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"Hohohoh! We meet again. How do you like this? It’s my Two Shot Chōnōryoku."
General Blue in "The Three Stolen Dragon Balls"

Two Shot Telekinesis is a variation of Psychic Eyes used by General Blue.


Like with Psychic Eyes, Blue's aura is blue while using it, and his eyes temporarily flash. Unlike Psychic Eyes, however, Two Shot Telekinesis does not directly paralyze the opponent. Instead, it is used to gain telekinetic control over objects such as rope and make them move about and tie people up on their own. It can also enhance ordinary binding objects such as the rope to become indestructible (and in the anime, changing the rope's color to blue) short of outside help, and even there it required a knife to cut through. According to Master Roshi, the effects of the ropes were also such that they also bound the pressure points, thus sapping anyone caught in them of their strength.


General Blue used this technique to tie up Goku, Krillin, Master Roshi, Turtle, and Bulma.

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