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Universe 3's Ultimate Secret Technique (dai san-uchuu saikyo ni shite saigo ni higi, lit. "universe 3's last and strongest secret technique") is a fusion that combines several members of Team Universe 3 into Anilaza.


In the anime, when Koichiarator and Paparoni are on their last legs in the Tournament of Power, Paparoni decides to merge himself with his robots to form a powerful being. Paparoni is then combined into Koichiarator to form Anilaza.

In the manga, Nigrissi is still seemingly on stage when Paparoni tells all remaining Universe 3 members to fuse, and is then shown eliminated when Anilaza is, suggesting he took part in the fusion.


  • In the manga, it is unknown if Nigrissi was meant to be part of Anilaza or Toyotaro forgot to draw him in the stands as Kale's Explosive Wave sent fighters flying out of the ring.
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