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Ultimate Blitz is an Energy Wave used by Cell in his Perfect form. It might be a more powerful version of his Negative Power Rain mixed with Android 18's Power Blitz.


As he says something sounding like "Overheat!", Cell releases a massive energy wave out of his palm and holds it toward his opponent, inflicting damage to the opponent.



Cell prepares to fire the Ultimate Blitz at Future Trunks.

Cell was about to use this one handed energy blast to kill Future Trunks, but he spares him for announcing the Cell Games.[2] He later uses the Ultimate Blitz to destroy an area of land for the Cell Games Arena,[3] while at ZTV,[4] as well as against Goku[5] and Gohan during the Cell Games.[6][7] After, Cell also uses an energy wave at point blank rage to destroy Android 16's body, which almost manages to detonate the Bio-Android.[8]

Later, the mental image of Perfect Cell prepares the Ultimate Blitz against Goku - but the Saiyan manages to stop him from using it.[9]

He prepares it one last time while in Hell, in combination with Frieza's Death Beam to form the Dual Tech.[10]


  • Ultimate Wave – A powerful energy sphere used by Cell.
  • Blasting Beam – A two-handed energy wave used by a Cell Jr..
  • Dual Tech – A team attack which is the combination of Cell's Ultimate Blitz and Frieza's Death Beam.

Video Game Appearances[]


Cell's Ultimate Blitz in Supersonic Warriors 2

In the Butōden series, it is named Super Idol Blast.

In Supersonic Warriors 2, it is named Ultimate Blitz and is Perfect Cell's side Super Attack.

In Battle of Z, it is Cell's Blast Spark.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, this attack is his charged ki blast, if used with his regular Super soul.

In Dokkan Battle, Cell will use the Ultimate Blitz followed by the Full Power Death Beam he used to execute Future Trunks as one of his super attacks.