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The Ultimate Form (究極形態 Kyūkyoku Keitai)[1] is a state the Universe Seed bestows upon those who utilize its power.



When Kamioren used the power of the Universe Seed, they transformed into a hulking giant, bearing the same red-blue side contrast and white body as before though with bronze gems on their upper chest and shoulders. Two upper portions of his head extend behind his back, and the incomplete Universe Seed can be seen embedded in Kamioren's chest. In this state, they are known as Ultimate Kamioren (Kyūkyoku Kamioren).

Perfect Hearts without the glow surrounding his body

When Hearts absorbs the complete Universe Seed, he undergoes a drastic change into Perfect Hearts, discarding his armaments and acquiring six jade curving spikes on his back (not dissimilar to Syn Shenron). Several explosive green orbs manifest around him, in addition to the complete Universe Seed embedded in his upper chest. Hearts' hair becomes more flowy in appearance, turning silver, and his entire form is shrouded in a bright golden glow. In this form, Hearts dubs himself the Ultimate Godslayer (きゅうきょくかみごろ Kyūkyoku no kamigoroshi, "Ultimate Godkiller").

Usage and Power

The power of the incomplete Universe Seed grants Kamioren an Ultimate Form in the anime by having the Universe Seed merged into it by Hearts, while in the manga, Kamioren gains an Ultimate Form form by taking a portion of this seed's power.

Kamioren uses their ultimate form in the manga to take down God of Destruction Mode Top and Super Saiyan 3 Full Power Cumber; however, they are easily beaten by Jiren. In the anime, Kamioren uses this form to overwhelm the members of Team Universe 7 who face it, but is ultimately killed by Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku.

In the manga, as Hearts is being overwhelmed by Jiren, Rags arrives and provides Hearts with the complete Universe Seed, allowing him to merge with it and become the Ultimate Godslayer.

In the anime, after Goku kills Kamioren, Hearts summons the Universe Seed towards him, saying that it is now in its completed state. Saying that Kamin and Oren's deaths will not be in vain, Hearts joins with the Universe Seed as a swarm of his Gravity Cages begin to approach him. Once fully fused with the Universe Seed, he is reborn as the Ultimate Godslayer.

Hearts prepares to eliminate Zamasu

In this state, Hearts' power exceeded all of the assembled fighters, as he was able to easily dominate all of them at once, even including Jiren, with Goku and Vegeta acknowledging his might enough that they chose to become Gogeta. Indeed, just the shockwave upon his creation could push back Goku, Hit, and even Jiren and he proved able to easily destroy an entire city in the blink of an eye with a single energy wave. His Gravity Cages are far stronger in this state, as Hearts was able to easily erase Fused Zamasu, an immortal god, from existence.

Video Game Appearances

The form appears in Dragon Ball Heroes.