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The Time Patrol (タイムパトロール Taimu Patorōru) is a group of warriors gathered by Xeno Trunks in order to help stop the Dark Empire and prevent them from interfering with time. The team is under the command of Chronoa, and is led by Future Trunks. Accordingly, to the Xenoverse series, their base resides in Toki Toki City, and later in Conton City. This group is featured in Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Ball Heroes, and in the Xenoverse series. Additionally, it is also mentioned in Dragon Ball Fusions.


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Time Patrol logo in Xenoverse 2

The act of using a Time Machine is ultimately a violation of the laws of the universe. The Lord of Time gave Future Trunks a stern warning for his actions, even if they were for the protection of Earth's peace. Afterwards, in order to redeem his wrong actions, Future Trunks took up the job of Time Patrol to correct the distortion of history. After the Lord of Time forewarned Future Trunks of Mira's intentions to spread chaos throughout time and space, Future Trunks travels to Age 1000 in order to find allies and prevent Towa and Mira's plans, thus debuting the story of Dragon Ball Online.

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dark Demon Realm Saga

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Dark Empire Saga

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Time Patrol strongest forms

The Time Patrollers (and Beat) in their strongest forms

Prison Planet Saga

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Other Dragon Ball stories

Dragon Ball Online

Main article: Dragon Ball Online Several unnamed characters of the game's three playable races (Earthling, Namekian, and Majin) have been used in promotional work for Dragon Ball Online. Most commonly in cinematic trailers, although some have appeared in other official media related to the game, like the characters that were used to promote the game's beta phase. The second group of heroes were presented in the game's second cinematic trailer to promote the game's open beta phase in May 2010. None of the promotional characters are named, have received spoken line, or appear in the actual game if not created as avatars for the player.

The Time Patrol venture between their present time of Age 1000 and the past of the Dragon Ball series, in the past they stop the Time Breakers from messing up the events of the Vegeta Saga and the Frieza Saga. In the present they fight and defeat the Red Pants Army, the Paella Gang, the Evil Namekians, the remnants of the Frieza Force, and the Time Breaker Bio-Androids.


Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse Future Trunks summons Shenron in Toki Toki City's Plaza of Time in Age 850 to wish for Shenron to summon a warrior capable of defending all of time. Shenron summons the Future Warrior and after a brief test of the Warrior's combat skills by Future Trunks, he explains they have been transported to Toki Toki City and Trunks introduces himself as a member of the Time Patrol and asks if they are willing to join in defending history. The Lord of Time's identity is revealed to be the Supreme Kai of Time, a female Core Person who guards the Time Vault located inside the Time Nest, living there with her pet bird Tokitoki who possesses the power to create time.

The Warrior assists Future Trunks in fighting various villains throughout history that have been empowered and manipulated by Dark Magic. It is later revealed that the Time Breakers, Towa and Mira are trying to alter history by using the empowered villains. As a result of the Time Breakers' actions the barrier separating the Crack of Time from the rest of the universe begins to weaken allowing the Demon God Demigra (who had been sealed there by the Supreme Kai of Time 75 million years earlier) to send mirages of himself to cause more distortions in order to drill a hole in the Crack of Time allowing him to escape. Demigra later escapes, attacks Toki Toki City and consumes Tokitoki to gain power over time & space, but is later defeated by the Future Warrior. The Time Patrol is more diverse in Xenoverse featuring members of several races such as Humans, Saiyans, Namekians, Majin, and even members of the Frieza Race. Members of the Time Patrol are capable of using two means of time travel; the first is the Scroll of Eternity used for Time Patrol Missions and the second are Time Machines docked in Toki Toki City's Time Machine station that are used for Parallel Quests. The Time Machines used by the Time Patrol were specially designed by Future Trunks' Capsule Corporation under the direction of the Supreme Kai of Time. These Time Patrol sanctioned Time Machines do not create alternate timelines and thus do not produce time distortions as Future Bulma's Time Machine did. In addition to sanctioned Time Machines, the Capsule Corporation provides all sorts of technology (Capsule Houses/Shops, capsules/items, robots, Clothing/Armor, Scouters, etc.) for the Time Patrol and the Supreme Kai of Time (due to her interest in technology).


At some point in between Age 850 and Age 852, Toki Toki City became overrun with time rifts and the Supreme Kai of Time was forced to hire more Time Patrols to deal with them. She also recruited Old Kai to assist with training new recruits and help her with administrative duties, as Future Trunks and their now legendary Future Warrior were busy trying to track down Towa and Mira who remained at large. During this time a rumor began spreading around town about how powerful divine beings such as Chronoa and Old Kai actually were. Hearing these rumors both Old Kai and Chronoa decided to demonstrate their power to put the rumors to rest. Chronoa used her power on the Dragon Ball Pedestal's dragon statue, causing it to move as if it were alive. However Chronoa did not expect it to cause the dragon to grow so large that it pushed Toki Toki City over the edge, turning the City into ruins. The Supreme Kai of Time decided it would be quicker to build a new city over the ruins of the old one, and thus Conton City was built in its place. Additionally, to avoid attacks like Demigra's, Chronoa and Old Kai erected a powerful barrier around Conton City and the Time Nest for increased security. Meanwhile, the dragon Chronoa created was moved to float in the sky north of Conton City. Eventually, the number of time rifts decreased and many Time Patrollers lost their focus, some of them even starting the Nutz Gang which would extort money from other Time Patrollers in Mushroom Desert.

Xenoverse 2

Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 A new Future Warrior is selected by Chronoa from to protect history as Future Trunks and his legendary partner, the Future Warrior are still busy tracking down Towa and Mira who have been recruiting villains from different timelines, making tracking them down more difficult due to the number of time distortions. At the suggestion of Old Kai, Chronoa chooses a new cadet in whom Old Kai saw great potential. After introducing the recruit to the basics of Time Patrols and Parallel Quests, the new Future Warrior begins fixing history that had been changed by Turles and Lord Slug. After confronting both villains who are forced to flee when Future Trunks and Ace arrive to assist. When Turles appears on Namek and gives Burter and Jeice some Fruit of the Tree of Might that had been amplified by the effects of Demon Realm, Future Trunks is caught in one of Towa trap's while following Ginyu and has his body stolen forcing the Future Warrior and Goku to battle Ginyu in Future Trunks's body. Eventually Trunks manages to undo the switch and returns to his body, while Turles aids Ginyu in stealing Goku's body. Goku manages to return to his original body and Turles flees. Later while protecting Nail from Dark Frieza, the Future Warrior learns that Turles and Slug are after the Namekian Dragon Balls and is forced to return to the Time Nest to travel further back to stop them from using the Dragon Balls. Confronted by the Future Warrior once more Slug & Turles consume the enhanced Fruit of the Tree of Might, however they discover that Towa had tainted it causing them to swell with dark energy. Towa and Mira show eventually themselves, causing Future Trunks to order Ace to go after Mira while he aids the Future Warrior in dealing with Turles and Slug who are powered up even more after Towa shaves off some of their life force. Trunks and the Future Warrior defeat the villains with a combined Burning Attack & Energy Wave team attack. Later during Super Saiyan Goku's battle with Frieza, Cooler appears to aid his brother, revealing Towa had enabled him to bend time and space to aid his brother in killing Goku. Fortunately the Future Warrior was already present and managed to defeat Cooler, allowing Goku to continue fighting Frieza alone after his son, friends, and the Namekians were transported to Earth by Porunga.

After Frieza and Cooler are defeated, back at the Time Nest Chronoa reveals that Tokitoki is about to lay an egg soon which contain the time for a new universe and is forced to leave things up to the Warrior and Old Kai, so she can fulfil her duties as Tokitoki's caretaker. When Old Kai can't find Future Trunks, he asks the Future Warrior to search for him and they find him inside the Time Vault looking at the scroll for Age 780 of his timeline, the year when Future Gohan died causing Future Trunks to transform into a Super Saiyan. Future Trunks notices the Warrior and talks briefly about his past, before suddenly the Time Scroll he was examining shows a history change. Trunks : Xeno is forced to leave fixing it to the Future Warrior as it is dangerous for Future Trunks to go to that period in history himself. The Future Warrior discovers that Towa had reactivated Future Android 16 and sent him to kill Future Gohan before his death at the hands of Future Androids 17 and 18. The Future Warrior and Future Gohan manage to defeat the Android, only for Mira to appear to eliminate Future Gohan himself.

Realizing they are no match for Mira and determined not to set by and watch his master be killed, Future Trunks defies Chronoa and travels to Age 780, joining Future Gohan and the Future Warrior in their battle against Mira. Future Gohan is surprised to see the adult Trunks but decides to leave explanations for later. The three of them manage to overwhelm Mira, causing him to flee in frustration. Future Gohan and Future Trunks talk afterwards and Future Gohan concludes that Future Bulma's Time Machine is responsible for adult Future Trunks' presence. Seeing his master in the flesh after all this time, causes Future Trunks to seriously consider altering history to prevent Future Gohan's death, despite the consequences and pleas of Chronoa not to. However, Future Gohan manages to deduce from TrunksL Xeno's demeanor that he is fated to die and that Trunks will eventually defeat the Androids after he dies. Future Gohan makes up his mind and decides to go to his death willingly and with the help of the Future Warrior convinces Future Trunks to allow history to happen as it should.

Back at the Time Nest, Future Trunks watches Future Gohan's heroic sacrifice as the Future Warrior, Chronoa, and Old Kai watch on from a balcony inside the Time Vault so as to give Future Trunks some space. Later, they discover Future Android 16 has been repaired by Towa and has been sent to kill Future Trunks's younger self as he is returning to his Timeline following the Cell Games. The Future Warrior joins Future Trunks's younger self in fighting Future Android 16 and Future Perfect Cell who arrives shortly afterwards, but they are defeated. In Age 767, Towa uses her magic to empower Imperfect Cell allowing him to defeat 16 and absorb both 17 & 18 at the same time, bypassing his Semi-Perfect form and transforming directly into his Perfect form, which Future Trunks surmises could prevent the Cell Games from happening. The Future Warrior is sent to stop this and manages to restore history. However, Future Trunks examines the scrolls and discovers a change where Mira enters the Cell Games. Future Trunks and the Future Warrior travel back in time to prevent Mira from reaching the Cell Games Arena just as Goku and Cell are about to fight. Eventually, Towa appears and it is revealed Mira was just buying her time to enact her latest plan. Future Trunks sends the Warrior to makes sure Towa's plans for the Cell Games do not succeed. The Future Warrior is eventually confronted by Meta-Coolers that came from New Namek through a Wormhole. After defeating the Meta-Coolers, the Warrior travels through the wormhole to assist Future Trunks in stopping the Meta-Coolers. Future Trunks manages to hack into the Big Gete Star and causes it to self-destruct. The Warrior then returns to the Cell Games just as Cell revives from his self-destruction and aids Gohan, allowing him to kill Cell using the Father-Son Kamehameha restoring the timeline.

In Age 774, the Future Warrior is sent to stop Supervillain Broly from interfering with Goku and Majin Vegeta's fight, as well as Majin Vegeta's attempt to kill Majin Buu with the Final Explosion, causing Vegeta to thank the Warrior for allowing him to fight Goku without interference before sending them and Piccolo away with Goten and Kid Trunks, which Future Trunks witnesses and is proud to see how much his father had changed for the better. The Warrior is later sent to aid Gotenks and Piccolo against Super Buu after their escape from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The Warrior holds Super Buu off long for Ultimate Gohan to arrive. However, Future Trunks reveals that something in Hell is preventing Vegeta from returning to the world of the living. The Warrior arrives in Hell and finds Supervillain Janemba has defeated Future Trunks who tried to stop the monster from preventing his father's fusion with Goku. The Future Warrior fights Janemba and is eventually joined by Vegeta, who manages to kill Janemba with a Final Flash after he had been weakened by the Future Warrior. During the final battle with Kid Buu, the Future Warrior joins Goku and Vegeta in combating the Majin who transforms into the Supervillain state through Towa's meddling. After a long fought battle, Kid Buu is destroyed by the Super Spirit Bomb and history is restored. As the Future Warrior watches Mr. Satan congratulate Goku and Vegeta from afar, Chronoa informs them that Future Trunks has finally woken up after recovering from his fight with Janemba. Future Trunks informs them that there was another enemy with Janemba and that he may be nearby.

The Future Warrior spots the mysterious Masked Saiyan and chases after him. Just as they catch him, the two of them are transported to Age 778 right in the middle of the final phase of Goku's battle with God of Destruction Beerus, enraging Beerus due to the sudden interruption. While Chronoa and Ild Kai explain the situation to Beerus, the Future Warrior faces the Masked Saiyan who Trunks finds looks oddly familiar. Eventually, the Warrior defeats the Saiyan, who's mask breaks revealing his identity as Bardock. Before the Warrior can capture him, Mira appears and challenges the Warrior one more time, even telling Beerus to be quiet sit back and watch, which Beerus agrees to due to not having encountered someone willing enough to talk back to him. However, Beerus loses his patience and declares his intentions to kill them all. However, Chronoa sends in her trump card, a box full of pudding which pleases Beerus. Beerus offers some to Mira who leaves with Bardock, considering the kind gesture a buzz kill. As Beerus and Goku eat the pudding, Whis asks to join in but stops when Chronoa reveals she made it herself, aware of her terrible cooking skills. However, it is too late for Goku and Beerus, who had already eaten some and are immediately sicken. Goku is put out of action as a result and Beerus is furious, forcing Whis and the Warrior to subdue him. During the battle, Whis is impressed by the Warrior's skill and power, even asking if they would like to be the next God of Destruction, only for Chronoa to yell at him for trying to stealing Time Patrol personnel. Eventually, Beerus relaxes and Goku's stomach cramps subside. Worn out, Beerus and Whis return home leaving Earth in peace and Goku thanks the Warrior for their help. Trunks, Chronoa, Old Kai come to the conclusion that Towa is collecting energy from the fights in order to collect enough to destroy the barrier between their world and the Demon Realm. They also notice that Ace has yet to return and can't contact them.

In Age 779, Towa uses her dark magic to empower Frieza and his army during his revenge against Goku. The Warrior fights alongside the Z Fighters and Jaco against Frieza's men, to buy Goku and Vegeta time to arrive. Goku and Vegeta finally arrive via Instant Transmission and Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, causing Frieza to transform into Golden Frieza. The Future Warrior aids Goku in battling Frieza who is stronger as he had trained more than he did in the original history. Meanwhile, the Time Nest's communications with the Warrior are disrupted which Trunks attributes to the amount of power generated by Golden Frieza and Super Saiyan Blue Goku causing interference. Whis and Beerus arrive to eat the strawberry sundae Bulma promised them and Whis notices that someone else has been resurrected as well, as he senses someone with a power very similar to Frieza is nearby. They find that it is none other than Frieza's brother Cooler, who has been resurrected as Metal Cooler. Meta-Cooler reveals that he was revived using a second wish which had originally been wasted by the Pilaf Gang before Towa altered history. Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to take on Meta-Cooler alongside the Future Warrior, while Goku deals with Golden Frieza. Eventually, Whis and Beerus are contacted by Chronoa, who informs them that Towa and Mira are attacking the Time Nest and convinces him to come help by bribing him with cream puffs which she claims were made by Future Trunks. Just as Goku is about to finish off Frieza, Frieza uses his Earth Breaker to destroy the Earth which kills Goku and his friends who had been saved by Whis' intervention in the original timeline. Fortunately, Future Trunks arrives just in time to transport the Warrior back to Age 852, where they learn that Towa had managed to hack the Time Nest's communications and impersonated Chronoa to trick Beerus and Whis to leave Age 779, preventing Whis from lending aid to Goku and his friends.

Beerus is outraged at being tricked and wishes to destroy Towa for her blasphemy. Chronoa suggests she might show if they fix the change in Age 779, so Beerus and Whis return with the Future Warrior and Whis uses Temporal Do-Over to rewind time, allowing the Warrior to stop Frieza's attack and save the Earth. This forces Golden Frieza and Meta-Cooler to transform into their Supervillain states. However, they are defeated by the combined might of Goku, Vegeta, and the Warrior. However, Beerus is furious when Towa fails to show and wishes to vent his frustration. When Chronoa reveals Tokitoki has just laid his egg, Whis objects to Beerus destroying the Time Nest and at first suggests resealing Elder Kai in the Z Sword, but eventually ops to spar with both Beerus and the Future Warrior. During the battle, Whis manages to draw his symbol on Beerus' forehead causing Beerus to leave to wash it off, leaving the Warrior to spar with Whis alone. After besting Whis, Beerus decides to leave Towa to the Time Patrol, though he is still annoyed over Whis drawing on his face which he had been unable to wash off. Future Trunks and the Future Warrior renew their effort to find Mira and Towa, but they have strangely go quiet. They decide to switch tactics and try to locate Bardock who they believe Towa brainwashed to serve her and Mira.

They travel to Age 737, where they witness Bardock being sucked into a wormhole and watch as Mira and Towa appear and chase after them. In Age ???, the find Earth in ruins and under the control of Mira and Towa. Towa from their time appears and Future Trunks charges at her only to be blocked by the brainwashed Bardock. Towa reveals that it took a lot of trouble capturing Bardock and states they barely caught him after he lost control and ran away into the distant past. Towa claims that she is doing Bardock a favor by saving his life and hits a nerve when she poses the question if Future Trunks had ever wanted to save a loved one who was destined to die. Eventually, Mira appears and joins the fray. Towa comments on the amount of energy possessed by the Warrior and Future Trunks would be fitting to break the barrier on the Demon Realm and expresses her desire to see the Universe consumed by its evil. However, Towa is shocked when the Future Warrior starts to overpower Mira despite her measurements showing Mira was be stronger, which Mira attributes to the unexplained power he had noticed in both Bardock and Ace, vowing to overcome it and make it his own. However, the Future Warrior and Future Trunks defeat Mira and Bardock, removing the mind control. However, Towa uses her magic to create a wormhole to pull them into the space between dimensions, despite Mira's objections.

Fortunately, Bardock blasts Future Trunks and the Future Warrior away just in time. He then traps Mira with a Full-Nelson and despite Mira's efforts he is unable to shake Bardock. Bardock dodges an attack from Towa while still holding Mira and vows to have his revenge on Mira for manipulating him and tells him never to underestimate a Saiyan's power as he pulls Mira into the Wormhole. Future Trunks tells Towa its over and that she has lost, only for her to reveal her ace in the hole, Future Trunks's brainwashed partner, the Future Warrior. Forced to fight their friend and Towa, the Future Warrior and Future Trunks focus on breaking Towa hold over them and manage to free them. However, Towa decides restart with a clear slate and alters history causing Ace to fade from existence, effecting even the residents of Conton City including Future Trunks, Chronoa, Old Kai, and the Warrior, though they retain a lingering feeling that something is wrong and Chronoa decides to check the scrolls.

After looking at the mask Ace was wearing, Future Trunks remembers him, then finds the scroll of Age 850, which reveals what happened: Towa had travelled there and destroyed Shenron before Future Trunks could make the wish that summoned Ace. The Future Warrior is sent there to stop Towa from interfering and correct history. The Future Warrior drives off Towa and returns to the present, only for her to storm the Time Nest and steal Tokitoki's egg. At that time, Mira manages to escape from his wormhole prison and attempts to kill the Future Warrior, only for Ace to intervene. Towa and Mira escape into the wormhole, with the Future Warrior in pursuit.

They end up in Age ??? again, where the Future Warrior battles Mira. Seeing that Mira is overloading and risking destroying the entire timeline around them, Towa sides with the Future Warrior to try to stop Mira. However, Mira betrays and absorbs both Towa and Tokitoki's egg, transforming into his Final Form. Old Kai tries to tell the Future Warrior to retreat, but then Goku arrives, courtesy of Whis. Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form and fights alongside the Future Warrior against Final Form Mira.

Eventually, Goku spots an opening and attacks Mira with Dragon Fist, reclaiming Tokitoki's egg in the process. With Tokitoki's egg out of harm's way, the Future Warrior proceeds to finish Mira with a Super Kamehameha, destroying Mira (and Towa) once and for all. With the major threat to history finally dealt with, Goku and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest. A celebratory banquet is then held after Chronoa wishes for enough food to satisfy everyone from Shenron.

As part of the Super Pack 2 DLC, the C.C. Robot Spots appears inside the Time Nest and gives the Future Warrior a special new mission. The two Future Warriors and Trunks :Xeno meet Chronoa and Old Kai who inform them that a history change has effected Age 779 which has caused Goku and Good Buu to miss the time they are supposed to leave for the Nameless Planet to enter the Tournament of Destroyers as members of Team Universe 7. Future Trunks and Ace are sent to find Goku which causes Future Trunks to ask if they should look for Buu, but Old Kai tells them not to worry about it as Buu never fought in the original timeline anyway and besides he reveals that they plan to send the Future Warrior to take Buu's place to prevent further changes during the tournament which fortunately is allowed as the Time Patrol is located in the Seventh Universe anyways.

The Warrior arrives in the center of the ring, leading Beerus to confront them for interfering before Chronoa explains they are their to join Team Universe 7, though Beerus is unsure if he can trust a recommendation by the Supreme Kai of Time, before noting his disadvantage. Champa however is furious and accuses Beerus of bringing in outside help though Beerus taunts him with the fact he already has a unfair advantage. Champa relents, but Vados reminds everyone of the exam which had been Vegeta's suggestion, thus Beerus is forced to follow the rules and make the warrior take the test which Vados oversees. Old Kai notes he forgot about the test which Chronoa admonishes him for as he was present as a spectator during the actually Tournament though he argues that she can't expect him to remember every little detail, causing Chronoa to state she never hopes she gets old like him though Old Kai starts lecturing her about their age differences again though Future Trunks asks if he should turn off his communicator causing them to realize their argument was likely heard by the Future Warrior who is taking the exam.

Old Kai states that 50 points shouldn't be difficult before reminding them to write their name, causing Chronoa to tell him to go easy on them. Eventually the warrior finishes the exam as Piccolo defeats Botamo due to Goku's absence. Vados checks the test and says they passed. Beerus tells them they will go in after Piccolo when Ace shows up with Goku. Beerus demands to know why he was late and Goku reveals he thought it was on a different date while Chronoa notes they found him training at King Kai's place. Champa asks if Beerus is cheating while Beerus notes it is now a fair fight and asks if he is afraid of a fair fight, causing Champa to relent. Beerus is about to make plans about when to put Goku in when Vados again reminds Beerus and everyone present of the exam and asks if she really has to keep explaining it every time given it was Team Universe 7's Vegeta who suggested it.

Beerus orders Goku to take the test while Champa suggests they speed things up with tag matches instead. As a result Beerus selects the Future Warrior to team up with Piccolo while Champa has Cabba team up with Frost. During the match Frost shows his true colors by using his Secret Poison on the Future Warrior who he almost eliminates via ring out but his attack is blocked by Piccolo, allowing the Future Warrior to recover and Jaco notices Frost's cheating, convincing the ref to have him disqualified for using a weapon. However, Vegeta convinces them not to let Frost off with a disqualification and that he needs to be punished once his true character as the secret leader of space pirates is made known by Vados which Frost himself doesn't deny. Goku finishes his exam and notes he barely passed. The warrior defeats Frost while Vegeta convinces Piccolo to switch with him as Hit joins Cabba as his new tag team partner.

Vegeta aids Cabba in achieving his Super Saiyan form by threatening him like in the original history before telling Cabba to test it out on the Future Warrior while transforms into Super Saiyan Blue to fight Hit. The warrior defeats Cabba but Hit defeats Vegeta. Monaka is about to be sent in but he faints from the excitement. Eventually Cabba, Frost, and Hit are all mysteriously enchanted by the Supervillain power-up. Goku suggests he and Monaka team up with Future Warrior to make it a fair 3-on-3, but Beerus pulls Monaka from the tournament, saving face by stating Monaka would kill everyone in a brawl like that. He sends Goku in to join the Future Warrior causing Champa to declare it a battle Royale. The warrior faces Cabba and Frost, while Goku faces off against Hit using Super Saiyan Blue before showing off his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken. The warrior defeats Cabba and Frost while Hit loses his Supervillain power-up at the same time.

There job is finished as Goku faces Hit in the final round of the tournament as Magetta left after being insulted by Champa and Monaka had been pulled out by Beerus, the warrior steps outside the ring effectively ringing themselves out on purpose while Beerus threatens to destroy them before Chronoa explains it was actually a Time Patrol mission to ensure Beerus' team wins, so he lets them off the hook. The Warrior leaves though Hit is glad to be rid of them calling the warrior a nuisance, before Goku tells Hit not to talk that way about the Warrior as he considers them a friend, before confronting Hit with his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken. Upon returning to the Time Nest, Chronoa reveals Goku won after they left. Chronoa wonders the Time Patrol should hold a tournament and invite warriors from across history though Elder Kai shouts at her and calls her a fool noting that doing so would destroy history, though Chronoa simply calls him a party pooper. Future Trunks however notes that everything went crazy when Goku entered the tournament after finishing the exam, but hopes it was his imagination before wondering if someone planned it.

As part of the Super Pack 4 DLC, the C.C. Robot Culina appears in the Time Nest and informs the Future Warrior of another special assignment. In the Time Nest, Chronoa reveals she sent Future Trunks on another mission to avoid any problems as Elder Kai informs the Future Warrior that the change occurs in a time period related to Future Trunks though it involves his Dragon Ball Super counterpart who is apparently a different incarnation as Future Trunks was not aware of Beerus until the Demigra Incident in Age 850 after he had become Chronoa's assistant and joined the Time Patrol. It is implied that his recruitment was partially due to the actions of his Dragon Ball Super counterpart as his actions into the original flow of history foiled the Zero Mortals Plan which came about due to the unauthorized use of the Time Rings by rogue Supreme Kai apprentice Zamasu who killed Gowasu and became Goku Black then traveled to Future Trunks' timeline to recruit his future counterpart who became immortal using the Super Dragon Balls, which likely influenced Chronoa's decision to recruit Future Trunks from a timeline where those events had not occurred which would fit with Elder Kai's statement about it being connected instead of stating that his past was in danger of being altered. Due to Future Trunks being kept in the dark about the mission, Chronoa assigns the Future Warrior's predecessor the legendary Toki Toki City Hero to partner up with them for the mission. Chronoa and Elder Kai show them a history change in Age 796 of the future timeline from Dragon Ball Super.

They observe Future Trunks starting his Time Machine which stops working as it starts to react in the same manner as a Time Scroll does to indicate a history change implying the change caused it to malfunction. To make matters worse, Goku Black appears and destroys the Time Machine with a Black Kamehameha which kills Future Trunks. Despite being a Shinjin in a mortal Saiyan body, Goku Black shows the telltale signs of the Supervillain power-up which he has somehow acquired from an unidentified source. Chronoa and Elder Kai inform them of Black's crime of murdering deities and mortals alike. Elder Kai notes his displeasure at once again dealing with Time Machines which he does not approve of as their use was unauthorized. Chronoa explains its design flaw that causes alternate timelines and that while its use is technically a crime it is permitted in this circumstance as it is a part of the original history thus they must protect it to restore the proper flow. She sends the Hero to protect the Time Machine so Future Trunks can travel to the main timeline. She sends the Future Warrior to Age 779 of the main timeline to wait for Future Trunks to arrive so they can deal with Supervillain Goku Black when he follows Future Trunks into the past due to his Time Ring reacting to the time distortion created by the Time Machine's design flaw. The Warrior is tasked with fighting Black to ensure no alternations occur in the main timeline after Future Trunks arrives following the Hero's successful correction of Age 796.

Elder Kai warns the Future Warrior of the danger posed by Black's Time Ring as it will allow him to follow them back to the Time Nest as it reacts to their presence due to their use of the Time Scroll which creates a safe path through timespace which Time Rings can apparently react to in the same manner as a time distortion, thus they must be careful when returning to Age 852. Eventually the distortion naturally corrects itself pulling Goku Black back to Age 796, but he resists long enough to fire a ki blast destroying Trunks' time machine. However fortunately Chronoa had elected previously to retain the alterations made by Cell's misuse of the Time Machine from his timeline which resulted in his time machine being given to Bulma who kept it and manages to repair it using her counterparts notes with the help of her father and the Pilaf Gang as per the original history thus Chronoa and Elder Kai note the correction was a success. Chronoa permits the use of Cell's repaired Time Machine due to its use being a part of the proper flow of history, despite possessing the same design flaw which remained uncorrected as Bulma was unaware of it as per the original timeline. Elder Kai explains the origin of Goku Bkack as Zamasu the Apprentice Supreme Kai of Universe 10 who stole Goku's body and recruited his future counterpart to enact the Project Zero Mortals. He hates to have to send them to deal with the gods' mistakes but they are all they've got before imploring them to stop the two rogue Shinjin in their place.

The Future Warriors confront Black with Vegeta in Age 796 where they confront Supervillain Goku Black who transforms into Super Saiyan Rosé while retaining his Supervillain power-up despite the form's inherent godly ki and Black's proper divine status. Supervillain Rosé Goku Black defeats SSGSS Vegeta while Future Zamasu using Supervillain power-up as well, appears to kill Goku. Goku and Future Trunks are injured and rescued by Future Yajirobe while Future Mai rescues Vegeta. The Future Warriors manage to escape back to Age 852 without Black or Future Zamasu following them. Goku Black and Future Zamasu wonder what to do about their "other problem" though Future Zamasu decides their is no need to rush when dealing with Time Travelers. Elder Kai and Chronoa imply that the alterations to history are due to Future Zamasu and Goku Black's misuse of the Time Rings, though how the two deities can utilize Supervillain power-up is left unexplained as normally Dark Magic has no effect on deities, God-like Saiyans, or anyone with godly ki. The Future Warriors are later sent back to Age 796 where the Hero aids in the evacuation of the injured Goku and Vegeta while the Future Warrior and Future Trunks hold off Black and Future Zamasu. Future Trunks achieves Super Saiyan Anger after Future Zamasu and Goku Black attempt to blame the Zero Mortal Plan on Future Trunks due to his alterations to history which resulting in Black's creation in the unaltered main timeline. The Future Warrior stays despite Future Trunks encouraging them to escape to Age 779 with Goku and Vegeta, only leaving once Goku and Vegeta successfully escape in the Time Machine thanks to the assistance of the Hero.

Angered over the two Zamasu misuse of the time rings and their Zero Mortal Plan nonsense, Elder Kai attempts to accompany the Future Warriors during the final battle in Age 796 so he can give the rogue Shinjin an earful of a lecture about the role of a Supreme Kai, but Chronoa convinces him not to as she doesn't think it will work as Gowasu failed in the original timeline and even if it succeeded then it would get in the way of the Future Warriors mission as it would alter history. Chronoa sends the Hero to aid Future Trunks fight with Future Zamasu while she sends the Future Warrior to assist Goku and Vegeta in their fight against Black. However Goku Black uses the power of Supervillain Rosé Goku Black to create his "weird scythe" which he uses in conjunction with his Time Ring to create rift in the fabric of timespace which Elder Kai identifies as a form of time rift which he notes is extremely reckless and that Time Rings must never be used to create holes in spacetime like that as it connects countless timelines together. This explains the presence of Supervillain Turles who teams up with Black as he wants revenge on Goku and the Future Warrior. To make matters worse Goku makes a huge blunder when he drops Zeno's Button while fighting Turles and Black, then fails to search for it when he notices it is missing, to Elder Kai's fury. Additionally the defeated Turles reveals he had not come alone, as Broly, Super Janemba, Meta-Cooler, and Lord Slug appear using the Supervillain power-up.

Goku Black flees promising he will show them all the ultimate apex. Goku, Vegeta, and the Future Warrior defeat the villain's despite their numeral advantage. Chronoa observes the Hero and Future Trunks' battle with Future Zamasu, when Black, Goku, Vegeta, and the Future Warrior link up with their respective allies. Black and Future Zamasu decide the time has come to use the Potara and fuse into Fused Zamasu. Elder Kai informs Chronoa of Goku's blunder in dropping Zeno's Button, which worries her greatly. Chronoa is also dumbstruck by the madness of Fused Zamasu's Zero Mortals Plan as she notes to her amazement that she has not idea what he is talking about when he claims he will build a realm of the gods free of mortals despite being a deity herself. Eventually Fused Zamasu uses the Light of Justice to transform into Supervillain Grotesque Zamasu. Grotesque Zamasu reveals he knows who the two Future Warriors are before admitting that his purge of the gods was incomplete before swearing to deal with their divine "masters" for interfering in his attempts to deliver "divine justice" after he is finished with Age 796. Elder Kai panics realizing he plans to come to the Time Nest, though Chronoa says they won't let that happen and calls the Hero back to give them a secret mission. She leaves it up to the Future Warrior to buy time for Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Vegito. Goku convinces Vegeta to fuse into Vegito who transforms into Vegito Blue which Chronoa notes has put history back on course. However as per the original timeline the fusion wears off, forcing Future Trunks to defend Goku and Vegeta from Grotesque Zamasu who asks where he will flee to next, the past, present, or to those who circumvent time.

Future Trunks however notes he is alive because of all the people who helped him and that helping each other is what it means to be human as he notices the Spirit Bomb subconsciously formed by the surviving Earthlings and channels it into his sword. However Grotesque Zamasu activates his Supervillain power-up and Future Trunks notes it is not enough as Supervillain Grotesque Zamasu overpowers him. He pleads for more power which comes from an unlikely source: the Rift in Time created earlier by Black. Sensing Future Trunks' struggle countless people and allies from across time answers his call sending their power to Age 796 via the rift. Piccolo and Gohan answer the call from the main timeline. Trunks, Goku, and Pan answer the call from the GT Timeline. Future Gohan and his somewhat bewildered student the teenaged Future Trunks answer the call from an unidentified future timeline. In Age 852 in the Time Nest outside the Time Vault, Future Trunks notices his counterpart's struggle and recognizing it is related to his crimes, decides to send his energy as well to ensure history is corrected. Future Trunks uses the energy to create the Sword of Hope and overpower Supervillain Grotesque Zamasu. Grotesque Zamasu asks if he would subvert justice as Future Trunks stabs him with the blade, though Future Trunks says to hell with his justice as he doesn't deserve it, before finishing him off with the Final Hope Slash which physically kills Grotesque Zamasu.

With his body and Time Ring destroyed the rift closes and Future Trunks wonders how he can ever repay the debt he owes to all the countless people who aided him. Goku congratulates Future Trunks on killing Grotesque Zamasu before he notices something flying towards him which he catches. He realizes it was thrown by the Toki Toki City Hero who Goku thanks for their assistance before they return to Age 852 as their comrade the Future Warrior had already left to report back to Chronoa and Elder Kai. The two Shinjin congratulate the warrior before Old Kai notes that Time Rings usually bring nothing but trouble he notes that while the rift brought villains who sought them harm it also brought good power that was desperately needed which he notes is quite an ironic twist as Goku Black created the rift yet it contributed to the death of his half-corrupted fusion. He wonders why everyone helped Future Trunks from across time, though Chronoa surmises they sensed his powerful desire to protect the integrity of the future and Old Kai agrees that she is probably right.

The Hero returns and informs Chronoa their delivery was a success. However, Old Kai notices another history change and suddenly Infinite Zamasu appears inside the Time Vault as he attempts to fulfil his promise to punish the Supreme Kai for their interference before he attempts to become one with the Time Nest and all of creation. Elder Kai falls to the ground in a panic as Infinite Zamasu asks if they enjoyed the show from behind the curtain of history before asking if they think they are above the gods. However surprisingly Chronoa remains relatively calm and even suggests Infinite Zamasu must be tired after coming all the way to the edge of Universe 7 where the Time Nest is located. She picks up a scroll from the table as Tokitoki watches her and notes that his struggling is pointless as his disappearance is a fact of history before staring him down with Tokitoki. Her words cause Infinite Zamasu realize something is wrong. Chronoa tells Infinite Zamasu that she and Elder Kai have allies called Time Patrollers while looking at the two Future Warriors and tells Infinite Zamasu not to underestimate them. She then poses and winks cheekily at Infinite Zamasu as he is erased from existence. She then explains to a bewildered Elder Kai that she had ordered the Toki Toki City Hero to find Zeno's Button and deliver it to Goku who used it when Infinite Zamasu showed up in Age 796 after the warriors had left which summoned Future Zeno who erased Infinite Zamasu and the Future Multiverse, which due to a combination of Future Zeno's almighty power and Infinite Zamasu's erasure being a fact of history caused Infinite Zamasu in Age 852 to be erased as well. She also gets Elder Kai to admit he though they only needed to defeat Grotesque Zamasu. She goes on to remind him of his earlier boost that he would sit Zamasu down and give him an earful of a lecture yet panicked when Infinite Zamasu showed up, only for Elder Kai to retort he couldn't make Zamasu's immortal essence sit down due to his lack of a physical body, though Chronoa notes he has an excuse for everything just like Grotesque Zamasu which was noted earlier by Vegito Blue during the fight between the two fusions.

Future Trunks enters and informs them that he had sensed the battle earlier and concludes they were dealing with a altered timeline related to his "crime". However Chronoa tells Future Trunks while his crime was a grave one it is overshadowed by all the good he has done and notes that the Time Nest would have been destroyed a long time ago were it not for his efforts, so he should stop brooding over it, a sentiment seconded by Tokitoki. Felling guilty about tricking him to become her assistant, Chronoa asks if he enjoys his work before noting that she does not want to keep Future Trunks indentured to the Time Patrol because of his crimes effectively giving Future Trunks a chance to leave the Time Patrol and return to his own timeline. However Future Trunks thanks her for her concern but that he enjoys his job, has made many friends among the Time Patrol, and enjoys life in the Time Nest and Conton City. Chronoa and Elder Kai are relieved as Chronoa bluntly admits that they'd be lost without him. She also admits she had a feeling he stay as he is such a hard worker, though quickly informs him he can't take it back as it is already recorded in the official history, though Future Trunks laughs it off stating he just can't say no to her. Now that he has chosen to stay of his own free will instead of as a form of indentured penance, Chronoa symbolic welcomes him aboard as a member of the Time Patrol. The official timeline is restored and history changes disappear once Chronoa puts the scrolls back together. However as their timeline ends at Age 796, Chronoa allows Future Trunks and Future Mai to relocate to a new timeline created by Whis and makes no objection to Future Zeno or his attendants taking up residence in the main timeline with their counterparts as Future Zeno's authority exceeds that of the Supreme Kai of Time and she would not wish to upset Zeno who accepts Future Zeno as an equal and a friend.

However as part of the Extra Pack 2 DLC, it is revealed during the Unknown History Saga that before her death in Age ???, Towa had secretly used the Time Scroll for Age 774 to save the life of her brother Dabura the former King of the Demon Realm killed by Innocent Buu during her infiltration of the Time Vault in Age 852. As a result Dabura's death was secretly undone much like the death of Bardock in Age 737. Unfortunately for Dabura, his beloved younger sister perished when Final Form Mira was killed as he had absorbed her after his personality change caused by his defeat at the hands of Bardock which in turn was caused by Future Trunks and the Future Warrior freeing the Masked Saiyan. Additionally the Future Warrior had been the one to actually kill Mira which caused Towa's death and they had been unable to stop Mira from absorbing his sister despite technically being allied with Towa at the time as they had worked together to stop Mira from overloading and potentially destroying the universe. As a result, Dabura swore vengeance on his sister's enemies, the Time Patrol. Dabura began gather Damage Energy to power himself up, though he was not the only one as he planned to power up Fu, the artificially created offspring of Towa and Mira born from their genetic material. Dabura viewed the boy as his nephew and rightful successor as King of Demon Realm. With Fu, Dabura planned to take revenge on the Time Patrol and Chronoa, even forming an alliance with someone from an alternate timeline depending on who he is facing (for example Chronoa and the Toki Toki City Hero's old adversary Demigra). Ultimately it would be up to the Future Warrior and their selected "partner/instructor" to deal with the threat posed by Fu, Demigra, and Dabura as well as various other adversaries in the timelines altered by Dabura. However, they would receive help in thwarting Dabura from the unlikeliest of allies.

Infinite History Saga

The Future Warrior finds themselves in a Time Rift timeline where Demon God Demigra is the Supreme Kai of Time and supreme leader of the Time Patrol. Future Trunks, Old Kai, and Toki Toki City Hero of this timeline are not disturbed at all by this unlike the Future Warrior who is shocked and confused. Demigra tells them he summoned them to look for Tokitoki who has gone missing. Future Trunks notes he's been too hard on Tokitoki and Elder Kai notes the Supreme Kai of Time Demigra seems a little evil noting his evil laugh as an example but Demigra dismisses his concerns. They decide to try calling Tokitoki and everyone starts doing so save for the Future Warrior who knows this history is all wrong. Suddenly the Time Vault emits the energy indicating a massive history change and the enigmatic Fu appears revealing this new history to be his handy work. However Fu having had his fun decides to absorb the changes he made to convert into energy. Doing so causes the rift to disappear and the Future Warrior finds themselves back in the Time Nest during a meeting with Chronoa, Old Kai, Future Trunks, and the Tokitoki City Hero. Chronoa unaware of the rift admonishes the confused Future Warrior for spacing out and day dreaming. Chronoa and the others then begin explaining of a recent crisis caused by four new rifts that have appeared in Conton City which have corrupted the Patrollers sent to investigate them making them violent and hostile forcing the Time Patrol to quarantine them though as a result they have been unable to investigate the rifts. Elder Kai explains that given their experience with correcting history the Future Warrior should be able to investigate the rifts without being corrupted. However Future Trunks thinks its risky to send them in alone and refuses to believe could have formed naturally and believes they are connected to the recent changes in history following Towa and Mira's demise in Age ??? believing whoever is behind the rifts is responsible the changes too. Chronoa notes that it was the first thing to cross her mind and in researching the events she discovered the rifts are starting to effect Conton City residents too but that someone from another timeline shouldn't be affected like the locals. She then summons the Future Warrior's current Instructor who walks into the Time Nest through the portal with the Future Warrior happy to see them. Chronoa explains she selected their instructor to act as their partner due to their familiarity with one another so their wouldn't be any issues. Future Trunks however asks if she is sure about it and wonders if it might change history even more. However Chronoa explains the rifts exist in their own timespace which is separate from the official history. Elder Kai notes she has a valid point so it shouldn't be a problem. The Warrior's instructor is willing to lend their aid though their responses differ depending on which one is selected. Chronoa shows them the first time rift which she has moved next to her house from its original location in Conton City to quarantine it to prevent more Patrollers and locals from being effected. She notes they won't know what kind of history their dealing with until they enter the rift so they will need to be ready for anything. She explains that she and the old man will support them from the Time Nest as they normally would and wishes them good luck.

Inside the rift, they find a space complete empty which Elder Kai notes is curious. He then notices the Future Warrior is having trouble and asks what is going on. Chronoa reveals the space they are in was created by Whis and notes it resemble the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. She tells them to be careful as the place is filled with the power of a god and they won't be able to move unless they can control their energy. The Future Warrior focuses their power and recovers, with Chronoa realizing to her amazement that the space they are in is where Whis had Goku and Vegeta train to reach Super Saiyan Blue. They then witness Goku and Vegeta sparring with a shadowy figure whom Goku and Vegeta perceive to be Whis though the Future Warrior, their partner, Elder Kai, and Chronoa perceive the figure for who he really is and Elder Kai wonders who the mysterious fellow is. The Whis imposter, Goku, and Vegeta notices the Future Warrior and their partner with the Whis imposter asking if they are Time Patrollers. He notes that he will have to find a new place to experiment since they made it into the rift. Elder Kai notes the imposters true form isn't known to them but surmises he is the one behind the rifts.

Chronoa tells them to battle the imposter and best him so they can get the whole story. However, the imposter suggests that before they start flipping out he might at least introduce himself and reveals himself to be Fu. Fu claims he is not suspicious person though Elder Kai notes that is what a suspicious person would say and demands he tell them just who he is and what he is planning. Fu however tells him not to get his panties in a wad and notes they are in the middle of a time rift which is totally separate from the history recorded in Book of the Beginning and End, which he explains in more simple terms means they can change history however they wish unlike before. Though it pains her to say Chronoa notes he is right and that any potential changes made there won't but stops herself before saying they won't alter the official history and wonders how Fu could even know that and finds him even more suspicious. Chronoa contacts Fu and accuses him of brainwashing the last crew they sent in and demands he return them to normal. Fu realizes why they are their and notes that while they likely won't believe him he didn't create the time rift or do anything to her fellow Time Patrollers.

Chronoa ends the fight by calling a time out and asks what he means. Fu offers to help the Time Patrol with the rifts and brainwashed Time Patrollers in exchange for them helping him out. Chronoa asks how but before he can answer, Vegeta demands to know who the Future Warrior and their partner are still under the impression Fu is Whis. Goku notes they must be pretty tough to think they can take on Whis. Fu playing the role of Whis explains he had brought them to assist in Goku and Vegeta's training. Goku and Vegeta are okay with this as Goku says he should have said so in the first place while Vegeta had been itching to fight and suggests they stop wasting time and get started. Fu then turns to the bewildered Future Warrior and notes he just wanted them all on the same page. Elder Kai notes things could get ugly as Goku and Vegeta mean business due to their dedication to training to get stronger. Chronoa asks what Fu is up to and demands an answer. Fu reveals he was hoping to change the rift's history by meeting Goku and Vegeta before they attained Super Saiyan Blue. He notes it seem like a good idea at first but it turned out to be boring though luckily he got a better idea. Elder Kai has no clue what he's plotting and that they need to find out though they are fight going to have to fight. Goku notes the Future Warrior's race and power, while Elder Kai says Goku and Vegeta ain't nothing to laugh at either as they've mastered the energies of a god after all. Vegeta notes their power grows even stronger and guesses their training has paid off.

Elder Kai assumes they should be safely be able to acquire Super Saiyan Blue and Chronoa concludes it ought to set history straight though Fu finds it boring so he decides to bath them in Blutz Waves with their power so perfectly raised. Chronoa notes Blutz Waves occur during a full moon before realizing what he is planning and orders him to stop though it is too late. The Blutz Waves cause Goku and Vegeta to transform into straight into their Super Saiyan 4 forms which they mistake for a new godly form. Elder Kai notes it is the wrong transformation which like his GT counterpart he is aware of the existence of said form. Chronoa notes they will never be able to correct history since they learned the wrong form and tells the Future Warrior and their partner not to stand around. Fu wishes them luck as against two Super Saiyan 4s who are implied to be stronger than their GT counterparts due to Whis' and later the disguised Fu's training. Fu notes twisting up history is literally the best thing ever though Chronoa tells him to stop and states they will never be able to repair the rift's history if he doesn't which will prevent them from weakening the rift. Fu however explains the changes in history others make don't do anything special but he on the other hand can absorb energy from the ones he makes. The Future Warrior and their partner manage to defeat Goku and Vegeta. Fu decides it is time to absorb the changes he made like the Demigra time rift which causes the rift to disappear.

The Future Warrior, their partner, and Fu appear back in the Time Nest. Fu explains the rift is gone because he absorbed some energy and that they are welcome. He also explains the people who got brainwashed by that rift should be back to normal. Fu notes he had so much fun and is impressed by the Future Warrior's power and wants to learn everything he can about them. He knows they just met and what he is about to ask them might sound a bit forward but asks if he can have a sample of their blood. However, the shocked Future Warrior refuses disturbed by the odd request and Fu is disappointed though not surprised or angry about their refusal. He then notes he has to go and offers them a chance to come with him as he would love to study them. They again refuse but Fu says he's pretty sure they will meet again later and leaves. Chronoa comes racing out of the Time Vault and tells Fu to stop though he leaves before she can make it to him. Chronoa is angry he got away while Elder Kai following right behind her has exhausted himself trying to keep up with the much younger Chronoa and starts coughing and wheezing trying to catch his breath before tell her not to leave him behind.

Chronoa is amazed by Fu's ability to absorb the energy from any change in history he makes which she notes is unbelievable. Elder Kai also believes its impossible and that he doesn't even believe Fu can create changes in history all by himself, noting there is just no way. Chronoa agrees noting that if it were true then anything that occurs in a rift might not affect the proper timeline. However even after noting it Chronoa points out they all just watched him clear up that anomaly. Chronoa notes Fu is a complete mystery as none of then knows who he is or what he wants which is a situation the Time Patrol haven't dealt with before as they has extensive knowledge or at least had some clue as to who their dealing with during their conflicts with Demigra, Towa, and Mira. She notes that they still have three rifts to deal with then they have to find out who's behind them. Elder Kai can't agree more and notes it seems like Fu was right in saying there is somebody else responsible for the rifts. Chronoa tells the Future Warrior to let them know when their ready to fix the rest of the anomalies and tells them to keep an eye out for Fu who seems to be able to bypass the Time Nest's barrier at will allowing him to come and go as he pleases.

Extra Story Mode

After completing the first rift, the Future Warrior can select how the story unfolds. They can either fix changes in history by investigating the time rift that appears next to Chronoa's house or they can speak to Fu to take him up on his offer to make changes to the rift's history allowing Fu to absorb them.

If they talk to Fu after completing the first rift, he notes he thought it was strange that they were making eye contact and notes that they can see him. He notes its funny because he is sure he made himself invisible which is why Chronoa and Elder Kai don't notice his presence. Fu doesn't mind that they can see him and notes they are headed to the next time rift and notes that in that case it would be nice if they came with him to help gather energy and promises not to do anything bad.

Dragon Ball Online


This section lists the different promotional heroes used as Time Patrol members in trailers for the computer game. All the Human and Majin characters are listed with their gender first, their class, and then a numeral if there is another similar character. Note that Namekians are a genderless species.

Promotional Heroes (Beta Phase)


Promotional Heroes

A group of characters introduced in Dragon Ball Online's first cinematic trailer. They are a group of friends that travel and fight in companionship, and although they possess considerable knowledge of martial arts and ki control, they are often seen running from minor conflict, like rampaging dinosaurs. Nothing is known about their conquest, though they are seen discovering a Dragon Ball, and later, travel into the past to aid Goku during his initial confrontation with Vegeta.

Their primary role is in the first promotional video, although they appear again in the second. In this one, the group is seen running away from yet another dinosaur. But just then, the second group of promotional heroes appear and rescue them. The beta phase promotional heroes are once again seen with members of the open-beta heroes, where they cheer on the Unnamed Martial Artist (2) and Unnamed Dark Warrior at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Male Martial Artist (1)

Main article: Unnamed Martial Artist (1)

Unnamed Martial Artist (-1)

Male Martial Artist (1)

The Earthling leader and presumably the strongest of the first five promotional heroes. It can be concluded by his clothing and fighting ability that he is a Martial Artist. In appearance, he is a Goku archetype and has similar qualities; reluctance to the Unnamed Spiritualists' affection (like Goku's initial relationship with Chi-Chi), a similar orange fighting gi though lacking a kanji and instead customized with a black shirt, boots, and gloves. The Martial Artists' facial features are calm and also similar to Goku's. The only major difference in their appearing is two characters is their hair color and style of hair. Because he is a Martial Artist, he may know trademark techniques such as the Wolf Fang Fist and Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper, although he is never seen performing them.

He is first seen in the beta phase's promotional video, where he is seen reading a book (possibly Groundbreaking Science) under a tree before he is joined by his four friends.

Female Spiritualist (1)

Female Spiritualist (1)

The only female heroine to travel with the first group of promotional characters. Judging by her clothing, it is quite likely that she is a Spiritualist. The Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1) is hinted to be her love interest, though he fails to return her affection. Although she appears with her team throughout both of the first two videos, she is only seen fighting when she trips a dazed dinosaur with a powerful kick. If in fact a Spiritualist, she may know signature attacks like the Kamehameha, Dodon Ray, Spirit Ball, Scattering Bullet, and Destructo Disc, however she has not performed any of these techniques.

Male Martial Artist (Child)

The Child Martial Artist

A Human child traveling in the company of the first group of promotional characters. In appearance, he is an exact copy of the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1)'s character model, except that this Martial Artist is notably much younger. He is generally depicted as mischievous and excitable. He is only seen fighting during a team attack with his comrades, which he initiates with a hurled Ki Blast that dazes the dinosaur. Although the Ki Blast did no apparent damage to their enemy, the clearing smoke allowed the Unnamed Female Spiritualist (1) and Unnamed Martial Artist (Child) to deliver powerful physical attacks, followed by a finishing attack from their leader.


The Child Martial Artist charging a Ki Blast

  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of an energy attack, which is generated in the user's palm. His ki energy is yellow and hurled over-head at a dinosaur; causing no damage but dazing him just long enough for his team members to finish it off. Like the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1), he uses a yellow ki sphere. However, most if not all Martial Artist ki attacks are blue.
Dragon Clan

Main article: Unnamed Dragon Clan (DBO)

Unnamed Dragon Clan

The unnamed Dragon Clan

An adult Namekian and a Dende archetype that serves as his team's supporter/healer, and is quite possibly at his core class like the rest of the members of his team, making him a Dragon Clan. He is one of the two Namekians on his team. He appears to be rather nonchalant under most circumstances, and is always alongside his friends and teammates in their every appearance. During the first cinematic trailer for the game, he is shown giving his teammate, the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (1), an unknown boost in power before the Martial Artist is seen jumping through the air to deliver a powerful finishing blow to the dinosaur. As a Dragon Clan, he may know the Antenna Beam and a series of healing waves.

Child Warrior

Main article: Unnamed Child Warrior (DBO)

Unnamed Child Warrior

Child Warrior-type Namekian

A child Namekian that is shown with the first group of the promotional characters. Like the Unnamed Dragon Clan, he is shown to be calm, but quite aggressive in combat despite his young age. He is commonly seen alongside the Unnamed Martial Artist (Child) and his other friends. His young age and the fact that the other members of his team are in their starting classes, it is assumed that he is a Warrior-type Namekian, simply called Warrior in Dragon Ball Online. He fights only when he appears from out of the smoke of the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (Child)'s ki attack, and delivers a strike to a large dinosaur's head. Because he is a Warrior class Namekian, he may know Masenko, Mystic Attack, and Special Beam Cannon, though he is never seen performing any of these attacks.

Promotional Heroes (Open Beta)

The second group of promotional heroes are a group of considerably powerful warriors allied together. Almost nothing is known about the group, much like the first. Unnamed Male Martial Artist (2) and Unnamed Dark Warrior are believed to be the strongest, and have an apparent rivalry as shown through the tension prior to their fight at the World Martial Arts Tournament.

In events leading up to the World Martial Arts Tournament, the five heroes rescue the first group of promotional heroes from a charging dinosaur.

Male Martial Artist (2)

Main article: Unnamed Martial Artist (2)

Unnamed Male Hero

Male Martial Artist (2)

The Human leader of the second group of promotional heroes. Compared to the first leader, who often relies on using team attacks with his comrades or simply running away from conflict, this Martial Artist is more battle-hardened and far more brave. He has the unique ability to become a Super Saiyan which he is seen using only in his fight against Unnamed Dark Warrior at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Judging by this ability, he clearly has the required level of skill to take on an optional master class for the Martial Artist class (Sword Master or Fighter), yet the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (2) does not wield any type of weapon. Therefore, it is concluded that he is a Martial Artist just like the first promotional group's leader.

Dark Warrior

Main article: Unnamed Dark Warrior (DBO)

Unnamed Namekian hero

Namekian Dark Warrior

A Namekian whose power is equivalent to that of the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (2) and could be thought of as his rival in power, as shown through the tension between the two fighters at the World Martial Arts Tournament. He can be classified as a Dark Warrior, one of two Warrior master classes; evident through his use of the Hellzone Grenade technique. When facing the Unnamed Male Martial Artist (2) at the World Martial Arts Tournament, the Dark Warrior uses a Power Up characterized by electricity, purple aura, and red eyes. He uses this in retaliation to the Martial Artist's Super Saiyan transformation, therefore it can be concluded that this unknown transformation is equivalent in power. In addition to Hellzone Grenade, Unnamed Dark Warrior also knows the basic form of Ki Blast, has the ability to fly, and the Namekian ability to stretch his arm limbs.

Sword Master

Main article: Unnamed Male Sword Master

Unnamed Swordsman

Male Swordsman

A Human swordsman that travels alongside the second group of promotional heroes. Through his use of a sword, it is evident that he is a Sword Master, one of two Martial Artist master classes. Also, he may be a practitioner of the Kikoukenjutsu sword principle, which emphasizes on manipulating ki through swords. His hairstyle is notably similar to Future Trunks' after his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, except brown.

Female Spiritualist (2)

Main article: Unnamed Female Spiritualist (2)


Female Spiritualist (2)

A Human female that travels in the company of the second group of promotional heroes. It isn't evident which combat class she belongs.

Mighty Majin

Main article: Unnamed Mighty Majin

Unnamed Majin

Majin Hero

The only Majin promotional hero. He travels in the company of the second group. His gender is only confirmed by the fact that he has a fat body like Majin Buu, which has been stated to be a male trait for Majins.

Xenoverse series


DBXV2 Time Patrol (Interlude 1) Chronoa, Tokitoki, Elder Kai, Xeno Trunks, & The Future Warriors (Greetings! Trunks, History's Hero Cutscene 1.5)

Conton City Hero, Tokitoki, Chronoa, Elder Kai, Trunks: Xeno, Toki Toki City Hero in Xenoverse 2

Taino Force

Taino Force

Taino Force

  • Taino - A female Majin (Leader/Captain of the Taino Force)
  • Thirith - A Capsule Corp robot.
  • Iaas - A Frieza Clansman.
  • Ukatz - A Namekian.
  • Pima - A male Saiyan.

Cresso's Armored Squadron

Romance Rangers

Seed Unit

Murasaki Brothers

  • Ninja Murasaki - Eldest Brother (Leader)[1]
  • Konkon - Second Eldest[1]
  • Chacha - Third Eldest[1]
  • Akkah - Fourth Eldest[1]
  • Aoh - Youngest Brother[1]

Hero Society

Masters and allies

Several characters from the past come to Toki Toki City/Conton City in order to train or seek help from the members of the Time Patrol, as they do not want history destroyed either. However some masters like Cell, Frieza, Cooler, Broly, Turles, Lord Slug, and Bojack simply wish to use members for their own agendas, though are still willing to teach their techniques to promising members of the Time Patrol. Others like Raditz & Nappa train Time Patrol members to recruit them into helping them invade and destroy Conton City (though there attacks never occur), while Dodoria, Zarbon, and Captain Ginyu seek to recruit promising Time Patrol members into the Frieza Force either to bolster its forces with new talent or to elevate their own station within the organization. Some like Beerus and the Z Fighters have been recruited by Chronoa and/or Elder Kai help train Time Patrollers. Whis seeks out promising Time Patrol members for training as potential candidates for the next God of Destruction or at the very least to have them treat him to meals while training them. Some like Bardock and Android 16 mysteriously find themselves in Conton City though have presumably been transported there by Chronoa to train members of the Time Patrol. Jaco ends up in both Toki Toki City and Conton City after his spaceship (presumably transported there by Chronoa) crashes there and ends up training members of the Time Patrol while waiting to be picked up by the Galactic Patrol or his spaceship to be fixed.

These characters include Future Trunks (and his various alternate timeline counterparts), Future Gohan, Goku, Goten, Mr. Satan, Pan, Videl, Gohan (Adult & Kid), Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, Gotenks, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Jaco, Bardock, Raditz, Nappa, Broly, Turles, Lord Slug, Frieza, Dodoria, Zarbon, Captain Ginyu, Android 16, Android 17, Android 18, Cell, Majin Buu, Beerus, Whis, Hit, Cooler, Bojack, and Future Zamasu.

Time Patroller Academy

By Age 852, Elder Kai runs the Time Patroller Academy at Orange Star High School in Conton City where Time Patrollers can attend martial arts classes under different instructors (a term used to describe Masters in Xenoverse 2). Certain instructors classes are only available once a Patroller has completed a advancement test to graduate to a higher class. These class start from Easy Class to Intermediate Class to Advanced Class to Kai Class to God Class to Super Class. Super Class is the highest class and allows full access to all available instructors and lessons though some only appear which a certain amount of progress has been made in the story. However in addition to Super Class their is a special Final Advancement Test for Super Class students who have achieved a Z-Rank on the first 5 Advancement Tests (from Easy Class to God Class) which unlocks the sixth and final test which allows students to have their potential released and acquire the Potential Unleashed Awoken Skill as well as random pieces of the Time Patroller Suit. The final test does not need to be "Z"-Ranked.

After completing their Initiation Test Masters can be recruited as Instructors allowing Time Patrollers to train under them at the Time Patroller Academy, talk, bond with them, and Instructors may also show up to aid their student if they having trouble in quests. Instructors will teach not only their skills but will also oversee a Time Patroller's Challenge Quests tutorials though some like the Art of Battle and Dual Ultimate Attack Tutorial are special. Most Challenge Quests have the Patroller's active Instructor (or Elder Kai call one over if they haven't selected one yet) teach their student the specific focus of said quest such as Perfect Guard, Vanishing, Combo Attacks, and other fighting mechanics allowing Time Patrollers to improve upon these fighting methods. The Instructor often will demonstrate these methods before having the Patroller try for themselves and test them on it by having them perform said action. Instructors can be changed at anytime and Time Patrollers can train under a different Master who is not their current instructor and vice versa though only one (Gohan & Videl count as a two-in-one instructor as they train students as a team) active instructor can be had at any given time.

Partner Customization

After the 1.09.00 Update in Xenoverse 2, the Time Patrol receive a new service called Partner Customization which allows Instructors who's Initiation Test has been completed to be customized through a special skillset which allows their clothing, stats, skillset, and Super Souls be customized. In Partner Customization, Masters/Instructors are known as Partners. However some options must be unlocked by spending TP Medals and their stats are preset to specific attributes with different options depending on the custom partner in question. Partner Customization can be accessed via talking to Partner Customization C.C. Robots who appear in near the Trip Guide Robots in the Time Machine Station, next to the fountain in from of the Time Patrol Academy, and in the Time Nest next to Chronoa's Residence.

Some Skills can be acquired only through Partner Customization such as Nappa's Super Saiyan Awoken Skill or Vegeta's Tail Slicer. Some partners can be customized with skills used by others such as Goku's ability to unlock and equip Divine Lasso, Yamcha ability to unlock and equip Tri-Beam or Neo Tri-Beam, or Videl's ability to unlock and use Kamehameha, Dancing Parapara or Maiden Blast, or Bardock's ability to unlock and use the Super Kamehameha. Additionally all Partners can be equipped with their Dual Ultimate Attack skill which is a two person team Ultimate Attack which allows them to initiate a Dual Ultimate Attack with Time Patrollers or themselves as allies performing the secondary assist that completes the Dual Ultimate when both the initial and secondary assist are performed successfully. Conversely Instructors will also teach their Dual Ultimate Attack skill to any Time Patrollers whom they have achieved Partner Level (maximum friendship) with after a brief conversation, whom they can initiate the attack for allowing another Patroller or the Instructor to perform the secondary assist. At Partner Level the Instructor gains a Partner Gauge that increases the power and/or effect of their Dual Ultimate Attack. Fu appears as a partner during the Infinite History Saga which is the only story mode that allows customizable Partners to take part in the story which has various scenarios depending on the selected partner.

Additionally Time Patrollers can purchase Special Costumes as gifts for certain Instructors which they can give to the Instructor unlocking it as a Special Costume in Partner Customization which can then be worn by them through their custom skillset. These outfits may alter their hair as well as their clothing though if the hair is a wig or hat it will be removed when any Super Saiyan Awoken Skill transformations are used (as Instructor's hair model changes when said transformations are used). Some Instructors menu selection quotes will change when their special costume is worn such as Android 18 and Videl's negative reactions to having to fight in a bikini or Super Mr. Satan (which is a costume he is wearing as his "god" transformation) declaring he has become a god.

Dragon Ball Heroes

Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes

Time Patrol DEA

Time Patrollers during the Dark Empire Saga

Both Future Trunks (called Trunks: Xeno) and Supreme Kai of Time represent the Time Patrol. When Masked Saiyan loses his mask, revealing himself to be Bardock, he becomes an ally to the Time Patrol (called Bardock: Xeno). GT Goten is added as a member of the Time Patrol (becoming Goten: Xeno), and can fuse with Trunks: Xeno, resulting in Gotenks: Xeno. Goku himself becomes a Time Patroller, gaining a completely new outfit and taking back his Power Pole (now called Goku: Xeno). Later, Gohan becomes a patroller, now called Gohan: Xeno. At unspecified time, Vegeta (called Vegeta: Xeno) also joined, but he was captured by Demigra and turned into Black-Masked Saiyan, but he is eventually saved and brought back. Teen Bulma also appears as a member of the Time Patrol wearing her Wild Rider Suit though she serves in more a support role.

Dokkan Battle

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle In Dokkan Battle, a makeshift incarnation of the Time Patrol is founded by King Kai in a abnormal timeline altered by a mysterious dimensional distortion. Future Trunks' Time Machine gets caught within the dimensional distortion leaving him stranded in an Unknown Age. As Future Trunks is a time traveler with a Time Machine, King Kai requests he assist in determining the cause as a Time Patroller (this Trunks still where's his Capsule Corporation Jacket from the Androids Conflict thus is apparently not the same one who works under Chronoa). Future Trunks recruits a partner to help him investigate. Said partner's name is chosen by the player and they fight using the game's character cards (or Saibamen by default for any black spaces within their deck) as they lack a physical avatar within the game. After taking part in the World Tournament, Future Trunks and his partner investigate leads as they try to find the cause of the dimensional distortion, while confronting various villains and villainous factions that inhabit this timeline confronting various characters from it's abnormal timeline and characters from other timelines that end up in Age ??? due to the growth of the dimensional distortion. Together the Time Patrol confronts various Saiyans (from invaders like Raditz, Nappa, Turles, Paragus, Broly, and Team Bardock minus their leader as they come from the time they invades Planet Meat, along with righteous Saiyans like Bardock and Tarble), to the Frieza Force, Cooler Force, Pilaf Gang, Red Ribbon Army, Dr. Cochin, Turles Crusher Corps, the rebellious twin Android 17 & 18, Imperfect Cell, the Organization of Babidi, Shula, Melee, Gola, and Kid Buu. However Future Trunks finds allies such as Gohan (Youth), Krillin, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Tien, Chiaotzu, Piccolo, Mr. Satan, and of course Goku. Vegeta starts off trying to convince Kakarot and his allies to join forces with him, Raditz, and Nappa, but Goku refuses to work with his brother and Nappa due to their evil nature. This leads to a confrontation that allows Ginyu to steal Goku's body while Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan and challenges the Time Patrol for siding against him unaware that Future Trunks is his counterpart's son. However he later joins them to confront Cell and aids them by forcing Cell to spit up Android 17 and holds off Turles for them so they can chase after Cell. Eventually they help Goku regain his body from Ginyu. Eventually they are called upon by Goku and Grand Supreme Kai to stop Babidi from reviving Kid Buu as in this timeline he never absorbed the South or Grand Supreme Kais, However Kid Buu is freed and soon absorbs Grand Supreme Kai creating a weaker version of Innocent Buu due to Southern Supreme Kai not being absorbed. Eventually they find that Dr. Gero has teamed up with Dr. Kochin and brainwashed Piccolo but manage to free him. After training with Piccolo, they continue their quest to stop the remaining villains and finally discover the cause of the dimensional distortion.

Dragon Ball Fusions

Main article: Dragon Ball Fusions The Time Patrol is directly mentioned in the bio of Jacunks the EX-Fusion of Future Trunks (DBZ incarnation) and Jaco in which it is stated that Janks represents "the Galactic Patrol and Time Patrol, united to protect world peace!". Additionally, during the main story, Towa offers to "help" Tekka's Team deal with Broly to payback Trunks for all he did in the future, a reference to his Time Patrol counterpart, Xeno Trunks. Ultimately Towa and Mira betray the team and turn Broly into a Great Ape, indicating that Towa was using Broly to take revenge on Xeno Trunks' main timeline counterpart Kid Trunks who was living in the Timespace Rift. Despite the warping of Timespace within the rift, Chronoa and the rest of the Time Patrol are never encountered, though presumably Chronoa and the Time Patrol were monitoring the rift which was an unintended side effect of Tekka and Pinich's wish to Shenron, similar to the rifts caused by the Distorted Time Eggs in Xenoverse 2. Despite its albeit chaotic nature, the Timespace Rift is for the most part stable and due to its warped nature, allows people from different timelines to interact and compete in the Timespace Tournament. Presumably if the rift was stable enough and not too dangerous, Chronoa may have allowed it to remain as she had with the rifts in Xenoverse 2.

Fused Members

Fusion Dance




  • Both leaders of the first and second promotional heroes have notable physical traits of Goku, Dragon Ball's central protagonist and the leader of the Dragon Team.
  • It is presumed that the second hero is stronger than the first, considering the second's use of the Super Saiyan transformation and the fact that he saved the first hero from a dinosaur.
  • The second cinematic trailer is somewhat reminiscent to Goku's battle with Piccolo Jr. at the World Martial Arts Tournament, as it displays a Human (with Saiyan powers) and Goku's techniques fighting Namekian with powers similar to Piccolo's.
  • Technically Future Trunks did not break the law against the use of Time Machines because his use of the Time Machine was the first time distortion in the history of the universe and thus not against the law. It was only after this that the Supreme Kai of Time decided to forbid their use, though she allowed the changes in history caused by Future Trunks and Cell's use of Future Bulma's Time Machine to remain even though she could have erased them should she have chosen to. The Supreme Kai of Time later outlawed the use of Time Machines due to them upsetting the nature balance of the Universe, save for the specially designed Time Machines used by the Time Patrol which do not produce alternate timelines as Future Bulma's original Time Machine did.
    • It is revealed in Xenoverse that the Supreme Kai of Time tricked Future Trunks into believing that his use of the Time Machine was a sin and that the only way for him to atone for his transgressions was to come and work for her, though in reality the Supreme Kai of Time was simply in need of an assistant. Future Trunks however took her words seriously and proved himself to be a hard worker. She mentions to the Future Warrior that it wasn't actually a sin or against the law when Future Trunks used the Time Machine was the first time distortion in history, though she asks them to keep that information a secret from Future Trunks.
    • In the Warrior of Hope Saga in Xenoverse 2, Chronoa admits to Trunks: Xeno that he has done so much that she finds it hard to keep him indentured to her and the Time Patrol even noting while his crime was a grave one the good he has done far outweighs any damage his actions may have caused, stating the Time Nest would have been destroyed long ago were it not for him and even asks him to stop brooding about his "sin". She also asks him if he enjoys working as a Time Patroller as she herself offers him a chance to quit if that is what he wants, though fortunately he likes his job and enjoys being a member of the Time Patrol due to the friends he has made and grown attached to life in Conton City and the Time Nest. Chronoa and Elder Kai are relieved by this, though Chronoa herself figured he would stay and notes their is no taking it back as it is recorded in the Book of Beginning and End. Elder Kai's reactions to her statements after Xeno Trunks agrees to stay imply that he learned how she had tricked Trunks into working for her and guilt tripped her into giving Xeno Trunks a chance to leave of his own free will, which is likely given Elder Kai dislike of Beerus' trickery involving Monaka to deceive Goku and Vegeta which he voices during the Battle With Universe 6 Saga. His reactions imply he is dismayed that she didn't come completely clean with him. Alternatively, Chronoa herself felt guilty about having recruited Trunks under false pretenses and possibly at Elder Kai's urging she decided to give Xeno Trunks a chance to leave the Time Patrol despite noting that they'd be in trouble without him and welcomes him aboard once he officially chooses to stay of his own free will (though she uses the Book of Beginning and End to ensure he can't ever take it back, though she may have been joking).
  • In Xenoverse 2, Old Kai works alongside the Time Patrol and runs the Time Patrol Academy as an instructor. His role in Xenoverse 2 is similar to Future Trunks' role in Xenoverse as he hands out Time Patrol missions to the Future Warrior whom he sees as having great potential.
    • However it is revealed Chronoa had taken advantage of the old Shinjin's lechery as she told Xeno Trunks not to tell Elder Kai anything about her if he asked knowing the old lecher would probably fantasize about how much her appearance had changed in 75 million years since he last saw her. Elder Kai reveals he was disappointed that Chronoa hadn't changed at all as he had hoped she'd have grown more attractive. However while this apparently stops him from making any lecherous advances towards Chronoa as he does not find her child-like appearance attractive, he does take advantage of his position often to the anger and annoyance of female Time Patrollers whom he fancies. In Xenoverse 2, he is known to trip and fall to look up girls skirts and made insensitive comments to himself about a female Majin which she overheard causing her to obsess about her body image. However Chronoa does not tolerate this behavior and complements Aloe for standing up for herself and hitting Elder Kai when he groped her while she was having tea with Chronoa. Additionally even if the Future Warrior is female Elder Kai will not show any interest and will not attempt to make any passes at them, though the Warrior is shown to be aware of his lecherous personality as they inform a female Time Patroller of his tripping to peek up skirts (presumably the female Future Warrior may have had to deal with Elder Kai's lechery in the past as they already acquainted with each other by the start of game though presumably their power caused him to wisely stop or he was uninterested in them and they learned through observing his behavior around other female Patrollers, while the male Future Warrior presumably learned of it through his habit of reading dirty magazines and/or observing his perverted behavior).
  • In Xenoverse 2, it is shown that the five Murasaki Brothers are members of the Time Patrol though interestingly they wear Battle Suit (Time Patroller) which is exclusive to Saiyans instead of the Murasaki-style Ninja Suit. It should be noted from a game standpoint their models use the same features available for customizing the Future Warrior's model as it is possible to create any of the Murasaki Brothers as a custom character though they would have to be a Male Saiyan to wear the Battle Suit (Time Patroller) outfit worn by the Murasaki Brothers in-game as it can't normally be worn by Earthlings.
    • It is also unclear if they are the original Murasaki Brothers or counterparts from an alternate timeline (or a group of five identical Saiyan brothers who have taken on the Murasaki name which is a possibility given the type of Battle Suit they wear is Saiyan exclusive).
  • In Xenoverse 2, it is revealed that romantic relationships between Time Patrollers are permitted as several couples or romantic pairs exist with the Romance Rangers keeping tabs on various love stories or gossip about romantic pairings. There are even interspecies relationships such as the Female Majin Haishi and Male Earthling Schatz or the Female Earthling Macaro and Male Saiyan Okuru. In the case of Macaro and Okuru their relationship is shown to be antagonistic at first though over the course of the game they grow closer and eventually decide to get married.


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