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The Tournament of Time is an event that occurs in Dragon Ball Legends.


Right after the end of the Tournament of Power[1], a mysterious person kidnaps Shin - putting Beerus under threat, King Kai is forced to host a tournament with legendary warriors from across time to determine the strongest. Whoever is the last man standing is the winner of and will be rewarded with the Super Dragon Balls.

The Super Cell Games occur during the tournament.



  • Future Trunks (Android Saga) is eliminated by Broly.
  • Multiple Saibamen are eliminated by various participants.
  • Multiple Frieza Force Soldiers are eliminated by various participants.
  • Frost is eliminated.
  • Nappa (Pre-Saiyan Saga) is eliminated by the Ginyu Force.
  • Vegeta (Pre-Saiyan Saga) is eliminated by Frieza.
  • Frieza (Pre-Namek Saga) is eliminated by Shallot.
  • Turles is eliminated by Giblet.
  • All Android 19 units are eliminated.
  • All Remote Controlled Android 20s are eliminated by the Dragon Team.
  • Android 20 is eliminated.
  • Multiple Cell Juniors are eliminated.
  • Salza is eliminated by Shallot.
  • Android 16 is eliminated by sacrificing himself.


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