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Tuffleization (ツフル化 Tsufuru-ka, lit. "Tsufruization") is a special ability utilized by members of the Machine Mutants in order to transform their host (or hosts) into a fully Tuffle hybrid to whichever species they possess.[1]


This ability is known to be usable by a Tuffle parasite who has reached their teen stage. Baby's Tuffleization ability allows him to change his target's appearance by converting them into Tuffle hybrids. When used on Vegeta, it altered his Super Saiyan form. From having blond hair and blond eyebrows to silvery white hair and silvery white eyebrows. And giving the Saiyan the distinguishing features of the three thin red lines on his face, and black eye irises with four thin, red horizontal and vertical lines connecting to the eye irises. Using Tuffleization on certain entities results in a fusion instead of a possession, notably: Baby Janemba and Baby Hatchiyack.

Video Game Appearances

This ability is used by Baby in his intro in FighterZ, where he possesses Vegeta.

In World Mission, it appears under the name Infestation.



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