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Udo (ウドー Udō) is a fighter that appears in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound.


Udo is a large fighter with blond hair and a blond mustache. He wears reddish-black tights and combat boots. He also has a very muscular build, being very tall and in possession of a massively well defined physique. Udo resembles someone of American descent, even wearing western clothes. His appearance mainly counters that of Gohan; while Gohan is small, pale, and of eastern descent, Udo is giant, burly, mustachioed, and of western descent.


Dragon Ball Z

Bojack Unbound

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Udo preparing to fight Gohan

Udo participates in the Intergalactic Tournament. He proves to be a great fighter by Earth's standards, having made it to the one-on-one preliminaries despite the many combatants. He faces off against Gohan during the preliminaries on the high platforms over the ocean. Udo seems a little proud of his luck, yet conflicted about his circumstances of fighting a small kid. He tells Gohan that he will not be going easy on him, referring to him as a "baby". He is both surprised and respectful with Gohan's answer, telling him he has a lot of guts, before their match begins. He put up little struggle against the young Saiyan in his base form, but loses in the end.

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