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Thunderbolt is the strongest in the world of Nekomajin just like Mr. Satan in Dragon Ball Z. His first and only appearance is in the chapter "Neko Majin Z 2".


Thunderbolt on his poster

When he and Honey are by Onion Rock for his fans only one person came in 20 minutes. But then Neko Majin Z and his nameless friend come for Thunderbolt. The nameless friend wants Thunderbolt to sign his Porry Hatter book and Neko Majin Z wants to fight him, because he would see how far he can go against the best. Neko Majin Z also wants $10,- if he wins, then Thunderbolt crushes an apple with one hand and says that Neko Majin Z will get one Million if he wins.

This does not look good for Neko Majin Z because he can not crush an apple (his hands are too small) so instead of an apple he takes a rock and crushes it, then Thunderbolt says that Neko Majin Z will get $10 if he wins. Just when they want to fight they are interrupted by Onio and Kuriza. Kuriza blows up the car of Thunderbolt, then Kuriza is punched into the ground by Neko Majin Z. Then Kuriza and Neko Majin Z talk and transform, but because there are no pages left they all quit and go to Neko Majin Z's home, Thunderbolt also goes because he has no car and he will die in the desert.


Sometime during or after Age 784, he is considered to be the strongest in the world. He is able to easily crush an apple with one hand.