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DB Fusions Timespace Rift Area F1 (Intro Cutscene)

Timespace Rift in the opening of Dragon Ball Fusions

Timespace Rift (時空の裂け目 Jikū no Sakeme) is a warped dimension created by Shenron after Tekka and Pinich wish to create a tournament to determine the strongest fighter in time and space that serves as the main setting of Dragon Ball Fusions.


The Timespace Rift is a world created as a result of the wish made by Tekka and Pinich which results in the creation of the Timespace Tournament. The Timespace Rift acts as the main setting of the tournament and is a warped dimension where various timelines and dimensions intersect allowing people from various eras and timelines to interact as well as participate in the tournament.

The rift contains several floating islands that feature locations from Earth, Namek, Planet Vegeta, and even Other World. There are even locations from different eras such as the Capsule Corporation from both the main timeline and the ruined Future Capsule Corporation from Future Trunks' timeline.


The Timespace Rift is separated into several areas.


The first area of the Timespace Rift were Tekka and Pinich find themselves after being sucked into the rift following their wish to Shenron. West City, Mount Paozu, and the Sacred Land of Korin containing the base of Korin Tower can be found here. The Capsule Corporation and Goku's Home appear as Warp Points which Tekka's Team can also visit to restore health. After obtaining the Spaceship, the Spaceship will be docked next to the floating island where Tekka and Pinich first landed.


The second area of the Timespace Rift were Tekka, Goten, Trunks, and Kid Goku travel to in search of more teammates. Contains portions of Planet Namek, King Kai's Planet, and Satan City. Satan City, King Kai's planet, and Guru's House appear as warp points which Tekka's Team can visit to recover health. Satan City features a Clothing Shop and Guru's Quiz Table. Guru's Home can be visited after breaking the barrier around Guru's Home. Frieza's Spaceship can be originally found here as well, before Trunks has his mother modify the ship for Tekka's Team to use after Frieza and the Ginyu Force abandon it. After obtaining the Spaceship, it will appear floating in the North East Portion of the map.


The third area of the Timespace Rift were Tekka, Goten, Trunks, Kid Goku, and Pan travel to take part in the Timespace Tournament. The ruins of Future West City, the portion of Northern Mountains containing Dr. Gero's Lab, Cell Games Arena, and Kame House can be found here. The Spaceship appears docked next to the island where Pinich falls after getting hit by the ship.


The fourth area of the Timespace Rift were Tekka, Goten, Trunks, Kid Goku, and Pan travel to take part in the Timespace Tournament. Contains several floating islands, one of which contains the ruins of Pilaf's Castle which have been destroyed by an asteroid. On the main land mass is the large city from Planet Vegeta that appeared in Bardock, Father of Goku. Finally Fortuneteller Baba's Palace can be found floating about the island where Pilaf's Castle ruins sit. During the story, Pilaf accidentally summons Broly using the Dragon Balls forcing Tekka's Team to confront the Legendary Super Saiyan who is later turned into a Legendary Great Ape after she and Mira are accidentally summoned by Tekka through a time hole they created. The Spaceship is docked near the island were Pinich falls after being knocked away by Broly.


Due to the warped nature of the Timespace Rift, many characters from different timelines inhabit the Timespace Rift. Some such as Kid Goku, and Pan were transported here after traveling through a time hole rift. Others like Tekka, Pinich, and Broly ended up in the rift as the result of a Dragon Ball wish as Tekka and Pinich were transported there by Shenron after their wish created the Timespace Rift, while Broly was accidentally summoned by Pilaf's wish for a strong fighter to defeat his enemies. Others like Bulma, Trunks, Goten, Adult Goku, Vegeta, King Yemma, and Fortuneteller Baba, ended up there as a result of their homes or parts of their worlds becoming part of the Timespace Rift.

List of Inhabitants

  • Tekka - The custom main protagonist and leader of Tekka's Team in Dragon Ball Fusions. Transported to the rift as a side effect of their wish to Shenron. Forms Tekka's Team with Kid Trunks, Goten, Kid Goku, and Pan to take part in the Timespace Tournament. Can perform EX-Fusion with almost anyone. Has a friendly rivalry with Pinich.
  • Pinich - A young Saiyan warrior and rival of Tekka. Transported to the rift as a side effect of their wish to Shenron. Becomes Vegeta's student and trains to become a Super Saiyan in order to compete in the Timespace Tournament.
  • Paprika - An Saiyan warrior in training who befriends Pinich when he is recovering from his encounter with Broly and joins Pinich's Team.
  • Wanta - An Earthling Martial Artist who befriends Pinich while he is recovering from his encounter with Broly and joins Pinich's Team.
  • Ziku - A robotic Timespace Radar invented by Bulma and given to Tekka after they arrived inside the rift. As a Timespace Radar it can detect fluctuations in timespace such as time holes. Can also detect power levels and Dragon Balls allowing him to function as a Scouter and Dragon Radar. Can also be used by Bulma to communicate with Tekka's Team. Apparently created inside the Timespace Rift after the Capsule Corporation was transported there.
  • Mecha Goku - An Android modelled after Goku by Bulma to act as a sparring partner for her husband Vegeta. Apparently created inside the Timespace Rift after the Capsule Corporation was transported there.
  • Bulma - The wife of Vegeta and mother of Trunks from Dragon Ball Super. Transported to the rift along with the Capsule Corporation. A genius inventor who aids Tekka and his team throughout their adventure. Responsible for the development of Ziku, Mecha Goku, and Metamo-Rings. Also modified Frieza's Spaceship at the behest of Trunks to serve as a mobile base fir Tekka's Team. Lives in the Capsule Corporation in Area 1F and can communicate with Tekka's Team through Ziku.
  • Trunks - The son of Bulma and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super. Transported to the rift along with the Capsule Corporation. Best friends with Goten who joins Tekka's Team to complete in the Timespace Tournament.
  • Goten - The youngest son of Goku and Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball Super. Transported to the rift along with Goku's House and Mount Paozu. Younger brother of Gohan and best friends with Trunks who joins Tekka's Team to complete in the Timespace Tournament.
  • Kid Goku - The child of Bardock and Gine originally named Kakarot, who lost his memory and became the pure heart Saiyan Goku. Raised by his adoptive Grandpa Gohan, Goku became the Earth's greatest protector defending the Dragon Balls from the Pilaf Gang, Red Ribbon Army, and Demon King Piccolo, before training under the Earth's Guardian Kami to confront King Piccolo's reincarnation, but was accidentally transported to the rift by Tekka when they opened a time hole after Ziku mistook Kid Goku's ki signature fir his adult self. Joins Tekka's Team after learning about the Timespace Tournament. Learns about his Saiyan heritage, Flight, and fusion during his time in the rift.
  • Adult Goku - Goku's adult self from Dragon Ball Super. Husband of Chi-Chi and father of both Goten and Gohan. A Saiyan warrior raised on Earth who has fought many villains eventually acquiring the ability to use godly ki and received training under King Kai and Whis. Transported to the rift with his house and Mount Paozu, he went off to train for the tournament. Saves Tekka's Team from Cell's Kamehameha using the Instant Kamehameha, he trains them to defeat Cell and his team of Cells, teaching them how to perform EX-Fusion using Metamo-Rings. Later allows Towa to control him so he cam fuse with Broly. Teams up with his rival Vegeta and enters the Timespace Tournament and fights Tekka's Team. Almost killed by Ultra Pinich's Death Ball but his death in undone by Whis rewinding time and Beerus stopping the attack. Helps Tekka's Team reach Ultra Pinich to free Pinich, Wanta, and Paprika.
  • Pan - The child of Gohan and Videl from Dragon Ball GT. Granddaughter of Goku and Mr. Satan, she was transported when Tekka opened a time hole in Satan City. Mistakes Kid Goku and Goten for GT Goku at first, though eventually learns they are the younger selves of her grandfather and uncle. Joins Tekka's Team to take care of Trunks and Goku due to her views on their future counterparts and to enter the Timespace Tournament.
  • Bulla - The daughter of Bulma and Vegeta from Dragon Ball GT. Younger sister of Trunks who meets her brother's younger self and Pan in Satan City were she seeks their assistance in promoting the Clothing Shop. Later falls for a fighter named Dennish who she attempts to get to notice her by pretending that she is being accosted by male fighters in the hopes he will come to her rescue but Tekka's Team end up interfering with each attempt, leading her to challenge them to a fight, though loses due to her lack if training and joins Tekka's Team after losing interest in Dennish, due to being touched by Tekka's concern for her safety.
  • Vegeta - Husband of Bulma and father of Trunks. Transported into the rift with the Capsule Corporation. Takes Pinich on as his student to help him become a Super Saiyan. Meets Tekka's Team after Pinich crashes into their Spaceship. Later observes Tekka's Team train under Goku to fight Cell, recognizing Tekka as Pinich's rival. Later teams up with Adult Goku to fight in the Timespace Tournament.
  • Tights - Bulma's older sister from Jaco, the Galactic Patrolman. While studying to become a writer she finds herself inside the rift and is saved by Jaco's Dragon Ball Super incarnation, she takes up residence in Satan City while Jaco patrols the rift. Meets her future nephew, though is already aware of her future career as a successful writer which she learned from Jaco, though decides to take advantage of her time in the rift to get ideas. She asks Tekka' Team to help her get ideas by viewing different timelines which are unlocked as Dragon Ball History entries.
  • Uub - The reincarnation of Kid Buu who trained under Goku from Dragon Ball GT. Encountered by Tekka's Team on King Kai's Planet where he has trouble making King Kai laugh to train under him and seeks their aid in teaching him gag techniques. Later defends Satan City from the Androids lead by Dr. Gero and joins Tekka's Team after they work together to capture the Androids after they split up into pairs.
  • Grand Elder Guru - The Grand Elder of Namek and father of Nail, Moori, Dende, Cargo, Moolin, and countless other Namekians. Enlists Tekka's Team in dealing with his wayward son Moolin who had begun emulating the Demon King Piccolo.
  • Nail - Warrior type Namekian son and protector of Grand Elder Guru. Transported to the rift with Guru's House and parts of Planet Namek. Is asked by Guru to join Tekka's Team after they help deal with Moolin.
  • Moolin - Son of Grand Elder Guru who began emulating Piccolo after hearing stores about Demon King Piccolo and started referring to himself as Demon King and playing pranks. After being caught by Tekka's Team who feared he was becoming evil like King Piccolo, only to discover that it was just a childish game and that he was just playing pranks. Goten later convinces him to emulate Mr. Piccolo and help others.
  • Kami - The Guardian of Earth and good incarnation of the Nameless Namekian. Transported to the rift along with Kami's Lookout. Later asks Tekka's Team to collect the Dragon Balls and make a wish.
  • Piccolo - The reincarnation of the Demon King Piccolo fused with Kami and Nail. Meets Tekka's Team at Guru's House. Has gained a reputation as a great teacher among the fighters inside the rift, several of whom seek train under him. Tekka can ask to train under him or ask him to join, but they are interrupted by fighters who want to train under Piccolo who decides to use them to test Tekka's Team and as a lesson to the other fighters. Joins Tekka's Team after being defeated in battle.
  • Teen Gohan - The son of Goku and Chi-Chi as a teenager. Is surprised to meet Kid Goku, Pan, Goten, and Kid Trunks when he meets them in Satan City. Enlists their aid in stopping Meta-Cooler who has been stealing energy from fighters inside the rift and later joins Tekka's Team after Meta-Cooler is defeated.
  • Adult Gohan/Great Saiyaman 1 - The son of Goku and Chi-Chi as a young adult. Meets Tekka's Team at the Cell Games arena and is surprised to meet his future daughter and father's younger self. Takes on his superhero alter-ego Great Saiyaman 1 to spar with Tekka's Team, embarrassing Pan when she learns his true identity.
  • Videl/Great Saiyaman 2 - The daughter of Miguel and Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball Z. Meets her future daughter Pan at the Cell Games Arena though easily deduces that Pan's father is Gohan after Pan calls her mom. Takes on her superhero alter-ego Great Saiyaman 2 to spar with Tekka's Team, embarrassing Pan when she learns her true identity.
  • Future Trunks - The son of Future Vegeta and Future Bulma from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. Trunks' alternate timeline counterpart who was trained by Future Gohan and traveled through time to prevent Goku's death, creating the timeline that his counterpart inhabits. His DBZ incarnation was transported to the rift after Tekka opens a time hole near the ruins of Future Capsule Corporation and enlists Tekka's Team in finding his time machine, but is forced to remain in the rift while it charges up, thus joins Tekka's Team as thanks for their assistance. His Dragon Ball Super incarnation travels to the rift to warn them of Goku Black who is destroying time-spaces.
  • Krillin - Goku's best friend, Marron's father, and husband of Android 18. Transported to the rift with Kame House. Happy to be reunited with Goku's younger self who is amazed by the older Krillin's strength, he joins Tekka's Team along with his wife after they help recover some of Marron's stuff that was dropped when he and his family were scouting out the city near the ruins of the Future Capsule Corporation.
  • Android 18 - The wife of Krillin and mother of Marron who was turned into an Android along with her twin brother Android 17. Transported to the rift with Kame House. Joins Tekka's Team after they help recover Marron's lost items. Tekka's Team also encounter an evil counterpart of 18 (either her future counterpart or younger self) who joins Dr. Gero, 19, and her brother in attacking Satan City but are stopped by Tekka's Team and Uub.
  • Marron _ The daughter of Android 18 and Krillin. Transported to the rift with Kame House. Joins her parents in searching the city near the future Capsule Corporation but loses her doll, ribbon, and shoe which are recovered by Tekka's Team and Krillin. Does not appear physically and is only mentioned, though is presumably staying safely inside Kame House.
  • Master Roshi - The teacher of Grandpa Gohan, Ox-King, Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. Transported to the rift with Kame House. Refuses to join Tekka's Team due to his age, he teaches them how to recruit others by KOing them with Zenkai Attacks.
  • Chiaotzu - Tien Shinhan's best friend and former student if the Crane Hermit. Joins Tekka's Team after they best him and Tien's clones in battle.
  • Tien Shinhan - A descent of the Three Eyed People and former student of the Crane Hermit. Joins Tekka's Team after they best his four clones and Chiaotzu in battle.
  • Yamcha - A former bandit and old rival of Goku. He decides to use his time in the rift to take revenge on the Saibamen, which incurs the wrath of Saibaking a fusion of multiple Saibamen. Joins Tekka's Team after Saibaking is defeated.
  • Puar - Yamcha best friend who went to school with Oolong. Worries about Yamcha going after the Saibamen. Hangs out at the Cell Games arena.
  • Oolong - One of Goku's oldest friends who ends up inside the rift, using a jetpack to get around. Steals Peco's panties, forcing Tekka's Team to track him down. Asks them to let him go which angers Peco if they do, though if they refuse and take him back to Peco he apologizes and Peco forgives him but warns him not to do it again.
  • Korin - The god of Martial Arts who trained Master Roshi, Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yajirobe. Transported to the rift along with Korin's Training. Encountered by Tekka's Team after reaching the top of Korin's Tower.
  • Fortuneteller Baba - Master Roshi's sister and a witch who works as a fortuneteller. Transported to the rift along with her palace, where she holds fighting matches which Tekka's Team can take part in.
  • King Yemma - The ogre who judges dead souls in Other World. Transported to the rift along with the Check-In Station. Encounters Tekka's Team when they are searching for Ultra Pinich and reveals that the fusion had freed several villains from Hell. Later asks for the aid of Tekka's Team in tracking down and defeating the freed villains, following their victory in the Tournament.
  • Majin Superstar Troupe PePiLu - A popular Dance Troupe from Demon Realm. Lead by the Demon Pop Idol Pipila, she and her Majin backup dancers Petrona and Lullus end up getting caught up in the tournament after being transported to the rift. Encountering Tekka's Team at Fortuneteller Baba's Palace were Petrona and Lullus accuse Kid Trunks of staring at Pipila lecherously, leading to a fight with them and PePiLu, though they are defeated and PePiLu is shocked to learn Tekka's Team haven't heard of them. After introducing themselves they explain that they were a little on edge due to fighting off Pipila's more lecherous fans and admirers. They apologize to Tekka's Team and hope they will become avid PePiLu fans.
  • Bardock - Husband of Gine and Father of Goku and Raditz. Meets his son's younger self, Grandson Goten, and Great Granddaughter Pan in Area 4F. Decides to keep his true identity as his father from Kid Goku and spars with Tekka's Team. Decides to accompany them so he can train Kid Goku.
  • Gine - Wife of Bardock and Mother of Goku and Raditz. Transported to the rift via a Time hole opened by Tekka in Area 4F. Meets her Great Granddaughter Pan, grandson Goten, and son's younger self. Though she almost reveals her true identity as his mother to Kid Goku she decides against it and hides it from him, before running off in a hurry. While attempting to stop Rubee and Yamma's gang from killing a fellow Saiyan, she is beaten and saved by Tekka's Team. Amazed by her son's strength despite him having the same gentle nature that lead Gine herself to retire from the Saiyan Army, Gine asks to join Tekka's Team which Tekka and Goku agree to. She joins to support her youngest child in anyway she can.
  • Ginyu Force - Frieza's flamboyant elite mercenary unit lead by Captain Ginyu. Meets Tekka's Team in Satan City and seek their assistance in breaking the barrier around Frieza's Spaceship believing that someone important is trapped inside. Tekka's Team find no one inside and report back to Ginyu who thanks them and teaches them the Five-Way Fusion technique that the Ginyu Force developed. Trunks and Goten thank them by teaching them Metamoran Fusion Dance. After Ziku detects a strong power level from time hole near Frieza's ship, the Ginyu Force ask Tekka to open it which frees Frieza. Though Ginyu wants to spare Tekka's Team as thanks for their help he follows Frieza's orders and fights them also the fusions Gulce and Recurter created by the other Ginyu Force members using Metamoran Fusion, but they are defeated. Fleeing with Frieza, they later enter the tournament as a team and confront Tekka's Team once more but are defeated.
  • Frieza - Former Emperor of Universe 7 killed by Goku in Dragon Ball Super. Imprisoned and cocooned in Earth's Hell after his revenge against Goku failed, he is accidentally freed by Tekka when they open a time hole for the Ginyu Force near Frieza's Spaceship. Orders the Ginyu Force to kill Tekka's Team but is forced to flee when they are defeated. Joins forces with Cell and tricked Pinich into letting them join his team as part of a plan to use Ultra Fusion to take revenge on Goku and his allies. Later fuses with Cell, but their fusion Cellza is defeated by Pinich and Tekka's fusion. Later returns after Tekka's Team wins the tournament and confronts them as Golden Frieza but is defeated once again.
  • Cell - A Bio-Android created by Future Dr. Gero who was defeated by SSJ2 Teen Gohan during the Cell Games. Transported to the rift through a time hole opened by Tekka at the Cell Games arena after Ziku detected the ki of Goku and Piccolo produced by his unique mixture of ki signatures due possessing their cells. Tries to kill them with a Kamehameha to draw out Adult Goku, who counters the attack with his Instant Kamehameha. Allows Goku to train Tekka's Team to defeat him, confident he will prevail as he has teamed up with several of his counterparts from different timelines. However he is defeated and conspires with Frieza to use Five-Way Fusion to take revenge on Goku, but fails and their EX-Fusion Cellza is defeated by Tekka and Pinich's fusion. Returns after Tekka's Team wins the tournament, but is defeated once again.
    • Cells - A team of Perfect Cells from different timelines formed by the main Perfect Cell to take revenge on Adult Goku. Forced out of hiding by Goku and defeated by Tekka's Team.
  • Cooler - Older brother of Frieza. Encountered in Area 3F surrounded by a barrier he requests to join Tekka's Team under the pretense that he too has a score to settle with Frieza. Though wary of his true motives, they allow him to join after defeating him.
  • Meta-Cooler - A mechanical copy of Cooler created by the Big Gete Star. Starts attacking fighters to absorb their energy the Big Gete Star, he is defeated by Tekka's Team and Teen Gohan.
  • Emperor Pilaf - Leader of the Pilaf Gang and an old enemy of Goku from Dragon Ball Super. Searches for Dragon Balls inside the Time Rift in his Pilaf Machine, but finds himself accosted by various fighters. After collecting all seven, he summons Shenron near the ruins of his castle and wishes for a warrior to defeat his enemies which accidentally summons the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly to the rift who's rampage forces him to flee. Later fights Tekka's Team using his Pilaf Machine while trying to collect the Dragon Balls again but is defeated.
  • Kid Mai - Pilaf's henchwoman who was accidentally turned young by one of Pilaf's wishes and became Trunks' girlfriend in Dragon Ball Super. Searches for the Dragon Balls with Pilaf and convinces Trunks to let the Pilaf Gang keep the Dragon Ball they find on Mount Paozu.
  • Shu - Pilaf's underling and Mai's comrade. Searches fir the Dragon Balls with Pilaf.
  • Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan and sworn nemesis of Kakarot who's crying tormented him as a baby. Accidentally summoned by Pilaf, he rampages through the rift in search of Goku and targets Tekka's Team after encountering Kid Goku. Later turned into a Legendary Great Ape by Towa but defeated by Tekka's Team and blasted away by Beerus. Later reverts to his Legendary Super Saiyan form and forced to fuse with Adult Goku while under Towa's control.
  • Towa - The Demon Scientist and younger sister of Demon King Dabura. Member of the Time Breakers who seek to connect Demon Realm with the rest of the universe by collecting Kili while traveling throughout time and altering history. Transported to the rift through a time hole opened by Tekka. Unaware of her evil nature, Tekka's Team ask for her help in stopping Broly but she betrays them to take revenge on Trunks for his Time Patrol counterpart's interference in her plans. Turns Broly into a Great Ape to gather Kili for Mira, but flees when Beerus blasts him away. Later forces Goku and Broly to fuse but their fusion is too powerful for her to control and flees with the mind controlled Broly after the fusion ends. After Tekka's Team win the Timespace Tournament, Mira challenges them to battle and is defeated, causing Towa and Mira to join Tekka's Team, and later uses them to help her research EX-Fusion.
  • Mira - A Demonic Android created by Towa and Dabura's successor as King of Demon Realm. Interested in fighting Goku, he dismisses Kid Goku for being weaker than his older self. Towa attempts to gather energy for him using Great Ape Broly. Forced to flee with Towa after Beerus appears, though initially refuses out if pride as Demon King, but soon reconsiders. After Tekka's Team win the tournament, he challenges them to battle but is defeated and joins Tekka's Team alongside his creator.
  • Kid Buu - The original pure incarnation of Majin Buu. Fights Tekka's Team while they are searching for the Dragon Balls but is defeated. Later joins forces with Super Janemba to perform EX-Fusion, only for their fusion Janembu to be defeated as well.
  • Janemba - A demon created by am accident with the Soul Cleansing Machine in Hell. Attacks Tekka's Team in his first form while they are searching for the Dragon Balls but is defeated, forcing him to transform into his Super form and performs EX-Fusion with Kid Buu.
  • Hirudegarn - A Phantom Majin created by the Kashvar on Planet Konats only to be cut in two and sealed within two brothers. Possessed by Baby after being transported to the rift, though defeated by Tekka's Team.
  • Baby - The Tuffle Machine Mutant from Dragon Ball GT. Possesses Hirudegarn and fights with Pan and the rest of Tekka's Team when they are searching fir the Dragon Balls, but is defeated.
  • Super 17 - The fusion of Hell Fighter 17 and Android 17 from Dragon Ball GT. Leading a team of other Androids under his control, he confronts Tekka's Team while they are searching for Dragon Balls near the Future Capsule Corporation, but is defeated.
  • Omega Shenron - Syn Shenron after absorbing all seven Dragon Balls from Dragon Ball GT. Confronts Tekka's Team while they are searching for the Dragon Balls but is defeated.

List of Fused Inhabitants

Several types if fusion exist in the Timespace Rift allowing various inhabitants to perform fusion.


  • Gotenks - The fusion of Goten and Trunks who was created originally to combat Majin Buu. Used by Goten and Trunks to defeat Nappa and Raditz before meeting Tekka. Later defeats Nappa and Raditz fusion Natz alongside Tekka and Kid Goku. Later formed to teach Fusion Dance to the Ginyu Force. Stronger than his EX-Fusion counterpart, though limited by his fusion's time limit.
  • Natz - The fusion of Nappa and Raditz created after they learned Fusion Dance via mimicry of Goten and Trunks. Confronted Tekka's Team but was defeated and defused.
  • Gulce - The fusion of Guldo and Jeice formed to confront Tekka's Team but defeated.
  • Recurter' - The fusion of Recoome and Burter formed to confront Tekka's Team but defeated.
  • Prillin - The fusion of Piccolo and Krillin. Can be formed inside the time rift despite Krillin and Piccolo's difference in body type and size.
  • Tiencha - The fusion of Tien and Yamcha.
  • Gogeta - The fusion if Goku and Vegeta originally formed to confront Janemba and later Omega Shenron. Formed by Goku and Vegeta while fighting Tekka's Team after their other three teammates became unable to continue fighting. Defeated by Tekka's Team.
  • Future Gohanks - The fusion of Future Gohan and Future Trunks created to combat the Androids inside the Timespace Rift (Japanese version only).


  • Bulpan - The EX-Fusion of Bulla and Pan. Can fuse after learning EX-Fusion from Goku and Bulma (Bulla must be recruited first to fuse).
  • Pandel - The EX Fusion of Pan and Videl. Can fuse after learning EX-Fusion from Goku and Bulma (Videl must be recruited first to fuse).
  • EX Gotenks - The EX-Fusion of Goten and Kid Trunks. Gotenks' EX-Fusion counterpart who though weaker than Gotenks can remained fused as long as he wishes. Alluded to by Goten and Trunks during Bulma's explanation of EX-Fusion. Can fuse after learning EX-Fusion from Goku and Bulma.
  • EX Gohanks - The EX-Fusion of Teen Gohan and Kid Trunks. Future Gohanks main timeline EX-Fusion counterpart. Though weaker than Future Gohanks he can remain fused as long as he wants.
  • Coohan - The EX-Fusion of Kid Goku and Teen Gohan. Can fuse after learning EX-Fusion from Goku and Bulma (Teen Gohan must be recruited first to fuse).
  • Gorillin - The EX-Fusion of Kid Goku and Krillin. Can fuse after learning EX-Fusion from Goku and Bulma (Krillin must be recruited first to fuse).
  • Gomas - The EX-Fusion of Kid Goku and Zamasu. Can fuse after learning EX-Fusion from Goku and Bulma (DLC EX-Fusion).
  • Karoly - The EX-Fusion of Super Saiyan Goku and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly created when Towa forced them to fuse, though Goku allowed her to control him so he could fuse with Broly. Proved too strong for Towa to control. Can fuse again after the main story is completed (Goku and Broly must be recruited first).

Five-Way Fusions

  • Ultra Fusion - A fusion created by five people. During the story Tekka's Team learns how to fuse to create an Ultra Fusion. Though immensely powerful its fusion time is limited even more than Metamoran Fusion.
  • Ultra Pinich - The fusion of Pinich, Paprika, Wanta, Cell, and Frieza created during the tournament. Taken over by Frieza and Cell, he attempted to kill Goku but his attack was foiled by the intervention of Whis and Beerus forcing him to flee. After being defeated by Tekka's Team he transforms into Golden Great Ape becoming stronger than Beerus, but Pinich regains control and he is defeated by the Ultra Fusion of Tekka's Team after they absorb a Super Spirit Bomb created by the people inside the rift, causing him to fall through a time hole and defuse.
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