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The Traffic Agent Lady is a traffic officer that works in West City to inform people on Traffic Safety.



Traffic Agent Lady resembles a blonde haired version of Good Launch wearing a police uniform and police cap.



The Traffic Agent Lady

She is first seen informing a child that almost got ran over by a reckless bear truck driver. She then gives Master Roshi and Krillin the right directions to Bulma's house.


The Traffic Agent Lady

She is next seen informing another driver, but then she quickly spots Suno's cousin, Shinseki, almost getting ran over and rescued by Goku with his Power Pole. She then tells Goku about the stoplight and when he should cross the street.

She is last seen when Goku and the others run out of Capsule Corporation into the street, where she blows a whistle and tells them all to stop.

Voice actresses[]


  • The Dragon Book indirectly points out that she could be Launch, because it says Launch appeared in the special.
  • She is identified as being Launch in many translations (because of her similar character design and that they both have the same voice actor).

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