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Trunks Compendium I was the sixth release in the Best of Dragon Ball Z series. The soundtrack was composed by Bruce Faulconer, Julius Dobos, Mike Smith, and Scott Morgan, and was recorded at Cake Mix Records. It was released by Faulconer Music on August 5, 2003. This album is considered a character album, featuring music related to one of Faulconer's favorite characters, Trunks. Buu: The Majin Sagas was released the same day, containing thirty-one tracks.

Track listing[]

  1. "Mysterious Youth"
  2. "Prelude to Conflict"
  3. "Prince of the Saiyans"
  4. "The Eyes and the Sword"
  5. "Battle Preparations"
  6. "Palace in the Clouds"
  7. "Training"
  8. "Race to the Island"
  9. "Trunks Meets Goku"
  10. "Trunks Story"
  11. "Time Chamber"
  12. "Androids"
  13. "You're Fighting the Wrong Androids"
  14. "Android Battle"
  15. "Mysterious Youth Revealed"
  16. "Home Sweet Home"
  17. "Back at the Lab"
  18. "400 GS"
  19. "SSJ Trunks"
  20. "Trunks vs. Cell"
  21. "A Little Help from a Friend"
  22. "The Saga Continues"
Bonus Tracks
  1. "DBZ Episode 120 Part I"
  2. "DBZ Episode 120 Part II"

Faulconer's comment on the album and on Trunks[]

"Trunks has become one of my favorite characters in the process of doing the show music. I really like how far he will go to meet the challenges before him. He’ll even travel across time and space to help out. He’s not afraid to try hard when success seems impossible. Don’t we all need that kind of friend once in a while?

I think a lot of you like Trunks, too, because many of you have asked about his music. This CD is a musical journey through some of my favorite pieces in the Trunks Saga. The pieces are drawn from different episodes of his sagas, and I have combined them into a musical adventure for you."

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