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"Two Battles to the Death" (ふたつのとう Futatsu no Shitō, lit. "Two Deadly Battles") is the two hundred sixty fourth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred fifty-eighth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Babidi is shocked and tries again, but Vegeta still refuses as he only wants to fight Kakarrot. And as the pride-filled Saiyan prince, Vegeta tells Babidi even if he even if he control his body and mind, his pride alone is not as Babidi thought. Babidi thinks someone so full of pride is a first, but Dabura assures him that Vegeta's only purpose was to take energy. If Supreme Kai should make it to them, Dabura will kill him. Supreme Kai can't believe that Vegeta was able to defy Babidi like that. Goku hadn't realized Vegeta wanted to settle the score that much. Dabura suggests that Babidi open the door for Supreme Kai, so that they won’t risk Majin Buu being revived at less than full strength.

They prepare to hop down the hole, but first, Goku gives Gohan one of the two remaining Senzu Beans, and tells him to eat it now. Goku also tells him to get angry like he had when fighting Cell, as it will bring out the depths of his power. If he does that, there's no one he can lose to. Gohan is sorry this all had to happen on his one-day here, as he and Supreme Kai hop down the hole. The floor panel to the next floor is open as well, and they continue down until they reach the bottom. They arrive in the room with Majin Buu's ball, where Babidi and Dabura are waiting. Supreme Kai and Babidi snidely greet each other, and he tells Gohan he'll fight Babidi.

Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 2

Goku and Vegeta stare each other down. Goku says he doesn't want his damage to be received by Majin Buu as energy, so he's going to end this at his highest power. Vegeta is curious to see the fruits of his training in the Other World. Goku then powers up, with electricity flying all around his body, and Vegeta says he's even stronger than Gohan was "back then" before powering up himself. Goku thinks he needs to end this soon. Vegeta says he'll kill him, as he throws a hard kick that Goku barely blocks. Vegeta pulls back, and then throws a punch that Goku catches. Goku throws his own punch with his free hand, which Vegeta catches with his free hand. They attempt to knee each other, until Vegeta head butts Goku and knocks him away. Goku recovers, and then kicks Vegeta, sending him crashing into the ground. Vegeta comes back from the impact, and the two of them smirk at each other.




  • Goku (Super Saiyan 2) vs. Vegeta (Majin Vegeta)

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