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The Tournament of Power Arena (サ バ イ バ ル 会場 Sabaibaru Kaijō) is the giant spinning top-shaped arena, located in the Null Realm, where the Tournament of Power takes place. It was built by the Grand Minister in Age 780.


It is an arena made up of many quadrilateral, triangular and circular bricks which are constructed in a 360 degree like fashion, resulting in the look of the arena resembling a giant spinning top. It also has a cylinder in its floor's center which acts as a clock, made up by a stack of cylinder bricks. All the bricks of the arena are made from Kachi Katchin steel, a very tough and hard material than the Katchin steel of Universe 7 and was used while constructing the arena so that the arena can be able to withstand multiple battles between teams of powerful warriors. Next to the arena is the throne room of the Zenos where they watch the Tournament of Power in attendance and determine the faith of the universes competing in the tournament. Also next to the arena is the spectator stands for the deities in attendance (Gods of Destruction, Supreme Kais, or Angels) whose universes are competing in the Tournament of Power, as well as exempt universes' deities in attendance, to watch the battle between the competing universes. Eliminated fighters also get sent to the spectator stands to either watch the battle between the competing universes when their universe is still alive with remaining fighters from their team still competing or get completely erased after being sent to the spectator stands when all fighters from their respective teams are eliminated.

The Tournament of Power Arena gets ruined during Kale's assault in her Legendary Super Saiyan form. Then it ends up being partially destroyed and totally damaged six minutes after the force from Top's Energy of Destruction when he confronts True Golden Frieza, worsening the state of the arena to rubble with the subsequent confrontation of Team Universe 7 against Jiren.

Video Game Appearances

It is named Tournament of Power Arena in Xenoverse 2 and appears in its ruined state.