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"Underwater Battle" (両者ゆずらず! Ryōsha Yuzurazu!, lit. "Neither Gives an Inch!") is the one hundred fifteenth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred ninth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Frieza looking up at Goku while Goku is looking down on Frieza, both with angry looks on their faces.


Goku uses his Twin Dragon Shot

On King Kai's Planet, Yamcha asks King Kai what is happening on Namek. King Kai tells him that Frieza killed Vegeta easily, which shocks Yamcha and Tien. Yamcha says that not even Goku could kill such a being, but King Kai says that the fight between Goku and Frieza is even. On Namek, Frieza says that he is surprised at Goku's strength, as he had believed that no one else surpassed Captain Ginyu's strength. He is still confident he can defeat Goku, and blows up the rock formation of which he is standing. Goku escapes and attacks Frieza with a Kiai, but is surprised when Frieza escapes. Frieza appears behind Goku and kicks him down into the water below.

While Frieza waits above, Goku stays underwater and ponders his next move. Having realized that Frieza must track his opponents with his eyes (rather than their ki), he decides to use this to his advantage. Krillin wonders if Goku is okay, but Gohan says that his ki is still the same. Goku uses the Kamehameha to make two energy balls, then sends them towards Frieza one at a time. Each time Frieza expects to see Goku, but is surprised and manages to dodge. As Frieza dodges the second ball, Goku appears from the side and kicks the tyrant into a rock formation below. Goku is pleased with the result, but Frieza gets up and appears mostly unharmed.






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