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Ultra Spirit Bomb (ウルトラ元気玉 Urutora Genki Dama) is a larger and more powerful form of the Spirit Bomb used by Gokule in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2.


First, Gokule kicks the opponent up into the air and flies above them to knock them back to the ground. Then, he shouts "Come on, y'all! Lend me your power!" as he charges up and gathers energy from everywhere on Earth to form a pink, swirling Spirit Bomb. Finally, Gokule shouts "Wahoo, off ya go!" and throws the attack down at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage in a blinding explosion.

This technique is so powerful it can destroy the Earth in Budokai 2.


Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Fusions, it has a blue color like a standard Spirit Bomb and is depicted as a simply a stronger version of the Spirit Bomb used by Goku, Barlot, EX Gogeta, Gorus, Karoly, and Nuova Goku.



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