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Trampire, known as Drampire (ドランパイア Doranpaia) in Japanese, is a vampiress in Penguin Village who loves blood and money.


Trampire is often accompanied by a nameless monster who is similar in appearance to Frankenstein's monster and who can transform into a wolfman.


Despite the fact that she is a monster herself, she is very put off by the strange creatures around her.


Dr. Slump[]


Trampire in the Dr. Slump manga

Arale Norimaki mistakes her for Akane Kimidori, because they have identical faces. Trampire's minions even mistook Akane for being Trampire in disguise. In her first appearance, Trampire tries to suck Arale's blood; however, she fails to do so, as Arale has no blood (she is an Android). Trampire also attempts to steal Senbei Norimaki's money, but fails on that as well.

Trampire and her followers are seen among the residents of Penguin Village following Arale and Gatchan in "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!"

She is later seen working as a part-time reaper for Enma and is sent to reap Senbei's soul, but ends up getting fired due to Arale's interference. Trampire is shown again in the episode "Scaary! Monster Prince".

Dragon Ball[]

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]

Trampire dragonball

Trampire flying over Coffee Pot in Dragon Ball

She is seen flying by the coffee pot café with one of her followers in the General Blue Saga of Dragon Ball.

Dr. Slump remake[]

In the Dr. Slump remake, Trampire has blue skin and orange hair, unlike the original version where she has blue hair and white skin.


  • Hikou - The ability to fly without ki using wings or special mechanism.
  • Sucking Blood (吸血 Kyūketsu) - The ability to drain a person's blood by biting them. Trampire attempts to use this ability on Arale Norimaki, but it fails due to the Android's lack of blood.

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