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This article is about the 5-Way Fusion of Tekka's team in Dragon Ball Fusions. For the fusion technique used to form it, see 5-Way Fusion.

Ultra Fusion (マキシフュージョン Makishi Fyūjon, lit. Maxi-Fusion) is a fusion between 5 people that grants great power. Story-wise, this technique is used by Tekka, fusing with Kid Goku, Pan, Trunks and Goten; and Pinich, fusing with Cell, Frieza, Wanta, and Paprika to form "Ultra Pinich".


After Tekka, Goten, Kid Trunks, and Kid Goku manage to recruit Pan, they approached by the Ginyu Force who inform them that a barrier over Frieza's Spaceship is causing the Ginyu Force to worry about someone important to them whom they believe is trapped inside. Tekka's group offers to help and Ginyu tells them that he will reward their efforts by teaching them a 5-Way Fusion technique that he and the Ginyu Force had managed to develop. After Tekka's group manage to break the barrier over Frieza's Spaceship using Burst Ki, the Ginyu force teaches 5-Way Fusion to Tekka's group who fuse into an extremely powerful warrior who easily defeats the entire Ginyu Force before the fusion runs out and they defuse.

While Pan is embarrassed by having performed the poses in order to fuse and doesn't want to fuse that way again, Goku, Tekka, Goten, and Trunks all enjoyed the experience. Trunks and Goten decide to repay the Ginyu Force by teaching them the Metamoran Fusion Dance, unaware the Ginyu Force are henchman of the evil Emperor Frieza. Ginyu is so impressed by the Fusion Dance that he decides to come up with a cool name for the 5-Way Fusion and dubs it "Ultra Fusion" (or "Maxi-Fusion"). Afterwards Tekka and his team use the form several times during the Timespace Tournament and eventually come in conflict with Ultra Pinich, a five way fusion between Pinich, Frieza, Cell, and two other beings.


Dragon Ball Fusions

While exceptionally powerful, Ultra Fusion is still not as powerful as the God of Destruction Beerus, however after absorbing a Super Spirit Bomb containing energy from everyone gathered at the Timespace Tournament inside the Timespace Rift they become stronger than Beerus and is able to defeat even Great Ape Pinich.

Dragon Ball Fusions the Manga!!

In Chapter 10, Tekka, Goku, Goten, Pan, and Trunks are forced to fuse into Ultra Fusion Tekka in order to defeat the leader of the Yamma Gang, Yamma.


A Ultra Fusion's physical appearance depends on the character who initiates it, being that of female or male Earthlings, female or male Saiyan, female or male Offworlder (their Core Person or Majin depending on how they are customized), female or male Alien, or Namekian. Certain forms bear resemblances to Saiyan transformations but this is never acknowledged as anything more than aesthetic resemblance.


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