himself in Barrier of Destruction energy, thus preventing 17 from directly damaging him. Top next fires Energy of Destruction at 17, who manages to deflect it out of the way and nearly hitting the bleachers in the process.

Frieza at Top's mercy

From this latest attack, Beerus can tell that Top needs time to charge before he can fire off the Energy of Destruction. However, even while charging, he can still surround himself in Energy of Destruction, so it seems like there's no way for 17 to win. Top keeps firing away at 17 with his Justice Flash, then prepares another Energy of Destruction, just as 17 has nowhere left to run. However, a rock comes flying out of nowhere and crashes into Top's blast, nullifying it. It turns out Frieza withstood Top's earlier attack, though he has reverted to his final form and is injured head to toe. Vowing to destroy Top, Frieza forms an enormous ball of ki capable of destroying an entire planet, but Top counters it with just a tiny amount of Destruction energy, then rushes in close and begins thrashing Frieza with close-range physical attacks. Although Top could easily destroy Frieza now, this would get him disqualified, so he merely throws the thoroughly battered Frieza out of bounds. As Frieza flies through the air, 17 throws a rock at him, changing his trajectory so that he lands just on the edge of the arena (though 17 claims he was trying to hit Top). Top praises 17's ability to have survived so long but says there's nothing he can do. However, 17 refuses to give up until the end.

Top overwhelms 17

The two fire blasts at each other, but Top's Energy of Destruction quickly nullifies 17's blast, and he follows up with a volley of Justice Flash. 17 runs and tries to hide behind some rubble, but Top quickly tracks him down, using his Energy of Destruction to clear a path straight through the rubble. Seeing how the rest of the rubble crashes down afterward, 17 hides again, but this time manages to bury Top beneath a pile of rubble as it comes crashing down. However, Top wastes no time in using his Energy of Destruction to blast his way out and attacks 17 with a flurry of regular Ki Blasts. In order to avoid destroying 17 himself and thereby getting disqualified, Top charges up a large regular ki Ball to finish him off, but Frieza suddenly reappears and blows up Top's ki ball before it can hit 17. In return for the rough treatment he received from Top earlier, Frieza uses his psychic powers to stop Top from moving and then hurls rocks at him. Top though remains unharmed and breaks free, forcing 17 and Frieza to shower him with Ki Blasts.

Even this is no use against Top, who assures them there is no way they can win now that he has the Power of Destruction. Top prepares to knock the two of them out of bounds, saying they should be grateful for not being destroyed. Suddenly Top is hit by a few stray blasts from Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren's fight. Still, in the heat of battle, the three have coincidentally drawn near the spot where Top and co. stand. Jiren fires another blast, and while Goku and Vegeta managed to dodge, it hits Frieza and 17 head-on. Jiren and Top wordlessly come to an understanding, and Top goes after Vegeta as his next opponent, overwhelming him with a barrage of Justice Flash. In the bleachers, the Team Universe 7 is concerned about Goku and Vegeta being split up now that they're no longer able to team up against Jiren. Vegeta fires a Final Flash at Top, but he nullifies it with Energy of Destruction. Vegeta may have powered up, but Top remains unimpressed. For his part, Vegeta can tell Top is far stronger than he was before, but he is still determined to win and keep his promise to Cabba and the others. Vegeta points out how Top has switched from talking about "justice" all the time to now talking about "destruction". Top says he doesn't need justice if it can't protect his universe and laughs at Vegeta's promise to his fellow Saiyans. He claims Vegeta will never win without casting aside such pointless things and hurls a large Ki Blast at him. As the attack bears down on him, Vegeta reflects on how he cannot cast aside his family, Cabba and the others, his promise, or his pride as a Saiyan. With new determination, Vegeta beats back Top's blast and begins a fierce counterattack. In the bleachers, Dyspo and Belmod are shocked to see Top getting knocked around. Belmod tells Top to just start destroying all of Vegeta's attacks, as long as he avoids killing him. Top fires away, but Vegeta continues to dodge his attacks and beat him up, saying he won't lose to someone who couldn't protect their own pride.

Vegeta's Final Explosion

Vegeta promises to hit Top with an attack too powerful for him to destroy and begins charging up a tremendous amount of ki around himself. Piccolo recognizes this technique as the same one Vegeta used when he sacrificed his life against Majin Buu. Top counters by charging up a gigantic Energy of Destruction ball and the two attacks struggle against each other, but in the end, Vegeta's energy is indeed too much for Top to destroy, and he is overwhelmed by the explosion. Top materializes in the bleachers, where Dyspo and Khai can't believe he lost. Belmod remains silent, while Marcarita thanks Top for a job well done. The Grand Minister formally announces Top's elimination, while the Omni-Kings chatter about how much they enjoyed the fight.

Jiren begins to unleash his hidden power

Piccolo thinks that Vegeta has truly sacrificed his life to defeat Top, but they soon see that he is still alive and well inside the arena, although he has reverted to his base form. With Super Saiyan Blue and beyond, Vegeta has grown vastly stronger than he was back when he died using that same technique against Buu, so his body is now able to withstand it. However, Beerus points out that while he may have survived, Vegeta has used up all his power and can barely remain on his feet. 17 emerges from some rubble, and everyone is glad to see that he survived too. Jiren is disappointed in his teammates and congratulates Vegeta on defeating Top. He's impressed Vegeta could be so powerful without casting all else aside. As the others look on, Jiren begins powering up to unleash his hidden power.

Jiren all fired up

As Jiren powers up, he is surrounded by an intense, fiery energy. The Omni-Kings are amazed that Jiren seems to be on fire, while Goku and 17 are likewise impressed that he was hiding such monstrous strength. Vegeta, on the other hand, mocks Jiren for only getting serious now that all his teammates are gone. He cockily charges Jiren, forcing Goku and 17 to join in the attack. Even in a 3-against-1 fight though, Jiren still proves too much for them to handle. As Jiren closes in to kick Vegeta, 17 knocks him out of the way, taking the brunt of the attack himself. Rather than be thankful though, Vegeta is annoyed at 17's "unnecessary" action while Jiren is his to defeat.

Jiren charges at 17

More fighting proves equally ineffective as Jiren blocks Vegeta's punch and he compliments it as being good enough to defeat Top, but not enough to beat him. Jiren retaliates with one of his own fiery punches, then follows up by erasing Goku's Kamehameha with a mere uppercut. However, Jiren is caught off-guard by 17, who hits him with a point-blank range from behind. 17 is caught up in the explosion from his own attack and injured, but he still manages to wound Jiren in the back. Angered, Jiren counterattacks, but 17 retreats and joins back up with Goku. While 17 is only barely OK, this last exchange has demonstrated that even Jiren can be damaged if hit unguarded by such a large attack. If they use coordinated attacks to create an opening and then attack Jiren with an even bigger attack, they might be able to win. Goku and Vegeta will go draw Jiren's attention, leaving 17 to prepare another attack. As Goku and Vegeta furiously tag-team Jiren, 17 fires off a blast, but Jiren won't fall for the same trick twice, and easily counters. Jiren rushes at 17, who creates a series of barriers to block him, but he smashes through them all and attacks.

Frieza determined to kill Jiren despite the rules

As Jiren blocks a beam from 17, Goku tells Vegeta that the three of them should attack him all at once. While 17 continues his beam attack, Goku and Vegeta fire their own beams at Jiren from different directions, but Jiren blocks all three beams with his fiery aura. With the rest of the team knocked to the ground, Frieza suddenly reappears and attacks Jiren, determined to kill him regardless of the tournament rules. Though he becomes Golden Frieza once more, Jiren wastes no time knocking him off into the distance, where he passes out again. With Frieza beaten, Jiren is blasted by 17, who's back on his feet. Jiren wonders what 17 can do on his own, but 17 refuses to give up and is confident Universe 7 will survive. Belmod, however, asks 17 what he will do if his universe survives and use the Super Dragon Balls to wish for. 17 explains that he wants to wish for a cruise ship so he can travel around with his family, and he asks what Jiren wants to wish for. While 17 had assumed Jiren was solely interested in being crowned the strongest fighter, Jiren admits that he does indeed have a wish in mind. Hearing this, Khai seems surprised, but Belmod understands. He decides it's time to explain how Jiren came to be so obsessed with strength.

Jiren's past is revealed

It turns out that when Jiren was a small child, his parents were killed by an evil-doer. Jiren himself was rescued by a man who went on to become his martial arts master. As he trained under his master, Jiren gained a number of comrades, and they fought together when that same evil-doer returned. However, the enemy was still too strong for them, and many of Jiren's comrades were killed, including his master. Even his surviving comrades abandoned Jiren, causing him to view trust and emotions as worthless and place his faith in strength alone. It was Jiren's thirst for strength and his solitude that attracted Belmod to him. 17 thinks he's figured out what Jiren's wish must be and had thought Jiren was nothing more than a killing machine, but in fact, he has his human side. However, 17 thinks that Jiren ultimately was just using his comrades for his own ends; he is obsessed with the past, and probably thinks that if he wins he can return things to the way they were. Jiren responds that strength is absolute, and forgives everything, even the past. Telling 17 to lament his own weakness, he launches a giant blast towards Team Universe 7.

17 prepares to sacrifice himself for his teammates' survival

17 does his best to hold back the blast and protect the immobilized Goku and Vegeta, but he is clearly not strong enough. Goku and 18 both urge 17 to run and save himself, but he refuses. He tells Goku and Vegeta that he's giving up on the cruise ship. Instead, he's going to sacrifice himself for others, a pleasingly human action. Placing a pair of barriers around Goku and Vegeta, 17 creates a large explosion that rocks the arena. The Omni-Kings wonder if Goku and co. have lost, but when the dust clears they can see that Goku and Vegeta were protected by 17's barriers. Jiren tells the two that they should be thankful 17 sacrificed himself for people as weak as them. As their barriers burst and they topple down to the arena floor, Goku and Vegeta realize that 17 planned this so that the two of them would have time to recover their stamina. Old Kai explains how in that last moment, 17 not only put up barriers but also self-destructed in order to erase Jiren's attack. Since 17 self-destructed, the Grand Minister announces that Jiren will receive no penalty. While 18 is overcome with grief, in the arena Vegeta struggles back to his feet, claiming that he's more than enough to handle Jiren.

Goku helplessly watching Jiren pummel Vegeta

Android 17 has sacrificed himself to rescue Goku and Vegeta, but Jiren remains unimpressed; he is fully confident that the two are far too weak to possibly defeat him. With Goku still on the ground, Vegeta challenges Jiren on his own, but he's no longer able to even become Super Saiyan. Undeterred, Vegeta still takes on Jiren in his regular form but is clearly outmatched. Jiren even tells Vegeta to go drop out of the arena, but he refuses to give up. Pummeled by Jiren's blows, Vegeta is knocked over the edge of the arena but manages to hold on with one hand. Though he should be out of stamina, Vegeta remembers his family and his promise to Cabba and manages to pull himself back up into the arena and return to the fight. Though he claims Jiren's punches don't hurt, as he continues to be knocked around, Vegeta mentally comments on how the pride trooper's blows are preposterously unreal. Still, even if he can't win, it's fine as long as Universe 7 does. He even tries to pull off one of Jiren's arms, with predictably unsuccessful results.

Vegeta's "Final" Flash at Jiren

Jiren's attacks knock Vegeta out of the arena once again, but this time by sheer chance his boot catches on a floating piece of rubble. As Vegeta hangs there by his foot, Belmod asks the Grand Minister if this counts as a ring-out, but the Grand Minister explains that the rubble counts as part of the arena, so Vegeta is still in the match. Before he can rest too much though, Vegeta hears Bulma's voice urging him on, and he once again returns to fight Jiren. Jiren can't understand what it is that keeps driving Vegeta to fight, but Vegeta says a blank-faced guy like Jiren could never understand what it means to fight for others. Hearing Bulma's voice one last time, Vegeta fires off a Final Flash, but it fails to harm Jiren, who is if nothing else impressed by Vegeta's pride. Jiren sends Vegeta flying out of the arena once more, and with no way out this time, Vegeta curses himself for being unable to keep his promise and sheds tears while apologizing to Bulma and Cabba for his failure. Still, he donates his remaining energy to Goku before falling out of bounds. Revitalized, Goku gets back on his feet, ready to fight for those Vegeta loves.

Goku landing a heavy blow on Jiren after reawakening Autonomous Ultra Instinct

As the Grand Minister formally announces Vegeta's defeat, Vegeta materializes in the bleachers, where Krillin feeds him a Senzu Bean. Beerus congratulates Vegeta for doing so well. In the arena, Goku continues fighting, but even as a Super Saiyan Blue with Vegeta's energy, he is still quickly beaten, as the gap between them begins to become obvious. At last, Goku is one punch away from defeat, but as Jiren closes in for the finishing blow, Vegeta yells his encouragement, and Goku reflects on how 17, Vegeta, and the others have put their faith in him. Suddenly, Goku dodges Jiren's punch and has returned to the Ultra Instinct Sign form as when he fought Jiren and Kefla before. Not only does Goku effortlessly dodge Jiren's next few attacks, he even manages to land a heavy blow of his own. Whis is amazed that Goku would show this form once more at the eleventh hour, to Beerus' excitement and Belmod's annoyance. 

Ultra Instinct Sign Goku about to clash with Jiren

Having awakened to Ultra Instinct Sign for the third time, Goku starts fighting back against Jiren. In the bleachers, Whis states that this latest appearance of Autonomous Ultra Instinct is without a doubt their last chance; breaking through his limits to reach the level of the gods takes a heavy toll on Goku's body, and he has no more allies or means of recovery left. While Goku's movements have grown sharper than before, he is still unable to deal Jiren a decisive blow. This is the same problem he had before when battling Kefla: he can't help but think while attacking, which interferes with Autonomous Ultra Instinct. To cope with this weakness, Goku adopts the same strategy as before and charges up a Kamehameha as he draws closer to Jiren. Goku fires his blast at close range, but Jiren blocks it with a Power Impact and counterattacks Goku, with Top noting Jiren's handling of his opponent's movements. Goku drops to the arena floor, but it turns out he avoided a direct hit by using the flow of his Kamehameha as a barrier.

Vegeta telling Goku not to lose after entrusting him his promise

After taunting Goku's downsides, Vegeta firmly shuts down Belmod, remarking a power beyond what Goku has currently, while remarking that within the brief 48-minute span of the tournament, all Saiyans have repeatedly broken through their limits (thus making it impractical to declare Goku's defeat now) and points out that Belmod knows this himself. Disturbed, pressured, and concerned by Vegeta's words, Belmod vehemently orders Jiren to ring Goku out immediately. Vegeta reminds Goku that he has entrusted him with his promise to Cabba and the others, and his pride as a Saiyan, refusing to let him lose. Goku pauses to breathe deeply before taking Jiren on again, and while at first, it seems like he has corrected himself, he still fails to turn the tables. While Tien Shinhan and the others worry that Goku is about to lose to Jiren as before. 

Goku completing Autonomous Ultra Instinct

Khai and Top are amazed that the heat radiating from Goku's body is even reaching them out in the bleachers, and Belmod again urges Jiren to finish Goku off at once. Jiren responds by showering Goku with an incessant barrage of rapid-fire punches. Not only does Goku have his hands full blocking these countless blows, but the attacks are causing the ground beneath him to crumble away, meaning that at this rate he will drop out of bounds before too long, to the worry of his friends on the bleachers. When it seemed to be over, suddenly, Goku lands a powerful blow to Jiren's chest, knocking him back. The Omni-Kings are amazed as Goku's white-hot ki lights up the arena. Breathing deeply again, Goku gathers the ki around him into his body. Watching this, Jiren realizes that he must respond in kind, and powers up even further, giving off the tremendous heat of his own. Jiren concentrates his ki into a single ball that he fires at Goku, but Goku appears behind him holding the ball in his hand. Crushing the ki ball, the now shining Goku moves towards Jiren, dodging his punch and landing a few attacks of his own. The Omni-Kings continue to be impressed at Goku's newfound power, and the Grand Minister declares that the display to be indeed a super turn of events. Beerus and Whis can tell that, incredibly enough, Goku has managed to reach the completed version of Autonomous Ultra Instinct. As Goku goes on knocking Jiren around with ease, the glow surrounding his body clears to reveal he now sports radiant silver hair and silver eyes. Beerus, as well as all of the destroyers of the exempt universes, stand in respectful recognition of Goku's accomplishment

Jiren unleashing his hidden power

Goku has finally achieved the complete form of Autonomous Ultra Instinct and tells Jiren that their true battle begins now, as the gods watch how Goku will fare at this time. Goku begins his counterattack against Jiren, surprising Piccolo and pressuring Belmod. Jiren shrugs off his attack and tells him to not get too confident about his new power up and attacks, but Goku quickly dominates him. Jiren is still firm with resolve: strength is justice, strength is absolute, and he won't allow himself to be defeated and lose everything like he did before. Jiren powers up with an explosive storm of fiery ki, and Vegeta realizes that being cornered by Goku has caused Jiren to recall his past trauma, thereby awakening his hidden power.

With his heightened ki, Jiren seems to gain the upper hand on Goku twice, knocking him around and finishing off with a big blast that leaves him flat on the ground. While it looks like the match is over, Krillin still believes in Goku as he always turns the tables when things get tough. As he yells for Goku to get back up, Goku does instead struggle back to his feet. Jiren is flabbergasted that Goku still has any stamina left, and Goku reminding himself of 17 and the others' promise, and he will not back down. A vehement Jiren insists that such sentiments are meaningless in the face of his power, but as he and Goku start to fight again, Goku is even faster than before. As Belmod and Khai become flustered and confused as to how the Saiyan is accomplishing this, Piccolo explains that this is because Goku is fighting for the sake of others, while Roshi further explains that Goku and co. have come this far because their growing community of friends and family have all mutually supported Goku (and each other) since he was a boy. Krillin and Tien Shinhan remark that though they all started off as Goku's enemies, they have long since changed their ways because of his selflessness and compassion; also adding that Goku has the mysterious ability to draw his opponents over to his side with Beerus himself admitting that he is in the same camp. All throughout, Universe 7's words seem to affect and surprise a silent Top, who had earlier figured Goku to be a wicked, unforgiving man.

Jiren punched in the face for attacking Team Universe 7

Goku continues to fight Jiren with what he describes as "their" power, but Jiren still refuses to accept the importance of friendship or trust; doing so would mean denying all that he has stood for up until now. Jiren exclaims that he will easily wipe out the power Goku believes in and aims a blast at the stands which Goku quickly deflects. Enraged by this shameless act, he plows Jiren's face with a fist full of fury. Then both savagely exchange several blows and blasts, until Goku takes the upper hand and finishes off Jiren with a full power Kamehameha. Now Jiren is the one on the ground, apparently immobilized by Goku's blast. Though Goku seems reluctant to finish him off, Jiren accepts his defeat and orders Goku to knock him out. As Goku prepares a final blast though, he suddenly collapses. Whis realizes that the strain of surpassing his limits with the power of the gods has taken a heavier toll on Goku than Whis believed it would. Belmod screams for Jiren to take this chance to defeat Goku and obtain the Super Dragon Balls.

Golden Frieza saves Goku from elimination

Though Jiren is unhappy with winning in this fashion, he assures Goku that he will always live on in his memory. While Jiren sends Goku flying, Goku is suddenly attacked from behind. It turns out that Frieza is still in the fight… as is Android 17, to the amazement of Krillin and Android 18. Belmod tells Jiren to knock them all out before time is up as Frieza and 17 take the mantle of defeating Jiren. Elsewhere, Goku has reverted to his normal form and landed on a floating piece of rubble, rattling painfully. 

With Goku out of commission, Frieza has appeared again to challenge Jiren, bringing Android 17 with him. Frieza doesn't think Jiren seems as strong as before, and vows to defeat him. As their bout continues, Frieza taunts him and his weakness. This provokes him into fighting back, but 17 intervenes and blasts Jiren at point-blank range, to Frieza's annoyance. Jiren falls to his knees, panicking Belmod and the others of Universe 11. "Honored" at 17's trust, Frieza steps forward to finish Jiren off. Pointing his finger at Jiren's head, he charges up a Golden Death Beam. Jiren seems to lack the spirit even to look up, much to Frieza's disappointment of being unable to look at his face. From the bleachers, Top shouts out to Jiren, believing in his strength. 

Goku, 17, and Frieza shatter Jiren's wall of energy

While Top's sentimental speech makes Frieza feel sick, it motivates Jiren to indeed stand back up. Shrouded in a fiery aura, he counterattacks Frieza, forcing him and 17 to desperately combine their power to hold back his blast with Frieza reverting from his Golden form to regular form in the process. As the two struggle, Goku returns to his feet and comes to their aid, surprising the two, and he tells 17 to watch their backs while he and Frieza go confront Jiren head-on. Seeing that Goku has once again arisen to face him, Jiren gathers more energy. Goku is amazed that Jiren became so strong on his own; even the three of them together might not be enough to defeat him. Reminded by Frieza, Goku tells him that he will keep his promise as long as he upholds the end of his bargain. While Frieza is disgusted at first, he then becomes grateful at his naivety, for now. Goku, Frieza, and 17's combined blast breaks through Jiren's wall of energy, and Goku and Frieza rush forward to fight him together.

Goku and Frieza combine their power to defeat Jiren

In the bleachers, Krillin and Vegeta are both surprised at the sight of Goku and Frieza fighting side-by-side against a common foe. While the two of them engage Jiren in hand-to-hand combat, 17 supports them from behind with a volley of energy blasts. Jiren finally breaks through Goku and Frieza's assault and goes after 17, so Frieza has Goku throw him at Jiren. Frieza tackles Jiren and flies downward, trying to ring them both out, but Jiren overcomes him. Goku catches up with them and joins Frieza in pushing Jiren out of the ring, while flickering in and out of Super Saiyan at the same time. As Beerus and Team Universe 7 cheer them on, the combined might of Goku and Frieza at last succeeds in pushing Jiren out of bounds. Goku, Frieza, and Jiren all materialize in the bleachers. With Jiren eliminated, the Grand Minister formally announces the defeat of Universe 11. As they prepare to be erased, Jiren receives thanks from Top, despite his vitriolic treatment of them in the tournament. Goku expresses his desire to meet Jiren again as he vanishes, not before gracing a smile. 

In the manga, during the battle between Jiren and Golden Frieza, the changes middle pillar changes to having only two sections left. Jiren realizes that Frieza is buying time, putting in more effort to destroy the ring Frieza is standing on. Jiren tries to knock Frieza off, but his attack is blocked by 17. However, Jiren puts in more force to knock Frieza and 17 out, and 17 saves himself and Frieza by landing on debris. 17 says he will take the lead, but realizes that he is also no match for Jiren.

17 has a plan, and asks Krillin and Android 18 to take care of his wife and children on their island. While Krillin slowly realizes what 17 plans to do, 18 calmly complies to him, saying she's used to handling children. 17 thanks his sister and confronts Jiren, asking if he is fighting for survival or to get his wish granted, and Jiren answers both. 17 says he is giving up on the latter, blowing himself up in a final attempt to win. While 17 blows up one entire half of the ring, Jiren remains unharmed and on the ring. The Grand Minister and Omni-Kings discuss, and they decide that the tournament will continue as 17 willingly gave up his own life. Jiren is disappointed at witnessing 17's act, saying it is time to end things. Goku shows no anger at what happened, but resolves to win and to not let his friends down, once again attaining his Ultra Instinct Sign form. Jiren responds by powering up..[15]

Goku completes Ultra Instinct

Jiren finally begins to take his opponent, Goku, seriously as he now has an aura surrounding him. Goku, once again in his Ultra Instinct Sign state charges into battle with Jiren and this time is better able to hold his own, though he is still unable to land a blow and takes blows in return, surprising onlookers in how he can remain standing though Whis explains it is due to him delving further and further into Autonomous Ultra Instinct. As they continue fighting, Jiren notes how relaxed Goku appears and he explains that he has rid himself of unnecessary emotions and that his heart is at ease. Jiren powers up further still and Goku, closing his eyes and concentrating, is able to enter into the mastered Autonomous Ultra Instinct state, his hair turning silver in the process. Goku counters an incoming Jiren with a punch to the abdomen and Beerus and the other Gods look on in amazement at what Goku has accomplished as Jiren falls to his knees.

Goku faces Jiren's full power

Jiren stands up once more and continues his assault on Goku but is unable to land a single blow, the tide of the battle now changed as Goku has the upper hand and knocks Jiren down for the second time. Out of a cloud of dust, Jiren fires a mighty blast of energy which Vegeta narrowly avoids. Goku however dodges it with ease and powering up a Kamehameha he launches it at Jiren from above. Jiren is launched through the arena but just avoids elimination by holding on to the edge. He hoists himself up and powers up further still, trying and failing to hit Goku so much as one time as he finds himself being pressed by Goku.

Despite the enthusiasm coming from Team Universe 7, Whis notes that it still will not be an easy victory due to Jiren's immeasurable potential and that he has begun countering attacks faster whereas Goku's body takes a toll when it reacts and that despite being able to enter the Autonomous Ultra Instinct state, Goku has not performed the necessary training to wield it properly yet. The battle rages on as it becomes a matter of whether Jiren will run out of stamina first or Goku's Autonomous Ultra Instinct will wear off first instead.

Jiren finally lands a hit on Goku as his Autonomous Ultra Instinct vanishes and he returns to normal. Vegeta is able to catch him before he falls off the edge. Jiren vows to not lose as he is determined to become the perfect force for justice just as his master had sought. Jiren tells the Saiyan pair that he will use the wish from the dragon to resurrect his master, Gicchin who had previously been slain by a monster. Dyspo voices his surprise at this, not knowing that the death was still affecting Jiren but Top tells him that it is because Jiren never received approval from his master and never recognized him as a successor.

Vegeta provokes Jiren over the use of his wish, finding it to be selfish but this angers Jiren who charges towards them. Vegeta orders Goku to stand and fight as there are fewer than three minutes remaining and Jiren is now considerably weaker than before. As the two fight perfectly in sync, Jiren is pushed back, as Team Universe 11 watch on, Belmod explains why Gicchin never approved Jiren. As Jiren has always been solitary in nature, Gicchin was the one who recommended Jiren for the Pride Troopers to learn the true value of team work.

Seeing the success that Goku and Vegeta are having fighting together, Beerus asks Whis if all his training with them was so to work on their combination moves and synchronization to which Whis says that the Saiyans never even realized.

Belmod and Khai continue their discussion on how Master Gicchin had wanted to teach Jiren the importance of team work, however he was killed by a Demon before this happened. As a result, Jiren now chooses to take on all burdens alone and refuses to trust anyone else even his own team mates. Belmod comments that he himself does not believe in such weak minded thinking as teamwork and truth but Marcarita reminds him that he used to be friends with Gicchin, though Belmod says that that was a long time ago.

Jiren eliminates Vegeta

On the arena floor, Goku and Vegeta continue their effort in attempting to defeat the mighty Jiren. When Jiren powers up even more, the two Saiyans decide not to hold anything back and power up their strongest attacks, Goku using the Kamehameha and Vegeta using the Gamma Burst Flash. The combined attacks create an enormous flash of light, covering everyone in the stands in dust but Jiren still remains standing, his shirt being the only thing to have taken damage. With a simple gesture, Jiren knocks Vegeta backwards and he falls from the arena, being eliminated in the process. Goku tries valiantly to battle on but ends up being pushed back.

Golden Frieza knocks Jiren and Goku off-stage

Just as he appears to be on the verge of elimination himself, a Death Ball appears from behind the two of them. Frieza who still remains in the tournament, calls out to Goku to hold on to Jiren and keep him there so they can he throw his attack. Goku grabs Jiren from behind and Frieza throws the Death Ball proclaiming that when he wins his wish to be revived better be fulfilled. Jiren is able to hold on to the blast and fling it upwards into the air and anyway from himself but just as he does, Frieza now in his Golden Frieza state, charges directly at him. The force of the impact causing himself, Jiren and Goku to fall from the arena and be eliminated.

Just then Android 17 emerges from underneath a rock saying that he and Frieza's plan went smoothly though Frieza says that the android being the last man standing does not sit with him. At that, the tournament comes to an end with Universe 7 being the victor. The others voice their surprise, not knowing that Android 17 was still competing due to not being able to sense his energy. Krillin asks him about his apparent self destruction and Android 17 says that he would never do such a thing and lost the ability to do so a long time ago anyway, reminding him that it was he who made the wish to have their bomb removed.

Jiren apologizes to him team and Dyspo tells him that he should rely on them as they are his allies. Belmod says sorry to Jiren for not being able to get his wish to revive Gicchin but Jiren says that there is no need to now that he knows what he was lacking. However Belmod says that that was not the only reason for Jiren wanting to revive him and that he actually feels responsible for his death but Gicchin would not have wanted that and would not want to be revived. The Grand Minister tells them that their time is up and the two Zenos erase them from existence.


The Grand Minister tells Super Shenron to revive the erased universes

In the anime, with 17 the winner of the tournament, the Super Dragon Balls appear in the sky above, and the Grand Minister speaks the Divine Language to summon forth Super Shenron. While 17 hesitates at first, he looks over at Goku and then wishes to restore all the destroyed universes. The Grand Minister repeats this wish in the divine language, and Super Shenron departs. In the newly restored Universe 6, a rejoicing Caulifla and Kale coerce Cabba to help them reach Super Saiyan 3. Off on his own, Champa refuses to thank his brother. Universes 10, 3, 2, 9, 4, and 11 are likewise restored. In Universe 11, Jiren reflects on Goku's desire to meet again, but believes himself too hung up on his past to ever form a bond with Goku or anyone else. As they talk about Jiren's disposition during that final moment, Jiren vows along with Top that they will triumph the next time they battle Goku and the others.

Team Universe 7 surprised at Whis reviving Frieza

Back in the World of Void, as Android 18 confides to her brother about the wish, Goku thanks Android 17 for his wish. Frieza interrupts, who asks to be taken back to Hell, preferring his torment over their happy endings. In response, Whis gives Frieza something to be happy about, using his staff to bring Frieza back to life. This is a present from Beerus, in return for Frieza's fine performance at the end. While Frieza openly refuses to repent his wicked ways, Goku vows to take him down if he does anything. The Omni-Kings fly down and greet Goku, expressing how fun the tournament was. Later, the Grand Minister reveals that the Omni-Kings had foreseen that the warrior left out the end would be virtuous enough to consider the other universes. On the flip side, if the last warrior standing had made a selfish wish, the Omni-Kings would have erased everything. Whis thinks that this perhaps shows that the Omni-Kings expect that Goku and the others can change. The Omni-Kings ask Goku what they should do next, but Beerus and Shin stop Goku before he could say anything. The Grand Minister congratulates Universe 7 on their splendid fight and wish, and Goku promises to come back sometime and see the Omni-Kings again.

Goku and Vegeta reenact their first battle as Super Saiyan Blues

And so, the Tournament of Power concludes, and everyone returns to the daily lives. The gang all celebrate Bulla's birth some more, and Bulma even lets 17 use her cruise ship to travel around the world. Frieza returns to the remains of his army out in space, while Goku and Vegeta spar against each other in the wastelands on Earth. The two both use their Super Saiyan Blue forms, since it turns out Goku is unable to activate Autonomous Ultra Instinct at will; it seems that it was something that only happened accidentally in the harsh conditions of the tournament. Hearing this, Vegeta vows to obtain an even greater power. Goku says they can both get stronger and stronger, and Vegeta agrees that a Saiyan's strength has no limits. Goku and Vegeta continue to spar as life goes on in Universe 7.

In the manga, Android 17 immediately asks for the other universes to be brought back which surprises the Grand Minister. Android 17 says that as the winner, he has the right to make the wish and his choice is to have them all brought back. Upon summoning Super Shenron, the previously erased universes and participants are brought back into existence. As they all begin to make their home, the Grand Minister says that the wish that was made has elevated Universe 7 up in the ranking and they now third from the bottom. Goku asks why Android 17 changed his wish and he simply says that he changed his mind as he didn't want the Zeno's to have their way. Vegeta even tells him that they have now more ships that they even need and Bulma would happily give him one being the saviour of the universe. Frieza chimes in, reminding Goku about the promise that he would be revived and Whis using his powers grants him life anew saying that it is a gift from Beerus who praises him for his strategy in defeating Jiren. Frieza appears to be surprised by the notion but still vows to continue his evil ways though Goku says that he'll just beat him again if he does.

The Earthlings return to Capsule Corporation while Frieza returns to his own planet. Goku comments on how powerful Jiren was that they couldn't even put a dent in him. As Bulma shows up, seemingly unhappy with Vegeta deciding for himself to give away one of their ships to Android 17, Goku takes a swift exit. In no time at all everything returns to normal across the multiverse.

Anime, Manga, and Special Differences

  • In the manga trailer, the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction are all wearing cloaks and bowing their heads to the two Zenos. These traits are all absent in the anime.
  • Goku takes the Bandits who confronted him to the police where he receives an award in the manga, whereas he does not in the anime.
  • Vegeta's fight with Beerus and Whis along with achieving the Completed Super Saiyan Blue state do not happen in the anime.
  • In the manga, Vegeta is training with Whis while Bulma is pregnant and only returns to Earth when she is due to give birth, whereas he stays with her throughout the pregnancy in the anime.
  • Gohan is seen wearing the same attire as his father in the anime while in the manga, he is seen wearing nearly the same suit as Piccolo.
  • In the manga, Zeno and Future Zeno have a discussion about erasing the eight universes with low Mortal Levels. In the anime, this discussion is not shown.
  • In the manga, the Future Zeno's attendants do not appear while in the anime they do.
  • In the manga, Rumsshi learned about Zamasu's rebellion. In the anime, this was not shown.
  • In the anime, Grand Minister contacted each universe's Supreme Kais to tell them about the Tournament of Power. In the manga, instead he summoned all gods to Zeno's Palace to tell them.
  • In the manga, Heles expressed surprise at the fact that there were two Zenos, while in the anime, neither she nor any of the other gods bothered to question this.
  • In the anime, Top is shown to wear a dark hood. In the manga, he does not.
  • In the manga, Belmod was celebrating his anniversary as God of Destruction and told Grand Minister that he was planning to retire someday. In the anime, this was not shown.
  • In the anime, prior to the Tournament, the Zen Exhibition Match took place involving three fighters from Universe 7 matched up against three fighters from Universe 9. In the manga, instead of this there was a match between all of the Gods of Destruction, which is cancelled as the Omni-Kings can't follow the movements and replaced with a single match between Goku and Top.
  • In the manga, Whis mentions to Goku and Shin that Beerus fell asleep during Zeno's All-Universe Hide and Seek Tournament, causing the other 11 universes gods to hold a grudge against him for making Zeno furious and having to calm him down. In the anime, this discussion is not shown.
  • In the manga, Eyre is fully capable of understanding Mosco's electronic sounds as shown when he is surprised at Mosco's apparent rudeness while in the anime as shown later on, he is not capable of doing so, requiring Campari's translation to help him understand.
  • In the manga, the Grand Minister is the one who summoned all the gods to Zeno's Palace while in the anime, the Supreme Kai's teleport their gods instead.
  • In the manga, Korn is revealed to be Whis' older brother, while in the anime their relationship was never mentioned.
  • In the manga, the Grand Minister specifically has both Top and Goku fight as a demonstration to the Zenos as to what a mortal battle looks like. In the anime, Top challenges Goku to a fight as he sees him as evil for arranging the tournament, with Zeno allowing it as an unofficial match.
  • In the manga, the Grand Minister prohibits flight in the battle between Goku and Top. In the anime, he does not.
  • In the manga, Goku uses Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (completed) in his battle against Top. In the anime, Goku simply uses Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken.
  • In the manga, Top uses the aura of a God against Goku. In the anime, he doesn't use this form. Instead, Top is seen emitting a red aura, which is almost the same as the Super Saiyan God aura color.
  • In the anime, Goku says he's going to show Top what it looks like when he's surpassed his limit, before being stopped by the Grand Minister. This is not present in the manga.
  • In the manga, Top manages to defeat Goku by ring-out. In the anime, the match is concluded in a draw, albeit Top was shown taking some minor damage from Goku.
  • In the manga, Top does not show disdain for Goku nor places blame on him for the current circumstances. In the anime, Top points Goku out as being to blame for all that's happened. He also uses a lot of "Justice" phrases during his attacks.
  • In the manga, Top directly said that Jiren is stronger than their God of Destruction, Belmod. This is not present in the anime until revealed in the later episodes, during the real tournament itself.
  • In the anime, the Pride Troopers are shown to fight the monster Araghne under the control of a Dorakiyan. In the manga, they instead are shown to fight Choki, a large crab-like alien, along with several smaller members of its kind.
  • In the manga, Tupper's Petrified Form is his natural state. In the anime, it is his transformation state.
  • In the manga, Goku tells his friends about the dangers of the Tournament of Power. In the anime, Goku decides on not telling everyone about the true nature of the tournament so as to not cause fear, instead claiming a 10,000,000 Zeni prize for each member of the winning team as an incentive to join until his lie is revealed.
  • In the manga, Whis delivers Bulla from Bulma with a simple gaze. In the anime, he used his staff.
  • In the manga, Jiren shows up late and lands the finishing blow to defeat the monster. In the anime, Jiren never appears at all and the combination of Top, Dyspo and Kahseral are enough to defeat the monster.
  • In the manga, the background and the purpose of Jiren entering the Tournament of Power are explored. In the anime, it is not revealed until the fight against Goku.
  • Mr. Satan is interviewed and showing his fake fight with Cell in the manga. No. 17 is seen alive after Cell is dead.
  • In the anime, Krillin spars with Gohan and Goku to test his power. He also introduce his new 'upgraded' Solar Flare. All of this does not happen in the manga. Marron also does not say "I want a strong father" to Krillin in the manga.
  • Krillin is also not mentioned to have any hobby in the manga.
  • In the anime, Krillin and 18 do not have a spar to determine who will get 20 million zeni.
  • Good Buu is seen sleeping from the start, not after a harsh training until he is slim like in the anime.
  • The whereabouts of Uub is shown directly in the manga while it's only mentioned in the anime.
  • Goku fights 17 up to using Super Saiyan 3 in the manga while he uses Super Saiyan Blue in the anime.
  • In the manga, Goku does not recognize No. 17 at first since he never saw him. However, he is able to do so after seeing how 17 fights.
  • In the manga, 17 recognizes Goku through his voice. He said that he heard Goku's voice when he's absorbed by Cell.
  • There is no scene about the Galactic Poachers in the manga.
  • Vegeta discusses the team's strategy with Beerus, Whis, and Shin in the manga while it was Goku and Gohan who discussed with the deities in the anime.
  • In the anime, the team never considered Yamcha to be the tenth member. In the manga, he was mentioned.
  • In the manga, the team does not include Gohan from the start and not intended to. However, after Satan called Bulma to tell that Buu cannot participate in the tournament, Vegeta suggested to recruit Gohan, though Beerus doubted his usefulness.
  • While Goku recruiting Piccolo, Piccolo suggested to take in Gohan and says Goku can't win the tournament without Gohan.
  • In the manga, there's a scene showing the slight conversation between 17 and 18 after the Cell game about the bomb in their body and what they will do after that.
  • Unlike the anime, the manga does not show Goku's Tien or Roshi recruitment. Yurin also does not appear in the manga. Krillin take the role to recruit Roshi instead of Goku.
  • In the anime, Frieza is completely calm in hell after seeing Goku. In the manga, he is clearly mad. This is because in the manga, prior to Goku showing up Frieza had a dream about his previous death, the Angels of Hell are also present.
  • Universes 9 and 4 never tried to sabotage Universe 7's chance of entering the Tournament of Power in the manga, so the Universe 9 assassins do not appear in the manga. Likewise, Goku and Frieza's battle happens off-screen in the manga.
  • Caulifla stomps a vehicle of the Sadala Forces. She doesn't do this in the anime, as no member of the Forces besides Renso appear in the anime.
  • Renso does not appear in the manga version but one of the Sadala soldiers does resemble him.
  • Caulifla's gang is portrayed as a band of Saiyan punks in the anime, while in the manga, the members were portrayed as group of female Saiyan bandits that wear coats. Additionally in the manga, they are shown robbing a transport of food and jewels intended for King Sadala, though it is revealed that they are noble theives who supply the stolen food to poor children. In the anime, besides Caulifla and Kale, the other members of the gang are depicted as little more than stereotypical street punks who respect and follow Caulifla due to her strength.
  • While the anime shows us brief glimpses of the other universes recruitment, the manga only shows Universes 11 and 6's recruitment while the rest of them occurred off-screen.
  • In the manga, Cabba is the one who suggests to recruit Kale while in the anime, Caulifla is the one who suggested it.
  • Caulifla's and Kale's first transformation into Super Saiyan is not shown.
  • Also while in the anime, Caulifla considers Kale to be her best friend/protégé and always believe in her while in the manga, Caulifla seems to treat Kale like any other member of her gang to the point of doubting her powers when Cabba suggests to recruit her.
  • In the manga, Tien considers Chiaotzu as the possible tenth member and Goku also mentions about Future Trunks. The anime never mentions either of these options.
  • In the manga, Goku and Frieza arrive with only Krillin and Vegeta being aware of Frieza's recruitment, so the other team members are shocked at Frieza's presence. They are also both very beat up from their battle and so Piccolo has to give them Senzu Beans to restore them to their peaks.
  • In the manga, Whis uses his staff to call the Grand Minister. In the anime, he simply starts talking.
  • In the manga, when Goku came to greet Top, the latter seemed to greet him normally albeit slightly annoyed at him and treats him rather civil compared to the anime where he is hostile to Goku when they meet again in the Tournament of Power.
  • Jiren is much harsher to Goku in their first meeting in the manga compared to the anime. Whereas the anime, he teleports behind him and tells him to get lost, in the manga in addition to telling him off, he calls him as an eyesore and completely dismisses him as a nuisance, even ignoring him when Goku approaches to fight him during the battle royal where in the anime he at least notices Goku when the latter came to challenge him.
  • Jiren is far more proactive in the manga's version of the tournament compared to the anime where he stood by and watch as other fighters duke it out. Also judging from his conversation with Dyspo, he seem to be more inclined to cooperate with his comrades in the manga compared to the anime who primarily worked alone.
  • Zeno's Attendants are there alongside the Zenos in the manga whereas they do not make an appearance in the anime.
  • In the anime, when every universes fighter gets eliminated in the tournament, most of their clothes and wounds don't get repaired or healed. In the manga, they get their clothes and wounds repaired and healed upon elimination.
  • In the manga, Brianne de Chateau, Sous Roas, and Sanka Coo's Formation forms are their natural state. In the anime, it is their transformation states.
  • Murisam is eliminated by Android 17. In the anime he never fights Android 17 and is quickly eliminated by Cabba.
  • Rubalt is eliminated by Frieza early. In the anime he fights against Piccolo much later on while Obni fights Gohan but is eliminated after the Hellzone Grenade damages him.
  • Prum and Jimizu are knocked out of the arena by Android 18. In the anime, Prum is eliminated by Vegeta, and Jimizu is eliminated much later on by Frieza.
  • Vegeta eliminates both Catopesra and Nink near the start of the tournament. In the anime, Nink was also one of the first to go when Goku knocked him backward off the platform upon turning Super Saiyan Blue. Vegeta does fight Catopesra in the anime but much later on and with considerably more effort as he required turning Super Saiyan, with Catopesra ending up out by Gamisalas.
  • In the anime when Tupper grabs Goku, he is unable to escape under the pressure and is saved when Android 18 intervenes. In the manga he transforms into a Super Saiyan to gain the strength to escape.
  • In the manga, Frieza was the one behind Frost's role in having Krillin and Master Roshi eliminated. In the anime, this never happened.
  • In the manga, Piccolo took off his weighted clothing before the tournament started whereas in the anime, he kept it for much longer until the fight with Dium.
  • Team Universe 9 target Gohan and Piccolo in the manga. In the anime, they never fought as most fighters targeted Goku and Vegeta while Sorrel and Roselle fought Android 18 and Frieza respectively.
  • Tien Shinhan is eliminated by Frost moments after the latter eliminated Krillin in the manga. In the anime, he lasted longer until he eliminated himself along with Harmira.
  • Frost eliminates Oregano, Hyssop, Roselle, Sorrel, Hop, and Comfrey by himself in the manga whereas Goku, Vegeta, Android 18 and Frieza did it in the anime.
  • In the manga, Dr. Rota is the first eliminated fighter from Universe 6. In the anime, he is the second.
    • In addition, his special ability was revealed to be magic in the manga while in the anime this was left unknown.
  • Frieza never demonstrates the 100% Full Power form to Frost in the manga.
  • Frost doesn't attack Frieza from the bench causing not his own erasure in the manga.
  • Frieza eliminates Trio De Dangers in the manga instead of Goku and Vegeta.
  • None of the Universe 9 fighters abilities are shown in the manga. Likewise, while in the anime Comfrey never fights anyone, in the manga he is shown fighting Frost in hand to hand combat.
  • The Zenos are not equipped with GodPad in the manga.
  • In the anime, Mohito was smiling nonchalantly when Universe 9 was erased. In the manga, he instead just sighed with disappointment.
  • In the manga, Dyspo doesn't challenge Hit to a fight and instead joins Top to fight Goku while Jiren is seen fighting Hit.
  • In the anime, Hit fought Jiren by himself shortly after Jiren had fought Ultra Instinct -Sign- Goku. In the manga, Hit fights Jiren with Goku joining in. There is no Ultra Instinct -Sign- shown, but Goku just mention about to try to transcend his Super Saiyan Blue limit.
  • In the manga, upon fighting Jiren, Goku uses Perfected Super Saiyan Blue directly instead of starting with Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan God, and then Super Saiyan Blue in the anime.
  • In the manga, Goku does not use Spirit Bomb and end his fight with Jiren by simply turning back into his base form.
  • In the anime, Hit uses a technique called the Cage of Time that completely freezes Jiren momentarily. In the manga, he uses a different technique called the Time Lag which does not freeze Jiren but just slows him down. During which, it is also revealed that he greatly improved his combat skills and general strength to become more efficient in battle.
  • While the anime episodes and the special are mostly the same, there is one exclusive scene in the special, during the Spirit Bomb struggle between Goku and Jiren. During this particular struggle, Grand Minister worries about the two Zenos and protects them with a barrier saying "This should do!".
  • While the anime depicts Jiren pushing the Universe 7's Spirit Bomb with little effort, the special shows that Jiren was struggling to push it back, but won the struggle nevertheless.
  • In the manga, Dyspo calls Vegeta the "second fiddle" to Goku which angers the latter. In the anime, Top is the one who responded Vegeta back with the line after the latter calls him the "second fiddle" to Jiren.
  • In the manga, Vegeta easily knocks Dyspo out of the way before fighting Top. In the anime, Vegeta never confronted Dyspo at all.
  • Botamo is defeated by Android 17 in the manga. In the anime, he is instead defeated by Gohan using a different method.
  • Android 17 is the one who eliminates Napapa, Dium, Methiop and Damom in the manga. In the anime the only one that Android 17 eliminates is Damom with the others being eliminated by Master Roshi, Caulifla and Kale respectively.
  • In the anime, Android 18 fights against and is the one responsible for eliminating Ribrianne. In the manga, while she does fight her, she does not eliminate her and is eliminated first by Gamisalas who then proceeds to knock off several other fighters though in the anime he only knocks off Catopesra.
  • In the anime, Ribrianne considers Krillin to be highly unattractive. In the manga, all three of the Kamikaze Fireballs consider him exceptionally handsome due to the different standards of beauty on their world.
  • Ribrianne does not transform into her gigantic form in the manga.
  • In the manga, Android 17 uses his superhuman ears to detect the presence of Damom.
  • In the anime, the Zenos used GodPad to keep tally of which fighters remain in the ring. In the manga, they don't have one so the Grand Minister is the one who showed them the scoreboard for the tournament.
  • Dercori is eliminated by Kale in this chapter. In the anime, she was eliminated by Master Roshi.
  • Za Priccio is eliminated by Cabba whilst as a Super Saiyan. In the anime, he is eliminated by a combination attack between Master Roshi and Tien Shinhan.
  • In the anime, Frieza confronts Cabba, eliminating him after transforming into Golden Frieza and never battles Caulifla and Kale as he does in this chapter.
  • In the manga, this is the first time Super Saiyan Caulifla and Kale is shown instead of prior appearance before the tournament in the anime.
  • In the manga, it is shown that Frieza is able to use his power to lift the ground of the tournament ring remotely.
  • In the manga, Caulifla is shown to have an unnamed technique that has a nearly similar style to Kamehameha.
  • In the manga, Frieza states that Caulifla is stronger than the first Super Saiyan he fought.
  • In the manga, Caulifla and Android 17 are shown shocked to see Golden Frieza.
  • In the manga, Kale is shown more calm and matured and helps Caulifla stealthy when fighting Golden Frieza. She is aware of her power and does not show it off for Caulifla's sake. However in the anime, Kale is depicted initially being more as a shy and timid person who becomes enraged when Caulifla is hurt.
  • Reversed from the anime version where Kale starts transforming into bulkier form first, the manga shows Kale transforms into the thinner version of it and then bulkier version when she tries to power up more.
  • It is stated clearly by Goku and Frieza in the manga that Kale is a new breed and type of Super Saiyan. None of theses are commented by them in the anime.
  • In the anime, Goku was in his Super Saiyan 2 form and then ascended to Super Saiyan Blue form while fighting Kale. In the manga, Goku was in his Super Saiyan form prior to fighting Kale using his Super Saiyan Blue form.
  • In the manga, Kale eliminates far more opposition, totaling 17 and being the cause for Universe 4, 3, 2 and 10's erasure. In the anime, she only eliminates 5 with 3 of those being a combined effort with Caulifla and she is not the cause for any Universe being erased.
  • In the manga, Mule comes out of his armor to desperately urge Paparoni to fuse into Agnilasa. In the anime, he comes out just before his universe gets erased to bid a farewell to his Angel.
  • In the manga, Gowasu gives a farewell goodbye to Universe 7 before being erased. In the anime, he just close his eyes and quietly accept his fate.
  • Universe 2 doesn't accept their erasure with a smile in the manga as they are too shocked at their sudden elimination to do anything in contrast to the anime.
  • In the manga, Kale is not able to come to her senses and continues to rampage throughout. In the anime, she is twice able to regain her reasoning and gets her power under control.
  • In the manga, Cabba and Caulifla have knowledge of the "Legendary Saiyan". This is not present in the anime.
  • In the manga, Kale eliminates a few of her own team mates including Magetta, Pilina and Saonel. In the anime, she never eliminates any teammates and the three are eliminated under completely different circumstances.
  • While they start with their base form in the anime, in the manga Kefla already started in her Super Saiyan form due to both fusees being in their Super Saiyan state. As a result, Kefla is permanently stuck at her Super Saiyan form and couldn't power down to base form throughout the duration of the fusion.
  • In the manga, Caulifla and Kale fuse using Fuwa's Potara Earrings which Caulifla stole from him prior to the start of the Tournament of Power. In the anime, Fuwa lends Champa extra Potara Earring which he then gave to Caulifla and Kale prior to the Tournament of Power.
  • In the manga, Caulifla fuses with Kale in an attempt to get her under control and stop her from self-destructing. In the anime, the two fuses as a result of being overpowered by Goku as a Super Saiyan God.
  • In the manga, Kefla attempts to take on Jiren before being confronted by Gohan. In the anime, Kefla only ever confronted Goku.
  • In the manga, Agnilasa is defeated instantly by one kick from Kale. In the anime, he has a prolonged battle with Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan, Android 17 and Android 18 giving them a fair amount of trouble.
  • Gohan fights Kefla and eliminate each other in this chapter. In the anime. they never fight. Instead Kefla is eliminated after Goku uses Autonomous Ultra Instinct for the second time and Gohan is eliminated along with Dyspo.
  • Universe 6 is the sixth universe to be erased after Kefla is eliminated. In the anime Universe 6 was the the fourth universe to be erased after Saonel and Pilina were eliminated.
  • In the manga, Android 17 and Dyspo battle each other. In the anime, this battle never happened.
  • In the manga, it is Master Roshi's words and leading by example that let Goku first unlock Ultra Instinct -Sign-. In the anime, Goku first used it by using the Spirit Bomb's energy as bolster on his body and subconscious.
  • Master Roshi eliminates Kahseral in the manga. In the anime he is instead eliminated by Kale and Caulifla.
  • Master Roshi fights and is eliminated by Jiren in the manga. In the anime, he never fights Jiren and eliminates himself after becoming exhausted from freeing Vegeta. Also, while eliminated in combat in the manga, Master Roshi willing eliminates himself after suffering too severe injuries and worries his continued presence would only hinder his allies in the anime.
  • In the manga, Goku's orange gi remains intact when he unlocks the power of Ultra Instinct -Sign- for the first time, rather than it being destroyed as it was in the anime.
  • In the anime, Android 17 self-destructs himself to save Goku and Vegeta from being eliminated. In the manga, he self-destructs himself in an attempt to eliminate Jiren only for it to end up in failure.
  • While Jiren mourns for Android 17's sacrifice and shows respect for it in the manga, in the anime Jiren practically spit it on his face by outright declaring that Goku and Vegeta should be grateful that he sacrificed for their pathetic lives.
  • In the manga, Vegeta evolves his Super Saiyan Blue form because of his desire to get stronger his own way and not from the teachings of any master. In the anime, he unlocks his new transformation out of his desire to keep his promise to Cabba.
  • In the anime, Dyspo is eliminated along with Gohan by Frieza, and Top is eliminated by Vegeta. In the manga, Dyspo and Top are eliminated by Frieza destroying the arena causing them to fall with Jiren refusing to save them.
  • In the manga, when they were on the verge of elimination, Dyspo begs Jiren to help them, something that he never did in the anime even as he is overwhelmed.
  • In the anime, 18 is distraught at 17's supposed death while in the manga she is rather nonchalant at the fact that her brother is going to sacrifice himself to take down Jiren, calmly agreeing to watch over his children.
  • In the anime, Vegeta had already been eliminated by the time that Goku had attained the Autonomous Ultra Instinct state. In the manga, he had not.
  • Jiren's wish was revealed to be to resurrect his master Gicchin in the manga. In the anime, his personal wish for the Super Dragon Balls was never revealed.
  • In the manga, Goku and Vegeta are shown to be in perfect sync with each other due to Whis training the two together while in the anime, it is explicitly stated that Goku and Vegeta couldn't really synchronize well together which is the reason Jiren find it hard to keep up with them.
  • In the manga, Goku's stamina gradually decreases until he loses access to the Autonomous Ultra Instinct state, whereas in the anime, Goku loses access to the state all at once and experiences excruciating pain due to the form.
  • In the anime, Goku, Frieza, and Android 17 work together to eliminate Jiren. In the manga, it is just Goku and Frieza as Android 17 is only revealed to have been alive after ward.
  • In the anime, Android 17 is fully prepared to sacrifice himself and is unsure if he survives or not. In the manga, Android 17 only fakes his self-destruction and fully expects to survive it.
  • In the anime, Android 17 resurrects the erased universes due to growing to care about humanity thanks to Goku's influence. In the manga, he resurrects the fallen universes to spite the Zenos of their erasure rules.
  • It was never mentioned in the anime that it was a Demon that killed Master Gicchin unlike in the manga.
  • In the manga, the Grand Minister never mentions that had the wish not been used to restore the other universes then the winning universe would have been erased as well.
  • In the manga, the Grand Minister tells Shin that Universe 7 has moved up in the mortal level ranking while in the anime he does not.
  • In the anime, the fallen fighters are resurrected into their own universes while in the manga they are resurrected into the tournament stands.
  • In the manga, Frieza demands that Goku use the Earth's Dragon Balls to resurrect him after the tournament is over (not knowing that he cannot be resurrected twice). In the anime, Frieza demands that the heroes send him to hell already, fully expecting that they will go back on their words and leave the tyrant to his hellish fate.
  • In the manga, Vegeta promises Android 17 a ship for saving the universe while in the anime, Bulma lets 17 use her cruise ship.


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  • Goku vs. Bandits
  • Vegeta vs. Whis
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue/Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Beerus
  • Iwan vs. Heles vs. Mule (Mosco) vs. Quitela vs. Arak vs. Champa vs. Beerus vs. Liquiir (Base/Nine-Tails) vs. Sidra vs. Rumsshi vs. Belmod vs. Giin
  • Goku (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3/Super Saiyan God/Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Top (Base/Aura of a God)
  • Jiren vs. Oslet aliens (Unseen)
  • Choki and his spawn vs. Top, Jiren, Dyspo, K'nsi, Tupper, Zoire, Vewon, Cocotte, and Kahseral
  • Mr. Satan vs. Cell (Perfect Form) (Televised recreation)
  • Android 17 vs. Poachers
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 3) vs. Android 17
  • Caulifla and Kale vs. Sadala soldier
  • Cabba (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Caulifla
  • Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Master Roshi, and Jaco vs. Galactic Frieza Army (Flashback)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) and Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Frieza (Final Form) (Flashback)
  • Goten (Super Saiyan) and Trunks (Super Saiyan) vs. 7 Cell Juniors
  • Gohan vs. Piccolo (unseen)
  • Goku vs. Frieza (Final Form) (unseen)
  • Android 17 vs. Murisam
  • Android 17 vs. Rubalt
  • Android 17 vs. Dium
  • Android 18 vs. Prum
  • Catopesra vs. Nink
  • Vegeta vs. Catopesra and Nink
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Vewon, Kahseral, Tupper, Zoire, Kettle, and K'nsi
  • Jiren vs. Nigrissi
  • Jiren vs. Maji-Kayo and Pancéa
  • Comfrey vs. Obni
  • Murichim vs. Hop
  • Sorrel vs. Dercori
  • Harmira vs. Shosa
  • Hyssop vs. Zircor
  • Methiop vs. Zarbuto
  • Rabanra vs. Dium
  • Za Priccio vs. Sous Roas
  • Napapa vs. Saonel and Pilina
  • Bergamo, Lavender, and Basil vs. Pancéa, Koitsukai, and Narirama
  • Frost (Final Form) vs. Oregano
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, and Master Roshi vs. Auta Magetta
  • Krillin vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Tien Shinhan and Master Roshi vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Bergamo, Lavender, and Basil
  • Piccolo vs. Hyssop, Sorrel, and Roselle
  • Tien Shinhan vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Vegeta vs. Murichim
  • Goku (Super Saiyan) vs. Vewon, K'nsi, and Kettle
  • Goku (Super Saiyan) vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Roselle
  • Frost (Final Form) vs. Bergamo, Lavender, Basil, Hyssop, Sorrel, Chappil, Oregano, Hop, Comfrey, and Roselle
  • Vegeta vs. Obni
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Lavender and Basil
  • Piccolo vs. Bergamo
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Lavender and Basil
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Bergamo
  • Botamo vs. Dyrasem
  • Goku (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Top and Dyspo
  • Shosa vs. Unknown Warrior (off-panel)
  • Sanka Coo vs. Unknown Warrior (off-panel)
  • Hit vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Jiren
  • Hit vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) and Hit vs. Jiren
  • Hit vs. Jiren
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan/Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Dyspo and Top
  • Android 17 vs. Botamo
  • Piccolo vs. Dyrasem
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Methiop
  • Piccolo vs. Napapa
  • Android 17 vs. Dium
  • Android 17 vs. Murichim
  • Piccolo vs. Obni
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Zircor
  • Android 18 vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne), Sanka Coo (Kankunsa) & Sous Roas (Roasie)
  • Android 18 vs. Gamisalas
  • Gamisalas vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne), Sanka Coo (Kankunsa), Sous Roas (Roasie), Murichim, and Zircor
  • Piccolo vs. Gamisalas
  • Piccolo vs. Damom
  • Android 17 vs. Damom
  • Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Jiren
  • Frieza (Final Form/Golden Frieza) vs. Caulifla (Base/Super Saiyan)
  • Vegeta (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Top
  • Kale vs. Dercori
  • Cabba (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Za Priccio
  • Frieza (Golden Frieza) vs. Caulifla (Base/Super Saiyan) and Kale
  • Frieza (Golden Frieza) vs. Caulifla (Base/Super Saiyan) and Cabba (Base/Super Saiyan)
  • Frieza (Golden Frieza) vs. Caulifla (Base/Super Saiyan)
  • Frieza (Golden Frieza) vs. Kale (Super Saiyan C-type)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan), Gohan (Potential Unleashed), and Master Roshi vs. Tupper, Zoire, and K'nsi
  • Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Kale (Super Saiyan C-type)
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Vegeta (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) and Top
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Ganos and Xiangca
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Agnilasa
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Rabanra and Zarbuto
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Obni
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Auta Magetta
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Saonel and Pilina
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Cabba (Super Saiyan)
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Kahseral, K'nsi, Tupper, Zoire, Cocotte, Kettle, and Vewon
  • Cabba (Super Saiyan) and Caulifla (Super Saiyan) vs. Dyspo
  • Kefla (Super Saiyan) vs. Dyspo, Kahseral, K'nsi, Tupper, Zoire, Cocotte, Kettle, and Vewon
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Kefla (Super Saiyan)
  • Vegeta (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Top (Base/Aura of a God)
  • Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Jiren
  • Android 17 vs. Dyspo
  • Master Roshi vs. Kahseral
  • Master Roshi vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Base/Ultra Instinct -Sign-) vs. Jiren
  • Vegeta (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Evolved) vs. Jiren
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Top
  • Android 17 vs. Dyspo
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Top and Dyspo
  • Frieza (Final Form) and Android 17 vs. Jiren
  • Frieza (Golden Frieza) vs. Jiren
  • Frieza (Golden Frieza) and Android 17 vs. Jiren
  • Android 17 vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-/Autonomous Ultra Instinct/Base) vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Goku and Vegeta vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Goku and Frieza (Final Form/Golden Frieza) vs. Jiren


  • Goku vs. Burglars
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Whis
  • Goten vs. Trunks
  • Majin Buu vs. Basil (Base/Danger Doping)
  • Gohan (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Lavender
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken) vs. Bergamo (Base/Giant Form)
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken) vs. Top
  • Krillin vs. Basil (Image training)
  • Gohan vs. Krillin
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Krillin and Android 18
  • Goku vs. Good Buu (Shape-Up)
  • Top, Kahseral, and Dyspo vs. Dorakiyan and Araghne
  • Android 17 vs. Poachers
  • Goku and Android 17 vs. Poachers
  • Goku (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Android 17
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan Blue) and Android 17 vs. Galactic Poachers
  • Gohan (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2/Potential Unleashed) vs. Piccolo
  • Krillin vs. Android 18
  • Goku, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu vs. Tenshin-Style Dojo students (Jiang Shi)
  • Master Roshi vs. Yurin
  • Tien Shinhan vs. Master Roshi (Base/Max Power/Jiang Shi)
  • Goku vs. Master Roshi (Max Power/Jiang Shi)
  • Goku and Tien Shinhan vs. Gohan and Piccolo
  • Goku (Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken) vs. Gohan (Potential Unleashed)
  • Hit vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Whis
  • Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne) vs. two drag queens
  • Cabba (Base/Super Saiyan) and Caulifla (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2) vs. Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan)
  • Goku and Frieza (Final Form/True Golden Frieza) vs. Universe 9's Assassin Boss and Universe 9's Assassins
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Frieza (True Golden Frieza)
  • Iwan vs. Arak vs. Liquiir
  • Top vs. Basil
  • Shosa vs. Kettle
  • Nink vs. Hyssop
  • Catopesra vs. Hop
  • Methiop vs. Unknown Warrior (off-screen)
  • Obni vs. Tupper
  • Comfrey vs. Shosa
  • Paparoni vs. Rabanra
  • Top vs. Auta Magetta
  • Goku vs. Ganos
  • Narirama vs. Brianne de Chateau, Sanka Coo, Sous Roas, Cabba, Dyspo, Methiop, Murisam, Shosa, Hit, and Basil
  • Basil vs. Rylibeu
  • Basil vs. Napapa
  • Android 18 vs. Cocotte
  • Vegeta vs. Hyssop
  • Android 17 vs. Harmira
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Catopesra
  • Gohan, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, Krillin and Master Roshi (Base/Max Power) vs. Botamo, Lavender, Comfrey, Shosa, and Dercori
  • Basil vs. Napapa
  • Dyspo and Kahseral vs. Unknown Warrior (off-screen)
  • Top vs. Murichim
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Nink
  • Goku vs. Bergamo
  • Goku vs. Bergamo, Lavender, and Basil
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Napapa
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Roselle
  • Vegeta vs. Nigrissi and Obni
  • Goku vs. Basil
  • Vegeta vs. Lavender and Hop
  • Goku vs. Chappil and Bergamo
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Chappil and Comfrey
  • Vegeta vs. Lavender, Hop, and Hyssop
  • Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Oregano and Hyssop
  • Android 18 vs. Sorrel (off-screen)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue) and Vegeta (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Bergamo, Lavender, and Basil
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan) vs. Botamo and Auta Magetta
  • Gohan vs. Dium
  • Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and Master Roshi vs. Dium
  • Krillin, and Master Roshi (Max Power) vs. Dium
  • Android 18 vs. Shosa
  • Krillin and Android 18 vs. Shosa
  • Krillin and Android 18 vs. Majora
  • Krillin vs. Majora
  • Krillin vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Android 17 vs. Dyrasem
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan) vs. Botamo and Auta Magetta
  • Cabba vs. Nigrissi and Murisam
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan) vs. Cabba (Super Saiyan) (off-screen)
  • Hit vs. Narirama
  • Kale vs. Methiop and Napapa
  • Caulifla (Super Saiyan) vs. Methiop and Napapa
  • Goku (Super Saiyan) vs. Jimizu
  • Caulifla vs. Jimizu
  • Goku (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2) vs. Caulifla (Super Saiyan Third Grade/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan)
  • Bikal vs. Rubalt
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Everyone
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Vewon
  • Kale (Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Jiren
  • Goku vs. Top
  • Master Roshi and Tien Shinhan vs. Za Priccio
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Murichim
  • Goku vs. Tupper (Base/Petrified form) and Zoire
  • Caulifla vs. Kettle
  • Kale vs. Cocotte
  • Android 17 and Android 18 vs. Kahseral
  • Android 17 vs. Kahseral
  • Goku and Android 18 vs. Tupper (Base/Petrified form) and Zoire
  • Caulifla (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2) and Kale (Base/C-type Super Saiyan/Legendary Super Saiyan) vs. Kahseral, Cocotte, Kettle, and Zoire
  • Android 18 vs. Cocotte
  • Android 18 vs. Paparoni
  • Top and Dyspo vs. Jimizu and Zirloin
  • Rubalt vs. Monna
  • Botamo vs. Obni
  • Zarbuto vs. Cabba
  • Bikal vs. Pancéa
  • Rabanra vs. Ganos
  • Android 17 vs. Brianne de Chateau, Sanka Coo, and Sous Roas
  • Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne) vs. Everyone
  • Piccolo vs. Dyrasem
  • Master Roshi vs. K'nsi
  • Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne) vs. Jiren
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan) vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne)
  • Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne) vs. Dyrasem
  • Goku vs. Sous Roas (Roasie)
  • Android 17 vs. Sanka Coo (Kakunsa)
  • Android 17 vs. Sanka Coo (Kakunsa) and Bikal
  • Android 17 vs. Sanka Coo (Kakunsa) and Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne)
  • Android 17 vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne)
  • Goku vs. Sous Roas (Roasie)
  • Gohan vs. Botamo
  • Jimizu vs. Zircor
  • Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed) vs. Obni
  • Piccolo vs. Rubalt
  • Hit vs. Dyspo
  • Hit vs. Dyspo and K'nsi
  • Goku (Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan God-Blue) and Hit vs. Dyspo and K'nsi
  • Rabanra vs. Auta Magetta
  • Biarra vs. Xiangca
  • Master Roshi vs. Caway
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Maji-Kayo (Muscular Form)
  • Master Roshi vs. Dercori (Base/Transformation)
  • Master Roshi (Base/Max Power) vs. Ganos (Base/Transforming Ability)
  • Dr. Rota vs. Harmira and Prum
  • Piccolo vs. Harmira and Prum
  • Gohan and Piccolo vs. Harmira and Prum
  • Goku and Vegeta vs. Prum
  • Goku and Vegeta vs. Harmira and Prum
  • Tien Shinhan vs. Harmira
  • Goku and Vegeta vs. Prum
  • Dr. Rota vs. Prum
  • Vegeta vs. Dr. Rota and Prum
  • Dyspo vs. Maji-Kayo (Base/Muscular Form)
  • Jiren vs. Maji-Kayo (Muscular Form)
  • Master Roshi (Base/Max Power) vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Goku vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne)
  • Vegeta vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Auta Magetta
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan) vs. Frost (Final Form) and Auta Magetta
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan) and Master Roshi vs. Frost (Final Form) and Auta Magetta
  • Master Roshi vs. Frost (Final Form)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Frost (Final Form) and Auta Magetta
  • Goku vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne)
  • Cabba vs. Top
  • Gohan vs. Borareta
  • Gohan vs. Jimizu
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Jimizu
  • Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed) vs. Frieza (Final Form/True Golden Frieza)
  • Frieza (100% Full Power) vs. Frost (100% Full Power)
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne/Super Ribrianne)
  • Vegeta vs. Borareta
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken) vs. Jiren
  • Zirloin vs. Paparoni
  • Pancéa vs. Monna
  • Koitsukai vs. Cabba
  • Vegeta vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne)
  • Pilina vs. Catopesra
  • Saonel vs. Biarra
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-) vs. Top and Dyspo
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct -Sign-/Base) vs. Jiren
  • Hit vs. Jiren
  • Piccolo and Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed) vs. Saonel and Pilina
  • Vegeta vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne)
  • Vegeta vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne) and Sous Roas (Roasie)
  • Cabba vs. Catopesra
  • Jiren, Top, and Dyspo vs. Biarra and Catopesra
  • Goku vs. Koitsukai, Pancéa, and Borareta
  • Cabba (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Monna (Base/Expansion)
  • Vegeta vs. Monna (Expansion)
  • Cabba (Base/Super Saiyan 2) vs. Monna (Expansion)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Top
  • Cabba (Base/Super Saiyan 2) vs. Frieza (Final Form/True Golden Frieza)
  • Caulifla vs. Koitsukai, Pancéa, and Borareta
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan 2) vs. Caulifla (Super Saiyan 2)
  • Catopesra vs. Zarbuto
  • Goku (Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan God) vs. Caulifla (Super Saiyan 2) and Kale (Base/C-type Super Saiyan/Legendary Super Saiyan/Legendary Super Saiyan 2)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan God) vs. Kefla
  • Kefla vs. Rabanra and Zarbuto
  • Android 18 vs. Catopesra (Whirlwind Speed Mode)
  • Android 17 vs. Catopesra (Whirlwind Speed Mode)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken/Base/Ultra Instinct -Sign-) vs. Kefla (Base/Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2/Strengthened Super Saiyan 2)
  • Vegeta vs. Catopesra (Whirlwind Speed Mode/Battle Mode)
  • Android 17 and Android 18 vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne) and Sous Roas (Roasie)
  • Android 17 vs. Sous Roas (Roasie)
  • Android 18 vs. Brianne de Chateau (Ribrianne/Base/Lovely Love, Love Ribrianne)
  • Android 17 vs. Biarra
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Zarbuto, Rabanra and Zirloin
  • Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed) and Piccolo vs. Saonel and Pilina
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan Blue), Android 17, and Android 18 vs. Zirloin (Formation), Rabanra (Formation), and Zarbuto (Formation)
  • Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Catopesra (Raging Battle Mode/Ultimate Mode)
  • Gamisalas vs. Catopesra (Ultimate Mode)
  • Vegeta vs. Gamisalas
  • Gohan vs. Gamisalas
  • Android 18 vs. Gamisalas
  • Piccolo vs. Gamisalas
  • Piccolo vs. Hop (Illusion), Sorrel (Illusion), and Basil (Illusion)
  • Goku vs. Botamo (Illusion)
  • Android 18 vs. Prum (Illusion)
  • Android 17 vs. Sanka Coo (Kakunsa; Illusion)
  • Gohan and Piccolo vs. Bergamo (Illusion), Lavender (Illusion), Basil (Illusion), Hop (Illusion), and Sorrel (Illusion)
  • Piccolo vs. Xiangca
  • Piccolo vs. Damom
  • Android 17 vs. Damom
  • Goku vs. Damom
  • Goku and Android 17 vs. Damom
  • Goku vs. Pancéa
  • Vegeta vs. Borareta
  • Android 17 and Android 18 vs. Biarra
  • Gohan vs. Koitsukai
  • Goku and Vegeta vs. Pancéa and Borareta
  • Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed) vs. Pancéa and Borareta
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Pancéa, Koitsukai, and Borareta
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Paparoni
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Koicéareta
  • Goku and Vegeta vs. Koicéareta
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), and Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Koicéareta and Paparoni
  • Agnilasa vs. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Android 17, Android 18, Frieza (Final Form), and Jiren
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan God), Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Gohan (Base/Potential Unleashed), Android 17, and Android 18 vs. Agnilasa
  • Goku (Super Saiyan God), Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Android 17, Android 18, and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Agnilasa
  • Goku (Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan Blue), Vegeta (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue), Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Android 17, and Frieza (Final Form/True Golden Frieza) vs. Agnilasa
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Jiren
  • Frieza (Final Form/True Golden Frieza) vs. Dyspo (Base/Super Maximum Light Speed Mode)
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) and Android 17 vs. Top
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) and Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Jiren
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Base) vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken/Super Saiyan Blue) and Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Jiren
  • Android 17 vs. Top
  • Gohan (Potential Unleashed) and Frieza (True Golden Frieza) vs. Dyspo (Super Maximum Light Speed Mode)
  • Android 17 and Frieza (True Golden Frieza) vs. Top (Base/God of Destruction Mode)
  • Android 17 vs. Top (God of Destruction Mode)
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Top (God of Destruction Mode)
  • Android 17 vs. Top (God of Destruction Mode)
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Top (God of Destruction Mode)
  • Android 17 and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Top (God of Destruction Mode)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Top (God of Destruction Mode)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan 2/Majin Vegeta) vs. Innocent Buu (Flashback)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved), and Android 17 vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken) vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved/Base) vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken/Base) vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Android 17 vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Android 17, Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), and Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Android 17 vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken), Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved), and Android 17 vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Frieza (Final Form/True Golden Frieza) vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Jiren and comrades vs. Unknown Villain (Flashback)
  • Android 17 vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Vegeta vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue/Base/Ultra Instinct -Sign-/Ultra Instinct (transformation)) vs. Jiren (Full Power/Super Full Power)
  • Android 17 vs. Jiren
  • Frieza (True Golden Frieza) vs. Jiren
  • Android 17 vs. Jiren
  • Frieza (True Golden Frieza) vs. Jiren (Base/Full Power)
  • Frieza (True Golden Frieza/Rage Mode Golden Frieza/Final Form) and Android 17 vs. Jiren (Full Power)
  • Goku, Android 17, and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Jiren (Full Power/Super Full Power)
  • Goku and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Jiren
  • Android 17 vs. Jiren
  • Goku and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Jiren
  • Android 17 vs. Jiren
  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan) and Frieza (Final Form) vs. Jiren
  • Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue)


Funimation Blu-ray and DVD Sets

  • Dragon Ball Super: Part Six (66-78) (only episodes 77-78 are part of the Universe Survival Saga)
  • Dragon Ball Super: Part Seven (79-91)
  • Dragon Ball Super: Part Eight (92-104)
  • Dragon Ball Super: Part Nine (105-117)
  • Dragon Ball Super: Part Ten (118-131)

Manga Chapters

Chapter # Title
27 "Life, Training and..."
28 "The Gods of Destruction From All 12 Universes"
29 "Toppo, Universe 11 God of Destruction Candidate!"
30 "The Man Named Jiren"
31 "The Super Warriors Gather!"
32 "The Super Warriors Gather! Part 2"
33 "Universe Survival! The Tournament of Power Begins!!"
34 "The First Doomed Universe"
35 "Hit vs. Jiren"
36 "Quirky Competitors"
37 "Awaken, Super Saiyan Kale"
Extra "Bonus story 3"
38 "Universe 6's Last Resort"
39 "Sign of Son Goku's Awakening"
40 "Jiren vs. Universe 7"
41 "Ultra Instinct"
42 "Battle's End and Aftermath"

Episode List

Episode # Title
77 "Let's Do It, Grand Zeno! The Universes' Best Tournament!!"
78 "Even the Universes' Gods are Appalled?! The Lose-and-Perish Tournament of Power"
79 "The 9th Universe's Kicking Basil vs. The 7th Universe's Majin Buu!!"
80 "Awaken Your Dormant Fighting Spirit! Gohan's Fight!"
81 "Bergamo the Crusher vs. Goku! Whose Strength Reaches the Wild Blue Yonder?"
82 "Goku Must Pay The Warrior of Justice Top Barges In!"
83 "Field The All-7th-Universe Team! Who Are The Mighty Ten?"
84 "Goku the Talent Scout Recruit Krillin and Android 18"
85 "The Universes Go Into Action -- Each With Their Own Motives"
86 "First Time Exchanging Blows! Android 17 vs. Goku!!"
87 "Hunt the Poaching Ring! Goku and Android 17's Joint Struggle!"
88 "Gohan and Piccolo Master and Pupil Clash in Max Training!"
89 "A Mysterious Beauty Appears! The Enigma of the Tien Shin-Style Dojo?"
90 "Staring Down the Wall to be Overcome Goku vs. Gohan"
91 "Which Universe Will Win Their Place? The Mighty Warriors Gradually Assemble!"
92 "A State of Emergency! Failure to Reach Ten Members!"
93 "You're Our Tenth Warrior! Goku Approaches Frieza!!"
94 "The Evil Emperor Returns! A Reception from Mysterious Assassins?"
95 "Most Heinous! Most Evil! Frieza's Rampage!"
96 "The Time Has Come! To the Null Realm with the Universes on the Line!"
97 "Survive! The Tournament of Power Begins at Last!"
98 "Ah, the Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs!"
99 "Show Them! Krillin's Underlying Strength!"
100 "Rampage! A Crazed Warrior's Savagery Awakens!"
101 "Warriors of Justice Close In! The Pride Troopers!"
102 "The Power of Love Explodes? The 2nd Universe's Witchy Warriors!"
103 "Gohan, Get Ruthless! Showdown with the 10th Universe!"
104 "A Transcendent Light-Speed Battle Erupts! Goku and Hit's United Front!"
105 "A Valiant Fight! Master Roshi's Blaze of Glory!"
106 "Find them Out! Deathmatch with a Furtive Attacker!"
107 "Revenge ‘‘F’’! A Cunning Trap is Set?"
108 "Frieza and Frost! A Mutual Malevolence?"
109 "The Mightiest Enemy Zeroes in on Goku! Launch the Knockout Spirit Bomb Now!"
110 "Goku Enkindled! The Awakened One's New Ultra Instinct!"
111 "An Extra-Dimensional Ultimate Battle! Hit vs. Jiren!"
112 "A Saiyan Oath! Vegeta's Resolve!"
113 "With Great Joy! The Fighting Freak Saiyans' Battle Rejoined!"
114 "Bloodcurdling! The Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior!"
115 "Goku vs. Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Beaten?"
116 "Signs of a Turnabout! The Autonomous Ultra Instinct Erupts!"
117 "Showdown of Love! The Androids vs. the 2nd Universe!"
118 "Accelerating Tragedy Vanishing Universes"
119 "Unavoidable? The Ferocity of a Stealth Attack!"
120 "A Perfect Survival Strategy! The 3rd Universe's Menacing Assassin!"
121 "All-Out War! The Ultimate Four-Fold Union vs. the 7th Universe's Total Offensive!"
122 "With His Pride on the Line! Vegeta's Challenge to Be the Strongest!"
123 "Body, Soul and Power Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!"
124 "A Storm-and-Stress Assault! Gohan's Last Stand!"
125 "A Commanding Presence! The Advent of Top the Destroyer!"
126 "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Sacrifice Strike!"
127 "The Approaching Wall! A Hopeful Final Barrier!"
128 "To the Noble, Proud End! Vegeta Falls!"
129 "A Transcendent Limit Break! Autonomous Ultra Instinct Mastered!"
130 "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!"
131 "A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until We Meet Again!"


Episode # Title
1 "This is the Ultimate Battle in all the Universes! Son Goku vs Jiren!!"

Video Game Appearances

The Universe Survival Saga was adapted by Dragon Ball Heroes from SDBH Mission 3 to Universe Mission 1, split into five parts: Universe Survival Saga: Prelude, focusing on Universe 7 and Universe 6's recruitment of team members; Universe Survival Saga: Gathering, a loose adaptation of Team Universe 7's search for a tenth member in Hell that shows them fighting a number of past villains; and Tournament of Power Saga, Tournament of Power Saga: Climax and Tournament of Power Saga: Final Chapter, all three of which focusing on the Tournament of Power.


  • On April Fools' Day, Toei Animation's website and twitter announced the Society Survival Saga.
  • This is the first saga to officially feature female Super Saiyans. Kale is the first female Saiyan to be shown with a Super Saiyan transformation, however, in the show itself it was Caulifla that becomes a Super Saiyan first.
  • This arc marks the return of Super Saiyan God after being absent for 3 sagas.
  • This is the first saga in the entire mainstream Dragon Ball series which both Goku and Android 17 officially met and fought.
  • This is the first saga in the series since the Super 17 Saga of Dragon Ball GT that both Android 17 and 18 are seen together (albeit as enemies) and the first since the Imperfect Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z that they are seen together as allies.
    • This is also the first since the World Tournament Saga that Android 18 has fought in a tournament. This is also Android 17's first time fighting in a tournament.
    • This is also the first time both Androids 17 and 18 together are allies with the Dragon Team.
    • This is also the first time since Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, that Gohan and the Androids are seen together, but rather as allies and teammates rather than sworn enemies, unlike Future Gohan (as the present timeline had been distorted by Future Trunks from that point, causing that timeline's course to be altered).
    • This saga also takes place in Age 780, the year in the alternate timeline in which Future Gohan dies fighting the androids in Pepper Town.
  • This is the longest saga in Dragon Ball Super as well as in the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole altogether, lasting for a year.
  • Toshio Yoshitaka had planned on writing an episode of Yamcha and Chiaotzu protecting Earth, however it never happened.[16]

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