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This article is about the ultimate techniques. For the video game, see Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi.

Ultimate Blasts (究極技 Kyūkyoku Waza, lit. "Ultimate Technique"), also known as Ultimate Skill (最高の攻撃 Saiko no Kogeki), are the ultimate Super Attacks used by several characters in the Dragon Ball franchise.


Many ultimate attacks are taken from appearances in the manga and anime, usually from the user's signature/strongest attack used in their appearances (such as Vegeta's Final Flash), though some are completely original (such as King Cold's Cold Family Power). They include techniques such as the Spirit Bomb and Death Ball, and physical attacks such as Fierce Combination and S.S. Deadly Hammer.

Video Game Appearances[]

Ultimate Blast appear in several Dragon Ball video games, including the Budokai Tenkaichi series, Raging Blast series, Dragon Ball: Tap Battle, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Xenoverse series, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle and Dragon Ball Legends.

Raging Blast 2 - True Kamehameha

Super Saiyan 3 Goku uses his ultimate attack in Raging Blast 2, the True Kamehameha

In the Budokai Tenkaichi and Raging Blast series, every character in each of their forms have their own ultimate attack. Unlike Blast 2, the user must be in Max Power mode for it to be utilized in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and in hi-tension state in the Raging Blast series. The Ultimate Blasts usually inflict much greater damage than the selected characters' Blast 2/Super Attack, while Captain Ginyu's Ultimate Blast just changes the character's body.

List of Ultimate Blasts
Frieza Spirit Bomb

Frieza in the process of preparing an ultimate attack in Battle of Z

In Battle of Z, teammates share a special energy meter called GENKI Gauge which increases when attacking opponents and, when filled, allows only a few specific characters to perform an ultimate attack. Any of the teammates can also decide to give or use energy from the gauge in order to perform an attack. Energy is also gathered from players around the world through energy gates that sometimes appear at the end of a battle. The attack is formed by rapidly tapping the correct buttons, causing an energy sphere above the user's head to expand outwards until it is large enough, at which point the user can press fire and a brief cut scene will play before the character fires their attack, and the opponent is defeated regardless of health. To use an ultimate attack in Battle of Z, one of the several characters who "possesses true power" to use the attack must be equipped with an Ultimate Jewel card, which is described as a jewel made from Shenron's scale that allows a character to use their full potential. If a character is knocked out while preparing the ultimate attack, it will fail, and the character will not be able to attempt it again for the duration of the fight.

The 8 characters who can use ultimate attacks in Battle of Z are Goku (Spirit Bomb), Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan (Father-Son Kamehameha), Majin Vegeta (Final Explosion), Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks (Charging Ultra Super Volleyball), 100% Power Frieza (I Will Kill You), Super Perfect Cell (Solar Kamehameha), Kid Buu (Planet Burst), and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (Omega Blaster). Goku also uses a Super Ultra Spirit Bomb in the Another Age scenario "Spirit Bomb" as his ultimate attack.

DBXV Z-Assist Z Symbol

The stylized "Z" that appears during a Z-Assist

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Ultimate attacks are known as Ultimate Skills. Unlike most games, each character has two Ultimate Skill slots allowing them to use from one-to-two Ultimate Attacks. At least three of the Super Saiyan transformations are all classified as Ultimate Skills in Xenoverse. As a result, if character has a Super Saiyan transformation equipped they only have one open skill slot for Ultimate Attacks, this is due to the fact that those transformations allow unlimited super and Ultimate skill use for as long as the transformation is active. Of course, this only applies to Saiyan characters as the only transformations available to Earthling, Majin, Namekian, and Frieza Race characters are the Kaio-ken and its x3 and x20 variants which are all classified as Super Skills and Unlock Potential which is also classified as an ultimate skill. However, it does not provide unlimited supers or ultimate attacks. Instead, it acts like a powerup to all stats.

List of Ultimate Skills
List of Ultimate Skill Transformations
XV - Z-Assist Super Kamehameha

Future Warrior using Goku's Z-Assist Super Kamehameha

In addition to being able to learn many characters Ultimate Skills the Future Warrior possesses an ability called Z-Assist which increases the power of certain Ultimate Skills depending on the Warrior's current Master. When performed a stylized "Z" will appear briefly and then the Master's Soul will envelope the Future Warrior; appearing as an astral projection of said Master preforming the technique. There are two requirements needed in order for this ability to activate:

  • 1. Must have the teacher of the Ultimate skill being used as the Warrior's current Master.
  • 2. Use said Master's Ultimate attack in battle. To learn it they must have completed said Master's training and learned their Ultimate skill.
List of Z-Assists
Dragon Ball Xenoverse GT Pack 2 Female Future Warrior Pan's Z-Assist Maiden Blast (DLC)

Female Future Warrior using Pan's Maiden Blast Z-Assist from the GT Pack 2 DLC

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Ultimate Skills return and most of them from Xenoverse return though the Z-Assist feature is omitted, and all transformations are reclassified as Awoken Skills which can be assigned to their own separate slot. As a result, fighters can equip two Ultimate Skills, and still use Awoken Skill transformations. Also, unlike Xenoverse, certain transformations such as the Kaio-ken and Super Saiyan forms are now all-in-one Skills that allow the user to transform into higher forms based on the amount of ki they have charged. It should also be noted that the Super Saiyan forms no longer grant unlimited Ultimate Skill use as they no longer drain ki (unless certain Super Souls are equipped). Xenoverse 2 also features several new Ultimate Skills such as Dragon Fist and Final Explosion. Like in Xenoverse, Ultimate Skills can be learned or obtained by the Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) by purchasing them at the Skill Shop, obtaining them as a reward in Parallel Quests, making a wish to Shenron, or completing a master's final School Quest. Additionally, Xenoverse 2 allows the Future Warrior to purchase rare or hard to obtain Ultimate Skills at the TP Medal Shop. Using certain Awoken Skill transformations may alter a fighter's Ultimate Skills or prevent them from using Ultimate Skills while transformed. Breaker Energy Wave and Last Emperor cost no ki but can only be used once per match and remain unusable until certain conditions are met.

List of Ultimate Skills
XV2 - DUAL Super Kamehameha

Future Warrior & Goku charging DUAL Super Kamehameha in Xenoverse 2

After the 1.09.00 Update, a new type of Ultimate Skill is introduced called Dual Ultimate Attack which is a special two-person team attack version of certain Ultimate Skills that the Warrior can learn from instructors whom they have reached "Partner" level. When using a Dual Ultimate Attack, one fighter will initiate it with an initial attack and if successful the second will then perform an assist attack to compete it triggering a team attack. Dual Ultimate Attacks can only be performed by Instructors and Time Patrollers. The secondary assist attack can be performed by the related instructor or Time Patrollers regardless of any skills they have equipped though the Dual Ultimate Skill must be equipped in order to perform the initial attack. The Future Warrior can also perform a Dual Ultimate Attack with the Toki Toki City Hero when teamed up with them during the Warrior of Hope Saga though the Toki Toki City Hero cannot initiate a Dual Ultimate Attack as their skill set cannot be customized.

Dual Ultimate can be interrupted if attacked before the secondary assist attack or fail if the teammate fails to perform the assist attack in time or if the initial attack misses. The power of an instructor's Dual Ultimate increases as their Partner Gauge fills up which can be filled by teaming up with said instructor, performing their Dual Ultimate Attacks with them, and/or teaming up during the Infinite History Saga.

After the 1.09.00 Update, Instructors gain a customizable skillset which can be customized through Partner Customization after their Initiation Test is completed. This allows them to be customized with their Dual Ultimate Attack skill as well as certain Ultimate Skills unavailable through their normal skillsets.

List of Dual Ultimate Skills

In Dokkan Battle, they appear as Ultimate attacks based on the character's Active Skill introduced in the 4th Anniversary where if the conditions are met, they'll be able to use it in order to deal damage to the opponent. Another type of Ultimate was later introduced during the 8th Anniversary where a character will be able to switch into Standby Mode where they'll be able to perform a Finish Attack on the opponent after either accumulating enough number of charges or upon countering the opponent after being K.Oed or upon evading their Super Attacks.

List of Ultimate Active Skills
List of Finish Attacks

In Dragon Ball Legends, they are called Ultimate Move Arts. Not all characters have Ultimate Move Arts. Like Awakening Arts, Ultimate Move Arts can only be performed after activating said character's Main Ability (if the character has a transformation, then they must use their base form's Main Ability to transform, which allows them to utilize their transformation's Main Ability to access their Ultimate Move Arts Card. As a result, Ultimate Move Arts can only be used once per battle (boss characters with extra health gauges regain the ability to utilize any Ultimate Move Arts as their Main Ability resets upon reviving) and if the opponent dodges or avoids the move via an Ultimate Move Impact (when two characters perform Strike based Ultimate Move Arts or use a clash-able Blast based Ultimate Move Arts which triggers an Energy Clash), or using a Special Move to interrupt the attack. Additionally, Legends Limited characters can perform a Legendary Finish if their Ultimate Move Arts are able to KO the final enemy which triggers Legendary Finish variant instead of their standard Ultimate Move Arts (for example 1st Form Frieza will perform Supernova as the legendary finish for Such Beautiful Fireworks and Kid Buu will perform Planet Burst as the legendary finish for his Destruction Blaster Ultimate Move Arts. Not all Legendary Finish are classified as Ultimate Move Arts, as some such as Agile Style Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon Special Move Arts turn into his and Goku's Full-Nelson Special Beam Cannon Legendary Finish.

List of Ultimate Move Arts