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The Universal Tuffleization Plan was a plan organized by Baby with the goal of establishing Tuffle dominance over Universe 7. It began under the guise of the "Total Galaxy Conquest Operation" - Dr. Myuu's desire of conquering the entirety of Universe 7 and to convert all of its organisms into Machine Mutants loyal to him.


Total Galaxy Conquest Operation

OP M2 Natives2

The genocide of M-2's natives

Myuu was apparently a native M-2 resident who, after meeting the Tuffle King's parasitic clone in Age 740, had managed to convert himself into a Machine Mutant and set about constructing a Machine Mutant army. After his army was sufficient enough to accomplish his first goal, he attacked his homeworld and caused its natives' extinction.

After a while, between Age 760 to Age 770[1]​, Myuu had acquired the assistance of an alien who chose to be converted into a Machine Mutant. This individual would later become known as General Rilldo.

Rilldo was tasked by Myuu (who was brainwashed by Baby) to go on a hunt for the Black Star Dragon Balls without mentioning it was for the resurrection of the Tuffles. Myuu had also created the Sigma Force to aid Rilldo as his top-men.


Luud absorbs his followers

Myuu and Dolltaki had plotted the scheme for aiding Baby's power growth by creating the fake Planet Luud's cult under Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy's guise as the priest for the fake deity Luud, whose sole purpose was to fuel Baby with the energies he had gathered within him (the believers were turned into dolls by Mutchy's whip and were fed to Luud's core).

Dolltaki had hired the Para Brothers to hunt down the Dragon Balls, while Mutchy and Leon were left in charge of the enforcement of the Luud cult operation.

At the same time, Giru (known to Myuu as "T-2006") was sent to track down a Dragon Ball on Imecka, but he ran out of energy and went inactive.

The Baby Secret - Dr. Myuu

Dr. Myuu's facing his demise by Baby's hands

After the defeats of all of the aforementioned villains, Myuu had witnessed Baby's revival on Myuu's Planet and admitted that all he ever wanted to do was not converting the universe into Machine Mutants, but to have them subdued through Tuffleization to Baby, who ultimately kills Myuu for his failures against the Dragon Team and sets out on a genocidal campaign against the Saiyans.

Universal Tuffleization Plan

Baby quickly takes over Earth by infecting almost all of its inhabitants with Tuffle Parasites and taking Vegeta's body for his own. Kibito Kai manages to eradicate the Tuffle Parasites using the Sacred Water, while Super Saiyan 4 Goku drives Baby out of Vegeta's body, before proceeding to obliterate him by propelling him into the sun with a 10x Kamehameha.


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