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"To Each His Own Answer" (それぞれのこた Sorezore no Kotae) is the 85th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Gas continues to pummel away at Vegeta until he is countered with a hard punch to the abdomen, with the Saiyan thanking him for providing him fuel for his power through sustained punishment. Angered, Gas continues his assault, now using his abilities to teleport Vegeta around with a point of his fingers. Goku attempts to step in but Vegeta hastily tells him to back off, noting that the damage will only increase his power. Turning to Goku, he tells him that his Ultra Instinct on the other hand is no different that it was before and tells him to figure it out quickly.

Vegeta falls unconscious

As Vegeta charges back into battle, now getting in some solid blows of his own, Goku heads to a nearby plateau where he begins to meditate. Dropping back down to his base form, a barrier erects itself around Goku. As both Vegeta and Gas begin to tire from their battle, Gas unleashes another deadly assault that puts Vegeta down, stating that he will not get up again. However much to his horror, Vegeta returns to his feet and makes a bee-line for Gas who urgently puts up his guard to defend himself whilst closing his eyes. Upon opening them, he sees that Vegeta has dropped back to base form as he collapses unconscious from burning himself out.

Gas conjures up a sword in order to finish off Vegeta for good but when he draws his sword down it shatters on a barrier surrounding the fallen Saiyan. Created by Goku, he moves the fallen Vegeta to his side as Gas tells him to stop hiding behind a shield. A carefree Goku makes his way down to Gas and begins to power up. Gas ponders what he is up to now, will he be using Blue hair? Silver hair? Maybe something new? Goku however, says the answer is neither and that he has merely figured out the best transformation for pulling out his power.

Goku and Gas exchange blows

Goku transforms into Ultra Instinct Sign, confusing Gas who believed that his Silver hair formed was his maximum strength. Goku explains that he requires a tranquil heart and calm heart for his perfected Ultra Instinct state but in his Sign state he can put his current emotions to better use stating that his heart is no longer calm. Being reminded of Bardock, Gas flies at Goku in a fit of rage and exchange blows with the Heeter coming off the worst. Goku follows up on his advantage, not letting Gas have a chance to regroup and blasts him with a Kamehameha. Noticing that he is just barely stronger than Gas now, though not for long, Goku is relentless in his attack. Gas conjured up a swarm of different weapons and hurls them at his opponent but Goku swiftly dodges them and counters by throwing Gas's own weapon back at him before finishing with a heavy kick that sends Gas flying.

Elec approaches Gas, annoyed at his performance and harshly reminds him that the Saiyans are merely a stepping stone and the true goal is taking down Frieza. Goku tells Elec that he does not have to force Gas to fight as he is up for a tussle anytime but Elec tells him that there will not be a next time. A mighty torrent of energy swells up from Gas who gets to his feet, now with a severely aged appearance.

Major Events

  • Vegeta puts up a good fight but is ultimately defeated, though Goku steps in after an awakening.
  • Elec desires for Gas to kill Frieza with his new power.
  • Due to Elec's words, Gas takes on a new form.


  • Goku (Perfected Ultra Instinct) and Vegeta (Ultra Ego) vs. Gas (Instincts Unleashed)
  • Vegeta (Ultra Ego) vs. Gas (Instincts Unleashed)
  • Goku (Base/Ultra Instinct Sign) vs. Gas (Instincts Unleashed)









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