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Tournament of the Heavens (うごはじめたさくせん Ugoki Hajimeta Sakusen, lit. "The Plan Goes Into Motion") is the thirty-seventh volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series. It is released in North America as Dragon Ball Z volume twenty-one, with the chapter count restarting back to one.


Tournament of the Heavens

Earth's heroes have come out of retirement, and the audience at the Tenka'ichi Budôkai—"Strongest Under the Heavens" martial arts tournament—is about to see what real martial artists can do! While Trunks and Gohan tear up the Junior Division, Videl, the daughter of Earth's "champion" Hercule, prepares to test her newfound kung fu skills (like flying). Meanwhile, the experienced heroes prepare for their turn to fight Goku, who has come back from the dead just for this one match! But Goku isn't the only otherworldly visitor. Two mysterious contestants have entered the tournament, wielding the power of the heavens…and they have a special mission in this world![1]


Son Goku was Earth's greatest hero, and the Dragon Balls—which can grant any wish—were Earth's greatest treasure. After many adventures, Goku finally died saving the world from the monstrous Cell, but he left behind two sons, Gohan and Goten. When a great martial arts tournament was announced, Goku's old friends gathered to participate…and even Goku came from heaven to join in on the action! Meanwhile Gohan, who had concealed his great strength to live as an ordinary high school student, agreed to train his classmate Videl so she could fight in the tournament. But the real stock was in store for Videl's father, Hercule, who had taken credit for defeating Cell. The true heroes are back…but is the world ready for them?[1]

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama

The cover flap image featuring Tori-Bot.

"The nice, warm spring was just round the corner, when my kids suddenly asking me to take them skiing. As I've mentioned before, I really hate the cold, so I've been dreading those words. I can't believe people go out of their way to go to cold places…but I like sports, so I'll give it a try. I'll probably have a cold by the time this book comes out…"[1]



Info below is retrieved from Viz Media.[1]

  • Son Gohan - A teenage half-Saiyan. Currently in disguise as the "Great Saiyaman."
  • Son Goku - Son Gohan's father, he is one of the last of the Saiyans, a super-strong alien race.
  • Piccolo - An alien from planet Namek.
  • #18 - A powerful and temperamental cyborg.
  • Vegeta - The prince of the Saiyan, he is Goku's archrival.
  • Son Goten - Goku's second half-Saiyan son (after Son Gohan).
  • Trunks - The half-Saiyan son of Vegeta and Bulma (not pictured).
  • Kuririn - Goku's former martial arts classmate. He is married to #18.
  • Videl - The daughter of Hercule, the world's most famous (but probably least talented) martial artist.
  • ???? - Mysterious strangers who show up in this volume…



Chapter # Title
(DBZ 239)
"Trunks vs. Goten"
DB Chapter 433 KZB.png
(DBZ 240)
"Trunks vs. Goten, Part 2"
DB Chapter 434 KZB.png
(DBZ 241)
"The Winner!"
DB Chapter 435 KZB.png
(DBZ 242)
"Hercule's Courage!"
DB Chapter 436 KZB.png
(DBZ 243)
"The Mysterious Duo"
DB Chapter 437 KZB.png
(DBZ 244)
"The Finalists are Chosen!"
DB Chapter 438 KZB.png
(DBZ 245)
"The First Two Fights"
DB Chapter 439 KZB.png
(DBZ 246)
"Shin's Surprise"
DB Chapter 440 KZB.png
(DBZ 247)
"Videl... Battered"
DB Chapter 441 KZB.png
(DBZ 248)
"Gohan Gets Mad!!"
DB Chapter 442 KZB.png
(DBZ 249)
"The Plot of the Lords"
DB Chapter 443 KZB.png
(DBZ 250)
"The Stolen Energy"
DB Chapter 444 KZB.png
(DBZ 251)
"The Terrible Mystery"
DB Chapter 445 KZB.png


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