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"Training Complete! Goku Sizes Up the Competition!" (しゅうぎょうかんりょうくうとうセルにゆうあり!? Shūgyou Kanryō! Gokū, Datō Seru ni Yoyō Ari?!, lit. "Training Completed! Does Goku, have the Composure to Defeat Cell?!") is the eighty-fourth episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on December 5, 2010. Its original American airdate was October 27, 2011.



Goku eating food with Gohan after their training

The people of Earth are in a panic after Cell's announcement of the Cell Games. Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan finish their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and everyone seems quite surprised that they are in Super Saiyan form. Goku immediately requests that Mr. Popo prepare a meal and Future Trunks explains the latest Cell developments. Goku then teleports to the site of the Cell Games and confronts Cell. After returning to The Lookout, Goku announces he and Gohan will not be entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again. Instead, for the remaining nine days until the Cell Games, they will train in the real world. Goku and Gohan then fly to Kame House and greet their remaining friends.

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