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Due to a lack of an official translation, some Dragon Ball Online content may not be entirely accurate.

Tick is an elite soldier of the Frieza Force.


Tick is a purple-skinned, blue-eyed member of Burter's race. He wears Time Breaker armor with large, smooth pauldrons and lined "pipes" extending from the front of the armor and curling around the back, in addition to wearing dark teal leggings, white wristbands and ridged boots. Like Burter, he appears to be relatively tall.


Tick was an elite soldier of Frieza's Army remnant in Age 1000, when the remnant joined the Time Breakers, Tick, Tock and Tack were sent back to the Battle on Planet Namek along with numerous soldiers with the goal of obtaining part of Frieza to resurrect him. He was killed by the Time Patrol.


Tick was able to fight the Time Patrol but was defeated in the end.


  • Tick's name partially references to the onomatopoeia for the sound mechanical clocks make. One of his cohorts, Tock, shares the same name origin.



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