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Time Power Unleashed (時の力開放 Toki no chikara kaihō, Power of Time Unleashed)[1][2] is a transformation assumed by Chronoa.



When in this form, Chronoa physically grows into a taller, more mature appearance. She looks like an adult with a much shapelier figure and lengthens her hair to her lower back. Her outfit resembles Fused Zamasu's outfit but with a white and yellow color scheme. The form gives her a Halo similar to that of the Barrier of Light. It resembles a clock, with the hands points at ten and two respectively.

In this form the two sides of Mechikabura's face become black and he gains two dark horns coming out of his head.

Usage and Power

While in this form, the Supreme Kai of Time can manifest the Time Labyrinth.

By absorbing a black hole that had absorbed tens of millions of years worth of space-time, Mechikabura (already in his perfect state) gained the ability to take on the Time Power Unleashed state.



After Mechikabura undid the Time Labyrinth and brainwashed Chronoa, she gains an alternate corrupted version of her Time Power Unleashed form which features the brainwashed Chronoa's white hair and a red-black version of her Time Power Unleashed Supreme Kai clothes. This version lacks the original's halo presumably due to it being a by-product of Chronoa's brainwashing and corruption by Mechikabura.

Video Game Appearances


  • Chronoa's Time Power Unleashed is the first transformation and form to be utilized by a pure unfused Core Person (while Fused Zamasu has several forms they are a byproduct of the nature of his fusion).
  • This form may explain why Chronoa's base form shows no signs of aging and having not changed at all in 75 million years since Elder Kai last saw her. Given that she seems to age as part of the transformation it is possible that her power over time allows her to control her physical age or her aging is a side effect of her powers being unleashed.



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