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Tommy (盲目の少年 Mōmoku no Shōnen, lit. "Young Blind Boy") is a boy who was healed of his blindness by Majin Buu when he encountered him in the mountains. As a result of Buu's actions, Tommy would go on to change his name to Mister Bii (ビエ) as gratitude.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Majin Buu Saga[]


Buu cures Tommy's blindness

Tommy meets Majin Buu while he is walking on a mountainous area in order to find a place where he could buy milk. Disappointed that Tommy does not get scared and run from him, Majin Buu learns Tommy is blind and heals Tommy, making him able to see. Tommy is overjoyed at being able to see and thanks Buu for his act. Buu asks if he is hideous, Tommy answers that he does not know as he has never seen another person before, but he then asks Buu if he is from another country or planet (depending on the dub). As a reward, Tommy gives Buu the coin he was going to use to buy milk. Majin Buu tries to eat it but does not like its taste. Majin Buu then goes to a city and turns an old man into a carton of milk and gives it to Tommy to drink.


Majin Buu gives Tommy milk, who he had previously turned a man into

When Buu leaves Tommy, the boy thanks Buu for everything he has done for him in the Japanese version. In the Funimation dub, Tommy instead begs Buu to come back since the only thing he has had to eat before was an onion. The Ocean Group dubs has Tommy beg Buu to stay because he has more to thank him for.

Tommy was either killed by Super Buu's Human Extinction Attack,[1] or when Kid Buu blew up the Earth, only to be revived by the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]

Dragon Ball Online[]

Though Majin Buu's rampage was forgotten by the people of Earth due to the wish that was made to Shenron so Good Buu could have a second chance, Tommy remembered Buu's act of kindness. Tommy goes on to work hard and eventually amasses a large fortune but was never able to express his gratitude to Buu due to how busy he was at the World Martial Arts Tournament. In order to honor Buu, he changes his name to Bii and opens up a theme park named Boo World, which mostly contains Majin as employees. The death of Mr. Satan as well as the Frieza's Army Remnants' recent invasion left people in poor spirits, but Bii believed that Boo World could allow the Majin to return the happiness to people, just as Buu had done for him years ago.

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  • It is unknown how Tommy retained his memories of Buu following the wish made to Shenron for everybody to forget about him. It is possible that his ignorance of Majin Buu's identity may have protected his memories.
  • His name in the Funimation dub is likely a reference to the titular character from Tommy by The Who, being a blind boy who later gains the ability to see.
  • Tommy is the first of two characters whom Buu heals so they can get scared and run away from him, however, they like him because he healed them. The second is the puppy, Bee. Also, Tommy could have been the first person to show Buu kindness and vice versa.
  • Tommy is the only Earthling to have consumed something created as a result Innocent Buu using his Transfiguration Beam on another Earthling, as shown by him unknowingly consuming milk that was once a person. Tommy was oblivious of the nature of the milk, however.


  1. Although there is a possibility he was spared like Mr. Satan was because Innocent Buu even told Tommy "Buu like you, Buu like you"

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