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Tock is an elite soldier of the Frieza Force.


Tock was an elite soldier of Frieza's Army remnant in Age 1000, when the remnant joined the Time Breakers, Tock, Tick and Tack were sent back to the Battle on Planet Namek along with numerous soldiers with the goal of obtaining part of Frieza to resurrect him. He was killed by the Time Patrol.


Tock knew he was no match for the Time Patrol in his base form, and so opted to eat second form Frieza's tail - infused with Nail's ki - to transform.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Absorption - Through eating Frieza's second form's tail - infused with Nail's ki, Tock achieves a power up.


Frieza Race traits

Main article: Transforming Ability

Frieza Soldier giant2

Toku after eating part of second form Frieza's tail - infused with Nail's ki

By eating second form Frieza's cut off tail (which had been infused with Nail's ki by Towa), Toku is able to take on a transformation, gaining some of the second form Frieza's traits.


  • Tock's name partially references to the onomatopoeia for the sound mechanical clocks make. One of his cohorts, Tick, shares the same name origin.


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