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Ultimate Class-up Sign is a special skill exclusive to the Hero Avatars characters in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Using this ability, players can promote their Hero Avatar(s) from the Super God Class.


The skill allows most of the Hero Avatars to access Ultra Instinct Sign. Because their irides don't turn silver, the God of Destruction Hero, God of Destruction Elite, and God of Destruction Berserker avatars along with the Majin Berserker (whose eyes are the same as his Super God Class-up state) appear to be the only ones that don't activate Ultra Instinct Sign after using this skill. It can be further assumed that this is also the case for the Majin Hero and Majin Elite avatars, but they are never shown with their eyes open to be able to tell for certain. Regardless, the skill increases the abilities and attributes of the Hero Avatar, but unlike the other Class-up states, only the three God of Destruction avatars undergo a change in clothing.



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