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Tokitoki (トキトキ Tokitoki) are a species of divine birds that create time.


The Tokitoki are raised by Core People who are selected as Supreme Kai of Time candidates.

The two Supreme Kai of Time candidates Chronoa and Mechikabura were each given a Tokitoki egg to raise. Mechikabura attempted to speed up the growth of his Tokitoki with dark magic, causing various problems and also raised a fake copy of Tokitoki named Dogidogi.[1]

Chronoa successfully hatched her Tokitoki and Demigra assisted Chronoa in caring for the bird, but began experimenting upon the bird in secret. Chronoa, however, learned of Demigra's cruel experiments and defeated him along with his cohorts Putine and Gravy. After Demigra and his cohorts were banished to the Demon Realm, Chronoa successfully raised her Tokitoki into an adult and was given the position of Supreme Kai of Time. Coveting the position himself, Demigra collected enough Dark Energy to become a Demon God and attacked the Time Nest to take her Tokitoki for himself, but was defeated and sealed within a natural Rift in Time known as the Crack of Time.

Racial abilities

As birds the Tokitoki are able to fly, their primary ability is that they create time. They also have sharp talons and the ability to teleport themselves and others. Some people like Chronoa can understand a Tokitoki's vocalizations and her Tokitoki is shown to be able to "talk" her into wishing for a feast instead of making it herself after Mira's defeat in the Warrior from the Demon World Saga showing they can communicate intelligently to those capable of understanding their vocalizations.

Young Tokitoki can produce time distortions when under duress. This was demonstrated by Chronoa's Tokitoki when Chronoa's assistant Demigra began secretly experimenting on him before being exposed by Chronoa.

Their Wings of Nullification ability allows them to generate waves of golden wind that can dispel Energy of Destruction as shown by Chronoa's Tokitoki when the Gods of Destruction attempted to destroy the bird in the anime during the Universe Creation Saga due to the prophecy that a strange bird would destroy the Multiverse.

Time Eggs

Main article: Tokitoki's Egg

Towa holding the stolen Time Egg of Chronoa's Tokitoki during the Warrior from the Demon World Saga

Male members of the species like Chronoa's Tokitoki have the ability to lay special Time Eggs which contain enough energy to create time for a whole new universe. Time Eggs cannot be replicated artificially as attempting to do so will result in a fake Distorted Time Egg which can produce massive Time Rifts and multiple Distorted Time Eggs together can produce time distortions that can alter history based upon strongly held desires such as Future Trunks' desire to save his mentor. Both Time Eggs and Distorted Time Egg contain massive amounts of energy, though natural Time Eggs contain far more energy than Distorted Time Eggs. One of the Supreme Kai of Time's duties is to care for and protect their Tokitoki's Time Eggs until they are ready to hatch, leading to the birth of a new Universe. Due to their importance, Angel attendants may step in to prevent their God of Destruction from doing anything reckless that might harm the eggs. The Tokitoki that lays the Time Egg will also be protective of its egg in the same manner as a mother bird protects its unhatched young.

God Bird

Chronoa's Tokitoki in God Bird form

Tokitoki can take on a form called "God Bird" - where they grow much larger and become more regal looking. This state is the true form and power of the Tokitoki - as the ruler of time. God Bird Tokitoki's time-based powers are so great that Tokitoki could re-create the time that was absorbed by Mechikabura. In the manga, by taking this form for an instant Tokitoki could seal the power of the Gods of Destruction, weakening them and preventing them from using Hakai.

Demonic Copy

Main article: Dogidogi Similar to Tokitoki's Time Eggs, it is possible to artificially create a Tokitoki though like the Time Eggs, this apparently results in a demonic fake copy as shown by Mechikabura's creation of Dogidogi. Like a true Tokitoki, Dogidogi can fly using its wings and can manipulate time though apparently to a lesser degree than a true Tokitoki as has it has only shown the ability to freeze time.

Notable members

  • Previous Tokitoki[1] (The first known Tokitoki that laid two eggs and died shortly after)
  • Chronoa's Tokitoki (The main Tokitoki and current bird of time, the only one shown with its god bird form and it's currently under Chronoa's care)
  • Mechikabura's Tokitoki[1] (Chronoa's Tokitoki's twin, it was supposed to be taken care by Mechikabura but its fate is completly unknown)
  • Dogidogi (A fake demonic copy of Tokitoki created by Mechikabura[1], it later merged itself with the current Dark King, Fu but both were eventually annihilated by Goku's Universal Kamehameha)
    • Fu (after absorbing Dogidogi, Dark King Fu and the bird become one and upon mastering Dogidogi's power, Fu gains access to both of Dogidogi's wings)


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