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Tien-Shin Style Dojo (天津流道場 Tenshin-Ryū Dōjyō) is a martial arts school ran by Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu in Age 780 as seen in Dragon Ball Super.


Yurin in front of the dojo's entrance

Tien's dojo resides next to some mountain town where they mentor 12 students alongside Master Roshi who pays them a visit to assist in their students' guidance. Shortly after an ex-student of the original Crane School, called Yurin, comes to the dojo, pretending she's interested in training under Tien, but really seeking revenge on him for ditching her behind when he and Chiaotzu left their original school. After she manages to take their students under her spell she causes them to be mindless "zombies" and attack the nearby town, Tien asks Goku (who came to invite Roshi and Tien to the Tournament of Power that will be held in 9:40 hours from then) to take him Chiaotzu and Roshi there so they could take care of his havoc causing students. Which they do. After the crisis is over, Tien takes Yurin as his student and agrees to Goku's recruiting request as he believes that if the Team Universe 7 will win, he'd get 10 million Zeni and he opting to use the money to rebuild the town his students harmed. Tien later learns Goku lied about the prize money and that Universe 7 would be erased if their team lost, though Bulma offered to pay if they won. After the Tournament of Power, Tien and his students work to repair the town with Yurin supplying them with refreshments as they worked.

When shards of the God Meteor rain down upon the Earth, Tien and Chiaotzu protect the Tien-Shin Dojo from them.

It can be seen as a precursor to Tien Shinhan's New Crane School.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, several fighters beside Tien Shinhan, Tiencha, EX Yamhan, and Chiaohan utilize Tien-Shin Style within the Timespace Rift such as the nearsighted Earthling/Triclops hybrid Jajee, the Earthling Mabon, and finally the Offworlder Mardoo who seeks to master the style and surpass its progenitor, Tien.


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