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Total Detonation Ball (アブソリュートリリースボール Abusoryūtorirīsubōru, lit. Absolute Release Ball) is a technique used by Android 21 in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


Android 21 fires a small and fast energy sphere toward her opponent.


  • Absolute Release Ball - Android 21 used a similar and bigger version of the technique to destroy Android 16 in Super Warrior Arc and Enemy Warrior Arc.
  • Total Detonation Ball (Level Variations) - After performing the Connoisseur Cut, the player can increase the power and size of the Total Detonation Ball depending on how many times they used it, up to four times. At Lv. 4, it resembles the Absolute Release Ball but is performed in a two-handed fashion.
  • Total Evasion - An Evasive Skill variant where Android 21 uses Instant Rise to evade attacks before retaliating with a Total Detonation Ball. Appears as her Evasive Skill in Xenoverse 2 as part of the Ultra Pack 2 DLC.[1]

Video Game Appearances

The move was introduced and named in Dragon Ball FighterZ as one of Android 21's special moves.

"Sharing is Caring!"
Android #21: Evil's shout out before performing Total Detonation Ball in Dragon Ball Legends

Android #21: Transformed (Evil)(DBL21-05S) charging her Total Detonation Ball Special Move Arts in Dragon Ball Legends

Total Detonation Ball appears in Dragon Ball Legends as the Special Move Arts for Android #21: Evil (DBL21-05S) and her Android #21: Transformed (Evil)(DBL21-05S) transformed state.[2]

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as part of the Ultra Pack 2 DLC, Total Detonation Ball appears as one of Android 21's Super Skills. Additionally she has an Evasive Skill variation named Total Evasion where she uses Vanishing to evade attacks then retaliates by firing a Total Detonation Ball. The Super Skill can be obtained by the Future Warrior as a random reward in New Parallel Quest: "War and Pieces".[1] In Xenoverse 2, it is fired in the same manner as Absolute Release Ball.



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