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The Universe Seed (宇宙の種 Uchū no Tane) is a powerful object utilized by Fu and later Hearts. It can be used to grow into the Universe Tree, or grant an individual a tremendous powerup.


The Universe Seed is a seed that, when fully grown into the Universe Tree, can be used to create an entire universe. In order to do so, it requires enormous amounts of energy, which can be acquired from battles. Regardless of its closeness to completion, it can be used to acquire an Ultimate Form, greatly increasing the user's power, in addition to the seed still being able to gather energy during the form's usage.


In the game, Fu intended to use the Universe Seed to create a new universe, using the battles on the Prison Planet to collect energy for it.

Hearts with the completed Universe Seed

During the Universal Conflict Saga, after the Core Area Warriors broke free, Hearts took the Universe Seed and continued getting energy for it, going to Universes 6, 11, 3 and 7 to gather energy for it. During the final battle with Universe 7, Kamioren uses the Universe Seed to become "Ultimate Kamioren", gaining a tremendous amount of power, but are obliterated by Goku. Their battle completes the Universe Seed, allowing Hearts to use it to attain his "Ultimate Godslayer" form. After Hearts is defeated, Fu obtains the remnants of the Universe Seed, using it to create the Universe Tree.

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