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This article is about the race of the Toad people. For the gang in Dragon Ball Z, see Toad Warriors.

The Toads are a race of purple mushroom-headed beings that live on an unnamed planet attacked by Lord Slug and his henchman in a promotional movie for Dragon Ball Heroes.


A toad father holding his son

A toad father holding his son

A young Toadman threw a rock at Froze, mistaking him for Frieza.

Later, on their planet, Lord Slug transforms into a Great Namek and destroys one of the Toadmen's city, while his henchmen attack the Toadlings. Goku and the Beat arrive on the planet, and defeat Angila and Medamatcha rapidly.


The Toads, attacked by Slug's men

Another of Slug's top men, Wings, is seen with some grunts attacking the young Toad mentioned previously and his father. He knocks the father with a strong punch. When Wings was about to attack the youth, Froze stops him from doing further harm, and defeats him and the grunts.

Shortly later, Goku, Beat, and Froze confront Lord Slug together. They most presumably defeated him, thus bringing back peace to the Toad people.


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