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"To successfully turn the tables, this is the one strike I need to land. It will confine you to a time prison!"
— Hit using this technique against Jiren in "An Extra-Dimensional Ultimate Battle! Hit vs. Jiren!"

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Time Prison (時間の牢獄 Jikan no Rougoku, lit. "Cage of Time") is a technique used by Hit. It is an evolved stage of Time-Skip and Hit's last resort attack.


Hit trying to finish Jiren while holding him in the Cage of Time.

By striking an opponent at point-blank range with his Flash Fist Crush, Hit is able to attach a "time cage" to them, it initially appears as a strange effect on his opponent where they were struck before taking effect: ensnaring their movements by keeping them suspended in time. This is revealed to be Hit's trump card, as using this takes all of his energy depending on how long he intends to keep the opponent trapped.

If needed, Hit can try to attack his opponent with the hand holding the sphere. According to Hit, however, this is a very risky gamble and as such, is very non assassin-like.


In the anime version of the Universe Survival Saga, Hit used this in a final desperation act against Jiren, intending to keep him at bay until the Tournament of Power ends while his teammates eliminate the other enemies. Hit's Time Prison is kept active by a glowing purple sphere, which Hit must hold and face towards his foe in order to keep active. However, Jiren's raw power allowed him to break the time suspension, and he crushed the sphere used to keep the Time Prison active. In the manga, Hit instead uses Time Lag.

In the manga version of the Universal Conflict Saga, Hit uses this technique in order to hold off Perfect Hearts for a moment.

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