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Tritek, home of the Tritekians, is a planet only mentioned by name, when Nappa explains that the batch of Saibamen used against the Dragon Team on Earth is the same as the "one[s] that survived that crazy battle on Tritek."

Possible identification[]

DBC204 04

The unnamed planet as it's seen in the manga

Both Vegeta and Nappa made their debut on a weird green planet located about one year of their Attack Balls flight speed to Earth. They're seen as the only sapient creatures still alive on the planet, after they killed and ate the natives.[1][2]

This planet looks like the Earth during the Carboniferous Period.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Kakarot, Tritek briefly appears in a cutscene during the game's version of when Vegeta and Nappa were on Tritek, discussing about Raditz' death and the wish granting powers of the "Dragon Balls", after they received this information from Raditz, through their scouters communication with Raditz' scouter, causing the two Saiyans to leave Tritek and head to Earth, in attempt to use the Earth's Dragon Balls to wish for immortality.



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