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"Two Boos?!" (ふたりのじんブウ...そして... Futari no Majin Bū... Soshite..., lit. "The Two Majin Boos… And Then…") is the two hundred ninety first chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred eighty-fifth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.



Evil Buu

Everyone watches as the cloud transforms into a very thin Majin Buu. "The evil portion of Majin Buu's strong anger that he held within swelled up greatly, and came out as another Majin Buu… In short, they've split into a pure evil Majin Buu and an innocent Majin Buu…"

The evil Buu flies over to the sniper, who unloads his handgun into him. Buu merely holds out his hand and blasts the sniper away, leaving a large crater. As Mr. Satan watches on in horror, the evil Buu runs over to the good Buu, and the two exchange a few punches. The evil Buu then kicks the good Buu across the ground, gives chase, and begins beating him up pretty good. The original Majin Buu has no chance of victory… When they split, the majority of the power went to the evil one. The good Buu tries to turn the bad one into chocolate, but the evil Buu blows the beam back and the good Buu is turned into chocolate.


Super Buu appears

The evil Buu picks up the chocolate, tosses it in his mouth and eats it. He suddenly shoots steam from his body as he begins to transform. When the smoke clears, a lean, muscular Majin Buu appears. Mr. Satan wonders what's going on, as Buu stretches and yawns. Buu suddenly starts screaming, sending Satan flying and cracking the ground around him. Piccolo can't believe this turn of events.




  • Evil Buu vs. Van Zant
  • Good Buu vs. Evil Buu

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