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"Can't you imagine it? A garden of evil blooming with rage and pain? So beautiful."
— Towa in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Towa (トワ Towa) is a beautiful female demon from the Demon Realm and sister of the demon king Dabura. She is the main antagonist in Dragon Ball Online and secondary antagonist in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series.

Concept and creation[]

In an interview, Dragon Ball Xenoverse's producer Masayuki Hirano confirmed Towa was created by the author himself, Akira Toriyama.[5]


Towa artwork

Artwork of Towa

Towa is a beautiful woman of curvaceous and slender frame with long white hair, light blue skin, and purple eyes. The right side of her hair is longer than the other and hangs in front of her chest. She has a golden infinity sign shaped hair accessory that covers the back and both sides of her head. She wears gold earrings that resemble Potara's. Below the neck she wears a golden brooch. She wears a red and black skintight body suit that has a v shaped hole around her stomach, and has slits on the bottom half, exposing the bottom of her breasts. She wears a white open leg cape that is jagged at the bottom, and red and black high heels. Towa carries a brown staff or spear which has two sharp golden points on each end.

During Universe Creation Saga, Towa wears a white lab coat over a black and red high-neck mini dress which covers the upper parts of her bodysuit that she wears underneath her dress, showing only the leg parts of her bodysuit that appears to lack the jagged leg cape altogether while wearing red high heels resulting in the overall look appearing to be a variation of her normal outfit.

In Xenoverse 2, in addition to her standard Time Breaker uniform Universe 7 Clothes, a special swimsuit can be unlocked as an alternate costume skillset. The swimsuit is a unique red and black microkini (an extremely skimpy type of bikini) with a halter-style top that reveals her cleavage and comes complete with a pair of sandal-like wedge heels.


Like Mira, Towa thinks she is superior to every other being, and because of this, underestimates all of her opponents, calling them simple pests in her plan. She is cold and cruel, as shown by her attitude toward the apparent loss of Mira and her lack of consideration for how her magic will distort and ruin time. She enjoys brainwashing people and does not hesitate to use the technology on anyone. She is extremely persistent in her goals, attempting to distort time even after many failed attempts, simply because of her belief that she is worthy enough to completely destroy the fabric of space and time, and completely alter history to her whim. Even so, Towa seems to draw the line at actually destroying the universe, which she views as a senseless endeavor, even teaming up with the second future warrior to keep Mira from destroying the universe. This may have also been out of a sense of self-preservation, as she seemed to believe she could not escape the blast.

In Xenoverse, she is shown shocked that the Future Warrior was powerful enough to both defeat and destroy Mira's body in Age 774; upon discovering Mira's core had survived the destruction, however, she took it as a somewhat minor setback to their plans and proclaimed they would have their revenge once Mira was restored and further strengthened with more energy. She also admitted her strongly held belief that through Mira's power they will ultimately achieve their goals and their revenge as she views Mira as her greatest creation. She chose Mira as her partner due to considering him as the true savior. Despite her faith in Mira's abilities, she seems to disapprove of him doing something as dramatic as his decision to challenge the Future Warrior to a duel, though Mira misinterprets this as being due to Towa fearing that he might lose. Towa also seems to rely on Mira's power; following his defeat at the hands of the Future Warrior, she chooses to retreat, knowing she had little hope of directly defeating the Warrior by herself. However, Towa is not above fighting against Mira, as when she discovers that he has overcome the limiters she set on him, she attempts to help the second Future Warrior stop him, though she does so in order to remove his core so she can fix him. In the end, she also considers Mira nothing but a failure for his actions against her.

Though she is more than willing to brainwash others, when necessary, in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 she scoffs at Mira's suggestion to alter Turles and Lord Slug to make them more subservient like the Masked Saiyan. Towa decides not to bother with brainwashing them as they are already wreaking havoc throughout history well enough on their own. This shows that like her brother (when he convinced Babidi to turn Vegeta into a Majin to revive Majin Buu), she is perceptive enough to use those with evil hearts to accomplish her goals, though in her case she simply allows them to indulge themselves in seeking revenge on Goku for the purpose of wreaking havoc. Towa also chooses not to brainwash Cooler for the same reasons and Cooler himself even suggests that the reason he was assisting his brother against Goku was to repay her for transporting him to the battle on Planet Namek in Age 762 allowing him to take revenge on Super Saiyan Goku.

Towa is also shown to be willing to go as far as deceiving God of Destruction Beerus by pretending to be Chronoa and her acting was so convincing that she managed to fool both Beerus and Whis, causing them to leave Age 779 during Frieza's revenge without them realizing her deception until they arrived in Age 852, preventing Whis from assisting Goku and his friends. However, unlike Mira, Towa is shown to be fearful of Beerus' power, as she acts fearful if she confronts Beerus in battle in Xenoverse 2 and flees when she spots him in Dragon Ball Fusions, showing that while she is willing to deceive him in order to carry out her plans, she is not foolish enough to confront the God of Destruction herself.

It is also revealed during The Masked Saiyan Saga that Towa's main reason for wanting to unite Demon Realm with the rest of the universe is create what she poetically refers to as a garden of evil full of rage and pain the very thought of which she describes as beautiful, demonstrating Towa is sadist at heart, a trait befitting her demonic nature and origins. Her sadistic nature is also shown when she mockingly tells Xeno Trunks that she saved Bardock from death, in order to taunt Xeno Trunks's about him wanting to save Future Gohan from his death in Age 780, taking pleasure in Xeno Trunks's reaction to her words. It is also shown that Towa puts too much faith in her own genius as she is surprised by the Future Warriors, Xeno Bardock, and Mira when their power exceeds even her calculations. While Towa is shown to think highly of Mira (choosing to have a relationship and creating a child made from their cells), she becomes disgusted with herself when he is captured and sealed by Xeno Bardock, though she later decides to free him using Tokitoki's Egg, which ironically leads to her downfall. She was also genuinely surprised by both Mira's change in personality following his battle with Xeno Bardock, as well as his subsequent betrayal causing her to curse him as she is absorbed by calling him a failure.

In the Warrior from the Demon World Saga, she is shown to be willing to risk destroying history itself in order to bypass the barrier around the Time Nest to access the Time Vault by killing Shenron in Age 850 just to confirm the Toki Toki City Hero's mask she used to brainwash them is inside the Time Vault. Though this is apparently due to her using her enemies' ability to correct history successfully to her advantage again, showing she is a master of manipulation and skilled actress as her actions kept her enemies guessing to the point they never suspected her main goal was to steal Tokitoki's Egg as her all efforts to replicate it artificially had failed. Her plan would have likely been successful were it not for Mira's betrayal and the second Future Warrior's persistence.

However, despite her evil nature, Towa cares greatly for her elder brother Dabura and it is implied her focus on altering history involving Goku and the Z Fighters is mainly due to holding them responsible as Goku and Majin Vegeta's fight freed Innocent Buu resulting in Dabura's death. However, as her enemies within the Time Patrol were apparently aware of this fact (or at least suspected that was the case), Towa herself was cautious not to alter that point in history as it was too obvious a point for her to alter and Chronoa likely kept an eye on that point in history. Additionally, she also likely realized any alterations would be fixed so she would have to go about it in a way that would not alert the Time Patrol. This opportunity finally presented itself during her infiltration of the Time Vault. Before revealing herself, Towa secretly used the Time Scroll for Age 774 and altered the period of her brother's death so he survived, before covering her tracks leaving the Time Patrol and Chronoa unaware of her actions until Dabura sought revenge on the Time Patrol for its role in his sister's downfall in the Infinite History Saga. This might explain why Towa risked potentially destroying history as her the love for her brother may have made her more willing to risk it as the desire to save a loved one is irrational and shows the lengths Towa is willing to go to undo her brother's death. It is also implied by her taunts to Xeno Trunks about wanting to save someone destined to die as while she was doing it to torment him, she herself likely felt the same way in the case of her brother and likely understood from experience how painful it is thus could recognized such pain in others though Towa herself has no empathy for her enemies. This is in ironic contrast to her demonic evil nature and shows that unlike other evil villains such as Frieza, she actually has a heart and cares about her brother, who is also known to possess some positive traits (such as loyalty and caring for his sister) despite his own evil nature. Unlike in Xenoverse, where she declares Mira a failure for his betrayal and subsequent absorption of her, in Heroes she and Mira have a fairly strong relationship despite Mira's lack of interest in one (with Fu as living proof). Towa additionally makes sure Fu escapes the collapse of the Demon Realm, unwilling to let her child perish with them. During the Universe Creation Saga, she is shown to have reunited with her now grown-up son and is apparently working alongside him to help grow the Universe Tree as part of Fu's plan.

Some members of the Time Patrol have begrudgingly noted that were it not for her evil nature and criminal actions, Towa herself would make an ideal Time Patroller due to her knowledge of history and scientific genius when it comes to matters involving time and space showing that even her enemies recognize and respect her understanding of timespace and history, despite all the trouble she has caused them. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, this understanding extends to a temporary alliance between the Time Patrol and the defected Dark Empire faction, where Towa and her allies are willing to assist the patrollers against Mechikabura.

Towa is very embarrassed about her bikini given by Goku in Hell and has a quick temper which she tries to beat him.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Towa apparently holds a grudge towards Xeno Trunks for his work in foiling her schemes as a Time Patroller, a grudge which extends to his younger main timeline counterpart she encounters within the Timespace Rift. However ironically Kid Trunks finds Towa extremely attractive and is initially unaware of her evil nature or history with his Time Patroller counterpart, causing Towa to take advantage of the situation with the Timespace Rift and Broly's rampage in Area 4F by manipulating Tekka's Team into believing she and Mira are allies.



Towa was originally a brilliant scientist from the Demon Realm far in the future. She proceeded to create and ally with Mira - the "savior"; an artificial being created by condensing the DNA of various strong fighters (including Goku) with the support and technology of Dr. Gero.[6] After joining up with Mira, Towa betrayed the Demon Realm and went out on her own. Despite this, Towa plans on collecting enough energy to break the seal on the Demon Realm, and additionally seeks to eradicate the Saiyan bloodline because she considers it a threat. She and Mira have a son named Fu, who is said to have a big influence on the world when he grows up.[2]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes[]

Dark Demon Realm Saga[]

In the game, Towa appeared commanding her Dark Demon Realm army in battle against Xeno Trunks. After the Masked Saiyan was freed from their control, Towa joined the battle herself and fought alongside Mira and her henchmen in the Demon Realm. After Chronoa joined Trunks and the freed Bardock, they were able to pressure Towa and Super Mira. Xeno Dabura emerged from a dark portal to assist her, but the Time Patrol manage to deal a fatal blow to Towa during the battle. She falls into Dabura's arms, and he and Mira escape with her body through another dark portal.

Dark tiowa

Dark Towa arrives to empower Super 17

Towa's hatred allows her to resurrect, coming back as "Dark Towa". She travels to the era of Dragon Ball GT and opens the three Hell Gates, allowing the villains in Hell to escape. She first appears in her new state during the battle between Xeno Trunks, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Android 18 and Super 17. During the battle, Super 17 forcibly absorbs Android 18, but the heroes are able to force him and Towa to retreat into the Hell Gates. Later, when the heroes arrive at the Ice Hell Gate, Towa faces them in her base form and is defeated. Shortly after the heroes get to the Chaos Hell Gate, where Dark Towa, Super Mira, and Dabura engaged them in combat. The three demons are defeated and are surprised at the appearance of Super Saiyan 4 Full Power Broly, who has escaped from Hell thanks to them. Broly fires a powerful energy blast at the three Time Breaker leaders.

Towa and her forces later form an alliance with the Demon God Demigra and his allies Gravy and Putine. After Mira kidnaps Xeno Vegeta, Towa brainwashes him into the Black-Masked Saiyan. She, Mira and Xeno Dabura later fight the Time Patrol alongside their new henchman and are joined by Demigra after Vegeta is freed. Demigra is ultimately defeated by the Time Patrol, but Towa escapes with enough Damage Energy to free Mechikabura from the Crack of Time. After Mechikabura appears in the Demon Realm, Towa and the other Time Breakers bow to him.

In the manga, after the Supreme Kai of Time and Future Trunks appear in her hideout, Towa has the Masked Saiyan, and then Mira fight against the intruders. However, after losing control of Bardock, he and Xeno Trunks manage to overwhelm Super Mira, so Towa teleports herself and her creation away.

Dark Empire Saga[]


Demon Goddess Towa

While in the Demon Realm, Towa resurrects the Dark Empires true leader Mechikabura using energy that had been gathered from strong fighters, but he returns old and weakened, far from his prime. When she tells him that he can wish to regain his youth using the Dark Dragon Balls they suddenly scatter across all of time and space, angering her at how bothersome it will be to find them all. Before she goes off in search of them Mechikabura grants her the powers of a Demon God.

Towa Demon God 1

Towa recovers the Dark Dragon Ball

Towa and Mira travel to the battle on Planet Namek, where the first Dark Dragon Ball has merged with Xeno Frieza. Towa obtains the Dark Dragon Ball and marvels at her new Demon God powers, as she is caught off guard by Xeno Trunks who attempts to attack her with a Kamehameha, however Mira gets in the way and is obliterated. Towa angrily retreats with the Dark Dragon Ball, she presents it to Mechikabura, who reveals he has summoned more Demon Gods.


Towa and Shroom in Hell

Much later, Towa heads back in time to Hell with Shroom in order to locate the five-star Dark Dragon Ball, and also to rescue her brother Dabura from Xeno Majin Buu. Towa kills the Goku of that era, stating she has no interest in Goku's past self. Shroom defeats Xeno Janemba - even after he takes on his Evil Demon form. However, Xeno Goku, Xeno Vegeta and Chamel arrive. As Towa is clashing with Chamel, Dark Demon God Buu appears, absorbing the downed Xeno Janemba and taking the Dark Dragon Ball. Towa then pursues Xeno Majin Buu.

Towa Demon God 3

Towa about to transform Slug.

Soon after, Towa appears in Age 762. She uses dark magic learned from Putine to transform Xeno Lord Slug into his Dark Evolution form, a Super Giant-Form transformation. In response however, Xeno Trunks and Xeno Gohan fuse into Xeno Gohanks to combat him. When Dark Demon God Buu joins the fight, he almost strikes her down but is saved by the appearance of Salsa who cuts down both Xeno Lord Slug and Xeno Majin Buu allowing Towa to recover two of the Dark Dragon Balls and Dabura who had previously been absorbed by Xeno Majin Buu.

Screenshot 2017-11-20-17-12-23

Towa being attacked by Dark Broly

Later Towa along with Xeno Paragus use their powers in an attempt to control Dark Broly. However, this eventually goes wrong, as Dark Broly starts to break out of Towa's control and attack her. Luckily, Mira saves her but she is knocked out. Mira then absorbs Towa to transform into a further form.

She appears once again along with the rest of the Demon Gods when Mechikabura is using Dark Shenron to have his youth restored and attempts to buy as much time for her master as possible by holding off the Time Patrol.

Dark King Mechikabura Saga[]

Dark King Mechikabura 002

Towa's new enhanced Demon God form

After Mechikabura escapes from the Time Labyrinth, Towa along with the other Demons is granted a more powerful Demon God state. Along with Dabura, they travel to Age 790 along with her new experiment Fin who she has attack that timelines Gogeta. With the arrival of Demigra and his allies and Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta fusing to become Xeno Gogeta, Dabura suggests retreating but Towa decides to hold off after seeing that Fin had absorbed that timelines Gogeta.

However Fin is forced to leave Gogeta's body and Towa decides that it is time to leave but they are stopped by Demigra and Chamel with the latter knocking the staff from Towa's hands. The fight comes to abrupt end upon Chronoa arriving and using her time freeze on everyone and Chamel teleporting every away.

While maintaining the barrier to Mechikabura's Palace, Chamel travels through the white Hell Gate in order to confront her and Fin. Wondering why Fin still has the appearance from when he earlier absorbed Xeno Gogeta, Towa explains that Fin only needs to sample a being's DNA only once and then can access it at any point. When Dark Broly appears and goes on a rampage, Towa has no choice but to flee.


Xeno Trunks stabs Towa

She re-appears along with Fin now in his Ultimate Evolution form at the Time Nest when Super Saiyan God Xeno Trunks is confronting Mechikabura. While Fin intervenes and battles Xeno Trunks himself, Towa shows her concern at witnessing Mechikabura's new Time Power Unleashed form. After Xeno Trunks defeats Fin he charges towards Mechikabura, but Mechikabura teleports Towa in front of him to use as a shield and Xeno Trunks' sword penetrates her. In shock, believing that they were supposed to be allies, Mechikabura tells her that such a thing is meaningless and the only thing that matters is power. Mechikabura then forms a dark void which begins to absorb everything around it, including Towa, Xeno Trunks, Chronoa, Old Kai and some of the Time Nest.

She is later pulled out of the dark void along with the others by Demigra who uses light magic to form chains that penetrate the dark void and latch on to each of them before being yanked back out to the ruined Time Nest though Towa remains unconscious throughout the entire ordeal.

SDBH Special 15

Towa holding her baby, Fu

Just prior to Mechikabura's defeat and the collapse of his tower Towa finishes the creation of Fu.[7] In the anime, she - along with Mira - carries him, tells him to live on and obtain everything. She sends Fu away where he travels through a rift in time just as the tower collapses with Towa and Mira seemingly going down with it. In the manga she and Mira send him away shortly after the battle has ended.

Universe Creation Saga[]

SDBH 27 02

Towa speaks with Fu

In a new outfit, Towa appears along with Fu at the base of the Universe Tree when Fu greets Bojack, Turles, Dr. W, Super 17 and Meta-Cooler. At a later point when the Universe Tree is almost ready to birth a new Universe, she re-appears and teleports Xeno Goku, Xeno Vegeta, Xeno Trunks and Xeno Pan away from the Crack of Time, telling Fu that all of this is for him, though he does not understand what she means.

SDBH Episode 28 03

Towa explaining how she created Fu

Elsewhere, she watches over the captured members of the Time Patrol, who are all bound by dark energy belonging to Cumber. She tells them all that she created Fu, using DNA that she obtained from warriors across different dimensions. She proudly claims that he will be the next Dark King to succeed Mechikabura, and will rebuild both the Demon Realm and the Dark Empire. She removes a black orb from her coat pocket which begins to extract a black energy from the bodies of the Time Patrol. She explains that it is the life force needed to turn one into a Dark King and that it previously belonged to Mechikabura. However, upon his defeat, the energy left his body and went into the bodies of those nearest to him at the time. When Goku forcibly breaks free from his restraints, Mira appears, having brought along an unconscious Xeno Gohan and Xeno Goten. Having already extracted the black energy from them and having no further use of the Time Patrol, Towa and Mira teleport away.

They re-appear in the Crack of Time where Towa gives Fu the extracted energy to transform him into the new Dark King. Fu's memories return to him in the process, and he asks if he should call Towa "Mother", but she instead says that both she and Mira are merely his servants. Then, Fu tells them to go away, before beginning to restore the Universe Tree.

SDBH 32 03

Towa as a Demon Goddess

When Vegito intervenes with Fu's plans to restore the Universe Tree, Towa and Mira attempt to distract Vegito long enough for Fu to finish but is surprised by the unexpected arrival of Xeno Vegito who had received assistance from Demigra. While Dark King Fu revives the Universe Tree, Towa regains her ability to use her Demon Goddess form, facing Robelu (who has acquired the same power-up). While they're fighting, Demigra freezes Fu and Xeno Vegito, Towa questions how long they'll be frozen, with Demigra stating she can be the judge, both he and Robelu leave to parts unknown, leaving Demon Goddess Towa angry.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]

Dragon Ball Online[]


Towa's first appearance in Dragon Ball Online

Towa is seen on Namek for the first time in the fourth Time Machine Quest (TMQ4). She manages to possess Cui, Zarbon, Dodoria, Recoome, and Captain Ginyu as a frog. Also, she displays the ability to transform characters into giants; she first attempts this ability on Cui but had not perfected it and causes him to shrink instead. She perfects her ability shortly after and uses it on several Frieza Force commanders and soldiers. She also collects a sample of blood from Nail and turns the frog in Ginyu's body against the heroes.

Towa also gave Captain Bacterian on Earth the mission to gather energy for helping Cell-X to grow. When Cell-X became impatient, he left Captain Bacterian's dungeon for an abandoned cave behind a waterfall where other Cell-like creatures continue to help him collect energy.


DBXV Demon Scientist Towa & Demon King Mira Ginyu Force Saga Discovered! History Invaders (Cutscene 1 OVA) 20141226 img 02

Towa and Mira confront the Future Warrior

Towa aims to collect Kili to release the seal on the Demon Realm. She and Mira are first encountered by the Future Warrior on Namek after the Warrior successfully helped defeat Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force and recovered the Namekian Dragon Balls. While the Z-Fighters are celebrating the defeat of the Ginyu Force, the Future Warrior notices Towa hiding nearby behind a rock. Realizing the Future Warrior has detected her presence, Towa walks out from her hiding spot with Mira, complementing the Warrior by saying they're pretty sharp. Towa realizes the Future Warrior is the one who's snooping around, and sarcastically hopes they are not planning on interfering with their plan, believing it would be a mistake to cross them; Mira then tells the Warrior, he will eliminate them here and now before powering up. Mira then fights the Future Warrior while Towa watches the battle from afar. As the Warrior fights Mira, Towa mentions to the Warrior that they've been altering history and making it far more interesting, though due to the Warrior's actions their changes have been undone, much to Towa's dismay. However, she did find the Warrior's accidental Body Change with Ginyu amusing, taunting the Warrior by calling it a splendid move on their part.

Towa 0

Towa's first appearance in planet Namek

After the brief fight, Mira is revealed to be unimpressed and disappointed by the Warrior's power. Mira then decides to end the fight by taking their energy and put it to good use but is stopped by Towa. She begins interrogating the Warrior, asking who they work for and who is helping them, realizing they couldn't have managed to travel through time alone just to fight her and Mira. However, the Future Warrior gives her the silent treatment. Towa decides not to force the issue and tells Mira they will leave them alone for now, as long as Mira doesn't mind. She also states that the Warrior is nothing to them at this point and she can't extract enough energy from them at this point, indicating that she senses some latent potential in the Warrior. Towa and Mira then decide to move onto the next era. Before leaving, Towa says she will let the little Warrior live for now, but if the Warrior interferes with their plans again, they will have the Warrior erased from existence. While trying to alter the events of the Cell Games, Towa and Mira encounter Future Warrior and Xeno Trunks on Earth. Towa has Mira fight them while she goes and takes away Gohan's energy in order to have Cell defeat him, she then retreats with Mira.

That right

Towa collects the nucleus of Mira

A secondary part of Towa's agenda is that she wants revenge on Majin Buu for killing her brother Dabura, and so sends Mira to kill Goku and Majin Buu and take their energy. After the defeat of Demigra, Towa finds what remained of Mira, and begins to make plans for revenge as seen in a post-credit scene.


Saiyan Saga
Kakarot - Towa after reviving Mira

Towa in Kakarot

In order to create a new body for Mira's core, Towa uses her magic to empower various common enemies giving them evil ki and a crimson aura (that even effects robotic enemies). During Gohan's attempt to abandon his training under Piccolo and return home, he meets Puar for the first time who was collecting ingredients to prepare a special meal for Yamcha. However, Puar is later attacked by Villainous Skull Robo empowered by Towa. Gohan protects Puar leading the introduction of Villainous Enemies. Gohan defeats them and Puar notes he is strong like his father and helps Gohan realize how strong he's become under Piccolo causing him to return to his training. Back at the Central Plains Area, Villainous Enemies start appearing and are much stronger than normal enemies as they are above Level 30 (which is likely too much for the player to handle at this point in the story. However, they are marked on the map thus making them easier to avoid.

Post Saiyan Saga Intermission

During the post Saiyan Saga Intermission, Gohan encounters a group of Super Villainous Saibamen attacking the farm down the road from Goku's House terrifying the locals. Gohan bravely confronts them to protect the innocent locals and defeats them. This introduces the Super Villainous Enemies which are more powerful enemies strengthened even further by Towa.

Villainous & Super Villainous Enemies

At this point, defeating all Villainous Enemies in an area will cause Super Villainous Enemies to appear. Though it is possible to confront them at this point, it is best to save them for the next Intermission after the Frieza Saga as characters will be stronger and party members can be selected. Defeating all the Villainous Enemies in the Central Plains Area causes Super Villainous Raditz (Lvl 39) and Super Villainous Nappa (Lv 38). to appear and King Kai will alert the Dragon Team to be careful as they possess unworldly power and their evil ki is unimaginably strong.

Time Breakers Appear

"Oho ho ho... It seems my calculations were correct. You will all continue to fight so that I can see to the completion of my masterpiece."
— Towa revealing herself as the one behind the Villainous & Super Villainous enemies in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Defeating the two Super Villainous Saiyans causes Towa to finally reveal herself holding Mira's core in her hand as he absorbs the energy from the battle. Towa notes her calculations are correct and that they will be forced to continue to fight until her masterpiece (Mira) is completed. Mira communicating telepathically says that in due time he will show them ultimate power. Afterwards Towa summons a new enemy Super Villainous Prince Vegeta as he appeared during the Saiyan Saga. He is joined by Super Villainous Raditz and Super Villainous Raditz forcing the Dragon Team to deal with three Super Villainous Saiyans.

Demon King Mira Reborn

Eventually Towa is able to restore Mira's body and the duo go back to the era where Majin Buu had just been defeated in order to fight the Z Fighters there, so that Mira can absorb their energy and become the ultimate warrior.

Mira is defeated, with Towa noting he is still incomplete, and so the duo head to another timeline to procure more energy. Towa bids the Z Fighters farewell until they meet again but tells them she will leave some of her creations behind for them to fight.

Dragon Ball Fusions[]

"I'll take all the energy you generate from your battle and give it to Mira! So fight! Fight for Mira, King of the Demon Realm!"
— Towa ordering Great Ape Broly to fight in Dragon Ball Fusions

Towa and Mira first appear in Story Event: "Open Timespace" when Tekka's Team decide they need help combatting Legendary Super Saiyan Broly who has been chasing them in an effort to kill Kid Goku after accidentally being summoned to the Timespace Rift by a wish made by Emperor Pilaf using the Dragon Balls. Tekka opens multiple time holes to create stronger time hole to summon a stronger person to fight Broly, which results in Towa and Mira being transported into the rift.

Unaware of their villainous nature and Goten and Trunks are both in awe at how attractive Towa is which Pan interprets as being perverted. She agrees to "assist" Tekka's team saying that she needs to "pay back" Trunks for all he "did in the future". After locating Broly, Towa decides that she should harvest his energy to make Mira stronger and transforms him into a Golden Great Ape, ordering him to fight them to gather energy for Mira who she reveals to be the Demon King that rules over Demon Realm. After Tekka's team defeat Broly, Mira wants to finish them, but Towa tells him to stop, since they may be able to get more energy since Broly is getting back up, however God of Destruction Beerus blasts Great Ape Broly away effortlessly. Upon the sighting of Beerus and Whis, Towa decides to flee.

After defeating Great Ape Ultra Pinich, Tekka's Team can take on Sub-Event: "A Deadly Saiyan", in Area 4 of the Timespace Rift, were they meets Adult Goku again, who asks the team about their training. However, Towa sneaks up on the group, using her magic to gain control of Goku's body. With still Broly still under her control, and she forces them into performing EX-Fusion resulting in the creation of Karoly against Tekka's Team.

Yet when Karoly is born, he proves resistant against Towa's control due to his massive power, and she retreats with Broly after the fusion ends. Afterwards Goku admits he let Towa take control of him for the sheer purpose of fusing with Broly, as he was curious about combining forces with the Legendary Super Saiyan which would have been extremely unlikely otherwise due to Broly's extreme hatred of Goku.

After defeating the Legendary Champion in the Timespace Tournament and completing the main story, Towa and Mira are encountered in the alien city in Area 4F. Speaking to Towa & Mira leads to Sub-Event: "A Special Sparring Partner" which leads to a fight with Mira and his team of four mystery foes. Defeating them results in Towa and Mira joining Tekka's Team.

Towa appears in Sub-Event: "Saiyan Saga: Fantastic Fusions" where she asks Tekka's team to find a female Saiyan for her to fuse with. They recruit Gine for this, but Towa turns her down after learning how weak she is. However, after Towa is recruited herself and this side quest is completed, Towa and Gine can perform EX-Fusion.

In Sub-Event: "Robot Saga: Fantastic Fusions" where she will ask Tekka's Team to find a robot for her to fuse with. They recruit Arale for this to complete this side quest. After Towa is recruited herself and this side quest is completed, Towa and Arale can perform EX-Fusion.

Xenoverse 2[]


Towa holding a Distorted Time Egg

Towa appears alongside Mira and the Masked Saiyan, having located Turles and Slug. After Turles stops Lord Slug from antagonizing Mira, he asks Towa if she had brought what he had requested, and Towa confirms she has before handing him and Lord Slug Fruit of the Tree of Might which she had exposed to the effects of the Demon Realm amplifying the Fruit so that whoever consumed it would be granted power beyond compare. As Turles leaves, Mira tells her she should reprogram them, she states that there was no point as they were already wreaking havoc throughout history and says that she had everything well in hand while glancing in the direction of the Masked Saiyan.

It was later revealed that Towa had tainted the fruit with her dark magic, which continued to give Slug and Turles more power. Towa also increased Frieza's power and brought Cooler to Namek during Goku and Frieza's final battle allowing him to assist his brother in his battle with Super Saiyan Goku.

During the Android conflict, Towa increased Imperfect Cell's power, so he was stronger than Android 16, allowing him to overpower the Android and absorb both 17 and 18, allowing him to transform directly into his Perfect form before the arrival of Future Trunks and Vegeta, potentially causing the Cell Games to never occur, though the Future Warrior manages to fix this change. During the Cell Games, while Mira is busy distracting Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior by trying to enter the Cell Games, Towa uses a Wormhole to summon the Meta-Cooler Corps. to interfere in Super Saiyan 2 Gohan's battle with Cell, forcing the Future Warrior and Xeno Trunks to travel to New Namek in Age 767 of Metal Cooler's timeline to prevent more Meta-Coolers from coming through the Wormhole.

In Age 780 of Trunks' timeline, Towa finds and activates Future Android 16 who she corrupts and modifies with her dark magic, ordering him to destroy Future Gohan in Age 780 before he is killed fighting Future 17 & 18. Though Future 16 is defeated by Future Gohan with the assistance of the Future Warrior it causes Mira to step in, which in turn causes Xeno Trunks to defy the Supreme Kai of Time and travel to Age 780 in order to protect his master and fellow Time Patroller from Mira, and almost causes Xeno Trunks to alter his own history by trying to prevent Future Gohan's death, though the Future Warrior and Future Gohan manage to convince him not to go through with it. She later repairs Future 16, sending him and Future Perfect Cell to Age 785 of Trunks' timeline to kill Xeno Trunks as he is returning from the Cell Games, but the Future Warrior manages to stop them.

At some point, Towa had gained possession of an Energy-Suction Device identical to the one used by Babidi and his henchman, which she had the Masked Saiyan use to acquire enough energy to further empower Mira following his defeat at the hands of Xeno Trunks, Future Gohan, and the Future Warrior. She also gained control over Broly and Janemba and had them interfere in the battles against Majin Buu, while having the Masked Saiyan collect energy from their battles.

After Mira and the Masked Saiyan interfered in Super Saiyan God Goku's battle against Beerus, and Towa interfere in Age 779 during Frieza's revenge, by reviving Cooler with the Dragon Ball's second wish (which had originally been taken by the Pilaf Gang) in order to have Metal Cooler aid Golden Frieza in his revenge. She also hacks into the Time Nest's communications and alters her voice to sound like Chronoa's in order to trick Beerus and Whis to travel to the Time Nest in Age 852 by pretending to be Chronoa and claiming that both she (Towa) and Mira were attacking the Time Nest in Age 852, though when they fail to sway the God of Destruction, she bribes him with the promise of cream puffs which she claims were made by Xeno Trunks after Beerus reveals he dislikes Chronoa's notoriously terrible cooking. Her acting as Chronoa manages to convince Beerus to leave Age 852, which prevents Whis from assisting Goku and his friends when Frieza destroys the Earth, resulting in the deaths of Goku and his allies that Whis originally saved. However Xeno Trunks manages to save the Future Warrior from being killed and an enraged Beerus has Whis assist the Future Warrior with his Temporal Do-Over allowing them to stop Frieza from destroying the Earth, forcing Towa to shave off both Metal Cooler and Frieza's life forces to transform them into their Supervillain forms, though they are defeated by the combined might of Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, and the Future Warrior. However, when Towa fails to appear as Chronoa had suggested she would after Golden Frieza and his brother are defeated, Beerus becomes angry and Whis is forced to spar against him and the Future Warrior in order to calm Beerus down.

After convincing Beerus to let the Time Patrol handle Towa, Chronoa and Elder Kai determined it was time to find out how Towa and Mira had turned Bardock into the Masked Saiyan. After traveling back in time, Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior find out that Towa had used a Wormhole to save Bardock just before Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta and they follow Towa and Mira's past selves to a ruined planet in Age ???, which Xeno Trunks recognizes as Earth, though he is unsure which timeline it is located in. Soon they are confronted by Towa's present self, who Xeno Trunks attacks, only for the Masked Saiyan to appear and block his punch. Towa reveals that after being rescued from death by the wormhole, Bardock fled into the distant past, implying that she was unintentionally responsible for the events of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock and that she and Mira captured Bardock following his battle with Chilled. After capturing Bardock, Towa used her scientific knowledge to modify Bardock's body to increase his power and brainwashes him into the Masked Saiyan. Eventually Mira joins the battle as well and Towa suggest they use Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior's energy to unite the Demon Realm with the rest of the Universe, confirming Xeno Trunks' suspicions about her motives. Towa reveals that by connecting the Demon Realm with the rest of the universe she intends to create her ideal universe which she calls a garden of evil, blooming with hatred and rage, however Xeno Trunks refuses to allow her dreams to come to fruition.

After being freed by the Time Patrol, it is stated by Xeno Bardock that while free of her control he retained the power increase brought on by the modifications that Towa had made to his body. Angered over being manipulated, Xeno Bardock grabs Mira and both himself and Mira go through a wormhole that Towa had created to seal away Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior in a rift between dimensions. Towa is dismayed that she has lost Mira, but then reveals she has also taken control of the original Future Warrior, Ace. The two Future Warriors fight, and after Ace is freed from Towa's control, Towa goes back in time to Toki Toki City in Age 850, just as Xeno Trunks is about to make the wish that summons Ace to defend history and kills Shenron, which creates a massive time distortion in all of the Time Scrolls due to Ace's absence that is strong enough to even effect the Time Nest and Conton City in Age 852, causing Xeno Trunks, the 2nd Future Warrior, Elder Kai, and Chronoa to lose their memory of Ace, though Xeno Trunks manages to recover his memory of Ace thanks to the mask Towa had used to control them and discover the alteration that Towa had made in Age 850. To stop this from happening, Xeno Trunks has the second Future Warrior travel to Age 852 and with the aid of Xeno Trunks' past self they manage to stop Towa from killing Shenron, allowing Xeno Trunks to make the wish that summons Ace forcing Towa to retreat.

However, it is revealed that this was simply a ruse and Towa uses Ace's Mask that Xeno Trunks had brought back with him in order to bypass the barrier that Chronoa and Elder Kai had erected around Conton City and the Time Nest following Demigra's attack in Age 850. Towa reveals her infiltration by attacking Chronoa from behind. Xeno Trunks, Elder Kai, Tokitoki and the Future Warrior are horrified to see Towa inside the Time Vault holding Tokitoki's Egg and it is revealed that Towa's main reason for infiltrating the Time Nest was to get her hands on the egg. Towa reveals Tokitoki's egg (which has the power to create another timeline) contains enough energy to easily restore the Demon Realm, allowing her to rule time and space once more. She demonstrates its power by using it to summon Mira from the time rift he had been sealed in by Xeno Bardock. After Mira manages to injure both Xeno Trunks and the recently restored Ace who manages to shield the 2nd Future Warrior from Mira's attack, Towa and Mira head back to Earth from an Unknown Time, and the Future Warrior gives chase with Ace and Xeno Trunks out of commission. Upon returning to Age ???, Xeno Trunks contacts the Future Warrior and reveals that the Earth in that timeline had fallen under Towa and Mira's tyrannical rule and was under their complete control, preventing the Time Patrol from sending back up, forcing the Future Warrior to confront both Towa and Mira alone. As the Future Warrior battles an even more powerful Mira, Towa realizes that Mira's personality has changed and notices that he has bypassed his own power limiter, which could destroy the entire universe. Towa reluctantly helped the Future Warrior defeat Mira. Towa then tries to retrieve Mira's core, but then Mira grabs Towa stating he had grown beyond her schematics. Mira then states he will grow stronger by absorbing his creator and forcibly absorbs her and Tokitoki's egg. Towa is shocked that her creation would betray her, and says he is nothing but a failure, as she and the egg are absorbed. However, Super Saiyan Blue Goku appears via Whis' Warp to aid the Future Warrior and Mira is destroyed soon after. Before succumbing to death, Mira apologizes to Towa.

After the Future Warrior collects the five Distorted Time Eggs from the time rift anomalies in Conton City, Chronoa reveals that these eggs are the result of Towa's attempts to recreate Tokitoki's eggs artificially, which Chronoa states is impossible even for someone as brilliant as Towa. However, despite lacking the power of Tokitoki's eggs, these Distorted Time Eggs are powerful enough to create large yet stable rifts in time and after the Unknown History Saga, Chronoa reveals that all five eggs were capable of producing a natural time distortion that causes Xeno Trunks go through with his desire to save Future Gohan from dying in Age 780, resulting in Future 17 and 18 being destroyed in Age 780 by Xeno Trunks and Future Gohan, however, this possibly resulted in Chronoa fixing the altered timeline, or another Xeno Trunks (the normal and stable one without having the effects of the Time Eggs) being created as a result of those time distortions, resulting in that Xeno Trunks remaining in the Time Nest and continuing his work for the Time Patrol while the other one lives in peace in the greatly altered future timeline with his mentor, Future Gohan.

While investigating the Frieza's Spaceship time rift anomaly, the Future Warrior learns that a soldier named Navel was given a Distorted Time Egg by a mysterious yet beautiful woman, who is later strongly implied to have been Towa herself. Chronoa however reveals she is unsure about Towa's motives for having the Distorted Time Eggs put in various places that result in the creation of the 5-time rifts, suggesting it may have been attempt by Towa to get rid of them or as part of one of her experiments/plans. Another possibility is that Towa intentionally created the rifts to keep the rest of the Time Patrol occupied by forcing them to send Time Patrollers to investigate the cause of the rifts, reducing the number of Time Patrollers who could potentially interfere with her plans. It is also implied that her role in the creation of the Frieza's Spaceship time rift results in Frieza's Siege on Conton City in Age 852, though it is unclear this was intentional on her part or not (as the siege itself can occur either before or after completion of the main story).

During the Infinite History Saga, it is revealed that during her infiltration of the Time Nest in Age 852 she secretly used the Time Scroll for Age 774 to prevent her brother's death before covering her tracks. As part of the 1.10.00 Update DLC, after completion of the main story, it is suggested that following her death Towa came to reside in Earth's Hell as Goku apparently travels there via Instant Transmission to deliver Gift (Towa) to her for the Future Warrior. Humorously and understandably, Towa is outraged by receiving a seemingly perverted gift (a bikini swimsuit) from an enemy and attacks Goku who flees from the angry Towa rather than fighting her telling the Future Warrior the enraged Towa was really scary and he barely escaped her fury when recounting what happened. This can only be done after the main story and taking Goku on as an instructor and doing this unlocks a new costume skillset for Towa.



When she had just become a Demon Goddess, Towa was able to easily incapacitate base Xeno Trunks.

After her power had stabilized more, she was able to easily kill Goku from the time of Fusion Reborn and proved to be able to match Chamel in a dark magic beam struggle. Soon after she fights against Dark Demon God Buu (who has absorbed Evil Demon Xeno Janemba), noting that as long as she can get around his portal opening ability, he won't be a problem to defeat.

While they were in the Time Labyrinth, Demon Goddess Towa was able to fight on par with Time Power Unleashed Chronoa.

Video Games

Towa is strong enough that when base Xeno Trunks fights her off-screen, she is able to escape from him. Her power is difficult to measure given her tendency to let others fight for her, such as Mira, other Time Breakers, and fighters under their control, and uses her magic and abilities to assist her allies or minions, as well as using them to playfully toy with her enemies. As a scientist, she is a more strategic fighter, coming up with clever plans to deal with threats and enemies, which is in sharp contrast to Mira, who prefers to deal with them more directly.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, she is capable of delivering rapid attacks from her staff and kicks, while moving around the battlefield with speed and grace. Like her brother, she is proficient at using a spear in combat and is quite skilled at wielding her spear-staff. She is shown to be a powerful dark magic user, though not on the same level as Demon God Demigra, though her dark magic is shown to be strong enough to control Cell during the Cell Games and Future Perfect Cell in the altered history of Age 785 of Trunks' timeline. In Xenoverse 2, her magic is shown to have gotten strong enough to control the likes of Majin Buu, Broly, Super Buu, Janemba, Kid Buu, Golden Frieza, and Metal Cooler. She also develops a new spell that allows fighters under her control to take on a Supervillain form by shaving off some of the recipients' life force to unlock greater levels of power.

In her Dark Towa form, she is strong enough to survive a blast from Full Power Super Saiyan 4 Broly after being defeated by Xeno Trunks. Her power is even further increased after obtaining the power of a Demon God from Mechikabura. As a Demon Goddess, she gains the ability to use Godly ki. It is unknown if the power of her magic increased after she received this power. Her power is comparable to her fellow Demon Gods, though inferior to Demigra's.

Similar to Bulma and Dr. Gero, Towa is a genius scientist. She created Mira to be the Ultimate Warrior by infusing him with the DNA of countless martial arts master's throughout history, indicating that, like Dr. Gero, she is skilled in biomechanical engineering, genetic engineering, and biology. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, she is able to use her knowledge and access to the Demon Realm to amplify the Fruit of the Tree of Might for her cohorts Turles and Lord Slug. She also makes modifications to Bardock's body while turning him into the Masked Saiyan, which he retains along with the power increase they provide after he is freed of her control. She was also able to find and reactivate Future Android 16, whom she managed to turn into her obedient servant, indicating that her scientific genius is even greater than Dr. Gero's (though it should be noted that Dr. Gero's feelings towards his late son whom 16 was modelled after may have prevented him from utilizing 16 in the same manner). Additionally, she is a skilled manipulator and actress able to fool and manipulate her enemies as well as her villainous allies. This allows her to keep her opponents in the dark about her true motives even using them to further her agenda and plans. Her knowledge of time and history is also impressive to the point it is even recognized by her enemies. After her killing Shenron in Age 850 almost destroyed the Time Vault, Chronoa was quick to remind everyone that as long as Towa was still at large history would never be truly safe showing Chronoa fully recognizes the danger Towa poses to history as being even greater than Mira or possibly even Demigra as her intelligence makes her far more cautious and causes her to always be thinking a few steps ahead as shown by her plan to infiltrate the Time Vault which was a masterstroke of manipulation and planning that took full advantage of her enemies ability to foil her by pretending to be desperate and reckless when in reality it was all planned ahead in advance, though Bardock's actions where unexpected, though she was able to improvise on the fly which made her acting all the more convincing. After her death, she was apparently strong enough to even intimidate Goku when she angrily attacked him after receiving the Future Warrior's gift.

Demon Goddess Towa is shown to be capable of easily deflecting a combined Kamehameha from Xeno Goku and Super Saiyan God Beat, and Vegeta and Future Trunks fuse into Vegeks to combat her. However, she is shown to be scared of Xeno Frieza.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, she is an A-Rank character putting her on par with fighters like Bardock, Bulpan, Cooler/Meta-Cooler, Future Trunks (Base, Super Saiyan, and Super Saiyan 3), Adult Gohan/Great Saiyaman, and Piccolo. However, this puts Towa below S and G-Rank characters.

In the Dark King Mechikabura Saga, even with assistance from Frieza, Tagoma, Shisami and Sorbet, Demon Goddess Towa is defeated by Xeno Vegeta.

In the Universe Creation Saga, Towa is able to defeat Xeno Trunks, Xeno Goku, Xeno Vegeta and Xeno Pan. She is capable of holding her own against Super Saiyan Blue Vegito.


  • Flight – The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Ki Sense - An ability that allows the user to sense ki and power levels. Like her brother, Towa uses Kili as a unit of measurement for power levels.
  • Time Travel - Towa is capable of traveling through time through an unidentified technique. She uses this ability primarily to wreak havoc on history to gather Kili or further her plans. She can however use wormholes as an alternate method of traveling or transporting herself and other people through time.
  • Dark Magic – A special magic used to turn people into darker and more powerful versions of themselves. Used in the Xenoverse series.
    • Manipulation Sorcery - Towa takes control of her target.
    • Villainous Mode granting - A form that places a targeted individual under mind control and greatly increases their power and evil intent. Used in the Xenoverse series.
    • Supervillain granting - A form that places a targeted individual under mind control and greatly increases their power and evil intent. Used in Xenoverse 2.
    • Wormhole – Towa is capable of creating wormholes, allowing her to travel through time and obtain allies from other timelines. Used in the Xenoverse series.
  • Dark Evolution granting - By combing Demon God power with a target's kili, Towa can force them to undergo a dark evolution.
  • Darkness Hand - Towa summons numerous dark hands from her staff to grab objects.
  • Time Breaker Mind Control – Using her staff, Towa can launch a beam that transforms the entity hit into a Time Breaker.
    • Resurrection – Towa can revive people when turning them into Time Breakers.
    • Size Manipulation – Using her staff, Towa can shrink or grow someone under her control.
      • Giant Form – After finalizing her experiments, Towa can increase the size and power of a Time Breaker.
  • Energy Zone - Towa's Ultimate Skill in Xenoverse.
    • Minus Energy Zone - Dark Towa's technique in Dragon Ball Heroes, where she throws her staff near the opponent, and draws the Time Breakers symbol creating a magic circle to hit the opponent with an explosion in it.
DBXV2 Towa Vs

Towa unleashing her Spear Shock in Xenoverse 2

  • Spear Shock - Using her spear-staff, Towa can unleash pinkish red bolts of magical lightning strong enough to kill Shenron and apparently strong enough to cause harm to Mira who ordered her to halt the attack before he fell victim to friendly fire. Used in the Xenoverse series.
  • Merge - Dark Towa possesses the power to merge Android 18 with Super 17 using her magic. Used in the opening for God Mission 5 in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Hell Surprise (ヘルサプライズ) - Towa's Super Attack during the Universe Creation Saga in Dragon Ball Heroes. Towa creates several circles of energy surrounding the target, each firing a spear of energy at them.
  • Demon Realm Snake - Dark Factor-enhanced Demon Goddess Towa fires a black serpent at her foe.
  • Science Vanish - Towa's Evasive skill in Xenoverse.
  • Bloody Sauce - One of Towa's Super skills in Xenoverse.
  • Position Shift - One of Towa's Super skills in Xenoverse.
  • Time Bullet - One of Towa's Super Skills in Xenoverse.
  • Energy Release - A technique used by Towa to charge ki. One of Towa's Super skills in Xenoverse.
  • Instant Transmission - One of Towa's Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Time-Skip - Used in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Fusion - In Dragon Ball Fusions, Towa can use several types of fusion.
    • EX-Fusion - An unnatural fusion by wearing a Metamo-Ring and performing the Fusion Dance.
    • Five-Way Fusion - A fusion dance developed by the Ginyu Force that allows five people to fuse. Used by Towa as a member of Tekka's Team in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Battle Prep - One Ki Orb charged at start of battle. One of Towa's passive Skills in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Hard Worker - Gain more EXP. One of Towa's passive Skills in Dragon Ball Fusions.
SDBH World Mission CAA Super Ability Subspace Summon X Warriors of Darkness Assemble (Dark Empire's Warriors of Darkness - Dark Demoness Towa, Xeno Dabura, Base Mira, Demon God Demigra, & Great Devilman)

Dark Towa, Xeno Dabura, Mira, Demon God Demigra, & Great Devilman as part of the Warriors of Darkness team summoned from Subspace in World Mission

  • Subspace Summon X (Warriors of Darkness) - As Dark Towa, she appears as member of the Dark Empire's Warriors of Darkness team (along with her brother Dabura, Mira, Demon God Demigra, & Great Devilman), can be summoned from Subspace by the Hero Avatar when they activate certain CAA Super Ability Subspace Summon X special abilities to perform a team attack. After being summoned the Warriors of Darkness assemble, with Dark Towa performing a variation of her Minus Energy Zone whereshe throws her spear staff into the sky to draw a magic circle with the Time Breaker symbol that causes it minus energy to rain down on the opponent. Afterwards Dabura, Mira, & Great Devilman charge through the Minus Energy Zone unharmed as Mira & Great Devilman deliver a dashing double punch to the opponent, after which Dabura delivers a sword slash similar to High Strike, with Demigra performing a variation of Seasoning Arrow that causes shards of purple ice to rain down onto the opponent as a finisher.

Dark Towa
Darkness Towa clear

Dark Towa

Dark Towa (Ankoku Towa) is a state taken on by Towa in Dragon Ball Heroes. Towa attains this form after absorbing Dark Energy into her own body. As explained in Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X, the Dark Energy was artificially created to resemble the Dark Energy originally filling the Demon Realm. Dark Towa appears in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in God Mission 5. In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, it is called Darkness Towa.

Towa also utilizes this form when summoned together with the other members of the Warriors of Darkness in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Demon Goddess
Demon God Towa anime full

Towa as a Demon Goddess

Thanks to Mechikabura, Towa is granted the power of a Demon God. In this state she changes her outfit once more, her physical appearance also alters as she gains a pair of "horns" on her head, her hair grows longer and wilder, Towa also gains markings on the sides of her eyes and her cape extends all around her waist. She also wields a magic sceptre instead of her spear staff.

With Mechikabura sealed, Towa and the other Dark Empire Demon Gods lost the ability to use this form.[8]

Demon Goddess (second version)
Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission - Character Sticker - Demon Goddess Towa 5

Towa's second Demon Goddess form

Towa is granted a more powerful state of the Demon God form after Mechikabura escapes from the Time Labyrinth in a perfected state. Her white hair becomes spiky, flowing and smooth, and grows down to her waist. Her eyes are black with blue irises and has red tribal markings on both side of her face. She wears a revealing black and red skintight body suit that has a v shaped hole around her stomach, and has slits on the bottom half, exposing the top of her breasts and her belly bottom as her suit has black outer sleeves and red inner sleeves both with jagged points. She wears a black open leg cape that is jagged with a few red jagged points at the bottom, and red and black high heels. She also wields a red magic scepter with a spiraled end and a green orb in the middle.

With Mechikabura sealed, Towa and the other Dark Empire Demon Gods lost the ability to use this form.[8]

Demon Goddess (Dark Factor Input)
Towa Third Demon Goddess form

Towa's Demon Goddess form attained via Dark Factor Input

Using Dark Factor Input, Towa achieves a Demon Goddess form superior to the prior two levels she was given by Mechikabura.

Her form's design is the combination of her base form and Demon Goddess second version.

Tekka (fused w/ Towa)

Tekka can perform EX-Fusion with Towa if Tekka is selected as Fusion Target 1. This increases Tekka's power, alters their appearance, and grants access to new Special Moves and Special Skills, however their profile, name, selected race, and gender remains the same. Tekka must reach Level 40 and costs 60 Purple Energy to be able to perform EX-Fusion with Towa.


Towale is EX-Fusion of Towa and Arale Norimaki introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. In order to fuse both Towa and Arale must be recruited, both have reached Level 40, and Sub Event: Robot Saga: "Fantastic Fusions" must be completed. It costs 50 Red & 50 Purple Energy to perform EX-Fusion, though subsequent EX-Fusions can be performed for free of the first time. Towale is an S-Rank EX-Fusion who is classified as an Earthling (as Androids are classified as Earthlings in Dragon Ball Fusions).


Towane is the EX-Fusion of Towa and Gine introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions. In order to fuse both Towa and Gine must be recruited, both have reached Level 40, and Sub-Event: "Saiyan Saga: Fantastic Fusions" must be completed. It costs 50 Red & 50 Purple Energy to perform EX-Fusion, though subsequent EX-Fusions can be performed for free of the first time. Towane is an S-Rank EX-Fusion who is classified as an Offworlder (as Demons are classified as Offworlders in Dragon Ball Fusions).

Ultra Fusion

As a member of Tekka's Team, Towa can perform Five-Way Fusion with any four members of Tekka's Team. If initiated by Towa the resulting Ultra Fusion will be a female Offworlder with Towa's blue skin.

Towa's Spear Staff
Towa 45

Towa sitting on her Spear-Staff

A staff with sharpened points on each end, which Towa uses to cast magic (such as Dark Magic or Energy Zone), to attack enemies, and perform other techniques (such as Position Shift). She is capable of wielding it gracefully and effortlessly. She also uses the staff to sit on while floating in midair in a manner reminiscent of a witch's broom.

Energy-Suction Device
XV2 - Towa releasing Damage Energy to powerup Mira

Towa releasing Damage Energy from her Energy Absorber into Mira in Xenoverse 2

A device used to absorb energy which Towa has the Masked Saiyan use to collect enough Kili to power up Mira in Xenoverse 2. After the energy is collected, Towa uses the device to transfer the collected energy to Mira.


A device created by the Capsule Corporation which allows people to perform EX-Fusion with another person wearing a Metamo-Ring by performing the Fusion Dance. By wearing the Metamo-Ring, Towa can fuse with Arale, Gine, or Tekka.

Skull Robo Type 1
DBZ Kakarot Saiyan Saga Episode 4 - Stop the Saiyan Invasion Episode 4 - ''Freedom!'' Saving Puar from the Time Breakers Villainous Skull Robo Type 1s (The Battle for Earth against the Saiyan Invasion! - Main Story cutscene)

Villainous Skull Robo Type 1 in Kakarot

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Towa utilizes two Skull Robo Type 1s empowered with a sinister crimson aura turning them into Villainous Enemies as part of her plans to gather enough Kili to restore Mira's body after he had been reduced to his core following their conflict with the Time Patrol in Xenoverse, with Kakarot taking place in a slightly altered version of the main timeline due to the presence of Villainous and Super Villainous Enemies that Towa and Mira utilize to gather Kili. These Skull Robo Type 1s are among the first Villainous Enemies to confront a member of the Z Fighters, Gohan who confronts then when they end up menacing Puar around the same time Gohan is trying to leave Piccolo's training and return home. Fortunately, thanks to Piccolo's training, Gohan is able to defeat the empowered robots, which along with Puar noting his strength reminds them of his father, helps him to realize how much he has grown under Piccolo's training and convinces him to return to Piccolo in order to protect the Earth from the coming Saiyan Invasion, thus history is for the most part restored to its correct path (as Gohan continues his training under Piccolo, without intervention from the Time Patrol, though this allows Towa and Mira to continue discreetly gathering Kili.

Fruit of the Tree of Might (Demon Realm)

An amplified variant of the Fruit of Tree of Might developed by Towa to allow for an unfinished non-transformation variant of the Supervillain form.

Tokitoki's Egg
DBXV2 Towa in the Time Vault (Warrior from the Demon World Saga) Towa reveals she's stolen Tokitoki's Egg (Final Battle! Re-Righting History Cutscene 6)

Towa holding the stolen Tokitoki's Egg in Xenoverse 2

An egg laid by the Divine bird Tokitoki which Towa decided to steal after her attempts to replicate it failed. The egg contains time for an entirely new universe and as a result contains a massive amount of Kili, enough that Towa believes it can break the seal on Demon Realm. After using the Future Warrior's mask to bypass the barrier around the Time Nest, she steals the egg and uses its power to free Mira from the time rift Xeno Bardock trapped him in. However, her to use the egg plan fails due to the intervention of the 2nd Future Warrior and Mira's change in character which leads her and the egg to be absorbed by Mira. However, the egg is later recovered by Goku.

Distorted Time Egg
DBXV2 Towa (Time Breakers Reborn) Towa's Distorted Time Egg (Prologue Opening Cutscene 2)

Towa holding a Distorted Time Egg in Xenoverse 2

In Xenoverse 2, an attempt to recreate Tokitoki's Eggs artificially, Towa inadvertently created five Distorted Time Eggs as she was unaware that Tokitoki's Eggs are impossible to replicate artificially even for someone with her scientific expertise. She eventually gave up on replicating the egg and for unclear reasons she, Mira, and their allies placed the eggs in different places resulting in the creation of large but stable time rift anomalies. She gave one of the eggs to Navel a Combatant in order to sneak it onboard Frieza's Spaceship. However, the eggs were recovered by the Time Patrol, though they inadvertently produced a natural time distortion that created a new future timeline where Xeno Trunks fulfilled his desire to save his master.

Scroll of Eternity (Main Timeline, Age 774)
During the Infinite History Saga, it is revealed that during her infiltration of the Time Nest in Age 852 during the events of the Warrior from the Demon World Saga, Towa secretly accessed the scroll for Age 774. Using the scroll, she prevented her brother from being killed by Majin Buu. In order to hide Dabura's survival, he took refuge in the Crack of Time and would later seek revenge upon the Time Patrol after Towa was killed as a result of the death of Final Form Mira in Age ???.

Video Game Appearances[]

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Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Towa (Demon Goddess; Dark Factor enhanced) vs. Robelu (Demon Goddess)
  • Towa (Demon Goddess) and Mira vs. Xeno Trunks
  • Towa (Demon Goddess) vs. Chamel
  • Towa (Demon Goddess) vs. Xeno Majin Buu (Dark Demon God; Xeno Janemba absorbed)
  • Towa (Demon Goddess) and Xeno Paragus vs. Dark Broly
  • Towa (Demon Goddess), Xeno Goku, and Xeno Paragus vs. Dark Broly
  • Towa (Demon Goddess) and Mira vs. Xeno Gotenks
  • Towa (Demon Goddess), Xeno Dabura (Demon God) and Mira vs. Xeno Gohan (Super Saiyan)
  • Towa (Demon Goddess; second version) vs. Chamel (Demon God)
  • Towa (Demon Goddess; second version) vs. Chronoa (Time Power Unleashed) (Flashback)

List of characters killed by Towa[]

Xenoverse 2
  • Shenron - Towa travels back to before the events of Xenoverse and destroys Toki Toki City's incarnation of Shenron. However, the Future Warrior successfully stopped Towa and corrected history.
Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Goku - In the manga version of the Dark Empire Saga, Towa kills Goku (from Age 774) when she travels back to the events of Fusion Reborn.
  • Gohan - In Xenoverse, Towa's alteration to Age 767 result in Gohan being killed by Dark Cell and Dark Cell Jr's Father-Son Perfect Kamehameha. In Xenoverse 2, Gohan is killed by Frieza destroying the Earth due to Whis' absence caused by Towa. Death later undone by Whis and the Future Warrior.
  • Goku - In Xenoverse 2, Towa manipulates Whis and Beerus into leaving Age 779 during Frieza's revenge by hacking into the Time Nest's communications and pretending to be Chronoa, causing Goku to be killed when Frieza destroys the Earth. However, Whis' Temporal Do-Over reverses the death and the Future Warrior stops Frieza from blowing up the Earth.
  • Piccolo - In Xenoverse 2, Piccolo is killed by Frieza destroying the Earth due to Whis' absence caused by Towa (it is unknown if Piccolo died in the original history as it is unknown if the events take place in the film timeline or Dragon Ball Super as Ginyu and Tagoma's absence could be due to Towa's alterations). Death later undone by Whis and the Future Warrior.
  • Bulma - In Xenoverse 2, Bulma is killed by Frieza destroying the Earth due to Whis' absence caused by Towa. Death later undone by Whis and the Future Warrior.
  • Jaco - In Xenoverse 2, Jaco is killed by Frieza destroying the Earth due to Whis' absence caused by Towa. Death later undone by Whis and the Future Warrior.
  • Krillin - In Xenoverse 2, Krillin is killed by Frieza destroying the Earth due to Whis' absence caused by Towa. Death later undone by Whis and the Future Warrior.
  • Master Roshi - In Xenoverse 2, Roshi is killed by Frieza destroying the Earth due to Whis' absence caused by Towa. Death later undone by Whis and the Future Warrior.
  • Tien Shinhan - In Xenoverse 2, Tien is killed by Frieza destroying the Earth due to Whis' absence caused by Towa. Death later undone by Whis and the Future Warrior.


  • In Online a character named Pare bore a heavy resemblance to Towa.
  • If the Future Warrior talks to Old Kai while wearing Dabura's clothes in Xenoverse, Elder Kai will comment about Dabura having a younger sister and that he has heard she is quite beautiful to behold.
    • In Xenoverse 2, Elder Kai finally sees Towa for himself through the Scroll of Eternity when Towa appears during the 2nd Future Warrior's battle with Turles and Lord Slug on Namek in Age 762. He also finally meets Towa in person when she invades the Time Nest in Age 852 during the Warrior from the Demon World Saga. However, on both occasions he makes no comments on her beauty.
  • In Dragon Ball Fusions, both Goten and Kid Trunks are shown to find her extremely attractive and comment on her beauty in a fashion that Pan perceives as somewhat perverted. This is not surprising as Kid Trunks is known to be interested in girls as he has Mai as a girlfriend and Goten shows an interest in girls and dating when he is older in GT.
    • Trunks' attraction to her is ironic give that his future counterpart and Towa are enemies, though it should be noted he was unaware of her villainous nature until after she betrayed Tekka's Team and revealed that Trunks had interfered with her and Mira's plans. Humorously, Pan herself assumed Trunks was at fault as she was unaware that Towa is a villainess, and his Future counterpart is a heroic Time Patroller.
  • In Dragon Ball Fusions, Towa is directly responsible for the creation of Goku and Broly's EX-Fusion Karoly by using her magic to control Goku (Dragon Ball Super) and Broly to force them to perform EX-Fusion. Though it seems strange that she would be able to control Goku who is resistant to dark magic due to being a Saiyan Beyond God it is later revealed by Goku that he allowed it to happen as he wanted to fuse with Broly which would have not been possible were Broly not under her control. This would imply that Dark Magic can work on Gods if they allow it, which may explain how Beerus tricked Demigra's mirage as he may have allowed it to control him long enough to lure out Demigra's mirage before resisting it completely to attack Demigra's mirage. This would make it similar to Babidi's manipulation sorcery which can also be resisted as it is stated several times that Vegeta allowed Babidi to control him to become Majin Vegeta, strongly implying he could have resisted it had he chosen to.
  • Towa's name presumably comes from the Japanese word "Towa", which means "eternity".
  • Towa's hairstyle is an available hair customization in Xenoverse 2 for both Female Humans and Saiyans, excluding the long bang on her right side, which is shortened, and her infinity symbol hairband is absent. Her hairstyle also appears in Dragon Ball Fusions as a hairstyle for female Tekka though the hairband is present. Additionally, some generic female characters such as Bagetta have her hairstyle as well. Her hairstyle and hairband may be inherited by certain EX-Fusions involving Towa (such as when she fuses with Tekka) or characters that have it like Bagetta. Towale's hairstyle is a combination of Towa and Arale's.
  • Her clothes appear as a DLC outfit for female characters in Xenoverse and return as an obtainable outfit in Xenoverse 2, however it is slightly altered as it lacks Towa's tailcoat-like skirt, and her high heels are cut down presumably due to them being incompatible with the warrior's customizable model. Additionally, her hairband does not appear as an accessory in either game. Her earrings are also absent (as earrings do not appear as accessories).
  • Despite her brother Dabura being a playable character as part of the Extra Pack 1 DLC in Xenoverse 2, Towa and Dabura do not have any special dialogue either when teamed up as allies or when fighting against each other. Though it should be noted that this is not uncommon for DLC characters.
    • She does however have dialogue when fighting Piccolo where he asks if it's revenge for Dabura. Towa merely inquires what he thinks it is.
    • However, it is revealed in the Infinite History Saga that she secretly saved him by altering the scroll to Age 774 to prevent his death when she invaded the Time Vault in the Warrior from the Demon World Saga, though she herself ironically died in Age ??? not long after this which triggers Dabura's vendetta against the Time Patrol.
  • Towa is the first female main antagonist in the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • Towa is the first and only female villain to kill a version of Goku in any media. She is also the second person and first female villain to kill Shenron in the series.
    • She also assists in the deaths of Goku and Gohan in several altered timelines as her alterations allow said deaths to occur. However, these all tend to be undone by the intervention of the Time Patrol.
  • Towa is similar to Android 21 as both are attractive female scientists who appear as video game characters. Additionally, both characters were designed by series creator Akira Toriyama.
  • Towa's artificially created genetic offspring Fu is shown to have inherited the scientific genius of his genetic "mother", though unlike her Fu seeks to use his experiments to better the world and has no desire to revive the Demon Realm, even opposing Dabura though he shares her tendency to cause trouble for the Time Patrol with his experiments by altering history thus making him somewhat of a neutral character who is neither truly good nor truly evil.
    • However, it should be noted that before her absorption, Towa ironically worked alongside the Future Warrior to stop Mira from overloading and destroying the universe thus she ironically helped save the universe from destruction from the very Android she created.
  • Ironically, Towa's appearance is similar to an Angel despite being a demon.
  • Iwaza, one of the Galactic Patrol Prisoners from the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, resembles Towa.
  • In Big Bang Mission 6, it has an error where Towa (Demon Goddess third version) didn't say anything after victory.[9]



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