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The Thunder Rocket[1] is a Red Ribbon Army-owned VTOL aircraft owned by the Red Ribbon high-ranking officer General Blue.


Similar to several other Red Ribbon Army materials, it was kept within a Capsule. It also had access to rocket engines to allow him a speedy getaway. The anti-gravitational aircraft lacked any onboard weapons, was meant to be piloted by one person, and was meant for long-distance travel.[2]


General Blue used this aircraft after taking the Dragon Balls and leaving the Dragon Ball Gang to die from a time bomb in order to escape with his prize. However, Goku, having evaded the bomb with help, proceeded to give chase, with Blue using the onboard rocket engines to both escape Goku and get him caught in the blast. The vessel was ultimately destroyed from a collision with a mountain, although Blue survived.

After being revived thanks to Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero's team up to create Super 17, General Blue somehow managed to either repair the Thunder Rocket or at the very least acquire a similar model and proceeded to use it to cause chaos on Earth. However, the vessel, alongside General Blue himself, was destroyed alongside Captain Yellow and his bi-plane by Pan.

Video Game Appearances

The Thunder Rocket appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 as part of General Blue's Ultimate Blast, Rocket Engine Spark. The cockpit in the cinematic for the attack is shown to be slightly larger than its depiction in the anime.


  • Even though a few scenes depict the cockpit as being small enough to barely fit Blue inside, it was also shown in other scenes to be large enough for Blue to make tea inside while mid-flight.
  • The control module has a plackard that claims the aircraft to be a F-4 Phantom, as can be seen in the scene when General Blue discovered that Goku not only escaped his bindings, but is currently hot in pursuit.



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