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The Turtle School uniform is the signature red/orange Gi of the Turtle School, created by Master Roshi. The most prominent users of this uniform are Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha, as well as occasionally Gohan and Goten (due to it being their father's signature outfit).



Krillin and Goku wearing Turtle School outfits for the first time

The standard uniform consists of a red or orange tank top with matching baggy pants, blue wristbands, blue toe shoes with white socks, and a black or blue obi tied in a knot over the waist. On the back of the tank top, there is a large Turtle School kanji, and on the front-left side is a smaller version of the kanji. Later additions to the uniform include a black or dark blue short-sleeved undershirt and dark blue boots (with a yellow or red border) in place of the toe shoes.


  • Turtle School Uniform (?) - A "uniform" which Master Roshi fooled Good Launch into wearing. The "uniform" is actually black and pink lingerie, which Roshi tricked her into wearing by making Goku and Krillin wear one (with Master Roshi wearing one as well) to gain the hapless girl's trust. Was named in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot where it appears as Memorial Spot Event Item that can be found in Kame House near the closet. The item only spawns there during the Intermission after completion of the Saiyan Saga portion of the story. The ? mark itself is fitting given its questionable nature as women's lingerie pasted off as a Martial Arts Uniform. Ironically, its appearance actually predates the traditional Turtle School Uniforms worn by Goku and Krillin.
  • Turtle School Uniform (Kami) - The uniform worn by Goku's Doll during Goku's training under Kami, under the tutelage of Mr. Popo. This uniform differs in that it is a lighter shade of orange with red wristbands and features the Kanji of the Guardian of Earth, 神 (Kami, which means "God"), on the front and back; presumably added by Mr. Popo to represent its role as Goku's sparring partner during that part of his training with Kami. Interestingly enough, Goku himself never wears this symbol on his uniform even after training under Kami.
DB Legends Goku (DBL22-01S) Agile Style Goku (Character Illustration)

Character Illustration of Goku (DBL22-01S) wearing his "Agile Style" Turtle School Uniform in Dragon Ball Legends

  • Turtle School Uniform (Weighted) - A weighted version of the uniform given to Goku by Kami as part of his training. Said weights are within the black/blue undershirt and boots (introduced in this variation of the uniform), as well as the wristbands. Goku often removed the weighted portions when fighting seriously, such as in his battles with Tien Shinhan and Piccolo at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament or his battle against Raditz. Retains the Turtle School's Kanji on the front and back. Was later worn by Krillin and Yamcha following their training with Kami (though not as often as Goku wore it).
    • Turtle School Uniform (Agile Style) - The Weighted version of the uniform given to Goku by Kami, though with the weighted portions (boots, undershirt, & wristbands) removed so Goku can fight without being burdened by the extra weight. Removing the weights causes Goku's power level and agility to increase allowing him to fight seriously. First used during the 23rd World Tournament in his match against Piccolo. Later used during his and Piccolo's battle with Raditz.
  • Turtle School Uniform (Demon) - The uniform worn by Gohan during his training with Piccolo in the Break Wasteland that was given to him by Piccolo (along with a sword for defense in the wilderness) following his first Great Ape transformation. It features the same undershirt and boots as Goku's uniform and the Kanji of King Piccolo's Demon Clan, 魔 (Demon), on the front and back; which was added by Piccolo to represent that Gohan was his student. Created by Piccolo via Magic Materialization.
  • Turtle School Uniform (Kaio) - The uniform Goku received from King Kai following his training during the Saiyan conflict. Features the Turtle School's Kanji on the front and King Kai's Kanji, 界王 (Kaio, meaning "Worlds' Kings"), on the back. It is more durable, yet also lighter due to the removal of the weights inside the undershirt, boots, and wristbands. Created by King Kai via Magic Materialization. Yamcha would later also sport King Kai's symbol on his uniform, but on the front instead of the back.
Shallot customise

Shallot wearing his Hermit Gi (Goku) from Dragon Ball Legends

  • Turtle School Uniform (Go) - The uniform worn by Goku during the Frieza Saga that features his own Kanji, 悟 (Go, meaning "wisdom" or "enlightenment"), on both the front and back, representing Goku's rise above the training of all his martial arts teachers by that time. According to King Kai, it is made of the same lighter, yet more durable material as the previous uniform he made for Goku, though it was still heavily destroyed during Goku's intense fight with Frieza. Gohan later wears one in Dragon Ball GT during the Shadow Dragons Saga, only with the boots and sash-style obi of Goku's uniform from the latter half of Dragon Ball Z. Goku himself wears this variation of the uniform in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and throughout most of the Dragon Ball Super anime (though in the Super manga, he only wears it during the first arc and bonus chapter). King Kai humorously refers to the uniform as Goku's Butt-kicking Clothes in the Funimation dub of the Battle of Gods movie. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku goes back to wearing a knot-style obi with this uniform. In Dragon Ball Legends, it appears under the name Hermit Gi (Goku) where it appears as an obtainable Costume for Shallot who can equip it via the game's Customize Screen (which allows the player to edit Shallot's transformations, Special Move Arts, & Costume/Accessories).

Neko Majin Z & Uub wearing their respective Turtle School Uniforms in Neko Majin Z 5 of the full color Nekomajin manga

  • Turtle School Uniform (No Symbol) - The more-plain uniform worn by Goku during both the Cell and Buu Sagas (as well as in the Dragon Ball Super manga between the "Future" Trunks Saga and Granolah the Survivor Saga). It does not feature a Kanji on either the front or back and sports a sash-style obi around the waist (though retains the same undershirt). Furthermore, the boots have a red border with tan laces, instead of a yellow border with red laces as Goku's previous boots had. Gohan wore this type of uniform as a teen in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, and as an adult after Old Kai had unlocked his potential. Adult Gohan's version was created by Kibito via Magic Materialization. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Xeno Goku is shown wearing his version which is the same as the main timeline Goku. However when Chronoa recruits him and Xeno Vegeta to backup the DBH Team deal with the anomalies in the SDBH game world created by "the menace" which are causing game world enemies to appear in Hero Town within the real world, she provides him and Xeno Vegeta with their Official Time Patrol Uniforms though after putting his on, Goku notes it feels weird wearing something other than his normal gi. In Nekomajin, Uub wears his version in "Neko Majin Z 5".
    • Turtle School Uniform (No Symbol, Buu-gi) - A merged variant of Gohan's Turtle School Uniform (No Symbol) and Super Buu's Buu-gi worn by Super Buu after absorbing Gohan. In the manga, Super Buu removes the top portion of the uniform after absorbing Vegito (as he didn't gain their clothes due Vegito protecting himself with his barrier and the Potara fusion timing out) which causes it to resemble his normal Buu-gi (though other physical alterations to his body as a result of Gohan's absorption, remain such as his long head tentacle and facial features). In the anime, Super Buu loses the uniform due to the removal of his absorption pods by Goku and Vegeta, causing him to revert to Kid Buu (w/ South Supreme Kai Absorbed).
    • Turtle School Uniform (No Symbol, Clone) - A copy of Adult Gohan's Turtle School Uniform (No Symbol) worn by Clone Gohans in FighterZ and Dokkan Battle.
  • Turtle School Uniform (Han) - The uniform worn by the alternate Future Gohan from the apocalyptic world in Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks. It features Future Gohan's own Kanji, 飯 (Han, meaning "cooked rice"), mounted only on the back. Unlike Goku's, Future Gohan's blue undershirt has slightly longer sleeves, while his boots have a yellow border without the line running in the middle of them, from top to bottom. Future Gohan mentions being inspired to wear his deceased father's old colors, as he hopes of being as strong as he was.
Goku and Vegeta Patrol

Goku wearing his Turtle School Uniform (Galactic Patrol) in the Dragon Ball Super manga

  • Turtle School Uniform (Galactic Patrol) - A Turtle School Uniform featuring the modern Galactic Patrol symbol. Worn by Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha while temporarily deputized as members of the Galactic Patrol during the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga.
  • Goten's Gi - Goku's second son Goten, as a child, wore a similar outfit to his father's Turtle School uniform. The gi is colored a more pale orange than the Turtle School version, comparable to the color seen while the wearer is a Super Saiyan. The most notable difference however is Goten's long-sleeved blue undershirt and black toe shoes with blue shin guards instead of boots (though in Dragon Ball Super, Goten wears a sleeveless blue undershirt with blue wristbands). It also does not sport any Kanji. He later wears a similar uniform as a teen at the 28th World Tournament that lacks any undershirt or shin guards. It was named in Dragon Ball Fusions where it appears as an obtainable outfit for Tekka which can be purchased from the Clothing Shop in Satan City. It is separated into a top and bottom halves that can be worn together or separately and its colors can be changed.
  • Pan's Gi - Goku's granddaughter Pan wore a uniform similar to the one her uncle Goten wore during the 28th World Tournament albeit in a slightly smaller size and features a red obi, red wristbands, and red shoes. Though she later outgrew it by the time of GT, it remained one of her most prized possessions as it was given to her by her Grandpa Goku.
  • Turtle School Uniform (Z) - Goku's student Neko Majin Z from Nekomajin wears his own version of the Turtle School Uniform which features a "Z" mark on the front and back. In Dragon Ball Online, Neko Majin Z's Turtle School Uniform appears as an obtainable outfit.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Dragon Ball Online, the Turtle School Uniform is a Gi you can wear which is specifically the Gi that Goku once wore after he finished his training with Master Roshi, the Gi is now passed down to Goku's descendants.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, the Turtle School uniform is an item that increases defense for one minute.

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, various characters wear their Turtle School Uniform as outfits including Goku, Gohan, Goten, Krillin, Yamcha, and Pan. Additionally, Arale Norimaki cosplaying as Goku is also playable (with Goku cosplaying as Arale also being playable as well).


Female Saiyan Future Warrior wearing the Ultimate Turtle Hermit Costume

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the Future Warrior can wear various Turtle School uniforms worn by Goku and Yamcha. It is referred to as Turtle Hermit Gi. There is also a color customizable outfit called the Ultimate Turtle Hermit Costume which can be worn by the Future Warrior if they are a Saiyan or Earthling.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the Turtle Hermit Gi returns as clothing options for the Future Warrior as does the Ultimate Turtle Hermit Costume from Xenoverse. Additionally, there is also a battle-damaged version of Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi from the fight with Raditz called Goku's Damaged Turtle Hermit Gi which is ripped and torn, as well as lacks hand or feet options (which in reference to Goku's removal of his wrist bands and boots during that fight). Furthermore, after the 1.09.00 Update, the color of Future Gohan's version can be customized through Partner Customization, as can Goku's, Krillin's, and Yamcha's Turtle Hermit Gi.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, it is revealed Xeno Goku wore the mark-less version before being recruited into the Time Patrol by Chronoa with Xeno Vegeta. However, he only wears it briefly during the opening cutscenes for Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 2: "Sealas Arrives!" before he switches to his official Time Patroller Uniform provided by Chronoa.

In Dragon Ball Legends, Shallot can obtain Hermit Gi (Goku) which is based on the Turtle School Uniform (Go) worn by Goku. The Turtle School Uniform and its variants are worn by Goku (Youth/Adult), Gohan (Youth/Adult/Ultimate Gohan), Goten, Krillin, Yamcha, Goku Captain Ginyu, and Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed). Additionally one version of Goku utilizes the Agile Style Turtle School Uniform which acts as a playable "base form" which is based upon when he removed his training weights to fight Raditz (unlike the Agile Styles of Legends Limited Piccolo & Pikkon which act as "transformations").

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the lingerie that Launch wore as a Turtle School Uniform after being deceived was a Turtle School Uniform (the uniform was designed after Roshi pulled his trick on the unsuspecting Good Launch) which appears as a Memorial Spot Item that unlocks two entries for the Z-Encyclopedia one relating to the Memorial Spot while the other is an entry for the lingerie which is named Turtle Hermit Uniform (?). Like other Memorial Spot Event Items, it has a simple Treasure Box icon. An image of Good Launch wearing it in the anime appears for the Memorial Spot Entry, "The Turtle School's Newest Recruit".


  • The exact color of Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha's Turtle School uniforms varies between the manga and anime. In color chapters of the manga, their uniforms feature a yellow-orange & blue color scheme in full-color illustrations and a red & black color scheme in the more common limited-color illustrations, which use a predominantly red palette to save costs on ink during mass-production. In the anime, their uniforms are colored red & black in Dragon Ball, and red-orange & blue in Dragon Ball Z (as well as golden-orange & blue whenever Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan). Also, the circles surrounding the symbols on their tank tops are colored yellow in the Dragon Ball anime, and white in DBZ. In the Dragon Ball Super anime, Krillin's uniform is colored faded orange compared to Goku and Gohan's uniforms, which is also the case for Yamcha's uniform in Dragon Ball FighterZ and Super Dragon Ball Heroes (though no reason is given for the open difference in color). In FighterZ, Gohan's uniform is colored a more visibly intense shade of orange than Goku's.
  • In Dragon Ball: Adventure Special, Bulma is featured dressed up as each main character as they wish to see her, one of her outfits being a Turtle School Uniform suggested by Kid Goku.

Toriyama's tribute to Naruto and Kishimoto's tribute to Dragon Ball

  • Naruto has Goku's Turtle School uniform as a bonus costume in the 2013 video game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, similar to how Goku has a Naruto Sage Mode costume in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, with both costumes being based on an artwork featured in the Naruto 10th Anniversary Special Fanbook 2.
  • As part of the promotion for the release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in Japan, starting on February 15, 2013, seven KFC locations around Japan had a statue of Colonel Sanders wearing the Turtle School uniform, with each of them holding a different Dragon Ball: Abeno Q's Mall in Osaka, Sapporo Esta in Hokkaido, THE MALL Sendai Nagamachi in Miyagi Prefecture, Ebisu Station in Tokyo, Sakae (Nagoya) in Aichi Prefecture, Canal City Hakata (Fukuoka) in Fukuoka Prefecture, and San-A Main Place in Okinawa.
  • In Xenoverse 2, the design of the Trendy Bikini and Swimsuit special costumes for Android 18 and Videl is partially based on the Turtle Hermit Gi as they feature a Kame symbol on the left breast of the bikini top. In fact, one could describe them as Turtle Hermit Gi in bikini form. Given their appearance and the fact they have a Kame symbol implies the possibility that Master Roshi (and potentially the equally perverted Old Kai) may have had some hand in their design which would fit his (and Old Kai's) perverted personality. It should be noted that Goku mentions having heard about the Future Warrior from Master Roshi in addition to Chronoa indicating that Roshi has some connection with the Time Patrol (which implies the Kame House used by the Time Patrol is the original and not a replica).
    • Interestingly, both Android 18 and Videl are in relationships with men associated the Turtle School, as Krillin is a student of the Turtle School before becoming master and founder of the New Turtle School, while Gohan is the son and maternal grandson of two students of the Turtle School, Goku and Ox-King (the latter of whom trained Chi-Chi thus she would technically be associated to the Turtle School through her father).