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Ulitmate Strike is a more powerful variation of Death Meteor used by Frieza against Goku during the Frieza Saga in the anime.


The user lifts a large landmass with Telekinesis then launches it or drops it upon the opponent in the hope of crushing them.

Usage and Power

Cell lifting a large landmass with Telekinesis

This technique was first used by Frieza after his Death Meteor attack on Goku failed, causing Frieza to up the ante with Ultimate Strike, however Goku managed to break through the landmass. This technique does not appear in the manga.

While building the Cell Games Arena, Cell is shown to have inherited Frieza's telekinetic strength as he could lift large landmasses though he never utilizes this ability offensively like Frieza did just simply possesses the ability to do so if he wished to.

Video Game Appearances

Ultimate Strike was named in Dragon Ball Fusions where it appears as a Special Move that can be learned by Tekka if their a Female Alien and the minor Alien characters Marmad and Shorny. Ironically, Frieza nor Cell can learn the technique normally and only their Freeform Fusions can by fusing with a Ultimate Strike user.


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