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"Howdy! Hey, what's the matter with you? Oh, I guess I never did explain about the Time Nest, did I? Okay, I'll tell you everything you need to know! The Time Nest has two main functions. The first is to serve as a nest for Tokitoki, the bird who controls time. He may not look like much, but he is an important being. In a sense, the role of Supreme Kai of Time is to serve as Tokitoki's caretaker and raise him dutifully. And the second is to house this giant building, known as the Time Vault. It holds the history of the entire universe. Pretty much everything that has ever happened is written down in the Book of the Beginnings and Endings. Of course, it includes your entire history as well! So I'd be careful about what actions I take if I were you! If you ever want to look back on your history, go take a look in the Time Vault."
Chronoa explaining the role of the Time Nest in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The Time Nest (時の巣 Tokinosu) is the home of Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time and her pet bird Tokitoki and the location of the Time Vault (刻蔵庫 Kokuzōko), a temple-like location introduced in the video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse. It is filled with the history of Dragon Ball.[2] According to Chronoa in Xenoverse 2 the Time Nest is located at the edge of Universe 7.[3]


Time Vault

This place is stated to be almost like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber,[4] and apparently holds the key to the story of Dragon Ball Xenoverse.[2] The Time Nest resembles a giant birdcage and contains the Time Vault, a small home for Chronoa, and a large pond or lake with two perches for Tokitoki.[2] In Xenoverse 2, Tokitoki also occasionally perches atop the gate that leads to Conton City it too so acts as a makeshift perching spot as well.



The Time Nest is a special place located on the very edge of Universe 7 which was apparently constructed as the nest for the divine birds that creates time, Tokitoki. After the Kai Chronoa was promoted to the position of Supreme Kai of Time succeeding the previous Supreme Kai of Time Aeos, she and her successfully raised Tokitoki settled in the Time Nest where Chronoa watched over the propagation of time and physically recording the history of the universe inside the Time Vault. Some time after acquiring her position, Demigra became a Demon God by collecting lots of Kili and tried to steal Tokitoki during his attack on the Time Nest in the 75 Million Before Age in order to claim Chronoa's position, but he was sealed away in the Crack of Time by Chronoa.

At some point after this the God of Destruction Beerus and his Angel attendant Whis visited the Time Nest and met both Chronoa & Tokitoki. Fortunately the Time Vault survived the visit intact.

Chronoa spent the next couple millennia alone with Tokitoki. At some point, she recruited a Galactic Patrolman named Sealas to become her Disciple and the first member of the Time Patrol. During this period, Chronoa would accompany Sealas on missions to deal with history changes though due to Sealas' strong sense of justice, he tended to occasionally disobey her orders. Eventually the two went to investigate a history change on a planet being attacked by Kid Buu at some point in time in between Time Immemorial & being summoned by Bibidi in 5 Million Before Age. Chronoa tells Sealas they are there to investigate the history change which is unrelated to Kid Buu's attack which is part of the official history thus they must not interfere. However Sealas disobeys her orders due to not being able to stand by and watch an innocent child be killed, shields the boy from Kid Buu's attack. However Kid Buu ultimately destroys the planet after they leave killing the boy, who perishes along with his world rendering Sealas' intervention pointless & unintentionally restores the official history as the boy was historically killed by Kid Buu & his planet destroyed. Chronoa tried to get Sealas to understand his duty, though unfortunately he betrays her after he learns the boy's fate from the Scroll of Eternity which drove him to go rogue and attempt to rewrite the history he saw as flawed & corrupt, only to be sealed away by Chronoa like she had with Demigra.[5]

Eventually in Age 784 Bulma finished construction of a Time Machine which was used by her son Trunks to travel to Age 764 to deliver Heart Medicine to Goku in the past and warn him about the upcoming Android conflict which had devastated the future world. Unfortunately a flaw in the Time Machine's design created the very first time distortion in the history of Universe 7 which caused the timeline to split. Additionally Super Saiyan Future Trunks inadvertently killed Mecha Frieza and King Cold due to mistakenly believing Goku would not make it to Earth on time as his mother never told him about Goku's Instant Transmission technique, thus he altered history unnecessarily while at the same time avenging his paternal grandfather King Vegeta and the Saiyan race. Though Future Trunks returned to his own timeline, his use of the Time Machine created several alternate timelines due to the design flaw. In Cell's timeline the evil Bio-Android Cell killed the Future Trunks of his timeline and stole his Time Machine to go back in the past to absorb Android 17 and Android 18 as their counterparts had been killed in Cell's timeline preventing him from acquiring his perfect form. Future Trunks and his allies in the present main timeline learned of Cell's existence and Present Cell was killed to prevent another appearing in the main timeline. Eventually Cell acquired his Perfect form but was killed by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, though Goku died during the battle with Cell. Future Trunks returned to his own timeline after being resurrected after being killed by Super Perfect Cell in the main timeline. Future Trunks destroyed both the Androids if his timeline and Future Cell, ending the android menace and bringing peace. Chronoa decided not to erase the timelines created by Future Trunks and Cell's use if the Time Machine due to her benevolent nature. Future Trunks would use his Time Machine to seek help in confronting Goku Black who had appeared in Age 796 though his time machine was destroyed and Present Bulma revealed she had kept Cell's abandoned Time Machine which was later fixed for Future Trunks to use to take Goku and Vegeta to the future to confront Black who had teamed up with his counterpart Future Zamasu after stealing Goku's body. The rogue Shinjin were defeated by Future Trunks and erased by Future Zeno along with the future multiverse which was all recorded in the final scroll for that timeline. Eventually Chronoa was forced to declare the use of Time Machines a crime as they could potentially result in the destruction of the universe if left unchecked. However Future Trunks and Cells use of the Time Machine remained part of the official history as Chronoa recognized Trunks' intentions were noble and Cell's Time Machine played a key role in dealing with the two incarnations of Zamasu.

Eventually Chronoa decided she needed an assistant and confronted an incarnation of Future Trunks that didn't experience the Project Zero Mortals conflict (in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! she recruited Xeno Trunks from a version of Future Trunks' timeline), over his "sin" of messing with time though her tricked him as she believed he did nothing wrong as the natural law of the universe was not in prohibited by Chronoa at that time. However Trunks took her words to heart and became her dutiful assistant. Eventually they started the Time Patrol to deal with alterations to history and correct them.

Xenoverse 2

In Xenoverse 2, it is revealed that sometime after Demigra's defeat by the Future Warrior who become known as the Toki Toki City Hero for their role in defending the city and the Time Nest from Demigra, Chronoa requested Old Kai to assist with training the Time Patrol as Future Trunks and the Toki Toki City Hero were getting overwhelmed with their workload while searching for the Time Breakers who were still at large and continued to alter history. Chronoa herself was busy dealing with the preparations for the birth of one of Tokitoki's Eggs which have the power to create time for an entirely new universe and caring for them is one of her duties as Tokitoki's caretaker, which was due to occur in Age 852. As a result, Elder Kai takes over some of the day-to-day operations of the Time Patrol such as training. After Toki Toki City was accidentally destroyed by the Dragon created by Chronoa animated the Dragon Ball Pedestal's dragon statue. Conton City was built overtop the ruins though the Time Nest itself was not damaged due to it being physically separated from the rest of the city.

To prevent further attacks like Demigra's, Elder Kai and Chronoa erected a permanent invisible barrier around Conton City and the Time Nest. The Time Nest continues to serve the same purpose it has for centuries as the nest of the divine bird Tokitoki as well as the home of Chronoa and the Time Vault, though Elder Kai stays there as well when assisting the Time Patrol, despite the fact that he and Chronoa often tend to bicker amongst themselves, though can work together despite this though Chronoa does not tolerate Elder Kai's lechery as she complemented a female Time Patroller who hit to old pervert after he had fondled her while she was having tea with Chronoa and female Majin Time Patroller. However Chronoa herself is not above using his lechery to her advantage as she told Future Trunks not to tell Elder Kai anything about her, knowing the old lecher was expecting her to have grown attractive in the 750,000,000 years since he last saw her and would jump at the chance to work for her because of it. Elder Kai was disappointed that Chronoa's appearance had not matured at all like he expected as she looked the same as the last time he saw her (this however fortunate for Chronoa as she is not Elder Kai's type, so she herself does not have to deal with any unwanted advances from him).

Eventually Chronoa decides they need a new Time Patroller to deal with history changes as the Toki Toki City Hero once did. At Elder Kai's suggestion she selects the a new Future Warrior who happens to be a promising new recruit and student of Elder Kai's. After some battle training under Chronoa, the warrior is tasked with using the Time Scrolls to fix changes in history and discovers that the Time Breakers have recruited Turles and Lord Slug to alter history in Age 762 on both Earth and Namek. Elder Kai takes on the role of overseeing their missions from the Time Nest and providing them with information alongside Chronoa, just like Future Trunks did for the Future Warrior. Though the time nest is protected by a barrier, Towa manages to hack into its communications using information provided by the brainwashed Toki Toki City Hero after she and Mira captured them, which she uses to lure Beerus and Whis to Age 852, to prevent them from assisting the Z Fighters during Frieza's Revenge in Age 779, resulting in all those saved by Whis in the original timeline, being killed by Frieza's Earth Breaker. She does this by pretending to be Chronoa and telling him the Time Nest is being attacked by Mira, promising him cream puffs made by Future Trunks (as Beerus is weary of accepting food from her after tasting some of the awful Pudding she had made for him after a battle with Mira and the Masked Saiyan interrupted his fight with Super Saiyan God Goku) if he assists them. Her plan is successful but the Warrior is saved by Future Trunks, and Beerus aids the Time Patrol in fixing history by having Whis use his Temporal Do-Over to undo the destruction of Earth.

However, after Mira is pulled into a time rift by Bardock during the Time Patrol's confrontation with the Time Breakers in Age ??? which had been conquered by Towa and Mira, Towa travels back to Age 850 and kills Shenron preventing Future Trunks from making the wish that summons the Toki Toki City Hero, causing them to disappear from history, which creates a massive time distortion capable of effecting even the Time Nest itself and is potentially capable of causing it to self-destruct if the source is not located and fixed. However the alterations have effected the memories of even the Time Patrol members, though fortunately Future Trunks remembers the correct history thanks to the mask Towa had used to control the Toki Toki City Hero and locates the source of the distortion. While Future Trunks, Chronoa, and Elder Kai deal the impending destruction of the Time Nest caused by the change, the Warrior is sent to stop Towa, and receives assistance from Future Trunks' past self in driving Towa off. This saves the Time Nest from destruction though unfortunately Towa uses the Hero's mask as a conduit to bypass the barrier in order to steal Tokitoki's Egg after all her attempts to produce one artificially failed. She also attacks Chronoa to announce her presence, revealing how she bypassed the barrier. Using the eggs power she frees Mira who attacks the Warrior and Future Trunks, though the Toki Toki City Hero manages to shield the warrior from a second blast allowing them to chase after Mira and Towa leading to the Time Breakers defeat in Age ???. This however would not be the last incursion to breach the Time Nest's defenses.

After the Battle with Universe Six Saga, Vados travels to the Time Nest in Age 852 and can be found by the Future Warrior standing behind Chronoa's residence allowing them to speak to her. She notes that it is improper for a God of Destruction to travel through time when noting Beerus has been visiting Conton City, which is apparently why she did not permit Champa to come with her though she is apparently unaware Beerus was asked to train Time Patrollers at the Patroller Academy by Elder Kai. She also notes about the messy state of Chronoa's yard though admits Champa 's room is just as bad.

Infinite Zamasu appears in the Time Nest in Xenoverse 2

During the Warrior of Hope Saga, while Future Trunks is fighting Grotesque Zamasu in the altered future timeline of Age 796, Future Trunks notices his Dragon Ball Super counterpart's struggle through rift in the fabric of time created by Goku Black's abuse of his Time Ring in conjunction with his scythe and sharing his counterpart's desire to protect the integrity of the future, lends his energy to the Spirit Bomb subconsciously created by Future Trunks and the remaining Earthlings as Grotesque Zamasu is stronger due to having been inexplicably empowered with the Supervillain power-up. This energy flows through the rift and joins energy from Present Gohan, Present Piccolo, Future Gohan, Teen Future Trunks, GT Trunks, GT Goku, and GT Pan as well as countless others in various timelines connected to Age 796 by the rift. Future Trunks channels this energy into his Light Sword to create the Sword of Hope and kills Grotesque Zamasu with Final Hope Slash restoring the correct history.

However Grotesque Zamasu's immortal essence survives as per the original timeline. Fulfilling Fused Zamasu's previous promise during his confrontation with two Future Warriors to punish the Time Patrol's masters Chronoa and Elder Kai for interfering with his attempts to fulfill his "divine mission" by abusing the power of the Time Rings, Infinite Zamasu appears in the Time Vault as he attempts to become one with all of creation. Though Elder Kai is terrified by his presence and the two Future Warriors prepare for the worse, Chronoa remains surprisingly calm despite the threat Infinite Zamasu poses to them and all of history after having traveled to Age 852. Infinite Zamasu asks Chronoa and Elder Kai if they enjoyed the show from behind the curtain before asking if they think they are above the gods arrogantly refusing to recognize Chronoa's authority as Supreme Kai of Time.

"Zamasu! You must be tired, coming all the way out here to the edge of the universe. But it doesn't matter how much you struggle. The fact that you disappear is a part of history. We have friends... Time Patrollers... Don't underestimate them!""
— Chronoa's boldly confronting Infinite Zamasu in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

However Chronoa calmly states he must be tired having come all the way to the edge of the universe before picking up a Time Scroll from the table. Chronoa boldly tells the mad Shinjin that his struggling is pointless his disappearance is a fact of history and stares him down with Tokitoki. Infinite Zamasu suddenly feels something is wrong as Chronoa tells him that they have their Time Patroller allies and not to underestimate them, before cheekily winking at Infinite Zamasu as he is erased from existence. Chronoa then explains to a bewildered Elder Kai that she had sent the Toki Toki City hero to retrieve Zeno's Button which had been carelessly dropped by Goku while fighting Supervillain Turles and Goku Black. The legendary Time Patroller was successful and delivered it to Goku shortly after Future Trunks killed Grotesque Zamasu which Elder Kai was unaware of. As a result Goku was able to summon Future Zeno like in the original history, which lead to Infinite Zamasu being erased in Age 796 which resulted in Infinite Zamasu that appeared Age 852 being erased as Future Zeno's power is absolute. Chronoa even gets Elder Kai to admit he thought they only needed to defeat Grotesque Zamasu before reminding Elder Kai of his previous boost that he'd sit Zamasu down and set the rogue Shinjin straight with a lecture, yet fell to the floor in a panic when Zamasu appeared in the Time Nest resulting in another argument between them.

Future Trunks walks in and reveals he noticed they were out fixing history and that he knows it is somehow connected to his "crime" of altering history. Chronoa however admits that while his crime was a grave one, it is outweighed by all the good he has done even stating the Time Vault and Time Nest would have been destroyed long ago were it not for his efforts and that he should stop brooding over his past mistakes. Chronoa also asks him if he enjoys his job as she fells bad about him being indentured to them forever because of his past crimes, even giving him the choice to leave her and the Time Patrol. However Future Trunks admits he loves his job, has made many friends, and enjoys life in the Time Nest and Conton City. Chronoa and Elder Kai are relieved as Chronoa admits they'd be lost without him and that she thought he'd stay as he is such a hard worker. She also informs him that he won't be able to take it back as his decision is already part of recorded history, though Future Trunks just laughs and states he just can't say no to her. As a result, Chronoa officially welcomes him aboard as her assistant now that Future Trunks has chosen to stay of his own free will and no longer indentured to Chronoa because of his past "sin" of altering history.

However unbeknownst to Chronoa, Elder Kai, Tokitoki, Future Trunks, or the two Future Warriors, during her infiltration of the Time Nest (before she made her presence known), Towa had used the scroll that recorded her brother's death in Age 774 which allowed her to prevent Dabura's death at the hands of Innocent Buu before covering her tracks which prevented the Time Patrol from discovering the change (which was presumably minor enough as it did not cause the scroll to react negatively to the change). As a result, Demon King Dabura was secretly saved from death by his sister only to meet her own end not long after. Due to the Time Patrol's role in his sister's death (as she was killed along with Final Form Mira due to having been absorbed by her own creation which was result of the Time Patrol freeing Bardock who later defeated Mira resulting in his change of character that lead him to betray Towa) Dabura swore revenge. Dabura began collecting energy to empower his artificially created nephew Fu (the genetic offspring of Towa and Mira) whom Dabura selected as his chosen successor as King of Demon Realm. Dabura's actions resulted in a time rift appearing in the Time Nest behind Chronoa's house which leads to the events of the Infinite History Saga.

World Mission

Main article: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Super Saiyan Xeno Trunks confronting Sealas on Chronoa's orders in World Mission

In the animated opening cutscene, a mysterious figure uses a Wormhole to leave the Time Abyss and appears inside the Time Nest to the shock of Xeno Trunks and Chronoa. Chronoa recongizes the figure as Sealas a former Galactic Patrolman whom Chronoa recruited to become the first Time Patroller, however Sealas' uncompromising sense of justice made it hard for him to deal with the darker side of protecting history and eventually turned his back on the Time Patrol after his unauthorized intervention to save an Unseen Boy from being killed by Kid Buu during one of his historic rampages between Time Immemorial & 5 Million Before Age failed due to Kid Buu destroying the boy's planet after Sealas was forced to return to the Time Nest alongside Chronoa. Chronoa tried to get him to understand his duty as a Time Patroller requires him to avoid any actions that could alter history as their job is to preserve it even if the events are dark & terrible such as the destruction caused by the Ultimate Majin and gave him time to clear his head, but he decides to check the Scroll of Eternity to learn the boy's tragic fate which Sealas' was unable to avert as Kid Buu ironically ended up restoring the original history by destroying the boy's planet after Sealas' had returned to the Time Nest resulting in the boy's death thus Sealas' intervention meant nothing. Defining "true Justice" as those with "the power to save others must save" Sealas becomes disillusioned with the Time Patrol, seeing the current history as "unjust" before resolving to rewrite history to create a more "just" Multiverse, while recognizing he must burn the Scroll of Eternity to erase the current history. However Chronoa discovered his plans and similar to Demigra imprisoned him within the Time Abyss for his betrayal & violation of the Time Patrol's greatest taboo (attempting to intentionally alter history). Realizing Sealas is still a threat she orders Xeno Trunks who is unaware of Sealas' existence as he joined after Sealas left Chronoa's service. Xeno Trunks goes Super Saiyan and attacks Sealas with his sword but the former Time Patroller effortlessly blocks it with his staff before counterattacking Xeno Trunks with it knocking him down on the ground. Chronoa rushes over to Xeno Trunks and Sealas having defeated Chronoa's current Attendant Xeno Trunks leaves through another wormhole. Chronoa realizes Sealas is up to no good.

Chronoa checking on Xeno Trunks' after he is defeated by Sealas in World Mission

After Xeno Trunks' encounter with Sealas (whom Xeno Trunks dubs "the menace", though is eventually informed of his identity by Chronoa however he continues to use the moniker until Sealas reveals himself), Xeno Trunks is sent to Hero Town to investigate anomalies in the game world of the popular card game Super Dragon Ball Heroes, suspecting "the menace" is involved.

While Xeno Trunks goes undercover as Great Saiyaman 3 in Hero Town due to him being a famous celebrity due to SDBH's popularity, Chronoa sets about recruiting Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta into the Time Patrol and providing them with their Time Patrol uniforms. When Frieza and Cell of the game world invade Hero Town, Chronoa sends in Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta to aid Great Saiyaman 3's Dragon Ball Heroes team.

After Sealas interrupts their battle and reveals his creation Ahms, Chronoa reveals who Sealas is and explains he seeks to burn the Scroll of Eternity to rewrite a more just history. Sealas reveals he created anomalies to acquire data for Ahms whom he has absorb Frieza and Cell of the game world to increase its power. Sealas during his time as a Time Patroller is shown standing in front of the Time Vault in a flashback concerning his past.

After Ahms absorbs Goku Black and Hit, he faces off against the DBH Team and Time Patrol but they are defeated and Sealas resorts to having Ahms absorb him creating Sealas (Fused) who leaves to invade the Time Nest and achieve his primary goal.

Beat achieving his natural Super Saiyan Blue form within the Time Nest in World Mission

However Beat, Note, Froze, Kagyu, Kabra, Zen, Chamel, Nim, Xeno Trunks, SSJ4 Xeno Goku, SSJ4 Xeno Vegeta, and Time Power Unleashed Chronoa engage Sealas (Fused) in battle to protect history. However Beat and his teammates are overpowered and revert to their original bodies, while Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta revert to their base forms. The Heroes and Time Patrol come up with a risky plan to have seven of the Heroes transfer their remaining power into a single fighter in the hope it will give the recipient the power to take on Sealas (Fused).

SSGSS Beat & SSJ4 Gogeta vs Sealas (Fused) in World Mission

Beat is selected and the transfer of power causes Beat to achieve his natural Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form in a manner reminiscent of the Super Saiyan God ritual (though with seven Earthlings transferring their power into a Earthling-Saiyan hybrid). With his new Super Saiyan Blue form, Beat confronts Sealas (Fused) alongside Time Power Unleashed Chronoa, Super Saiyan 3 Xeno Trunks, and Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Gogeta, eventually SSGSS Beat and SSJ4 Xeno Gogeta defeating Sealas (Fused) with a combined Kamehameha.

Places of Interest

Supreme Kai of Time's Residence

The Future Warrior, Future Trunks, and Chronoa in front of her house

A house located southeast the Time Vault which is where Chronoa resides. The area around it is quite messy due to Chronoa's request for Future Trunks to bring stuff from Capsule Corporation.

Time Vault

"Hey there! How are you doing? Are the Time Patrols going okay? Hm? Why do we go back and fix history? You haven't heard? I don't believe it. Think about it. We can't let these evildoers just go back and change history as they please! If history is altered too much, it'll be the end of the world as we know it! Once history changes, it will create a fissure in the Book of the Beginnings and Endings. When there is a difference between the proper history and the altered one, it's too much for a single scroll to contain. So as the number of scrolls increases, the Time Vault where they're stored fills up. Once its limit is reached... Boom! I'm afraid if the Time Vault goes, the entire universe will disappear along with it. That's why you need to fix these changes, so I can return things to a single scroll! Yup, I'm completely capable of such a feat! What do you expect from the all-powerful Supreme Kai of Time?!"
— Chronoa explaining how altering history could destroy the Time Vault in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The Time Vault contains the Book of the Beginning and End that contain a record of the history of time. It is an important role in maintaining the history of the Universe and it is Chronoa's job to protect it, a role which the usually carefree Chronoa takes very seriously. If it were ever damaged or destroyed, the entire universe would cease to exist. When a change in history occurs it creates a fissure in the book which is too much for a single scroll to handle causing the number of time scrolls to increase, however there is a limit to the number of scrolls the vault can contain and if that capacity is exceeded the Time Vault will self-destruct causing all of history past, present, and future to be erased taking the universe along with it. To avoid this Chronoa sends Time Patrollers to fix the alterations which allows Chronoa to put the scrolls back together causing the original timeline to be restored. Though the Time Vault and Toki Toki City/Conton City are separated physically they can normally only be effected by extremely massive time distortions caused by alterations to history, thus their inhabitants are normally protected from minor changes as Future Trunks became ephemeral when Towa attacked his past selves in Age 782 and Age 785, while the Future Warrior disappeared in a matter of seconds in Age ??? when Towa traveled to Age 850 to kill Shenron, thus being in the Time Nest or either city can protect the Time Patrollers and Chronoa from alterations to history. However a massive time distortion will effect them causing their memories to be effected, though they can regain them if reminded of the correct events or a person connected to them that has disappeared, allowing them to be corrected, though if left unchecked, said distortions can cause the Time Vault to begin to reach capacity. Time Scrolls stored in the Time Vault record the official proper history and when a history change is corrected successfully generally any alterations disappear when Chronoa puts the scrolls back together, though she may chose to leave any alterations in as she sees fit too though even minor changes can be potentially dangerous as shown by in the Unknown History Saga, thus even Chronoa must be careful when doing this as she could inadvertently leave in minor alterations that could lead to serious consequences down the line.

In response to the Time Vault almost being destroyed Demigra Incident, Chronoa and Elder Kai created a invisible barrier to protect both the Time Nest and Conton City from intruders. However Towa found a way to bypass it with the Masked Future Warrior's mask allowing her to infiltrate the Time Vault where she used the scroll for Age 774 to prevent Dabura's death before covering her tracks, then stole Tokitoki's Egg before revealing her infiltration by attacking Chronoa, then created a Wormhole using the egg to free Mira from imprisonment, who subdued the three Time Patrollers Future Trunks and the two Future Warriors, but the original Future Warrior shielded the current one allowing them to follow the Time Breakers as they fled to Age ??? where Mira betrayed Towa and absorbed her along with the egg to acquire his final form though he was defeated by SSGSS Goku and the Future Warrior who killed Mira after Goku rescued the egg.

Infinite Zamasu was able to appear in the Time Vault when his essence was attempting to become one with existence and it seemed he would have succeeded as Goku had dropped Zeno's Button in the altered future timeline of Age 796. However Chronoa took steps to ensure that the button was returned so Goku could summon Future Zeno who would erase him in Age 796 which in turn erased Infinite Zamasu in Age 852 (presumably Zeno's power transcends any protection the Time Nest provides to those that inhabit it as Infinite Zamasu was still effected despite being inside the Time Nest, presumably due to his almighty status which presumably transcends time itself as he is Chronoa's direct superior though Chronoa did not that as his erasure was a part of history presumably it could have been a combination of Future Zeno's power and the power of history itself).


Time Patrol Staff
  • Future Trunks (Time Patrol Field Commander/Apprentice Supreme Kai of Time; Xenoverse series)
  • Xeno Vegeta (Elite Time Patroller/Warriors of Light team/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Xeno Bardock (Elite Time Patroller)
  • Xeno Goku (Elite Time Patroller/Warriors of Light team/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Xeno Gohan (Elite Time Patroller/Warriors of Light team)
  • Xeno Pan (Novice Time Patroller)
  • Xeno Goten (Elite Time Patroller)
  • Goku (Dragon Team/Time Patrol Academy Instructor)
  • Piccolo (Time Patrol Academy Instructor)
  • Android 18 (Time Patrol Academy Instructor)
  • Beerus (Universe 7 God of Destruction/Time Patrol Academy Instructor)
  • Whis (Universe 7 Guide Angel/Time Patrol Academy Instructor)
  • Future Warrior (Elite Time Patroller/Toki Toki City Hero)
  • Future Warrior (Elite Time Patroller/Conton City Hero)[1]
  • Beat (Saiyan Hero/Descendant of Goku/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Note (Saiyan Heroine/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Wairu (Supreme Kai Berserker/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Fen (Supreme Kai Elite/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Zen (Supreme Kai Hero/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Chamel (Dark Demon God Hero/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Froze (Frieza Clan Hero/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Kagyu (Namekian Berserker/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Kabra (Majin Hero/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
  • Nim (Android Hero/Time Patroller/Dragon Ball Heroes team)
Fused Time Patrol Staff
  • Old Kai (Young Elder Kai + Old Witch; Potara Fusion/Supreme Kai/Time Patroller Academy Headmaster)
  • Gotenks (Goten + Trunks; Metamoran Fusion Dance/Time Patrol Academy Instructor)
    • Xeno Gotenks (Xeno Goten + Xeno Trunks; Metamoran Fusion Dance/Time Patroller)
  • Xeno Gogeta (Xeno Goku + Xeno Vegeta; Metamoran Fusion Dance/Time Patroller)
  • Xeno Gohanks (Xeno Gohan + Xeno Trunks; Metamoran Fusion Dance/Time Patroller)
  • Xeno Vegeks (Xeno Vegeta + Xeno Trunks; Potara Fusion/Time Patroller)
  • Xeno Vegito (Xeno Vegeta + Xeno Goku; Potara Fusion/Time Patroller)
Former Time Patrol Staff
  • Sealas (Former Galactic Patrolman/First Time Patroller; went defunct after going rogue)[5]
  • Demigra Army (Demon Realm's vanished sect)
    • Demigra (God of Demon Realm/Former Assistant Caretaker of Tokitoki/Demigra Army Commander)
    • Demigra's Mirage (Demigra's Doppelganger/Underling)
    • Robelu (Demigra Army Secretary)
    • Chamel (Dark Demon God Hero)
  • Dark Empire
    • Towa (Demon Scientist/Time Breakers leader/Demon Goddess)
    • Mira (Demon-Saiyan Bio-Android/King of Demon Realm/Time Breaker leader)
    • Dabura (King of the Demon Realm/Time Breaker leader after Towa & Mira's death in Age ???/Demon God)[1]
    • Mechikabura (Dark King of Demon Realm)
    • Gravy (Demon God)
    • Putine (Demon Goddess)
    • Fin (Artificial Time Breaker Majin)
    • Demon Realm Soldiers (Dark Empire soldiers)
  • Fu (Demon Scientist/Demon-Saiyan Bio-Android/Dabura's Chosen Successor)[1]
  • Sealas (Fused) (Sealas + Ahms; Fusion via Absorption)


  • The Time Nest gets its name from the fact that it is home to Tokitoki the divine bird that creates time and its caretaker Chronoa the Supreme Kai of Time.
  • According to Chronoa, if the Time Vault is ever destroyed all of history will be erased and the universe will cease to exist. One of her duties as Chronoa is to ensure that this never happens.
  • In Xenoverse 2, Vehicle Capsules cannot be used in the Time Nest, despite the Vehicle Controls Tutorial specifically stating they can, when in fact they can only be used in Conton City, the Capsule Corp rift, the Guru's House rift, the Majin Buu's House rift, and the Satan House rift.
    • In the Xenoverse series, fighting is prohibited in the Time Nest due to the presence of the Time Vault. Save for Trunks' brief fight with Demigra's Mirage during the Demigra Incident, the only other battles that take place in the Time Nest in the Xenoverse series all occur within the Time Vault.
      • However the Time Nest appears as a stage in Dragon Ball Heroes, and is attacked by the Dark Empire during the Dark King Mechikabura Saga. Additionally when Sealas briefly invades the Time Nest in World Mission, Chronoa orders Xeno Trunks to defend it giving him permission to attack him, though the battle only lasts a few seconds before Sealas leaves. The Time Patrol later fight Sealas (Fused) in the Time Nest during the final chapters of the game to prevent him from destroying the Scroll of Eternity contained within the Time Vault, Chronoa herself joining the battle in her Time Power Unleashed form.
  • Piccolo says the water found in the Time Nest is special, as a single drink of this water cleans both mind and soul, which is considered a utopia for Namekians.
  • Since Chronoa has a fascination with and interest in technology, the area around her house is cluttered with various pieces of Capsule Corporation tech provided to her by Future Trunks. According to Future Trunks, the mess is due to the Supreme Kai's being an untidy housekeeper. It is implied that after she captured the Capsule Corporation cleaning robot he got for her and asked it so many questions it overloaded he gave up and decided to do the cleaning himself.
  • Chronoa's residence is the only building in the Time Nest that cannot be entered in either Xenoverse or Xenoverse 2. Thus the interior is never seen, though it apparently has a kitchen where Chronoa prepares meals.
  • The Time Nest is apparently connected to Toki Toki City via a portal of some kind as it is possible to walk behind the portal archway that connects the Time Nest and Toki Toki City. It is even possible to exit the Time Nest by going through the portal by going through the back of the archway.
  • It is implied during the Warrior of Hope Saga that normally Time Rings cannot access the Time Nest though this can be circumvented by using the Time Ring to follow a Time Patroller who travels through time via Time Scroll back to the Time Nest presumably using the same route created by the Patroller traveling through time. As a result, the Time Patrollers must be careful when returning to the Time Nest after correcting history involving Goku Black and Future Zamasu.
    • The rift created by Black is also connected to the Time Nest as Time Patrol Trunks sends his energy through it to aid his other self. However Half-Corrupted Zamasu's physical death caused that same rift to close.



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