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This article is about the twentieth original Dragon Ball Z anime volume. For the technique, see Transformation. For the video game, see Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.

Dragon Ball Z: Frieza - Transformation is the twenty-first volume of the original Funimation Dragon Ball Z DVD and VHS releases. The edited VHS includes episodes 64, 65 and 66 of the Frieza Saga, while the uncut VHS and DVD include episodes 64, 65a, 65b and 66.

Cover art

The cover art shows Frieza in his second form and Piccolo fighting.


  • Fighting Power: One Million?? - Frieza's dark past is explained as his destruction of the Planet Vegeta is revealed. But Frieza also has other hideous secrets more relevant to the warriors from Earth, such as the power to transform! In this new transformed state is his power level really over 1,000,000?
  • Gohan Attacks (DVD and uncut VHS only) - Krillin makes the ultimate sacrifice and falls prey to Frieza's vicious onslaught. Is this the end of Krillin and all the Earth's hope?
  • Piccolo the Super-Namek - Gohan is seriously wounded in his grapple with Frieza, But a renewed Krillin jumps back in the fray and resumes his war on Frieza. Thanks to Krillin's efforts, Frieza is stalled long enough for Dende to restore Gohan's health. Finally, Piccolo, now  united with Nail, arrives to the battlefield! Will the combined efforts of Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo be enough to stop Frieza's reign of terror?
  • Déjà vu - Piccolo fuses with Nail, launches an all out brawl with Frieza. As the battle wages it appear Piccolo has finally gained the upper hand. But Frieza isn't done yet! In fact, he transforms a second time! And in his new form Frieza appears truly unstoppable. With the situation appearing more and more hopeless Vegeta devises a plan. But will it work?


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