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Universal Translator (動物語翻訳機 Dōbutsu-go Hon'yaku-ki)[1] is a collar device that makes it so any language can be understood.


Frog Ginyu swapping bodies with Bulma after the device restores his ability to speak

On Namek, Bulma quickly builds one so she can talk to her newfound Namekian Frog but it turns out that said frog was none other than Captain Ginyu who had become trapped in the body of a frog due to Goku's interfering with his second attempt to steal Vegeta's body. Unfortunately for Bulma, the device restores Ginyu's ability to speak which allows him to use his Body Change on her which he was unable to do before hand as she could not understand his croaks.

Ginyu in Bulma's body then gets rid of the device to both shut Bulma up after growing tired of her constant talking and complaining as well as to prevent her from informing her friends of the body change, though ultimately Gohan was able to figure it out and managed to aid Bulma in returning to her original body, leaving Frog Ginyu unable to speak until Ginyu managed to steal Tagoma's body in Dragon Ball Super using a written variation of Body Change that Ginyu had developed during his time as a frog.


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