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Turbo Norimaki is Senbei's and Midori's first and only biological child. He is also a genius, far surpassing his father.


Dr. Slump

In Dr. Slump, Turbo is nearly killed by aliens and then revived by them, in the process of imbuing him with many super powers including teleportation, flight, technopathy, and telekinesis.

Dragon Ball


Turbo examining the Dragon Radar

When Goku asked Senbei to repair the Dragon Radar, Turbo quickly fixed it with his psychic powers knowing his dad wouldn't be able to fix it, and after Arale defeated General Blue and accidentally forgot to get the radar back, he makes a new one with the parts to Senbei's plane for Goku, using his powers. He also lifted General Blue's telekinesis from Goku.

Techniques and special abilities

Video game appearances

Voice actors

  • Japanese: Yūko Mita (Dr. Slump (Original & Remake), Dragon Ball)


  • Many generic babies shown in Dragon Ball, such as Chenshi or Pinfu, are of the exact same character design as Turbo.

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