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Tien, Chiaotzu & Launch's Capsule Home is the residence of the trio during the Vegeta Saga episode "Global Training" and apparently prior that in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.


It was located in a mountain area next to a waterfall that Tien and Chiaotzu used training with for improving their psychic abilities. It was a white Capsule House with the number "1" above its bulletproof door (Launch tried to shoot Chiaotzu who closed the door and it stayed untouched).

Launch even forced a few leading chefs to come with her to their residence and to cook Tien and Chiaotzu some lunch, trying to buy Tien's heart with that and asks him to stop training so he'd help her to rob banks. Once Tien resumes training, he accidentally used too much power on the waterfall and caused an earthquake in its surroundings that broke down the house, just then Krillin and Bulma arrive to sit with the trio upon their house's remains and inform them about Goku's death against Raditz and about the arrival of the Saiyans and Kami's invitation for special training under him.


  • A poster with Arale Norimaki on it is seen inside of this Capsule House.
  • By Launch's direction of driving in "Terror on Arlia" (the episode prior this one) and from Bulma's direction of driving, this house was located Westwards to Mushroom Forest in the East side of the Earth.


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