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Universe 2 (第2宇宙 Dai ni Uchū), the Gentle Universe (優しさの宇宙 Yasashisa no Uchū), is the second of the twelve universes in the Dragon Ball series. It includes planets, stars, and a large amount of galaxies. Universe 2 is linked with Universe 11, creating a twin universe. It is the universe with the sixth highest mortal level.[1] It was erased in the Tournament of Power. Universe 2 is restored along with all its inhabitants via Android 17's wish after winning the Tournament of Power.

The God of Destruction of Universe 2 is Heles, the Supreme Kai is Pell, and the Angel is Sour.

Places in Universe 2

Known Residents in Universe 2

Deities from Universe 2: Sour, Pell, and Heles



Races in Universe 2


  • Notably, Universe 2 shares two mortal races with Universe 7.
  • Universe 2 is the only known universe with a female God of Destruction so far, as there could have been female Destroyers in Universes 13-18.
  • The Tuffle race still exists in this universe, as shown by Team Universe 2 member, Zarbuto.
  • The members of Team Universe 2 are very popular in their universe, with the Kamikaze Fireballs, Zirloin, Rabanra and Zarbuto, having their own merchandise.

The population of Universe 2 supporting Team Universe 2

  • In the anime, Universe 2 is the only shown universe in which the common populace knew about the Tournament of Power taking place at all. In fact, it was shown that the Tournament was being live broadcast to them. Whis acknowledges the fact that revealing such sensitive information to the general population would usually cause mass hysteria (like what happened in Universe 9), but in this case, the populace calmly watched the tournament and supported their team until the very end.
  • Universe 2's symbol appears to be a stylized Eye of Horus, which is personified by the patron goddess of Egypt, Wadjet. This could be a reference to Heles' outfit, which appears to be inspired by ancient Egyptian motifs. It could also reference her patronage to her universe, based on its relatively high mortal level - second only to Universe 11 among those participating in the tournament. In addition, the symbol also resembles the head of the rod of some maho shojo manga/anime protagonists, referencing the magical girl warriors from this universe.


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