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Tobi's race is a race of reptilian-like humanoids who serves in the Frieza Force.


This race resembles a bit of Frog-Face's race, despite they have a different face shape and hood-horns angle than the members of the race listed above.


Tobi's race member on "Resurrection 'F'" manga

Tobi, a soldier who served Chilled in Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock seems to be the most notable member of this race, making this race as one of the oldest members of the Frieza Force alongside Appule's race, Cabira's race, Frog-Face's race and Sui's race.

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ another soldier of this race is shown working under Sorbet & Frieza, assisting the tyrant among the army of 1,000 henchmen who came to Earth to get Frieza's revenge at the Dragon Team.

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